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Date Posted:01/11/2004 05:10:34Copy HTML

I am thinking of getting my girlfriend something smaller than the WW microminimus this summer. Does anybody have experience (either themselves or from wives/girlfriends) of designs such as the micromini from Double Take or the minimicro from the-bikini ?? Are these too provocativefor public use do you think ??Alternatively, has anyone had ultra small thongs for women made for them, or made them at home, to get somethingthat is really the 'absolute minimum' ??Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, experiences will be much appreciated.Cheers
thongfreak #1

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:01/12/2004 12:06:38Copy HTML


my wife and daughter both have WW micros. the thing about them is sometimes, depending on the contours and God's design of the female anatomy (labias, sorry Jim) some WW micros like to crawl up bewtwen, well a "couple of things" on the woman. They sometimes become klitkinis. Because the way she developed down there, my daughter seems to have alittle more problems with this issue. Because my wife is biult alittle diferantly, she doesnt run into this too often unless she deliberately places the Micro in that position. I bought my wife a couple of Double Take suits. One of which she doesnt like because she says it feels like she's being cut in half from the crotch. LOL!  I'll take a look at the DT website and see if I can locate which one she has. I've heard that my daughter has tried on the DT suit once or twice but I've never seen her in it..

thongfreak #2

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:01/12/2004 12:16:41Copy HTML

Ok, my wife has the  Neon Orange Micromini at the top of page 3, and the other one is the String in Red. She's not into the Red String one though. As for a couple of other things from DT, my daughter has 2 pair of the hip hugger shorts that her and my Misses share.

As for public wearing. I'd have to say that needs to be determined by where you are. if you think it might not fly well with the locals, wear something alittle less daring. My wife has a new hobby of seeing what she can creat on her sewing machine. It should be interesting.

Pete01 #3

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:01/14/2004 12:59:28Copy HTML

Thanks Thongfreak


Sounds like the DT designs may not be that wearable, and I think the string design is a bit silly - it goes to the point of you thinking 'why bother with wearing anything at all ??', apart from the fact it must be very uncomfortable to wear. Perhaps if they had just put a tiny triangle at the top of the front strap, it might look as though it was trying to cover something !!  Perhaps I'll give the 'the-bikini' design a try.

Of course you are right about choosing the right location for wearing something so minimal - it is always 'horses for courses', and I would only consider wearing the tiniest thongs where there was a suitably laid back atmosphere, and it would not cause any offence to locals, families etc.   I hardly ever wear a thong here in the UK, because I do not think it would be appropriate in most situations, apart from in your own back garden. If I go to the pool or in the sauna at the gym, I always wear a speedo type suit, or at most a tanga style bikini bottom with string sides - nothing more abbreviated. I think thongs are for sunning in rather warmer climates on holiday , perhaps by a villa pool. Where possible, I will usually go nude on holiday, but the thongs are then useful for when you find yourself in a situation where complete nudity is not acceptable, so I try to go for the most minimal thong I think will be acceptable so as not a spoil an all over tan. My girlfriend does not always feel comfortable going nude even on nudist beaches, and prefers to wear a small thong in those situations - she has gone down to almost WW micro dimensions, and does not become self conscious if these designs 'move' or 'disappear into the anatomy' so that rather more is exposed than originally intended, so I thought we might go for something a little smaller this year.   We are probably going to the Algarve in Portugal that has some long dune-backed beaches that stretch for miles at the Eastern end of the Algarve.  Nudity is common away from the beach bars and resort areas, but thongs are useful here to walk the beach or to go into the beach bar areas. 

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback .

Happy thonging

pee133 #4

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:01/16/2004 10:45:45Copy HTML

Hi Pete,

there's a small company from Switzerland called aSS, that specializes in micro under- & beachwear for women. I know for a fact that the girl behind this brand, once started her business, actually by just making her own strings, after she had ordered a couple of WW's, only to find out that they look many times nicer than they wear. Like you described: they tend to creep up (apparently...), which isn't always welcome (apparently...).  I could imagine, the aSS-string called 'mental' is about what you're looking for... Here's the adress:  www.a-s-s.ch  You have to look under Slips&Tops, and then choose for 'original'. There you can decide what size of triangle (front) you'd like.

Yes, I know... I'm sort of making advertising here, but I think aSS deserves it, being only a very small company (and it's owner/designer is adorable, hihi!!). I'm not sure wether I am allowed to make a link here (???)... Otherwise the Administrator can take it out again.

(And if for some reason the link doesn't work, make sure to type the URL yourself properly, otherwise you'll end up at pornsites of the most boring kind!)

Hope you like it, take care,


bikinigeek #5

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/19/2004 05:19:06Copy HTML

Sublime bikinis have a custom-design option where you can choose how long and wide the gstring and bikini top are.  The measurement options go down to very small sizes...  hope that helps.   Their website is www.sublimebikinis.com



Putibichita #6

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 10:37:30Copy HTML

Reply to Sailor:

In which beach was that?, on Haulover beach?, I have one of those also (which I bought for my last Windjammer cruise in December 2003, for sun tanning, but at the end I wore it almost 24/7), and l always asked myself I I can wear that in that beach. We live in Miramar, FLA and we go normally to the beach right beside it, but as you mentioned in your message, everything depend on your taste and anatomy.

