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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/13/2015 08:47:20Copy HTML

I'm considering making one with a certain point-of-view. 

The idea is to normalize thong swimwear as a sartorial choice.

Thongboard is useful for discovering places to wear a thong. Yet, too often thong wearing is sexualized by male users here. Wearing a thong is too often part of some guy's sexual fantasy. Even with all the rules in place against that kind of thing. On the subreddit, we would ban: 

—Pictures or discussion of the male member—in all physiological states (except discussion about fit)
—Close-up pictures of your *clothed* male member
—Pictures with exposed pubic hair. 
—Pictures or discussion of @@@@@@ rings, piercings, shaft-display suits, or "bulge" suits—including anything from Koala Swim and Dore. 
—Any mention of a sexual, exhibitionist, or narcissistic component of thong-wearing: no personal anecdotes about how turned on you were, how turned on you think your audience must have been, how you enjoyed the attention, or how everyone wishes they could wear what you're wearing.

Reddit is good (1) because you could add photos to your trip reports. Like, "hey, turn here." (2) You can actually format your text somewhat. (3) Every subreddit has a "wiki," so we could establish a database of thonging locations. (4) It's free. You don't even need an email address to post. (5) Reddit is a huge audience. We can connect with different communities and make allies.
If you're interested, or have ideas, then let me know.
twilliamc #1

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/15/2015 02:42:40Copy HTML

I will break my 3+ years of "lurker" status for this to say I would love to see a subreddit with those rules. I am a fan of and own thong swimwear and underwear with few places to seek out others who can discuss them the way this community has. It is nice to have company. While I browse this website every two-three days after waiting for the posts to build up, it would be nice to have a subreddit to converse on-the-go with rules that keep things out (or close to out) of the NSFW territory. Reddit has so many mobile ways to post, reply, and read. I am all for it and I hope JM and this community would still be an anchor.
bbyrne78 #2

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/15/2015 09:25:08Copy HTML

I stopped contributing and checking up on this board more than a year ago. Mostly because of the reasons flagged by @thongalactic.

A lot of conversation had deteriorated to the stage where I felt that contributing would not only be a waste of my time but the paucity of interesting things covered by the board was actively driving me and some of the folks that I usually converse with, away.

Would I join a subreddit? Maybe. But the points raised in this thread need to be considered, this board has become more of an exhibitionist discussion board. There is less discussion about quality beaches, styles and trends and more about talking about bulges and showing c@ck pics.  And people used to wonder about why there are so few women on this board? Frankly, I hate the fact that back in the day, I would come to this board to research about beaches and styles, but not now.

JMRuns does a great job keeping this board going and I respect his position on some of the issues previously identified in other topics.  But a good clean up of some of these threads needs to occur and more maturity in the discussion needs to occur.

Love Bren
itanng #3

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/16/2015 12:29:33Copy HTML

Bbyrne78: EXACTLY!

I'm a guy, I've worn thongs for years, and it's always been about the buttocks.  I've had a few see-through garments, but only for the buttocks.  The genitals have always been covered unless I was on a sanctioned clothing-optional beach or in a privately-owned location like my backyard.

Probably most of the members who have been with the board for a decade are of the same mindset.  I don't to hear about the display suits.  Oh, I don't want to waste my time reading about other "full-coverage" garments, like "leggings", either.  What do either have to do with thongs?

JMRuns: A few years ago, you made a comment about a post that was a little off-topic, but wanted to see how it develops - that it could be interesting.  Some off-topic posts have been interesting.  Others have not.  Please take Bbyrne78's advice and "clean up the threads" to make the "ThongBoard" a "THONG WEARERs Message Board", again.  And thanks for making the board possible!

JM_Runs #4

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/16/2015 04:57:00Copy HTML

As the moderator I try to walk a fine line between being a dictator and a dick-tator. 

One of the reasons this board is broken down into sub sections is to keep things like beach reports free of requests to hook-up and irrelevant stuff. That's why early on we created a Contacts section, and if you read the contacts requests for a specific beach, like Venice beach, you will see a lot of messages are moved over from the beach thread, to the contacts thread related to the beach. 

We also spun off a second section on underwear, to keep the underwear and spandex boys from cluttering up the beach and swimsuit threads.

I also delete or edit posts that are about flashing rather than wearing thongs - and personally chime in on threads suggesting that people keep their junk covered when in pubic. 

You may have noticed a few members just love to bring almost any discussion back around to bungies or how they wear a sock instead of a swimsuit, and how I then move quietly these posts over to a single thread on the subject. The same is true for people discussing single string suits for women. 

This board was started to promote and encourage people to wear thongs on the beach, in public, without fear, and to exchange information about manufactures of beach appropriate thong swimwear, for both men and women. 
To keep that on basic mission on track I created other categories so that posts on subjects that were possibly relevant to wearing thongs would not contaminate the beach and swimsuit threads.  For example, when we started to get a lot of discussion on shaving, tatoo's and piercing  I started a category for that, so as to shovel all that off into it's own separate section.

