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Date Posted:08/03/2008 08:57:44Copy HTML

I have been known to work out in my yard wearing a thong. The neighbors dont say anything, plus they are hardly home anyway. Its a great way to get some sun and the bikini is just cooler then wearing shorts and a shirt. I dang near live in my bikini all summer lol.
f1mark #1

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/03/2008 11:14:14Copy HTML

 Sounds good to me, Amy! I probably would spend more time at home if I were your neighbor.

rickl454 #2

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/03/2008 12:56:20Copy HTML

Amy - you are absolutely right! I am also able to do yard work in a bikini, thong or nothing depending on where it needes to be done.  Mow front lawn: Nu-Parr string bikini, wash cars or trim bushes in front of house: Dore VLC g-string, sweep pool/anything along sides or behind house: nothing. 
Amy001 #3

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/04/2008 04:11:37Copy HTML

 I have been wearing a thong around here so much my neighbors dont even notice anymore, I have even gone to there houses for breif visits. So its pretty much well excepted in my neighborhood.
azcraig #4

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/04/2008 05:22:13Copy HTML

Glad to hear I am not the only one. In my Enjoying the Arizona sun posting here I have been telling of my experiences wearing very little most all summer long.
BeachBum413 #5

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/04/2008 07:11:03Copy HTML

I have worn a thong for yard work for a couple of years now - but only in the back yard. This has never caused any problems until last week. I was outside working in the garden and my back yard neighbor started yelling at me to go and get something on because she had her grandkids. Now she has seen me before so the thing that's new is the grandkids in the issue. The kids are probably 5 or 6 I would guess. So now I just work out there when she is at work and still keep doing my yard work in the thong. I think that it's interesting that our cottage my thongs are OK with the neighbors and there grandkids - in fact that always meant me to come out in the lake and play with them. I'm still feeling that in my shoulder from this weekend. So I guess my response is that I’ll continue to do my yard work in my thong, but sadly keep an eye on the neighbors and slip on a pair of shorts when she is around.

Unfortunately I just don't understand people and there fear of seeing a human body. I guess we all supposed to keep ourselves covered from neck to toe to keep them happy. What a sad state. I seems whenever kids are around then the folks go crazy when it's been shown that the more open you are the better adjusted the kids are. In the meantime I'll keep doing my yard work in my thong (at least in the summer when I can).
ithongit #6

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/05/2008 10:39:33Copy HTML

We are lucky to live at the end of a dead-end road and so we only have one "close" neighbor.  This close neighbor has become a thonger, as have her kids, after seeing me, Nikki, Randy, and Mark wearing our thongs around the house and yard.  The other people closeby are like Amy001 said -- are so used to seeing us in our thongs that they just don't care.  Nikki and I also don't bother with tops most of the time, regardless of where we are around the house since nobody seems to care.  In the side and back yards, clothing is strictly optional and hardly ever worn.  About the only time Randy wears something out back is when he's mowing the grass.  Even the best mower can sometimes throw a sharp rock or stick and cause an cut.  Traci
Beachlover492000 #7

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/09/2008 01:49:34Copy HTML

I to do my weeding in the backyard when I'm wearing my g-string. It gets me out of the lunge chair and gets some sun on my back and backside. For whatever reason I'm not really comfortable laying on my belly in the chair. So I tend to set too much. My yard man who cuts the grass says that he has ever seen a backyard with fewer weeds!
Amy001 #8

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/09/2008 03:23:08Copy HTML

 Today we have nice weather here for hanging around out back by the pool. Not enough days in the year thou if you ask me. My damn maple trees are turning already lol. Neon pink thong bikini today is what Iam wearing, all day. Got friends comng over and getting the grill ready. Gonna be fun.
bajaflyer #9

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:08/29/2008 12:03:22Copy HTML

  Hello all. While I do wear a thong all the time, I still wear a pair of very loose fitting cut-off jeans for yards work.  My "shorts" ride down low, so my thong is exposed wuite a bit.  I'll usually start with the front yard, the neighbors have not said anything, not even any responses from the few people that drive by. Only once did the neighbors daughter, about 16 or 17, ever make a commment as she was leaving with a couple friends of hers, "Oh my god" was all I heard.  In the back yard I will do all the pool cleaning and such in just my thong, but never a comment.  Most of the people in my neighborhood, it's only tow streets mind you, are not very friendly. We only speak to one or two. So while I'm sure most know from talking to each other that I wear a thong, I have not ventured out front in only that.  I"m still trying to loose some more weight to make my self more "pleasing" to the eye. I'm comfortable with my self, but still want to imrove some.  Pool, yard work, wash car, any reason for sun and tan or staying cool, do as you wish.
spark2100 #10