In my case I have a very flat tummy and labia. My boyfriend says I have the most beautiful pussy on this planet, maybe it is maybe because I'm only 19 years old. The feeling of being cut in half is not that big, actually is not bad! It feels pretty god when your are walking.

When I am at the beach I'm not wearing a top, for  I'm almost flat on top too!  I love the way I look with my petite body, my yellow DT string and no top.

Putibichita #7

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 10:38:51Copy HTML

Reply to : Putibichita

Actually, did you saw the woman again?, we are going this weekend to the beach and I will love to meet her!, it? and old or young woman?
sailor250 #8

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 11:36:11Copy HTML

Yes it was Haulover.  The lady was about 45 years old.

You said you wore yours on the Windjammer cruise?  How did you like the cruise?  The sailing ship appeals to us, we're not interested in the typical cruise ship.  Did passengers sun in minimal swimwear?  was topless allowed? nude possible?  Were passengers from europe or america?  Were they very old?

BigEasy #9

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 08:24:08Copy HTML

Hi pete, I would reccommend you go to www.sublimebikinis.com they have some tiny ones on there including the invisible which is the one that my g/f wants me to order for her. There are also some other great stuff on there so take a look
Pete01 #10

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2004 10:09:02Copy HTML

Thanks BigEasy  -actually I was put onto this site by KathrynG a couple of days back - it looks interesting. You might want to look at the thread titled 'too small' started by KathyrnG in the Questions and Opinions section of the board, if you have not seen it already.



sailor250 #11

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/26/2006 07:01:10Copy HTML


They've updated their site a lot.   Take a look at the models section they have some unique designs. Love those little shorts that aren't--well they don't have a center in front or back!   They've got some good beach shots of their tiniest suits!

strepsils #12

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:12/07/2006 11:30:04Copy HTML

I bought a pair of WW microminumus for my girlfriend. It was terrific, she done the shaving before she puts it on!  It made my mouth watery upon seeing her in this micro-thong barely covering her "essential" part. LOL
sailor250 #13

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/01/2007 07:44:01Copy HTML

Has anyone heard of or bought any suits from sizzle bikinis?

They have basically one style of a string thong (thicker crotch strap G string)  but they look pretty nice!

Good photography good models- their low slung suits seem to have enough rise over the hips to give that nice plunging effect to the G back.  Flattering to the ass. 



The patriotic suits have two colors on the thong back--makes you do a double take on that part.


Can't beat white on tanned skin!




pt11055 #14

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/12/2007 02:41:33Copy HTML

These are quite nice...vanishingly small...first time I've seen them. http://www.skinbikini.com/home.html

JM_Runs #15

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/13/2007 03:18:33Copy HTML

it does if you type "skin bikini" into google. Pretty good they are too!
sailor250 #16

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/07/2007 07:12:02Copy HTML

nice contributions of string suits and more


sailor250 #17

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/07/2007 10:15:08Copy HTML

anyone seen a suit like this...looks like a design from alphamoda but different- has that ladder look of straps


sheer1delight #18

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/08/2007 03:28:26Copy HTML

Not sure of thie supplier for this bikini.

However a great variety of shots from this UK wearer of Wicked Weasel,  assorted lingerie , stockings and the like set in a number of surroundings at home, around theUK and Europe.

As always a great derriere with that recognisable Tweeetie Pie tattoo.

Shots of this girl are always welcome.


redraider55 #19

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/08/2007 11:45:32Copy HTML

Looks like the label say Sunkini.
adambrix #20

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/09/2007 12:45:28Copy HTML

Tangaland now have some very interesting a sexy bikini designs which are well worth a look. The site is:


sailor250 #21

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:04/09/2007 10:11:37Copy HTML

here's the sunkini site....they're from Brazil.  They have a good variety though I don't see that suit here.

They have a contest and everything- check it out.


stanpuppy #22

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:08/06/2007 07:53:34Copy HTML

My wife loves wicked weasels, but found the 457 too small for her liking.  She has no problem with brief swimsuits, as she wears string back wicked weasel 449's even on public beaches in atlantic city and chicago.  The design of the 457 just does not work for her and she is tiny (5 ft tall, 101 lbs)

sailor250 #23

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/13/2008 09:05:37Copy HTML

I've noticed a couple of new women's styles in several places- anyone own them- or seen them on the beach? 