Regulars may have noticed that some other subjects, or specific user posts, get quietly moved of to threads so as to keep some threads clear of clutter. While they do appear in the 'Today' section as recent posts, they are moved off to a more appropriate parking place at a later time. 

Unfortunately the 'Today' section reflects everything posted to any category.  The software does not allow you to create personal interest lists where you can select updates from one category but not another.  

I also dislike that Aimoo now allows pictures in peoples profiles. Like many, I don't think it an appropriate introduction to close up post pictures of you dick, even if it is covered in spandex. However images are sometimes helpful, to show that members are who they say they are, and really do wear thongs on the beach, - but as I have said before, this is not a dating or hookup site.  
You may have noticed some of my posts STRONGLY suggesting that if people feel they must post pictures to their profiles, they post full length pictures of themselves out on the beach rather than close up crotch shots from their bedrooms.  If the censors at Aimoo,com delete pictures from your profile, you probably deserved it, and I am secretly rather glad. 

For the same reason we have HTML and images turned OFF.  No images allowed in posts. If we did not this would quickly become yet another a gay porn sausage fest. 

With the help of the regular community of members, we do mitigate the content when it gets to sexually graphic. Some times people send me a private message pointing to a post, and I may delete it or go in to edit it to make it less explicit.  You probably have no idea how much I delete because it just vanishes completely. 

I also drop in to directly comment when I think someone is more intent on flashing rather than thonging, for example on the South Beach thread I recently posted:

" NO - sheer g-strings are not perfectly legal in Dade County.  They are legal on the nude beach at Haulover, but while you might be able to bend or brake the law elsewhere, the law requires an opaque covering.  That means not sheer. 
What one might be able to get away with in a private pool with little traffic is not the same as what is legal on the public beach. 
Obviously enforcement varies, as does what men and women can get away with. 

But just because you have managed to brake the speed limit with out getting a ticket, does not mean it is legal for everyone to do so, all the time.

Nothing wrong with going small, but if you want to be legal, just keep the essentials covered. As locals we don't want thongs to become associated with flashers from out of town.  So if visiting please keep you junk covered. Thanks  "

There is a fine line between being an extrovert and publicly confident in a thong, and flashing, and I am reasonably confident that many of us understand the difference:  But sometimes we need that discussion to develop so as to educate those who don't.

I very much appreciate when other members chime in and say, "No, a fishnet thong is not appropriate for men on a public beach, it may be OK on a nude beach, but cover your junk in public."  I often sit back thinking someone will tell them that is inappropriate, I don't have to be the moral police all the time, we have 25,000 members.  

A few years ago we had a problem with people going to well known thong locations, like Fort De Soto, and parading up and down in shaft display suits after taking a few Viagra.  The locals told them this was inappropriate on this board, told them it was inappropriate in person on the beach, and I think worked with the rangers to have them excluded. 

This board is about thonging at the beach in real life.  Just deleting their posts without addressing the issues they raise means we don't come to a consensus on how to address the problem, or a determination to do something in real life to address the person or issue. 

I often edit or delete the post. However I do understand that it is almost impossible to have a fair and balanced discussion about people wearing thong swimsuits without some discussion of how thongs do, or do not fit the male anatomy. Just like on the beach, presentation and attitude make all the difference.   

So I do appreciate the private messages tipping me off to inappropriate posts.

I also appreciate when users are prepared to carefully explain to others that what they did, or what they are proposing is not ok in their eyes. Nobody voted me president. This is a community and as such we all need to tell people hey are out of line when deliberately flashing in public, to get a rise out of people. While at the same time allowing that there my be places and beaches where it is OK to be nude, or almost nude. Members saying  "That's Flashing, not Thonging" helps, a lot. 

There is a time and place for most things. The key is to ignore the discussions that don't interest you, or the comments by people with little brains, while focusing on getting as many people to confidently and responsibly wear thongs in public. 
JSJax #5

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/16/2015 10:19:41Copy HTML

I think that there’s an element of inevitability here.  The very nature of thong swimwear dictates that a lot of us would be exhibitionists to some degree; couple that with the oft-discussed gender imbalance on boards like these due to males (generally) seeking a greater degree of affirmation/support from the differing social opinion of thongs on men vs. women, and it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that the “dicksuit” is going to end up being a conversation piece.  Not that this is a good thing, I think that such suits do a lot more harm than good in the public’s perception of guys in thongs, but it can be tricky to eliminate.  I’ve participated in other boards that promote a similar structure to Thongalactic’s original post here; inevitably they devolve into mass shaming, accusations of trolling and blacklisting at the mere mention of a company like Dore.  I have no objection to such policies but seeing them enforced so tyrannically is less than pleasant.