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:09/06/2008 02:11:18Copy HTML

I  have spent the entire summer doing my yard work in nothing more than a thong.In years past I have done most of it in a small bikini(1/2" sides rio cut back),but this year I have worn a thong exclusively outside.We live in a the country on a busy secondary highway with one close neighbour.I have cut the lawn many times right out to the highway and installed a basket ball net on the front of the garage which is in full view of the highway.My wife wears a small G string when she is in the yard and is always topless.Unfortunately the summer started so late.It seems its over before if got started.I am looking forward to next summer already.
pikeman #11

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:09/17/2008 12:43:33Copy HTML

I am lucky to have a great yard with privacy. I began working out there in a thong but have since discarded it and am able to work nude. Even spent the better part of three days painting the house back there (although not on the ladder!) nude. It's really great!
kawasaki #12

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:09/20/2008 02:47:30Copy HTML

Lucky you Pikeman,
Because there are young people looking in my garden, I am obliged to wear a thong. Nevertheless, they accepted it.
Popeye1 #13

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:09/21/2008 11:31:00Copy HTML

when the weather is warm Olive and I are generally naked at home and in the yard. We're lucky to have a yard that's completely private. we have about a two acre yard and can garden etc. relaxed and naked. we have a few nudist friends who also visit and spend sometimes the entire weekend naked. We only began wearing thongs when we couldn't be nude. Peace Popeye
luv2thong #14

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:11/29/2008 04:11:32Copy HTML

When doing yard work in the back yard and side yards, I am in a thong.  As for the front yard, I have to wear dork shorts as my house faces a fairly busy street.  Since I live in Central California, this is pretty much spring, summer and fall.  However, we did have a couple of warm days in the second weekend of November were the temperature reached the low 80's.  Therefore, I was in my thong as that was the last day of this year I could wear it outdoors.
rockys01 #15

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:12/12/2008 02:49:33Copy HTML

A friend’s job got transferred back to the mainland & he had to move back rather quickly. He asked me to help him finish cleaning his unit so the landlord could check him out at the end of the month. He lives in a town home complex where all the back yards are separated by a wood fence with about 2” between the slats. I cleaned the interior wearing just a Skinz Bravia thong & decided to trim the grass in my thong since it was a weekday & I thought the neighbors were all at work.  I put my head set on & started to trim the grass & edge the lawn It took about 20 min, when I got to the left side of the yard I saw something move & noticed the neighbor lady sitting in a chair facing the fence watching me. When she noticed I saw her she smiled & just sat there, I thought ok Ill just continue & finish up since what I had on didn’t bother her. She sat there & I guess watched me for another 5-10 min then went into the house just as I was finishing up.  I peaked through the fence & on her small round laundry-drying thing I noticed a few women’s g-strings hanging. I guess that’s why she didn’t say anything or get upset with me for what I was wearing.  I kind of think she was there all the while watching me & I didn’t notice her till I was almost done.  To bad she didn’t put on her g-string & start cleaning her yard, I’d love to see her in either a g-string or thong.  As I was leaving I saw her in the parking lot & she smiled & said by. She was an older women that looked real good with her make up on & slightly on the heavier side but again I would have loved to see her in her g-string, she carried herself well & just had that sexy look to her. I wish more women was open minded & accept thong & g-strings on males
goodyrthonger #16

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:02/03/2009 11:49:38Copy HTML

I am not quite as daring in my front yard. I have worn my Nu Parr AZ rio, definitely small coverage, but not spend too much time in front yard.  If I am working in the back yard and need something in the garage, I don't cover up, walk to the front of the garage, get what I need then back.  I am a bit afraid my neighbors would call the police.  Although my one neighbor did see me walk out of the garage in this suit and just waived.
stanpuppy #17

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:02/03/2009 05:58:19Copy HTML

