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Date Posted:03/05/2004 12:36:49Copy HTML

The World Naked Bike Ride, scheduled for June 12th, has already organized events in several cities.Montreal, Vancouver, & Victoria (Canada) Pforzheim (Germany) Apeldoorn (Netherlands) Christchurch (New Zealand) London (United Kingdom)San Francisco & Seattle (USA)  More cities to be listed later.

You, YES YOU, are invited to ride with us on June 12th. If you cannot make it to one of the above cities, then you are invited to help organize a naked bike ride in the country or city of you choosing.

All you have to do is fill out the form and we will help you setup a web page with all the necessary information, such as meeting and after party location.http://worldnakedride.org/

Yes, we are really are going to do it. All are welcome! Cyclists, rollerbladers, rollerskaters, skate boarders. Go as bare as you dare - wear as much or as little as you wish.Thongs are fine !
rogerp #1

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:02/20/2008 06:47:02Copy HTML

June 7 208, there will be a World Naked Bike Ride here in Washington DC.  This is our third time and you will be able to ride about in your tinest thong or maybe even naked!  We will have permits and have had no problems in the past.  There will be two photo shots by the Capital Building and by the White House!  Please pass the word and let everyone you know know!Thanks,Rogerwww,.worldnakedbikeride.org
JM_Runs #2

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/23/2008 11:50:02Copy HTML

World Naked Bike Ride is comming up again.  Quite a few of the riders are naked but a lot wear thongs.

Here are some tips from the Vancover mob.
World Naked Bike Ride.  Naked Cyclists Take to the Streets!
Vancouver will experience the exposed joy and participate in the world's largest naked protest against oil dependency and car culture. It's time to stop indecent exposure to automobile emissions! Hundreds of cyclists will ride in various stages of undress -- reclaiming the streets as sexy, self-propelled citizens. Come join the naked bicycle people power!

The Vancouver ride starts Saturday, June 7, 2:00pm at Sunset Beach (corner of Beach and Bute).
Body painting and performances will take place before the ride. Arrive between 12 Noon and 2:00pm to catch some of the action and some of the paint!  A picnic following the ride will be hosted by NIFTY http://www.niftynude.org/

The ride, pre and post-ride activities are all free.
Please download, print and distribute posters and flyers for the ride (or make your own!)

Naked bike riding tips:
Prepare for riding rain or shine!
If it's sunny, put on sunscreen!
You do not have to be naked to join the ride.
Wear shoes!
If you're shy, we start the ride with some clothing on and then stop away from the crowds to get more bare!
Keep your clothes with you -- you never know when you may need them (like... after the ride).
Decorate your bike! Come with signs and funky hats! Cover your bike seat with fun fur!
Ride safely and stay together as a group.
Tell your friends! Spread the word!

For more information, visit http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/vancouver
Email: vancouver@worldnakedride.org

JM_Runs #3

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/14/2008 08:15:39Copy HTML

World Naked Bike Ride Chicago

When: June 14 : 9 p.m.
Price: Free.
Information: chicago.worldnakedbikeride.org

Union Park
100 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60607

Bare as you dare for the 12-mile rolling protest of oil dependence through downtown, Near North and West Side streets. Want to get arrested? Let it all hang out; otherwise, cruise in a THONG or in costume, camouflage your bare essentials with body paint.

Ride a bike, or other manual vehicle. 
Body painting begins at 6 p.m.; ride at 9 p.m.

Oglers can sneak a peek at the intersection of North Halsted Street and West Belmont Avenue (about 10:15 p.m.).

trapking #4

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/23/2008 01:19:12Copy HTML

I had considered going to the Chicago event but in the e-mails I received from the organizers made it sound like the event was more of a anti-gas, natural resources event than pro-thong or nudist event. 

