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Date Posted:12/17/2007 09:22:38Copy HTML

Hey - have any of you heard about this?  That a red thong does not show through under white clothes? I was having this discussion with a female friend of mine.  I was looking for either a nude colored thong or a white one for under a pair of white shorts.  She told me to avoid the white thong under white because it definitely shows through.  But then she went on to say that a red one will not show through... Haven't had a chance to try it yet because I don't own a red thong...have any of you heard this?
gulfscuba #1

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/18/2007 09:01:48Copy HTML

I would want my thong to show thru a pair of white shorts. Go with a black thong!
heeledmarc #2

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/19/2007 04:07:22Copy HTML

I do not know if red is invisible under white, but I am often wearing black or cheetah thongs under low rise jeans, and my thong get noticed when I sit. So it all depends on what you want to show...
Ex_Member #3

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/26/2007 03:12:26Copy HTML

As promised above, I tried my two red thongs under some white pants, in this case cotton pajamas I brought back from India 40 years ago and had just set aside.  In India they're outerwear, and I've decided they'll make great beach coverup pants -- very baggy and ride very low on my hips, totally awesome effect.  Best of all, Pierre-da-man's female friend is right -- red does not show thru white, for some reason.  I guess that's good or bad, depending on your game.  Enjoy.   
pierre_da_man #4

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/28/2007 02:17:28Copy HTML

Excellent - thanks for letting me know.I will go buy some red ones now to wear when feeling discreet.  And I'll keep the white ones for when I want to show off! 
jn9195 #5

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/28/2007 10:19:40Copy HTML

I wouldn't consider that just a general rule, wouldn't it depend on the fabric of the shorts or pants?I would have to argue that a lot of thin white pants/shorts/skirts show through just about any color.  
b21 #6

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:08/01/2013 10:11:17Copy HTML

Hi guys,

As I'm sure many of you are aware, white linen shorts/trousers make a really good display of a thong, especially if the thong is also white or a bright neon colour!

Unfortunately, if you go on a hunt for nice white linen shorts, you'll ALWAYS end up finding they have the dreaded rear pockets. While that may be preferable to many men, not only for convenience but also for modesty, but for me , it is a definite downside!

I have a few pairs of white linen shorts to which I have painstakingly removed the rear pockets from the inside and sewn up the pocket entry. This leaves a clearly visible image of whatever thong I happen to be wearing at the time.

My question is, does anyone else have white linen shorts that they make the most of? And, I would love to know some online stores where I can buy white linen shorts without pockets already. I'm aware most women's linen shorts have smooth rear's but has anyone found any mens? Failing that, are their any good female linen shorts that work on men?

I'm a huge fan of wearing white linen shorts with a really clear white thong showing through, people who notice the visible thong always think that I am unaware and they feel like they are getting a cheeky thrill. I like giving that cheeky thrill to people, the kind that makes them think, 'ooo look, that guy is wearing a thong and I've caught him'. For me, thongs and linen shorts represent the freedom of a summers day or a lovely care-free holiday... I just need to know more places I can buy them lol!!
SusanOneil #7

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:08/09/2013 02:32:41Copy HTML


I guess I have a different point of view on this.  When wearing white pants, I prefer not to have any pantylines showing, if at all possible.  However, white linen is probably the toughest one to avoid pantylines.  Beige or skin toned thongs are your best bet, but, even at that, they sometimes show through a little.  I know some women wear "Spanx".  This, I absolutely refuse to do.  As much as I understand their functionality, they are just too ugly/utilitarian.  I'd rather just wear a beige and, if it shows through a little, well so be it, I tried!

Now, popular misconception is that white under white is a good thing.  White definitely shows through under white!

I know it is also different for men vs. women.  Guys, if you want to show off your thong, that is your choice.  Go for it if you want.  As a woman though, I think we want to show off a certain element of fashion sense, and having your panties clearly show through your pants, is not typically a good thing.

JM_Runs #8

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:08/21/2013 05:15:23Copy HTML

I did see a female with a white gauze sundress on - with a black thong underneath, that was clearly visable and she knew it too.  It was in church last week.  Quite a sight and quite a stir among the other female church goers - the men didn't mind at all, lol
JM_Runs #9

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:08/22/2013 02:44:20Copy HTML

I believe it is "accepted" that white pants/shorts/skirts/etc. are simply going to show what you're wearing underneath anyways, regardless of whether you are a man or woman.
Personally, I think it is tacky to wear anything other than thong/g-string/nothing under white.  On top of that, I think that it is basic fashion sense to wear solid white or nude colored underwear under white.  Yes, your underwear will probably be visible...and yes that is fine.  (I think the exception would be low rise thongs...very tacky IMO)
I only wear white thongs under white pants and shorts.  Yes, if you're checking out my ass you will notice I'm wearing a thong...lol.
LakeLife #10

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/24/2017 01:56:04Copy HTML

Instead of starting a new thread on shear or transparent, I thought this could further this older discussion. 
Fashion sense...Visibility... both come up on this thread. 