Regardless of which side of the fence anyone comes down on, I think that this board is far and away the best resource on the www for interacting with like-minded people.  I find it easy enough to disregard the stuff that I’m not interested in, but then again I wasn’t aware of the “today” section before reading JM’s post.  Of course, more is always better and I certainly wouldn’t object to new resources such as a subreddit popping up.
showoffmark #6

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 12:36:37Copy HTML

 I cannot agree more. I thought the purpose of the Thong Board was in part the acknowledgement that everyone has a butt. There should be nothing wrong with showing it. Thongs are just and underwear or swimwear choice that should not be considered scandalous . 
If you have ever been around little kids you know they go through a stage when naked time is their favorite time. They are curious about what is different and what is the same. Our differences in anatomy (genitals)  should not be provocatively displayed in public. 
Boobs and nipples should be Allowed for everyone to expose. Again, we all have them as the Y chromosome doesn't kick in until after they have been formed.  And I have been to plenty of beaches where men would do well to wear a bra or some support for their sagging breasts.  I dislike the provocateurs on here constantly pushing the envelope and then acting the victim. When I was growing up speedos were common. Only recently have square cuts come back into some popularity. "Your choice" is just that but sexually aroused men are not an appropriate sight on a public beach. We should be better than this. 
Grabeach #7

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 01:05:34Copy HTML

I’d be happier if some of the over the top behaviour thongalactic wants to ban didn’t happen. The main reason I don’t name Olympic pools I use regularly as g-string tolerant is that someone will read about it and turn up in something inappropriate and ruin it for me.

In two minds about an outright ban though. There’s always the chance if someone posts something and a few people suggest it’s not a good idea, then just maybe they will have second thoughts. Conversely they could also receive encouragement from like minded members. My other reason for not having another web site is simply that I don’t like having to go to multiple sites to find information.

PS: I also didn’t know about the ‘today’ section.
BorisVI #8

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 04:20:54Copy HTML

As this thread has veered off topic I thought I'd chime in. Ideally anyone intrigued by the idea of wearing a thong should be able to visit this board and conclude that wearing one is neither weird nor salacious.  I'm not sure someone visiting this board now would necessarily reach that conclusion.
showoffmark #9

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 05:46:05Copy HTML

 I agree. BorisVI.  I think the word salacious is a great description. How can this go back to being more mundane rather than sex charged? I actually was pleased Aimoo locked pictures that were xxx rated. I wish those wanting to post such pictures would go elsewhere. My point of view is to help the work understand that showing your buns is not xxx. It isn't even PG. 
Grabeach #10

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 08:26:09Copy HTML

Gee BorisVI, I thought my second paragraph was very much 'on topic' !
norcalskimpy #11

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:10/05/2015 02:14:24Copy HTML

 +1 for a less-sexual subreddit.  the site is more mainstream, has some modern web features, and a lot of people will have a Reddit account making it a little more relatable to newer thongers.  
Camloser #12

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:10/05/2015 10:24:37Copy HTML

 I've mentioned the idea of better forum software/host before, and ideally one privately owned site could have SFW areas including all the general main areas, then maybe have one NSFW forum that you could move posts to, etc...
Agree that the Today feature would be way better if it could be filter-able. That is how I view the site 99% of the time. 
Thongmad #13

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:10/13/2015 07:49:13Copy HTML

 Many many nudist groups/forums etc share this same dilemma...where does the line exist between just being comfortably exposed, and the whole thing being just about sex and fantasy?

I wear my thong openly because it's what I like to do, and I'd like to have much more acceptance of it. I see nothing wrong with it, but accept it's an issue for many. Same thing can be applied to any sort of skimpy clothing or swimwear.Sometimes it's more about how you do things, rather than what you are doing.
That brings us to the "dick" issue...I think many men may only wear a thong because it actually highlights what it covers. Torepedo and see-thru suits seem to be the weapon of choice in this case. I don't see them as appropriate for general wear. They are a sexual tool in my view. I wear a regular type thong in many plain solid colours. I don't like to go ultra-skimpy or see-thru to draw attention to my package. The rest of my body is out there, the package subdued.
Most of the personal messages I get on this board are sexual in nature, therefore ignored.

I'd like to know more about the option for the subreddit, and how it works, as I'd like something 'mobile-friendly' to use on the go. Great because I don't always know when I can grab some time at the beach.

I'm not totally familiar with how it works, but interested to hear more.
Thonguy #14

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:05/02/2016 03:21:22Copy HTML

 Has the subreddit been done yet? I'm down to help.
thongalactic #15

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:05/04/2016 01:20:29Copy HTML

Okay, it's here: /r/thongswimwear
Thonguy #16

Re:Would people be interested in a thong subreddit?

Date Posted:05/04/2016 06:40:41Copy HTML

 Awesome. Maybe we can start by posting about this board?
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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