In that case it was not for me.  Not that I am for wasting natural resources, but I'm not for protesting oil use.
sailor250 #5

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:07/20/2008 09:20:44Copy HTML

looks like the TNG protestor is back in form in Oregon!

swflaguy #6

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:08/04/2008 02:58:34Copy HTML

 This was a big event in Boulder, CO. Log on to the Boulder Daily Camera .... there is a link... or search for it....of a video of the naken bike ride.
BaltoBob #7

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:03/09/2009 02:42:06Copy HTML

I was in the DC ride last year. Wonderful experience. DC will not allow total nudity but, you can wear your tiniest g or baggy. I wore a www.bananapeelz.  We rode right though downtown Washington,DC on a Saturday afternoon. The police blocked the traffic for us. Total of abut 45 riders, 8 or so of us wore the legal minimum. We had a stop right outside the WhiteHouse. Lots of pictures but, flickr and youtube pulled most of them soon after the ride. The ride is not for the timid but, we had no problems.  Flickr has made more photos PRIVATE, AGAIN!!



I think these work. Took 4 trys

teeback269 #8

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:03/12/2009 08:15:18Copy HTML

I only wish we had things like that here in Australia !!! But there are just too many yahoos and ratbags, so it will never happen here. 
BaltoBob #9

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:03/12/2009 02:06:29Copy HTML

There were several rides in Australia last year, and some more coming up this month,  Your ride is this week!!

Check out http://wiki.australia.worldnakedbikeride.org  and http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/  also,  the wiki on World Naked Bike Ride 

There was one ride that allowed total female nudity but, not male (not even thongs) Melbourne I think.
BaltoBob #10

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:03/22/2009 10:45:03Copy HTML

BaltoBob #11

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/20/2009 04:47:51Copy HTML

The 2009 ride is  June 13, 3 PM  Franklin Park (13th and K St NW).
The Capitalpride.org parade is in the evening. The route will be in downtown DC. I will edit this as I learn more info. Most WNBR rides are rather disorganized.   
JM_Runs #12

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/23/2009 12:37:44Copy HTML

 Roger posted this in the wrong place so I am copying it here:

June 13 2009 - at 3:00 pm is the forth annual World Naked Bike Ride in DC.  We have a good time and spread a valuable messages.  Bring a thong!  Bring or rent a bike and bring a sign.  Check out www.nakedbikeride.org.    Tell others!  The more the merrier!  Roger
JM_Runs #13

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/23/2009 12:47:43Copy HTML

 Older Post from 2006 I am moveing here:

Mar 14, 2006  You have to hand it to John Palm. It certainly takes a lot of - uh, er, hmm, well, it just takes an awful lot of - G-string to ride down Bayshore Boulevard on a bicycle wearing nothing more than a court jester's hat and what looked like a hairnet covering his - oh, never mind. Then again, I didn't look that closely.

Sunday marked World Naked Bike Ride Day in Tampa, a festive occasion marked by people doing unspeakable things to bicycle seats.The obvious problem, though, with something called World Naked Bike Ride Day is that while in places like infidel Seattle people do all sorts of things in public in the nude, had Palm and his fellow buff bikers fully disrobed in Tampa to protest the war in Iraq, the dependence on foreign oil and just stuff in general, they would have been carted off to the hoosegow by the city's appointed genitalia gendarme, police Lt. G.P. McNamarra. 
McNamarra and her T-Back troops were fully prepared with hospital gowns to confront Palm and his birthday-suit bikers if they even thought about exposing themselves during their protest ride from Bayshore Patriots Park to MacDill Air Force Base, which was fully staffed to repel an assault of unpastified bare breasts should it have come to that. 

As it turned out, Sunday's protest was a relatively modest affair, or about as modest as something can get that looks like a convention of plumbers' cracks pedaling down Bayshore Boulevard.About 13 riders participated, including nine men in G-strings and four women who opted out of giving it up for free speech.Palm explained the need to goau naturelwas to symbolize "the vulnerability of the human body to war."It also could be argued a naked man on a bike could fall prey to that weapon of mass sterilization, the bicycle seat, or as it is otherwise known, a bris on wheels.  Palm agreed: "There are some obstacles; that's why it's good to wrap the seat with a soft cushion," which seemed a good time to move on to other questions because the subject of bike vasectomies had pretty well been exhausted.

