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Date Posted:08/26/2016 01:05:25Copy HTML

I have twice seen young women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt as beach wear this season.  One was at Barkcamp State Park in Ohio, the other was at Laguna Beach in California.  Both women wore thin white shirts (one was a full t-shirt and the other a men's tank top).  Both were long enough that they barely (and I mean just barely) covered their pubic areas in the front, and exposed a bit of buns in the back.  Neither young lady had on any bikini bottom or underwear -- you could tell when they stepped from the water and the thin material clung to their bodies.  Sitting and laying down could be challenging when dressed like this, and while the t-shirt lady seemed to try to maintain some modesty, the younger tank-top girl in Ohio seemed to be totally indifferent to what she was showing as she transitioned from one position to another or showed when she laid down. 

Both women stole the show at the beach, and the guys seemed to love the look.  They hardly noticed me in a G-string and (in Ohio) topfree when they had a woman in just a tank top to stare at.

An "old timer" at Laguna Beach told me that this was occasionally seen in the early 1970's on women, but that he hadn't seen a women wear a shirt without a bottom since.  (Occasionally, we see women who use t-shirts as tops in Ohio, but they wear a regular swimsuit bottom or maybe some cut-off shorts or something and do not go bottomless.  I figure that since topfreedom is legal in Ohio, this is not a big deal.

Has anyone else seen this "new" or "newly re-discovered" fashion and does anyone know if the look is legal?  I think it would be fun to try myself if it is legal, except I think I would steal one of my boyfriend's open-side shirts that he has cut the sleeves off and opened the sides to the midriff or waist.  I have worn these shirts to the beach when I planned to go topfree as a coverup and always get a positive response.

Thongzo #1

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/26/2016 01:23:38Copy HTML

Now that is one hot look. The smaller the tank top the better in my opinion!
njbob1949 #2

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/26/2016 07:39:12Copy HTML

 I hope that we see that look more often.
The Swan #3

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/27/2016 06:59:09Copy HTML

 Very rarely do I see that look. In addition to the beach,  I have seen it at the laundry mat on a few occasions, and at campgrounds when there are hardly any campers.
SixDelta #4

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/27/2016 07:21:46Copy HTML

 I have not personally observed this trend, but I approve.
Da6772 #5

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/29/2016 04:28:06Copy HTML

I got a good cardiovascular workout reading your post!
Wow, that is amazing that some women have been that daring.  I would love to see a woman wearing just a long T shirt, even if it were only to say that I had actually seen it happen.
Seeing a woman walking out of the water with a soaked-to-the-skin T shirt or tank top that barely covers what is legally required is sooo sexy in its brazenness!  And one in Ohio to boot!  (Definitely a look that only a woman could get away with!)
I profusely thank you for posting that observation with the details.  (Sounds like I should be partying with you!)
Da6772 #6

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/29/2016 06:09:38Copy HTML

It looks like Barkcamp is in the section of the state that probably wouldn't be thong-friendly for guys.  Did you sighting of the young woman in the shirt occur on a weekday, or a weekend?
lauren1 #7

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:01/10/2017 04:40:57Copy HTML

 hi Mary, yes Ive seen this look at Spanish beaches but it has only been on the clothing optional beaches so I don't think it counts. I rarely wear a top so often don't even pack one for the beach, so when I've popped back to the car or into a beach bar I love to wear a sheer strappy tank top. its very tight fitting and as I'm wearing a g string with my butt and midriff exposed I think it's a great look especially if my string matches in sheer white too. I'm my profile there's a photo ordering a drink in a g string but I'll have to get one in the tank top too. I might try out the 'no bittom' look just for effect but I do like my tiny tan lines too much ;-)
Ex_Member #8

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:01/21/2017 06:57:04Copy HTML

 Mary, I have seen this "look" in Venice Beach a couple of times.  Each time it was a tourist / visitor who didn't have sufficient clothing on-hand to change into and still enjoy the water / beach.  Their reasoning was that they didn't want to get the one pair of underwear wet.  They bought a cheap tank-top shirt from a beach vendor, put it on over their clothes and then took everything off so they had dry clothes to change into afterwards. Why they didn't just go buy a cheap bathing suit? I don't know but I wasn't complaining.  The look was H O T.
Mary0826 #9

