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Date Posted:02/12/2019 08:17:46Copy HTML

For Cristmas, Randy got me a cropped-off T-shirt that said "No Bra Club".  This is just on the front of the otherwise plain white shirt and is printed in simple text.  There are no cartoon characters or pictures just the words.  It was a cropped-off top, but I decided it could use a little more cropping off, so I took the scissors to it.  Now I expose the bottoms of my boobs when I wear it.  In the colder weather, or in places that exposure of a little bit of skin would not be appreciated, I wear it over another T or tank-top, or maybe a Leotard type top.

I have been wearing it a few times a week since I got it and Nikki has one two, but her's just says BRALESS.  Neither of us wear a bra when we wear these shirts, and we have both worn them at pools and places like that where they will get soaked and we will show more.

In any event, I think it must be the top because I am always being ask about "that" club and mostly from the ladies.  They ask "is there a local chapter", "does it cost anything to join", "how many people are in it" and many other questions that sound like they think the club is real.  Most seem genuinely upset when I explain it is just a T-shirt and if there is such a club, I don't know where it is.

Men usually say stuff like they "think my wife (or girl friend) would like to join", that it "is a good idea" since the "women would not feel alone" and so forth.  Again most seem a bit upset when the find out there may not be such a club and we do not think there are any locally.  

Almost everyone who we talk to want a similar T-shirt of their own.

Nikki's "BRALESS" shirt, while cut off even a bit smaller than mine, seems to evoke almost no responses.  One person said "Well, we don't need a T-shirt to tell us what you are wearing."

So my question is could JM (or someone else on this board) sponsor getting "Thong Swimwear Club" and put it on some T-shirts that would promote interest in thong wearing?  The exact phrase or saying would have to be thought out a bit to insure it was discussed, and not be like Nikki's shirt that did almost nothing.

We could also back up our shirts with a "real" club, even if casually set up, and make all interested people who participate on the Thong Wearer's Message Board embasadors for the club.  Income from the sale of such shirts could be applied to paying for this board.  T-shirts could be made for both men and women, and Amazon and other on-line retailers probably would sell such items for a profit to them.


JM_Runs #1

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/13/2019 02:20:25Copy HTML

A few of us who regularly wear short shorts joke about being members of the short short club. Most of the unofficial members are women. I have a pair of short shorts, with a print across the back that looks like a bumper sticker: It reads "My other pair is a thong." I am not sure what the shirt should read, or if the print should be on the front, back or both. I am sure some people will come up with thongspiration. At the event last night I met a lady who does custom shirt prints in Miami for runners. Printing on a wicking technical fabric. Does full picture prints, front and back, on shirts. Like they do for bike shirts. Not sure of the cost. WickedSkinsAthletics.com
mbannon #2

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/13/2019 03:09:55Copy HTML

Just brainstorming, but how about:

"Co-ed Thong Club"

"Co-ed Swim Thong Club"

"All-Gender Thong Club".

"'Co-ed Beach Thong Club"

I think including men in the words is important, otherwise it sounds like a men's club with lady strippers.


Mary0826 #3

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/14/2019 07:55:42Copy HTML

I think to promote Co-ed is good, I just wish there was another term that ment the same thing. College girls are often called "Co-eds". I like the concept of including "Swim" in the shirt text. I don't have anything against people who wear thong underware, but where I think we need to put the emphasis is on the "Swim" aspects of thonging. There are three main ways to make such a T-shirt. First is use a computer iron on sticker. These are crap and often fade and leave a thicker place on the shirt where the words are. Second it similar but uses better stickers, and a large flat press to secure the sticker. These often crack or details fall off. The best way is using ink directly on the shirt. I think of silk screen as one way, and a local place has a machine that can be used directly on the fabric, and can make one or a thousand shirts. In a city as big as Miami there certainly should be a place that can do the direct ink to fabric somehow. In any event, the real problem would be stocking a lot of sizes and perhaps different styles of shirts. This is where the automatic machine is good since all the person has to do is stretch the shirt on a rack to keep it smooth, select the program for the shirt you want, and press "GO". Shirts can be made this way within minutes, although a day or two would be more realistic. Besides the T-shirts, other style could be made just as easily. This might include Tank tops, cropped off shirts (like I had), open side shirts, etc. People can specify if they want the message on the front or back or both places. Other items like beach flags, sweat pants, shorts shorts, etc. are no harder to make and can be produced on a one-by-one basis. Mary
hunnger #4

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/15/2019 05:17:25Copy HTML

You can make and get custom one-offs (or more) here: https://www.zazzle.com/custom/tshirts
GameOfThongs #5

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/15/2019 05:03:01Copy HTML

I've always liked this one but maybe change the image to a thong... https://shop.hauloverbeach.org/collections/frontpage/products/suns-out-buns-out-t-shirt-1
ohiothonger #6

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/16/2019 09:41:38Copy HTML

I think the word-only or word and small logo would be best. I would want people to take the time to read it, and simple words would create a sense of legitimacy while a large image might give the impression that the shirt is just a joke.
32189 #7

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:51:24Copy HTML

I like how those posting are really thinking outside the box and making some good suggestions. This is an interesting idea and would be curious to see if custom t-shirts promoting male and female thong wearing would actually boost thong wearing for males and possibly even females.
Mary0826 #8

Re:Would Custom T-shirts Help to get More to Thong?

Date Posted:03/04/2019 05:36:47Copy HTML

I think maybe an idea for the shirt might be: International (small text on top line) THONG WEARER CLUB (largest Type) For People who Love Wearing Swim Thongs (small type below) Ohio Chapter (or wherever, small type) EXPLAINATION:t INTERNATIONAL -- Makes the "club" sound more important, and might bring in some foreign "members". THONG WEARERS CLUB -- This is the eye grabber line, hence the biggest lettering. It is also the shortest line, but the one people would see and read first. This might make them read the rest of the shirt. FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE WEARING MINIMAL SWIMWEAR -- This is the most important line, since it defines the who, and what of the "club". PEOPLE would include men and women. LOVE --expresses our enjoyment when wearing thongs. A weaker word like "enjoy" could be used if people think LOVE is too sexual or indicates a different unhealthy attraction to thongs. MINIMAL SWIMWEAR -- This explains what type swimsuits the members like to wear. THONGS are already mentioned in the "club" name, however this would permit people who like other swimsuits to be in the "club" too. This would permit those who prefer things like G-strings, Cheekies, Speedos, men's Baggies, etc to be in the club as well. OHIO CHAPTER -- Again, a way to show the "club" is not some local thing. Chapter names could be any physical, but real place. Using goofy terms "Moon", Subway, Woodworkers, Union, etc. might make the club look comical -- not serious. Names which imply directly or indirectly portions of the body could also be problematic. Therefore chapters like "Pussy", hard on, or Tits probably would be inappropriate too. Since there are places with sexual or comical names, these should include a better description, like city, state, or whatever. "Dildo" could be an issue for some. There is a town named "Dildo, Newfoundland" for example. These odd sexual sounding places might be eliminated by expressing that chapters must be populated geographical areas with populations of over 50,000 or whatever. Miami or Florida or Southeastern US or even US or North American would be acceptable geographical locations would be okay. Here, people can choose what chapter they want, even if they don't live there. I think the text mentioned above should be on the back sides of the shirts only since isn't this the part that we are uncovering and trying to get acceptance of? Maybe a smallish logo that simply says tWc might be okay on the front. Club members would be limited to those people who post on this board, or people who simply bought the shirt. Mary
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