All in all, Sunday's World Sort of Naked Bike Ride was in the classic tradition of American peaceful protest. Thomas Jefferson would have been proud, especially if more women had participated. Ben Franklin, too.Even Palm had to cover up."Tampa was more than gracious," Palm said of the police's help and cooperation. Well, it is Tampa, John, a city whose official seal ought to have a brass pole, silicone implants and lap.Still, the MacDill guys with guns, who had all the sense of humor of Grand Ayatollah Sistani, had to feel just a bit silly to turn out in such force at the Bayshore Boulevard gate complete with disgruntled German Shepherds.After all, about the only security risk Palm and his fellow mountain-bike mooners posed was a crime against aesthetics.

Let's face it: You could make an argument that although political protest is a wonderful, cherished, time-honored American tradition, doing it in any form of public nudity - unless it is being conducted by the Jessica Alba Look-A-Like Citizens Against the War - should be considered an act of good-taste treason.
JM_Runs #14

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/23/2009 02:27:38Copy HTML

 From 2007:  Brisbane Australia

Male cyclists taking part in a nude environmental protest ride in Brisbane next month will be urged to equip themselves with one vital item - a sock.
Not to keep a foot warm but, by police decree, to avoid offending public decency when the expected 15 riders take to Brisbane's bikeways on March 10.

As part of a World Naked Bike Ride, environmentalists in 56 cities across 16 countries will strip down in a coordinated protest.

Brisbane coordinator and naturist Dario Western said the riders would go "as bare as you dare'' and decorate themselves with body paint for the inaugural 20-minute ride along Coronation Drive between Toowong and Milton from 4pm (AEST).

Mr Western said he hoped the unusual protest would get their message across about the destruction of the natural environment.

"Nothing like that has been done in this city before,'' he said.

"I think a few people might be disgusted, I think a few more would be amused and I think a majority of them will just turn a blind eye.

"I think Queensland people tend to be a lot more conservative when it comes to matters such as non-sexual nakedness and environmental awareness.

"But as long as they take it in the spirit it's given, then I don't think there will be any problem.''

Even so, Indooroopilly police officer in charge, Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Peters said officers would meet with Mr Western to plan the event to ensure "everyone's interests are protected''.

He said women would be allowed to go topless but asked to wear knickers, while men would be encouraged to wear "a discretely placed sock''.

Mr Western said there were around 200 "active'' naturists in Brisbane, although many tended to be "hush, hush'' about their activities.

"They don't like their families or their mates to know about it,'' he said.

Rides will also take place in Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Sydney and Newcastle.
BaltoBob #15

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/23/2009 12:31:48Copy HTML

Thanks JM.
 Roger has been running the DC ride for several years. He didn't want to do it this year so, things are MUCH less organized.  I think the flickr links I left above still work. They are from last year. Roger is the TALL guy. I'm in quite a few. My bike is 35 years old, green banana seat, basket (had my clothes in it) not wearing a helmet. Half way though the ride I remembered my "N" hat(red). You can wear your tinyest g or baggie but, I avoid mesh or anything sheer.  
JM_Runs #16

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:05/26/2009 12:20:58Copy HTML

CANNES, France (AFP) – Crowds hoping to glimpse the stars on the Cannes festival's red carpet got an eye-popping surprise Saturday as a team of nude Belgian cyclists paraded down the Riviera seafront.

Director Felix van Groeningen and four of his actors straddled bicycles and careened down the croisette and back under warm spring sunshine, in a remake of a scene from "La Merditude des Choses" (The Misfortunates).

The comedy, which tells the story of a family of drunkard brothers, seen through a teenagers' eyes, premiered Saturday at the Directors' Fortnight, one of two high-profile sidebars to the main Cannes film festival.

rogerp #17

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/05/2009 02:26:32Copy HTML

On June 13 the 4th annual Naked Bike Ride rides again here in Washington, DC!  This ride is one of dozens of rides around the world in which thousands of riders ride naked to protest dependency on oil and the unsafe conditions bicyclist face in a car centered society and to promote bicycles as a viable form of transportation.  The ride is open to all interested adults and there is no registration required, no fee, and no dress code. Riders are asked to conform to the DC laws, which means stopping just short of the "full Monty" - so bring your favorite thong!  This is our 4th annual ride and we have had no problem in the past and don't expect any this year.  It is a easy and fun ride.The ride leaves Franklin Park at 3:00.  Questions may be sent to naturerunner@yahoo.com.
BaltoBob #18

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/06/2009 01:12:53Copy HTML

The DC ride is next Saturday!! You need a bike or something with wheels (Skates?). The ride is "bare as you dare" Only a few of us wore the minimum (a baggie).  Found a few more pics. I'm the fat guy with the tan.