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:07/15/2017 01:22:34Copy HTML

 Saw this look at Ceasers Creek last time I was there.  The young lady (about 20) turned every guy's head.  Ranger came by on what I assumed was a regular patrol and didn't do anything but wave at her, even though she was soaked and showing everything.  Maybe he thought she was wearing a bottom?  Later she laid down and pulled her shirt up to sun her buns.  Definitely no thong or underwear.  In this case, I wonder if the lack of a response from the Ranger made her feel assured that her swimwear style (I can't call it a swimsuit) was okay.

Saw almost the same look at a gas station near Lima Ohio.  This time, the lady was pumping gas.  Every time she took the nozzle off the pump, put it in the car, etc., she bent over and showed off her buns.  The guys were craning there necks to get a better view!  Then she went over to the air machine and proceeded to fill her tires.  My suspicion that she didn't even have a thong on was confirmed when I saw all the way to Calcutta.  She did seem a little too friendly and a bit too happy and I wondered if she was on something that made her loose her inhibitions. 
leo40 #10

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:07/18/2017 12:14:49Copy HTML

I swim laps daily at a YMCA pool that goes for woman's bikinis, and my Speedo, but not thongs.  Lately a sign appeared about women in only tee shirts, and it said "don't."  Evidently someone tried that when I wasn't there. 
ithongit #11

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:07/18/2017 01:13:28Copy HTML

 Too bad, Leo.  It's a great and liberating look.
Da6772 #12

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:07/18/2017 04:05:10Copy HTML

I think I want you to pick my lottery numbers!  You've seen not one, but two women wearing only the T-shirt -- and in Ohio, no less.  That second story with the ranger seeing her in the wet shirt -- well, I sure hope he doesn't catch on to the full story.  It seems that trend is so far confined to southern Ohio.  One hopes said trend migrates northward.  I would assume this happened on a weekday, rather than a busy weekend.
ithongit #13

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:07/18/2017 02:42:50Copy HTML

Leo -- I agree with you.  I don't think they would have put up a sign simply because there were people talking about it or comments about it elsewhere.  I assume that someone in authority at your gym saw a women sporting this look.  Perhaps somewhere away from the sport complex, but probably there.  Your gym is probably like most -- they regulate things to try to avoid anyone from offending anyone else.  A woman dressed in just a T-shirt would really upset the proverbial apple cart.  I have seen women at our "Y", the one where Randy used to work, in a T-shirt, but keeping on some type of a bottom.  (Thongs are not encouraged there, but they also don't have any rules against them on women or men and let people wear their thongs if they want.  Topfree pool use is, however, not permitted in either the inside or outside pools.)  So far there has been no "official" notifications or signs posted about women using a T-shirt as a top, but I think this could happen if it happens too often, and especially if they start to get complaints.

I have also seen men at the beach (not at the "Y" yet) wearing what appear to be very sheer running shorts (or maybe underwear).  Absolutely nothing is hidden in either the back or the front.  Men, enjoy the women wearing only T-shirts if you want -- I will enjoy seeing men in their skimpy sheer shorts -- it is only fair.

jn9195 #14

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/28/2017 12:54:57Copy HTML

While swimming, I've seen women do this but while wearing a tiny g-string... for a while, it was unclear if she had bottoms on or not... and everyone seemed to be watching and hoping that she wasn't... but she was :)

But I have seen women do this without bottoms while not laying out or going in the water - such as around the parking lot, a picnic area near a beach, or in a campground.   Getting a Travel Trailer one year ago has been a great experience.  Lots of things are seen - GOOD THINGS - around rv parks and campgrounds... long shirt like you mentioned, those long t-shirts with the deep armpit holes -- with not bra or bikini top and boobs repeatedly exposed... girls and older women wearing see through, even mesh shirts with no bras...  short, short, short shorts..    and it is kind of weird to see a younger girl with a super tiny rio suit or cut off jeans with half her cheeks hanging out --- while she is with her parents...    and when I'm not surrounded by rednecks, I meet a lot of Europeans... and, of course, they don't flinch or laugh at my g-strings or thongs or even slightly see through suits.