Have done yard work in very tight short shorts and have washed my car in my tulio squarecut....never done anything of that nature in a thong
BaltoBob #18

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:02/03/2009 07:09:32Copy HTML

In 2006 I started wearing thongs in my yard. When I bought this house 20 years ago I had built a retaining wall with old railroad ties. I wanted to replace them with concrete block. I work nights and usually was out in the morning before it got too hot. Most days I wore a blue Undergear pocket thong. I'm quite sure the 2 widowed sisters who live next door saw me. But, nothing was said.
One Saturday (Labor weekend I think) I was almost finished and was working on the area farthest from the street. That day I wore a black Sunup/sundown dental floss(I tie it right next to the pouch and tuck in the string). I heard someone talking behind me. As I turned several women were standing on the back porch of a house behind mine and 2 doors down. They applauded and went back to their party.

Last summer someone called the police. I had gone out front for a min and saw a car coming. She only saw me from the back. Couple mins later I hear a woman yell "put some clothes on". I was now in the back yard but, visible from the street. She then turned and walked toward the next block. I finished what I was doing (spraying weeds) and went to my rather private area around my pool.
Shortly I hear someone say "Sir, are you naked?" My 4' above ground pool was between me and 2 Police officers, 1 male and 1 female. I said I thought I was covered enough to be legal. I walked over so they could see I wasn't nude. He stated that my white mesh peelz could be "borderline indecent"(at least it was dry). I promised to be more careful and they left.  I think the woman who called lives in the next block but, I'm not sure.
barefischer #19

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/02/2009 02:54:15Copy HTML

I spent about 6 hrs watering my grass nude on Sunday, no neighbors were home nice to work on the all over tan.
JM_Runs #20

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:04/16/2018 03:08:06Copy HTML

Fixing the edge of my roof.  Scaffold setup in my front yard.  Working in a thong. Taken a few days.
Some neibours walking the street have stopped to chat from time to time. 
One came up on the scaffold to help hold a part while I fastened it.
Friends have stopped by to borrow and return kayaks.
Bulk-trash men came and on seeing me still adding more to mile pile, went and got other piles first and came back to me. Friendly crew.

Fancy part of town. Most of my neibours don't do anything for themselves, so always get a lot of fast work vehicles tearing down the street, and some slow tourists just looking at the houses. In addition there are two construction crews working further down the street on new houses where old ones were last year.

While working on my roof and yard I have had a few thumbs up and friendly waves from people walking or cycling. One or two friendly honks. Some just stopped to chat. No negative comments to report. Think I have most of them trained.
Thongmad #21

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:04/16/2018 03:46:33Copy HTML

I wash our cars on the driveway in a brief when it's warm enough, and our neighbours have all said it's OK, and they don't have a problem with it. I've done it in a thong a handful of times, but only when it's very quiet. I've mowed they front yard in a brief a few times, but not a thong as yet.

The back yard is a different story. I do just about everything out there in a thong as the weather allows. Mowing, cleaning the pool, building screens, paving, whatever. It's a fantastic way to get a tan.

I once worked on the boundary fence between our yard and the only neighbour who used to be able to see into our back yard. It was on the side of their house that they rarely come out to. I had to go to their side of the fence periodically, and because I thought they were out, I just did it in my thong, as it was a particularly hot day. They knew I was doing the work. As I was on their side, near the rear of their house, out comes the lady to access her clothesline. She wasn't shocked to see me, but was a bit surprised when she saw what I had on. I apologised and said I'll remember my shorts next time.
She assured me it was fine, and too hot to wear anything much anyway, and that I could continue as I was. She reminded me she had seen me many times like that before, and this was no different. Needless to say, the fence got fixed and I got my tan.
dandyandy #22

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:04/17/2018 12:30:12Copy HTML

 Whenever I read things like this and with reference to mowing, I'd never do it in a thong or anything much less than  well protected clothing.  We live next to bushland so lots of small sticks etc that fly out of mowers or whipper snippers.  Guess I'm jealous is what I was getting to.  Plus our garden opens straight to the bush with a path at the bottom and side fencing that doesn't really have privacy anyway.
navythong #23

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:04/28/2018 03:04:55Copy HTML