Elvert seems to enjoy bare butts.
sailor250 #19

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/07/2009 05:50:14Copy HTML

AANR is "decending" on Washington this week?

beachfolks #20

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/07/2009 11:26:02Copy HTML

 Sounds fantastic to ride through downtown Washington in a baggie. Hope for warm weather.
BaltoBob #21

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/08/2009 02:27:54Copy HTML

It was 97 last year! A little too warm.
BaltoBob #22

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/08/2009 01:20:05Copy HTML

Click on list of rides. Washington, DC is WAY down at the bottom. If you click there you will find 2 great pics from last year.  Also www.ipernity.com/doc/elvertbarnes/album/98943
There are 60 photos and links to youtube from last year.
beachfolks #23

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/08/2009 07:15:24Copy HTML

 looks like all men on the ride. Did any women ride with you bare or at least topless?
BaltoBob #24

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/09/2009 04:44:58Copy HTML

If you check the link above from isisdc there is a photo of 3 topless women in the set. I think it was taken after the ride.  While they could have done the ride topless none of the 6 or so females did.
beachfolks #25

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/09/2009 06:36:40Copy HTML

Thanks for your great efforts to popularize the baggies. Wish I was there with you this year. Maybe someday.
I've been wearing baggies on the beach as often as possible but ran into objections with too much see-through. I wear them tight. Maybe the Banapeelz athletic mesh material is the answer.

BaltoBob #26

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/13/2009 07:05:37Copy HTML

This link will give LOTS of info on the ride. Should also link to photos of this year's ride. Photos from last year (flickr & ipernity) are linked. I'll be out of town next week so, use this link for pics. Knowing Elvert, he will post a few right away and more later. The www.Capitalpride.org parade is also Saturday evening. He is working both.
BaltoBob #27

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/17/2009 03:48:37Copy HTML

We had 2 women (21 &24) topless this year. Wish we had more riders. I read Chicago had over a thousand NAKED bikers.



JM_Runs #28

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:09:17Copy HTML

 Have to agree.  Some good looking thongs would have been a lot less tacky.
BaltoBob #29

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/17/2009 06:16:16Copy HTML

The guy with the hard-on is Roger. He got the permits from both the National Park Service & DC. He made the penis glove he is wearing. He tyes it very tight which limits the blood circulation. That gives him an all day XXX. He is also about 6' 7" and hung like a horse.
beachfolks #30

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/19/2009 05:31:52Copy HTML

 That's just one of the benefits of protesting
SlidingG #31

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/19/2009 11:38:45Copy HTML

For young guys in a sock it's an adventure, youth experimenting and having fun, kind of neat, actually, I'll give them a pass.  Aren't old guys supposed to know better, supposed to have grown out of it?  Seems weird.  A protest?  More likely just an excuse to get naked in public.

I see the same dynamic at Bay-to-Breakers 12k road race in San Francisco.  Young guys and gals racing naked are a delight, seeing them celebrate their freedom.  The old folks I wonder about, what's their problem?  Got to admit I'd love to do it, too, but I'm old, I should know better, and don't want to look like a jerk.  Probably never will.  

BaltoBob #32

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/19/2009 12:09:18Copy HTML

The DC ride is only a hour long. We take photos at the beginning as well as 2 stops along the way, the US Capital and the White House. While it is VERY public, we aren't in any 1 place long enough to cause much grief. Like the Federal Protective Service officer told me (from his black SUV). "You guys give new meaning to 'having balls'" The area where we stop next to the White House is used by protesters all the time. Part of purpose of the ride is that bikers are "exposed" to cars, trucks etc. While a helmet helps, no amount of clothing does much good in a wreck with a vehicle. I wouldn't do this every week. There is group(Critical Mass) that does rides in DC on a regular basis. I understand some of them ride "bare" in warm weather.
beachfolks #33