Mary0826 #15

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:08/29/2017 04:06:50Copy HTML

 I spend a lot of time in small towns in the area.  I would have thought that extreme outfits on women would be something you might see on a college campus or in a larger city, but the girls in small towns do seem to wear their cloths skimpier and more suggestive than those in the city do.  Perhaps RV places are even more small town like than the small towns?  Guys in small towns also seem to be more likely to wear open side T-shirts and some are even starting to wear shorter cut-offs, sometimes rivaling what the women wear.  Guys in these towns also seem more likely to wear Speedo type swimwear.  I think the Speedo swimwear is from mandatory swim lessons in the public and private schools they attend.  Everyone has seen them in their Speedos, so it is not a big deal to wear them in public.  As far as other skimpy clothing, I think small town kids are more likely to have a limited clothing budget and make due with what is available.  Cutting off pants then letting them get more and more distressed costs nothing, and fashion and entertainment magazines often show the hottest female stars wearing them.  The open-side shirts are another way to make things last another season or two.  I don't know for sure, but I think that cutting the arms off and opening the sides to near the waist gives them an extra half if not full size.  I have also been to second hand charity stores and the ones in the smallest towns will have extreme cut-offs, open side shirts, cropped off women's tops, women's mesh tops, and even skimpier swimwear than the second hand stores in the city.  I assume people want to dress this way since it is so wide spread.
NudeNArizona #16

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:09/26/2017 09:01:46Copy HTML

 Living in AZ it can be extremely hot during the summer camping season, even with dual A/C units on our 5th wheel it can get very hot inside, so usually if we camp during the warmer months we do it at nudist camp grounds, but one time we were at a regular camp ground and after looking around it was like what other people have said, most people were wearing a lot less than what is normally expected.  So my wife wore one of her open side sleeveless shirts with nothing else on under it and I wore a mesh sarong tied around my waist while we relaxed outside in the evening waiting for the camper to cool down.

The next day we went sight seeing, but when we returned in the evening we both quickly got undressed and I put my sarong back on and she put on a mesh tank top with large arm holes when we sat outside again, only now we had neighbors walking by and stopping to chat and have a beer, and when she went inside the camper walking up the steps she was naked under her tank top, but nobody seemed to mind considering how warm it was.  We were even invited to go to the community center where they had music this night and A/C, but we said we didn't feel like going inside to get dressed because how hot is was inside plus her putting on make-up, and they said we were fine the way we were.
ohiothonger #17

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/03/2017 11:16:04Copy HTML

 I didn't know if I should post this to the underwear as swimwear or this thread, but this seemed more appropriate to me.  My daughter had a boyfriend around the time she graduated from high school who would wear only a long but tight tank-top undershirt swimming.  He did this at back-yard pools in the neighborhood and at a few Ohio State Parks.  He didn't wear a bottom, but relied on the length of the shirt to keep things sort-of covered up.  The bottom few inches of his buns seemed to always be visible, but somehow things in front never popped out.  Of course, the shirt showed quite a bit even when dry, and once wet, it was quite translucent.  He did this while hanging out with other kids his own age, and the girls liked the look and thought it was quite sexy -- even sexier than if he had stripped down to his birthday suit like some of the other guys did.  A few of the women would go topfree, and my daughter and her best friend would usually wear thongs or G-strings (often just underwear) and go topfree too.  I saw him like this twice, but my daughter told me this was something he did regularly.  From what she later told me -- years later -- he liked this look since it was easier for the ladies to feel him up, something that was a common thing that young women did with men when their lower half was under water.

