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Date Posted:01/24/2019 02:49:51Copy HTML

I had to go to near-Detroit for business, and my company put me up at a pretty nice hotel.  I got in late and decided to get some room-service food, not because it would be great, just because I had been driving for hours through some pretty bad weather, and simply wanted to rest.  As I dug through the hotel literature, looking for the menu, I ran across the book with hotel services, and amenities.  I decided to check out the pool hours, and in addition to the hours, the hotel book had a list of other rules.  "No swimwear in the lobby or hall, they must be covered up." was one typical rule.  There were no rules about the acceptability of thongs, but there was one strange rule:  "All swimwear must be age appropriate."

I decided to call the desk to see what the rule was all about, and they explained that they put it in to keep kids below highscool age from wearing things too suggestive, including thongs.  Apparently, highschool age was their cut-off point for kids being able to wear what they want -- no matter how skimpy.  They said the rule applied to both men and women, and said they had to ask a parent to have their boy in seventh grade to wear more than just a thong.  This occured sometime in the last week or two.  They said they also got a lot of girls now who were "really to young to be wearing some of the more popular swimwear" at their establishment.  Apparently they were talking about cheeky swimwear.

I ask them if I could wear a thong or G-string, and they said they didn't see why not.  I then ask about topfree and they said women could not go topfree at the pool, but as long as I covered up with "something" that I would be okay.  I said I had one of my husband's tank tops and ask if that would be enough, and they said it would be.  (I eventually wore just the tank top and G-string when I went to the pool later.)

Interestingly, the rules for the hot-sauna included "no street cloths" and indicated that swimwear, workout gear, or towels were acceptable inside the sauna.  They did ask that each user "wipe down" the area were they lounged.  I stuck my head in the sauna after seeing a couple enter a few minutes earlier with a stack of towels.  The man had removed his board shorts and was sitting naked on a towel, and displaying everything.  The lady was topfree and also sitting on a towel, but kept her somewhat cheeky swimsuit bottom on.  They invited me in, but I said it was too hot for me.  Later, a management person came down and also stuck her head in the sauna, but I overheard her say something like "be sure to wipe down your seat".  She then came by and told me to "check out" the guy in the sauna since his girlfriend had him pretty "worked up".

In any case, it is obvious that the establishment did not care too much what "adults" wore, but did draw the line on younger people wearing what they wanted at the pool.  I now wonder if this place catered to swingers and people who were dating and had no place else to go.  At one time in the telephone conversation they said that they were especially "disturbed" when a parent encourages their children from growing up too fast.  I assume they were refering to parents who ask their kids, or even demand that their kids wear minimal swimwear, but did not push the issue.  If they were catering or at least tollerating swinger activities or something along these lines, they might have wanted to de-sexualize younger people.

This adds another layer of rules (and one which I do not fully understand) to what can or can not be worn at a motel or hotel.  Has anyone else run into such a rule, printed or simply stated by management at a place before?  And how could they have such a casual attitude about what the older people wear but feel it necessary to play parent and become beachwear cops?

ithongit #1

Re:"Age Appropriate" Swimwear

Date Posted:01/24/2019 04:31:35Copy HTML

Mary -- Private mail me the name and city of the hotel. Randy spent years as a truck driver and often got laid up in the Detroit area. He knows many of the motels and hotels and the reputations of others. Traci
johny_b #2

Re:"Age Appropriate" Swimwear

Date Posted:02/16/2019 06:35:24Copy HTML

some small town beaches have no problem with it from experience. im always in minimal swimsuits, i been out plenty of time and people with kids from toddlers to teens, never had anyone tell me to cover up. i guess some people just preffer to keep it to them selves and not worry about it. who knows.
ohiothonger #3

Re:"Age Appropriate" Swimwear

Date Posted:02/16/2019 10:01:27Copy HTML

The best thong-wearing experiences are when there is nobody complaining. An even better experience is when you get compliments. A worse experience is when you are limited to what you can and cannot do. While I do not have a lot of experience with small-town beaches, I have had experiences with smaller state-run public beaches. Generally, I agree -- the smaller the place, the more likely you are to be harrased. I think there are two things going here. First the officials in smaller locations are few and far between, and would prefer to not get involved in swimwear issues unless they are absolutely required. If someone calls, and the law say okay, they will tell the person the law and tell them in no uncertain ways. If thonging is iffy, or not generally enforced, they probably still will not do anything. If the law is against thongers, they still might try to smooth the situation over, either in person or on the phone. At bigger places, you sometimes run into officials that like to throw their weight around. They are the police or the Ranger, and you can't argue with them or they will cite you. You also have those officials who would rather spend several days a week in a nice, airconditioned courtroom than out on their feet in the warm weather. And even processing a person can take hours to complete, assuming a ticket is issued, data on the unfortunate swimmer is taken, everything has to be written up, perhaps signatures have to be collected, eyewitness statements taken, etc. So many cops and rangers will look the other way, simply to avoid the extra work. In Ohio, most flotation devices are not permitted, but how many people have you seen being ticketed or on TV or in the newspaper for violation of this law. The other thing I think makes smaller beaches more likely to accept thongs (especially on men) is the fact that there simply are not as many people to complain. If there are 20 adults on a beach, there seems to be a lot less chance to get called-out than if there are 50 people. I mean that with more people, you run more of a risk of finding someone who feels so strongly about how wrong they think thongs are and therefor you are more likely to get into issues with the cop when a lot of people are around. Obviously, there are thong-friendly beaches were most people wouldn't dare to ask for an official if they thought someone's swimwear went too far.
johny_b #4

Re:"Age Appropriate" Swimwear

Date Posted:02/16/2019 11:19:29Copy HTML

i get possitive coments all the time on my swimwear, people around my area would worry about the kids playing with a dead fish that washed ashore then with what i have on. if you catch my drift, its just a bathing suit i hear all the time at thr beach. never been harrassed. i wouldn't wear a see thru bathing suit tho. to much information.
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