Wish I had the guts to do yard work in a thong. I like suntanning in my backyard.
I have a nice shelterd spot in my backyatd where I can do suntanning.
Most of the time when I get up I put on a short over my thong.
In a few months we will get new neighbours, maybe that's a good moment for getting a bit more brave.
Martylouie #24

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:04/29/2018 03:56:27Copy HTML

 I'm with dandyandy, when using power tools lots of heavy clothes are a must.  Or pulling vines and brush. Closed shoes or boots are also required.
cmp304 #25

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:05/01/2018 11:44:43Copy HTML

Anytime privacy and personal protective clothing are not an issue doing outside chores in a thong makes a lot of sense to me.  If I just try to lay out and work on a tan I get bored then start thinking about all the stuff I should be doing.   I just basically substitute a nice fitting, comfortable thong for a pair of shorts.  Nude would be acceptable, but I like the support of the thong if I am actually working.
Thongmad #26

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:05/02/2018 01:14:09Copy HTML

 I have about a 1/4 acre with a small front and rear area of manicured soft buffalo grass. No sticks or stones. No problem ;)
String_guy #27

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/21/2018 12:34:14Copy HTML

 I was able to power wash my back yard patio and deck in nothing but a g string. It felt so empowering.
Mary0826 #28

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/23/2018 08:24:03Copy HTML

 Be careful when messing with plants.  Frank got a bad case of poison oak when thong brush-removing.
String_guy #29

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/23/2018 03:32:42Copy HTML

 Thanks Mary. I dont get into anything like that while wearing minimal attire. I do mow in a thong sometimes.But, only of I know my neighbors are not home. She has seen me and we have chatted but he is not as accepting. 
notjustforfeet #30

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/25/2018 01:59:45Copy HTML

My house is in a secluded spot with no close neighbors so any time it is a nice day and the car needs a wash I do it in a thong.  Yesterday was such a nice day I washed and waxed it too. So nice moving in and out of the sunlight, getting something done and getting a tan at the same time.
tobias5711 #31

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:06/26/2018 01:42:25Copy HTML

 This summer, I have spent most of the summer in a g-string, a thong or nude. I great benefit is I have only have to wash a small load of clothes and towels every other week.  This morning I needed to cut the grass once again because of the insane amount of rain we've had this summer. Since I was wearing a skinzwear  black stuffit thong, I decided to cut the grass on my riding mower wearing it and just a hat. I have been wearing a thong or g-string in my backyard and even taking trash to road and to get mail from street. I had to unlock the gate to the backyard. Funny thing, the more I wear less, the more confident I have become and instead of being nervous and always looking around and over my shoulder, worrying that I might get caught, I almost forgot I was in just my thong. Instead of being nervous and almost running, I find myself calmly walking around in my front yard in a string or thong. I have relaxed and don't worry about my neighbors seeing me.  I have been wearing thongs and g-strings to the lake and beach for almost 30 years and decided this summer, since thousands have seen me in public, why not around my house. It is very liberating and freeing.
It took around an hour to cut the front yard. During that time 5 or 6 cars rode slowly by house and if they looked all they could see me wearing was a tiny black pouch. The backyard took another half hour. Guess I will continue cutting grass in a thong.

navythong #32

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/14/2018 04:15:30Copy HTML

We are heaving a very sunny summer over here in Europe.
Today I had to do some maintainance work on the back door of our house.Temperatures were rather high in our back-yard, so I decided to do the job in just a thong.Everything went just fine and I enjoyed working in just a thong.Will sure do this more often!
Tyr1957 #33

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 09:56:53Copy HTML

I too wear a thong with pleasure, when I'm working in my back-yard. My house is situated on a corner between two roads and people walking by on the sidewalk can barely easily see me through the thin and see-through hedge. A few weeks ago I caught a woman standing in a distance less than 2 meters staring on my bare buns. That was empoweríng for a now 61 years old guy!

I would love to wear a thong, when I'm out in my front-yard, but I know that my neighbors on the other side of the road don't like my skimpy swimwear. Two years ago, when I was still a newbie in the neighborhood, I chose to cut the outside of the hedge wearing only a small, sliding string bikini, often called a tanga here in Europe. They didn't talk to me directly about it, but talked to my other neighbor on my side of the road, asking him, if I was gay. - Again this presumption linking skimpy swimwear to gayness. :-) 

This neighbor, who hadn't seen my "performance" told me about it, saying that he didn't care what I was wearing, but he just wanted me to know that the neighbors were "talking". I don't want to spoil my relationship to my neighbors opposite my house, they are all right and he, who is a former blacksmith and now in his seventies, has helped me with some practical issues. I've therefore concluded, that I - for now at least - won't push it any further by wearing a thong in my front-yard.   
JM_Runs #34

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 01:43:17Copy HTML

When I first started to wear thongs in the front yard or on the street we went through the neighbors talking phase.