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/19/2009 09:49:08Copy HTML

I find "Critical mass" but the website has been disowned by the webmaster, nothing new on it. Balto-do you have a good link to what they are doing in Washington-or anywhere??
BaltoBob #34

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/20/2009 01:41:51Copy HTML

I found a site for Critical Mass DC that hasn't been updated since last year. The info matches what I heard at the WNBR. Dupont Circle 1st Friday of the month 6 PM. The next ride would be July 3(which is a holiday). Basicaly you just show up with a bike. You can show as much skin as we did on the WNBR if you want (or not).
JM_Runs #35

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/26/2009 10:37:35Copy HTML

I think the DC ride, of which the highlight seemed to be a few old men in baggies looks rather sad to me. It can't hold a candle to the large and very colorful ride in Fremont.  See the following links:



Looks like organizers in Fremont know how to amp up the fun and attract young people.

SlidingG #36

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/27/2009 02:37:49Copy HTML

They always do a bang up job at Fremont, and the best part is everybody looks happy.  We're eading to Seattle the end of July, sure got the timing off.  There were a few old gray hairs joining in the fun, now there's an idea for next year.  You're not naked if you're painted, right?    
BaltoBob #37

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/27/2009 12:19:27Copy HTML

FYI-There are several MORE rides in Seattle. http://wnbrseattle.org
The Fremont Summer Solstice Festival is a separate event, that has always included bikes. They frown on people that do NOT wear body paint.
 I wish we could bring some of this to DC.  
SlidingG #38

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/27/2009 06:16:55Copy HTML

Guess that clinches it -- you're not naked if you're painted.  The shot of the smooth guy in gray marble all over was great, like a greek statue, except he chose a skate board rather than a pedastal.  They used to try to stop the painted nudes, guess they've stopped trying.  The spectators seem to love it.  Not for the shy, though, especially with so many unpainted faces.  "Look Ma, I'm on YouTube!"
SlidingG #39

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:07/09/2009 11:20:34Copy HTML

Forget DC, here's how regular folks in Vermont celebrate World Naked Bike Ride:
Just hometown folks having fun, seizing the chance to get naked and ride around town smiling and waving to their neighbors.  A little weak on the protest messages, but hey, they're demonstrating their vulnerability pretty effectively.  Would love to join them next year, but four hours each way in an SUV?   Defeats the message about dependence on fossil fuel, even smacks of Al Gore flying around the world in his private jet lecturing all us sinners how we're causing global warming.  Takes guts, but I'm game, maybe plan a vacation around it.          
BaltoBob #40

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:07/09/2009 12:51:03Copy HTML

FYI-Someone is tring to put a ride togeather in Philly for early Sept. I want to do a ride in Seattle someday. They have several and I have a daughter near there.
BaltoBob #41

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:07/25/2009 03:44:53Copy HTML

Found some nice pix from the DC ride.
Lots of pix of the 21-24 year old females (topless). I'm in a few. The fat guy with a tan and red hat.
JM_Runs #42

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/13/2010 03:15:45Copy HTML

big daddy thong #43

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/14/2010 06:06:13Copy HTML

  I think that is great in Canada they show the people's butts on TV news.  Down here in the good old US of A, The local newscast would have to use that annoying pixel blur to cover up the backside.  The phones to the station light up with calls of complaining viewers. The FCC would fine the TV station as well.  You gotta love the censorship police to protect our morals.
BaltoBob #44

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:09/09/2010 12:19:27Copy HTML

I missed the Philly ride over the weekend. If the link doesn't work go to youtube and put in pnbr.

They  had hundreds of riders. Lots of skin. This is the only large city on the eastcoast of US to allow total nudity. Last year I heard only a few guys went nude. This year it must at least half. Male to female 2:1 quite a few nude women. Lots more riders under 30 than over.
JM_Runs #45

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:09/09/2010 02:06:14Copy HTML

 Looks like they were having a good time on the naked bike ride, even though quite a few of them were not brave enough to go nude and so were in underware or thongs.