Even today, my daughter will wear a T-shirt or Tank Top at the beach or a pool as a top, but never takes her bottom off.  In the old days she often would have worn just her underwear as a bottom, but now it would have to be a real thong or cheeky swimsuit bottom and not underwear.  She does this at times when she wants to wear something, but not a traditional swimsuit top or as a cover up when she has been going top free.  A few of her girl friends do the same thing, even now, but eliminated the bottom.  I observed this last summer when we went to the beach together and had a cook out.  Her girl friend spent the whole day in a man's t-shirt and nothing else.  What surprised me was that nobody complained about a young woman running around for hours and obviously showing everything in just a t-shirt in various amounts of wetness.
thonglife #18

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/03/2017 01:24:59Copy HTML

I love this look - wearing a long tank top as a cover up over a thong or as just a cover up. I've seen ladies do it at nude resorts and beaches as well as over their thong bikini at the beach.

This most recent thonger's weekend in Lauderdale, I wore g-string swimwear at the beach every day and walked to/from my hotel with just a lightweight tank top as cover up. My lower buns were visible and no one seemed to care that I could tell.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/04/2017 10:02:28Copy HTML

I have been using tank-tops over thongs for years. Some are not see through, and other are just mesh, but I still wear a thong or g-string under:

 Not sure if that link will work, let me know.
ithongit #20

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:12/07/2017 06:44:02Copy HTML

 On one of the last warm days of summer, I saw a high-school aged girl at the do-it-yourself carwash in just a thin white T-shirt.  Several of the neighborhood boys (middle school age) were set up nearby watching from their bicycles.  I know if I was a guy, I would have loved the show too.  After cleaning the car, she took a long time drying it off in the same outfit, stretching in very odd ways to wipe every square inch of her car dry and spot free.  I think this was some sort of exhibitionist game since she first seemed to get more water on her shirt than the car, and later when drying, found ways to get the edge of her shirt to ride up her body, exposing more than she should have.  Eventually she pulled on some athletic type shorts and drove off.  I wonder if her coach knows about her unique stretching workout?
Mary0826 #21

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/04/2018 03:29:36Copy HTML

In an attempt to fight off my winter depression (SAD), Brad and I went to a local motel pool that permits day-to-day use of their indoor pool by non-guests for a small charge. We were there about 2:00 in the afternoon on a rainy day. We knew from experience that the motel staff could care less if we wore thongs, and we have worn G-strings and I have even slipped out of my top in the pool and hot tubs if things are not too busy. The motel desk has a huge window across the lobby where they can see the pool. The female desk people seem to be pretty casual about any extreme swiming options, but will come around to compliment Brad or any of my other male friends who decide to wear thongs. The male desk clerks don't seem to mind the skimpiest swimwear on either the men or the women, but also are not as likely to come around to get a better look like the women clerks do. Perhaps this is because they don't want to appear to eager to get closer to the men (fear of being considered gay) and at the same time, see quite a few more women in thongs and near thongs, and simply consider these styles to be more mainstream. In any event, we were fooling around the in the pool, which was a bit cool, and alternating swiming with soaking in the hot tub. I didn't even bother bringing a swimsuit top with me, and slipped of my shirt and shorts pool side, showing off just a conservative thong. For some reason, I seem to be more accepted topfree, especially at private establishments, when I don't go too far with a minimal bottom. Brad had on a suit that pushed into almost being an exposure G-string, and barely covered the things it should have covered. I was teasing him a lot and he was having trouble keeping things covered because of his growing problems and tiny size of his swimwear. I had coaxed his swimsuit off, and threw it on the table with our stuff, and he followed me to the pool. We were in the pool, enjoying ourselves, when a pickup pulled up and a high-school aged girl got out. Her letter jacket reinforced her age as a Senior. She stopped at the desk, paid for pool use, and came into the pool area. Brad wanted me to go get his swimsuit, but I told him he would have to wait. The girl took her coat and tights off, leaving on only thong underwear and her t-shirt. She came over and dipped her toe into the pool, and ask Brad if it was as cold as if felt. He replied that it was. She then said something like "Wow, if you are that big in a cold pool, you must be huge the rest of the time." It takes a lot to get Brad embarased, but he started to blush. "If you get my swimsuit off the table for me, I will put it on," he said. She just smiled and said she didn't mind his nudity at all. She then slipped her thong swimsuit off (it was a swimsuit and not underwear) and jumped into the pool in just her T-shirt. It hid nothing. She told us she dressed like this all the time when she came to the motel to swim, and nobody had ever complained. As we talked and swam in the pool, the pickup truck came around again, and the girl's father got out and came inside and into the pool area. The girl got out of the pool on the steps at the end and walked around to where he was in just her t-shirt. We could overhear the father, who did not mention her swimwear choices, or ours, but instead reminded her that he would be coming back an hour or more late and that he wanted to make sure she had some money to buy some type of dinner at the Arbys next door. He handed her some extra money, and she took it to her purse, which was on a low table, and when she bent over she exposed a lot more of her backside to her dad and to us. She then went back and said she didn't mind waiting and said she had made some new friends (us) who would keep her company. Her dad didn't show any emotions about his daughter's wet T-shirt, or what we were wearing, even when she ask us to come out of the pool to meet him. Mary
JM_Runs #22