It does not help that the style of living around here tends to encourage people to keep to themselves. I live in an affluent neighbourhood where very few do their own yard work, instead using lawn-care companies to come in every week. So they don't meet doing mutual yard work. Many houses also have automatic garage doors, and liking their air conditioning they drive up, drive in, and get out indoors. I only see my neighbour to the south when she rolls out or takes in her garbage carts. 

When I first started wearing thongs out front or on the street I was somewhat worried about what they would think or do.  Previously had a bit of bother with someone making code complaints about the length of my grass or paint on my house. However one neighbour, who is friendly to all and talks a lot, was quick to inform both old and new neighbors I am not gay and a good guy.

So long as someone is prepared to answer questions about you, and is not a raving religious or righteous raving nut, I think you will find your personal reputation will not be harmed by some of your neighbours, who you say already know you, seeing you in a thong or skimpy clothing. 
tiggerix #35

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 04:28:55Copy HTML

I had been thinking about just asking my immediate neighbours / letting them know that I am sometimes out back in the altogether and see where that went.  They can only really see into our garden if they try hard.

People locally would talk (for certain) and so I figure by checking with the neighbours, casually, the word will get out and become a non-event.  There is a neighbour a bit further away who would find it funny and I will probably let that fall in conversation sometime. 

As an aside, my OH always closes the curtain in the bedroom when dressing, figuring the immediate neighbours could see in.  I have checked and think it unlikely - angle, reflection and light levels.  This morning, getting dressed I ended up looking at a tradesman painting their barge boards from a scaffold tower.  I think we made eye contact, at least I think he was looking at my face....... 
tobias5711 #36

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 04:56:56Copy HTML

 JM, I totally agree. You always state things better than I do.
mack_back #37

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 08:04:43Copy HTML

 Wish i could wear minimal swimwear surrounding the home. Can only get away wearing only short shorts the adult neighbours with kids stare upon me like i'm crazy, some laugh upon me what i wear. Even my female relatives jokingly visit yell out for the neighbours to hear put on some clothes your naked.  
Tyr1957 #38

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/23/2018 08:57:49Copy HTML

Thank you, James, for your answer. You are right, I'm really not a closet thonger in my neighborhood, and that should make it easier to go the whole way.
My opposite neighbors are actually a lot in their front-yard doing yard chores, and they are often pretty talkative, sometimes crossing the street to chat. I fear, that if they see me wearing a thong in my front-yard, they'll frown on me and that would be uncomfortable and could possibly cause a conflict.
You write, that you are wearing a thong also on the street. I've read, that you are wearing a thong AND a singlet, when biking to the beach and other places. The singlet is making it less obvious, that you are not wearing shorts, but only a thong. That makes sense. I would like to know: how far from your property are you going (walking) in a thong without any top?  
JM_Runs #39

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/24/2018 07:20:06Copy HTML

TYR - I am frequently out front in the front yard, partly screened by foliage, but also cutting the grass in the drive way U that is in full view of the street, or cutting the grass along the verge. Sometimes hand weeding out there, or on the street side up a ladder trimming the trees. Sometimes I walk over to a neighbor's house to take in their trash carts from the street edge after a pickup. I don't cover up for that either.
As for further afield, last Sunday I was down the beach in a thong, road the bike back along the beach sidewalk and then all the way home in a thong, no cover up. Got a few good cheers from a jeep full of women. 

I have one neighbour who is a good friend and lives a few houses down. He half jokingly said there is a 50 foot no thong zone around his house.  That's fine, I respect that and slip on short shorts when going over to his place. When expecting to go into neighbours houses I generally put on shorts, but have occasionally swam in their pools in a thong. 

I don't really do bikinis or Speedos. Mostly it is a thong / g-string or pair of micro square cut style shorts.  Some of which were meant for underwear, but if the are not see through they do as short shorts too. 