I still don't know what to make of these pants. They're super comfortable. I'm thinking they aren't going to be accepted anywhere, but the beach or some sort of holiday activity. 
However, in the spirit of this thread, they aren't much different 
JM_Runs #11

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:12/24/2017 05:33:46Copy HTML

Maybe those mesh long pants would be suitable for people who are not comfortable walking from their room to the pool in just a thong,
but don't want to use shorts as a cover up because that would be sort of implying that shorts were more proper. 
Just a bit more cover, and obviously need to be removed before taking a dip in the pool.
Nobody would expect you to keep them on for swimming.

I have often seen women pulling on a semi transparent or lace shorts, sundress or long pants over a thong,
when they want to go into a beach front bar or shop, or arriving that way before stripping off to just a thong.   
You can still see they are wearing a thong under, but it provides just a bit more cover and respectability, without fully covering up. 
thonger2005 #12

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 06:14:59Copy HTML

  yes I own a pair of black gauze Beach cover-up pants and a few other random transparent or holy cover up shorts. But I also own a pair of rather thin tan linen pants that can be seen through in just the right sunlight and I usually wear a black thong under it. But I have found that wearing a white thong under something White is far more visible than a black one. I have even worn a Victoria Secret's v-string purple thong under something light colored or white and it has been visible
LoveMyThongs #13

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:09/22/2018 12:42:31Copy HTML

Women will do it on purpose to show off their thong as I know my wife does. We do yoga together and wear white yoga pants with a dark contrasting thong underneath as a means to flirt with each other but to have some fun too
nicethong82 #14

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:09/22/2018 01:03:35Copy HTML

I saw a woman get off the train the other day wearing white leggings and her blaack thong was very visible from the back. Yesterday a woman at one of my college meetings was wearing a white skirt and because of the projector on her, you could make out her underwear easily.
rooE #15

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:09/30/2018 08:43:21Copy HTML

i don't have any linen trousers, but i do have a couple of pairs of white lycra leggings or lycra shorts which show pretty much anything worn underneath, and i use this to great effect when i wear them, which is fairly regularly. they always seem to get some form of reaction whenever they are worn. a couple of times it has ended up in a full blown conversation about thongs which is always fun. one time i i went to the bakery in my white skins that are my profile pic, which have a semisheer mesh pannel at the front, so you could clearly see the pouch of my turquoise olaf benz 'sunstring' thong through the material. as i walked in i caught her looking down and smiling, then as i was handing over my note to pay and i dropped it, so i went to pick it up, and when i turned back around the lady behind the counter had a smile on her face and said "im sorry but do you know you can see your thong wearing those leggings" so i just said "oh crap, i didnt think do they show through that bad?" so she says yeh theyre pretty obvious and she asked why i wore one, so i said what would she wear if she wore leggings and she laughed and said fair point. and she asked if i deliberatetly chose a thong that showed through, and so i said "on occasion, but with these ones it's kind of unavoidable..." and she told me about her wet look leggings she says she always wears a lace thong underneath as pantylines are unavoidable so may as well make them sexy, which i agreed with.
mack_back #16

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:10/02/2018 08:01:18Copy HTML

Rooe Enjoyed your story acting all shocked. Most woman hate leggings that are sheer. In most cases all leggings under certain lighting conditions and position will be sheer when stretched enough. Don’t know if I show my thong when wearing lighter coloured leggings. Only observe woman smiling or smirking when I do exercises bending over exposing my backside. Do agree with your friend when I see woman  in Leggings wearing panties find the outline all to obvious. While seeing outline of thong or string less obvious but sexier.

Had chat with a woman about leggings. She brought up wanting to buy a pair but found them all to sheer to wear. Telling me her underwear could be seen. I stood silent not knowing what to say while she smiled upon me. Thoughts came to mind that if you wearing a thong it don’t matter. Or choose a matching colour thong to her leggings. 

Wanted to say I own two leggings in tangerine orange and white with grey lines. All show my underwear or thong from the front. In my situation I match the thong to the leggings even though the show through didn’t believe it was a big deal. Until had older dear female trainer tell me her favourite leggings were the orange and white/grey. I told her they were sheer. She says I know. I was surprised that she liked them on me showing so much underneath. I concluded that trainer was more then polite to respect of my leggings I wear. For conservative woman like her to observe my leggings saying they her favourite told me something about her. 

Browbr #17

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:10/03/2018 01:24:57Copy HTML

I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist. I wear white tights at the gym and I usually wear a white thong under them. I obviously don't mind if someone notices my thong. Yes the white on white definitely stands out. Maybe this would encourage others to wear thongs. As of now though i'm pretty much an island when it comes to showing off a little bit.
kiyoothong #18

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:10/03/2018 02:18:10Copy HTML

You think I can wear this in public? https://ibb.co/e5scWo https://ibb.co/iYJ6P8
JM_Runs #19

Re: Colored thongs under white pants?

Date Posted:10/03/2018 02:52:07Copy HTML

The tights are too tight, they give you muffin-top.
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