But they don't seem to be having quite as much fun as this crew
BaltoBob #46

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:09/09/2010 02:32:10Copy HTML

I saw this today. Video is from the Philly naked bike ride a few days ago. The best part is the running commentary from the family in front. They're 30s with a little girl maybe 6. Another family is next to them with another girl maybe 7. Trust me these folks had NO idea this was going to happen. Neither family seems worried about their daughters seeing all these naked men (HUNDREDS) and quite a few nude or topless women. The girls are jumping and pointing (bodypaint and crazy costumes). They saw more bare butts (and eveything else) then some people see in a life time.  95% is from the father, not all positve but,his last comment "That was weird", sure beats, they should all be shot.
 Knowing, youtube, this video may disapear (WAY too many bare penises).
scoutniagara #47

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:03/30/2011 10:28:22Copy HTML

I'm the guy talking the most, ;) and wearing the green shirt.


I've only missed one of the Toronto World Naked Bike Rides.  We've had various numbers of participants from 10 to just over 100.  We've had police escort which helps with left turns in city traffic.  I always wear a helmet, shoes and gloves, so technically, you couldn't say I was naked, but I personally, don't wear a thong.

Search the World Naked Bike Ride online and join a ride near you this June 11, 2011.



These photos are not illegal where I live.  After reading the member agreement, it would be hard not to post something that would offend someone, somewhere in the world. ???  If photos such as these are not acceptable on this forum, I apologize.  Tell me so, remove them, or ask me to delete the URL.

JoeSnyder #48

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/03/2011 08:14:12Copy HTML

All so exciting! It's only a week to go to World Naked Bike Ride weekend.

I'll be at Brighton on 12/06/2011 for certain and very probably London Hyde Park on 11/06/2011.

PM me if you want to make sure you have a friendly face there. I'll be wearing a thong for most of the stuff in public although I'll go naked for the naked beach party on Brighton naturist beach.

It's going to be a fun and wonderful event, especially if the weather is like today.

Decisions to make:
Thong colour: probably the red Joe Snyder again.
Bike: Race or Hybrid with panniers. Possibly the slower latter.

Here's my picture from last year:


Link to the information Wiki here:


If you love your cycling, are in to the environment or fitness, or just want to attend a mobile naked street party, this is the event for you.

JM_Runs #49

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/18/2011 11:37:27Copy HTML

 Portlanders are expected to gather Saturday night for the World Naked Bike Ride.The ride starts at 10 p.m., but riders are asked to meet at the corner of Southwest Water Avenue and Salmon Street at 9 p.m.

Portland police ask that riders wear a helmet and shoes to avoid potential injuries.It is legal to be naked in public in Oregon as long as the nude person isn't performing a sexual act or trying to arouse anyone.

Extra Portland police will be stationed along the route to keep the event safe and guide traffic.Event organizers estimated the number of participants last year to be 13,000 people.
JM_Runs #50

Re:World Naked Bike Ride

Date Posted:06/09/2012 04:35:48Copy HTML

TODAY, Saturday, and gain on July 28

World Naked Bike Ride’ in San Francisco

“Get undressed to the nines” is how World Naked Bike Ride is advertising the bare-bottomed bicycle bonanza.

The WNBR is a world-wide event that will “celebrate free-body culture, bicycling as an alternative to cars and a generally greener way of living.” There was a ride in March of this year, and there will be another on July 28 of you miss tomorrow’s ride.

Date: Saturday, 9 June 2012.

Time: 11 AM.

Location: North end of Justin Herman Plaza (JHP) near Market St. and the Embarcadero, across from the Ferry Building. Meet on the north or east side of the large fountain next to the large grassy area.


  • 11 AM: Gather. Same earlier time as last year to take advantage of the midday warmth during the ride. Undress. Apply sunscreen. Group consensus on route details. Bike checkout & attaching signs / body painting & slogans. For June plan to paint your body at home or bring supplies. (Lip stick works in a pinch as long as you like shades of red.)
  • Noon: Ride starts (approx). Depending on the mood of the group and the amount of media coverage we are getting the ride may start a bit after noon.
  • 4 pm (approx): Main ride finishes.
  • Skaters are welcome!
  • More info here.

The weather forecast is “sunny, highs in the 50s to upper 60s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.” Could be worse.

In San Francisco nudity is not illegal, but if you do want to sit down somewhere, be sure to bring a towel to sit on.

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