 If your neighbour across the street does not want to be seen talking to you, when you are wearing a thong, they will not come across that day or just give a friendly wave from a distance. I don't think it will change long term behavior.  If they prefer you with shorts on they will come over to talk when you have shorts on.

It is like the sea: If you don't like big waves you wait till a calmer day. If it is raining hard they don't go out for a walk, but that does not stop them going out another day. People assess the situation that day, and react accordingly. 

pikeman #40

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/24/2018 08:36:24Copy HTML

 Recently I had a heavy task in the front of my house and the hot weather here in central TX helped me decide to be as brief as possible in my dress. I dug out the strip between the street and sidewalk for about 50 feet, and then backfilled it with small river rock over weed barrier material. The dirt was wheeled into a greenbelt area about 100' away and spread around. The rock was from a pile three houses down where my neighbor had bought twice as much material as he needed and asked me to take it. The pile was also slightly downhill, so I was pushing wheelbarrows of rock uphill about 150'. I chose a rio bikini that had a very narrow back and a thorough coat of SPF 30 oil. It wasn't long before I had somebody stop and inquire about what I was doing, in a friendly manner. This pattern repeated itself for the two weeks I spent on the project, leaving a trail of sweat wherever I was heading.I think that the strenuous work somehow "qualified" my near nudity. Same with running in this attire. It's mostly smiles and waves - I make it a point to offer a "good morning" when I run past folks. So athletic activity also "qualifies" such brief attire, as JMRuns has mentioned in his posts.
tbck1000 #41

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/24/2018 09:47:02Copy HTML

I met my GF one night when she was stranded at a neighborhood bar without a ride. The bartender knew we lived in the same area so he let me know she needed a ride home. I introduced myself, we finished our drinks and I drove her home. She lives in a house well back off the road and secluded by trees. She insisted that I get out of the car and look at her backyard and swimming pool. Little did she know what I was thinking. 
So, she was a little tipsy and told me that neighbors can hardly see her in the backyard and that she does yardwork topless or nude often. She also, said she swims nude in her pool and sunbathes in a thong bikini or topless.  I was smiling and speechless. All I could say was that I would love to come help with the yard work sometime and cool off in the pool afterwards. I called a couple of days later, and by the next weekend I was mowing her grass in a thong and skinny dipping in her pool.
Tyr1957 #42

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/24/2018 10:18:49Copy HTML

 Thanks for your comments and support. Great!
ralange #43

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/24/2018 11:41:13Copy HTML

 Today I cut the grass in my backyard wearing a Skinz stuffit Black thong. I found a ground bee hive after I walked over it with the mower, good thing I only got stung once in the back of my ankle. Those things sure build a nest fast, only 5 days since the last I cut the yard.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #44

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/25/2018 03:23:47Copy HTML

 The nest was there the last time you mowed the yard.  They are just starting to hatch.I ran over a yellow jacket nest once and got a lot of bites.  I then called an exterminator company to come out.  Before they shot the poison in they blasted it with a CO2 fire extinguisher.   The CO2 is real cold and stuns them so they can spray the poison in.  After it was done they pulled out a nest the size of a football.  He said if I had run over it in another week I would have had a couple of thousand yellow jackets coming after me.
NudeNArizona #45

Re:Yard work

Date Posted:07/25/2018 07:17:31Copy HTML

 tbck1000, funny how you mention meeting your gf, because when I was in my early 20's I worked at a bar and one night a girl had a little too much to drink and I offered her a ride home after we closed and during the ride we were talking and she had mentioned that the house she was living in had a pool and that she would skinny dip and wear thongs in it because none of the neighbors could see.  So when we got to her place she too insisted I see her pool, even thought it wasn't completely private from the neighbors view at 2AM it was private enough and she ask if I wanted to go for a swim. I agreed and she said she needed to go inside and change out of her clothes so I just stripped on the pool deck a few minutes later she came out wearing a thong and topless and had a mens thong in her hand for me but when she came upto the pool when I got out she smiled and removed her thong and said she wouldn't be needing it and jumped in the pool.  For the rest of the summer I had found me spot to sunbathe nude and swim even though we knew a few neighbors "could" see if they were in the right room and were looking but nobody said anything.
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