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/05/2018 02:15:44Copy HTML

That's brave. Goes to show not everyone is uptight.
ohiothonger #23

Re:Women wearing just a tank top or t-shirt with no bottom

Date Posted:11/05/2018 07:05:32Copy HTML

I've seen this look on the beach (tank top or t-shirt, bare bottom). I have also seen t-shirt as top but with a bottom at motels and hotels, but never the bare bottom look at a motel or hotel. I have gone nude at indoor pools at motel and hotels, but never with strangers around or in a place where the public might see like adjacent to the lobby. Usually this was during a motel approved after hours swim. I have seen fathers permit their daughters (and sons) or their friends to wear minimal swimwear, and even go nude, but again not in a semi-public motel pool where others might see them. I must simply assume that being in the mid afternoon, things were more laid back, or the staff simply did not care. Mary states that she has worn thongs and gone topfree here before. The high-school girl said she wears just a t-shirt swimming at this place "all the time". Mary's male friends, including Brad, have apparently worn thongs here too with no issues. So I must assume that the management simply does not care, one way or the other. Likewise, the father obviously was really at ease with the nudity and near nudity of both his daughter and Mary and Brad. I think I would strongly suggest that Brad not go completely nude, however. Sure, it is a thrill, but maybe he should do it under the water, since not wearing anything in the open might create some complaints from the customers. Wearing something that is state park legal is rule they could use. Going topfree is okay at Ohio State Parks, so if the management enforced a "what is legal at the parks is okay here" policy then everyone except perhaps the girl was "legal". Now the issue of a t-shirt being worn as a swimsuit is another question. It seems that I have seen this look in various Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues over the years, but the models were either not wet or positioned not to show anything. If the shirt successfully covered the girls front area all the time, is it any worse than a swimsuit bottom that becomes see-thru when wet? Still, it would seem that a thong bottom (or some other type of bottom) might be a good thing for her to wear too. Again, the look with a bottom would keep her outfit state park legal -- something the motel could explain to if anyone who complained. Not wearing a bottom might cause the motel to stop letting even thongs and topfree pool use. I have been a few motels and hotels were nude pool use was permitted on a daily basis. All are outside pools. They are in places you might expect them -- in touristy areas where thongs and topfree women are not unusual in the first place. One was a stones throw from the beach on the outer banks. They didn't make a big deal about it being a place where people could swim in the buff, but if ask they would say you can "wear what you want in the pool" and if you pressed them on the nudity issue, they would say they permit it. They told me that they did this mostly to attract European guests or others who wanted to swim or sun naked. Bottoms are legally required on the nearby beach, but they chose to go the extra step to get more business. After being hit by several huricanes which caused them to have to abandoned and eventually tear down about half the rooms, the owner sold the property and while there is a new owner, the nude pool use is no longer permitted. They secured the pool with a double fence, one needing your room key, the second requiring a key you signed out at the front desk. The gates were offset enough that even opening both did not disclose anything. The pool was also designated as an "adult" pool, with nobody under 18 permitted. Another nude pool was in Florida at a place where nobody can see from outside. They posted a sign at this motel stating "you might see nude people at the pool" in the office. There was no sign stating nudity was okay, but most people who wanted to strip down took this warning sign as also a sign expressing that nudity was permitted.
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