One with a central seam to adapt to the female form- pioneered by wickedweasel

One now on the-bikini.com , called the "radikal" it has only a string much below the pubic bone- has a wider triangle above- anyway when standing she has no cover from below- only from the front.  Might fly where single strings and narrow ones wouldn't.
stanpuppy #24

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:01/26/2010 05:07:06Copy HTML

My wifes new ultimate micro is the malibu strings teardrop (with the crystal back).  She gets the "kimmy" bottom, named after the model who invented it.  It is a hot hot suit
SusanaM #25

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 05:57:26Copy HTML

agree with stanpuppy, the malibu strings teardrop with the crystal back is soooooo awesome, great feel on you and great appeal too
stanpuppy #26

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 01:10:47Copy HTML

Which fabric did you get Susana?  Michelle got the "revolution beach" in pink/black and the "sheer when wet" in lime green
SusanaM #27

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 05:33:22Copy HTML

Wound up getting the peek-a-boo micro after seeing my husband go ape crazy seeing the Kimmy and Jody contribution. I now think it's was really that old guy fantasy of two woman together and not the tear drop sexiness that had him oh ah. :)
SusanaM #28

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 05:44:36Copy HTML

@stanpuppy   Oh by the way I love the crystal back malibu strings. LOVE THEM!!!! I have a pair of 4028s crystal back and just think they are divine
JM_Runs #29

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/03/2015 03:38:19Copy HTML

sailor250 #30

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:03/22/2015 02:23:23Copy HTML

 I love the look of these women's ribbon-like V string backs!  nicely show off the curves!  I haven't gotten one for a man but I think they would not roll down like some thin strap V strings can.
ballsnark #31

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/09/2018 05:01:32Copy HTML

 Does anyone know a good site in the US that has a good selection of the clitkini?The wife is looking for one that has the small triangle in the front but only a string between the legs.  It can be either a full g, triangle, or cheeky in the back. I’m having a hard time finding anything online. We’re headed to SouthBeach in a few weeks.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/09/2018 08:07:26Copy HTML

 How about this for fun and low cost g-string for your women?  The blue is rather good:


 Or this: 
BaltoBob #33

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/09/2018 09:21:55Copy HTML

 Most places seem to charge more, the smaller the g-string. I'm still trying to give away this g I bought cheap. https://vimeo.com/266966179
I bought it from aliexpress. They called it a MEN'S micro g-string. It was only  a few $, which is why I am willing to give it away. Looks like a WW copy. While I understand that lots of women wouldn't even want this for underwear, I thought someone from this group might.

ballsnark #34

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/12/2018 05:14:28Copy HTML

 @JM thanks for moving my question here. Wasn’t sure the best forum to post in. I don’t think those would work. Looking for much smaller in front with a whale tail cut in back if possible. So hard to find this. 
@Baltobob that is closer to what we are looking for but probably not white or see through. Can you tell me where you got it it? Maybe they have others?

Her ideal bottom would be a really small triangle in front, string only in between, with a whale tail or small triangle  in the back. Not see through or mesh. Breakaway sides would be a plus. 
We’ve both been scouring the internet for days but have been unable to find the ideal bottom. We’re leaving for South Beach on 8/3 so time is an issue with shipping. 
JM_Runs #35

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/12/2018 10:46:01Copy HTML

Go back to AliExpress and try some search variations. Select the Women's Clothing section from the left and then sort the results by price. Some searches to try:

Thong Bikini 

Then, after looking at the offerings for women, look at some of the Men's micro thongs in the $4 to $8 range are cut flat in the front. These don't have the room for a man and are more suitable for a women. See some of the TM stuff.

This for example is WAY to small for a mans equipment but might work well for a women.

mhdavisjr #36

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/18/2018 07:50:41Copy HTML

I think they ship from the U.S.:

And, have you thought about a zipper top/bottom??  Seems super sexy...

ballsnark #37

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/20/2018 02:08:40Copy HTML

 I ordered from the-bikini.com over a week ago and I haven't heard anything about my order. I've tried messaging them through their contact page but they never responded. 
mhdavisjr #38

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/21/2018 03:47:40Copy HTML

 I am sorry for your experience with the-bikini.com; I've never ordered from them. 

However, I have ordered from Dubio, and this would appear to fit the bill:
I like how the top looks too...
This would be a bit more daring clitkini!
http://www.dubiobikinis.com/contest_lacy01.php (very good pics of customer wearing it at SoBe!)
I think you'd barely have time to get it to you, or maybe have it shipped to your hotel? Or, you could have it shipped to a UPS store at your destination; I think they charge $10 to receive and hold a package for you if you don't have a box with them.
gw32 #39

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/21/2018 04:20:20Copy HTML

 Dubio has some pretty amazing micros!@mhdavisjr - those photos of "Lacy" at SoBe are incredible. She's having a great time and Wow! what a beauty and what an amazing body!:-)
visa0061 #40

Re:Womens' micro thongs.

Date Posted:07/23/2018 12:52:39Copy HTML

 Dubio is a good bet. However, amazon sells the same suits under the “sherry lo” brand with a prime shipping option. The same one Lacy is wearing can be bought there. The-bikini makes nice suits but they ship from Spain. I will be getting her the radikal for our next vacation. I bought my gf a Bitsys Bikinis euro thong that she wore in Miami. The euro has a very sexy bottom cut. Almost what you’re looking for. It was basically a clitkini bottom and she went topless. The only problem is the quality is terrible. She threw it away after one wear. For $20 I guess it’s not bad. 
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