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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:01/15/2019 05:18:10Copy HTML

A few years ago, the use of the term 'Gender Appropriate' was first used by recreation athorities in rules designed to explain what type swimwear was appropriate.  The general consensous at the time was that a thong was appropriate for women, but not men (or even a speedo racing suit was not acceptable for men).  Some challenged that the rule could be taken a step more and be used to require women to wear tops while men could go topfree.  (A seperate topic about this is on the board.) 

Today I saw a new rule that is equally ambiguous but I think I understand what the intention is.  "Only commercially sold swimwear" will be permitted.  I'm almost sure that this was written to limit the wearing of underwear, cut-off jeans, T-shirts, etc. that some people wear or try to wear at some establishments.  However, if the rule is supposed to eliminate thongs and G-strings, as well as other minimal swimwear, it would certainly fail as a true restriction on swimwear styles.  

I have seen all types of garments listed as "swimwear" for sale on the internet.  Even good-old Amazon has some pretty extreme offerings.  Men's baggies, mesh swimwear for both  sexes, "invisible" bikinis, and even some close to S & M contraptions made entirely from metal are regularly listed and sold as "swimwear".  I would assume that if push came to shove, the fact that these swimwear choices are "commercially made" and also "sold" would make them perfectly legal.

The rules do not mention specific brands like Speedo or Wicked Weasel.  The rule did not limit acceptable swimwear to styles made and sold by companies who have over $25,000,000 or whatever in sales.  So any garment called a swimsuit sold in any quantity (even one) by anyone for a profit would be acceptable.

It continues to amaze me how many places seem to be having trouble trying to define what a "real" swimsuit is.


mack_back #1

Re:'Commercially Sold' Swimwear specified by pool rules

Date Posted:01/15/2019 07:42:30Copy HTML

Don't forget often online coming from Alibaba or China the descriptions of male undergarments for lack of better term. Often for males buying underwear they describe in the title description as sexy underwear or swimwear. Often seeing any jock straps or g-strings, thongs described as GAY. Which puzzles anyone in western hemisphere not only me. Do they describe woman lingerie as "Lesbian wear"? I doubt that why descriptions i find it troubling at first laughed upon it not taking it seriously. Now it's common to see labels in description on ebay for male undergarments as GAY menswear rather calling it lingerie or what it is thong g-string, jockstrap, etc.. What bothers me is wearing so labeled GAY wear none in any building pool facilty wants to offend the LBGT community so they need to be more clever in the appropriate swimwear description.

Another thing confuses me is some description i read online is headings or titles underwear and swimwear together yet the material fabric is cotton. How can it be both swimwear and underwear? 

Or when i think i'm buying swimwear yet it's unlined made out of polyester fabric. While other underwear i own  is made out of the same poly fabric can i use it as swimwear also? 

Take a look at Joe Snyder swimwear thongs. They are marketed as both swimwear and underwear. So when i wear it to the pool how can i defend myself saying indeed this is swimwear yet my manhood ofends others so overtly seen, thus mangaement complaints for me  to wear more. 

ithongit #2

Re:'Commercially Sold' Swimwear specified by pool rules

Date Posted:01/17/2019 05:56:41Copy HTML

If the intent of the phrase "commercially sold" is to limit the types of swimwear permitted, I agree that it probably will not work. If the intent is to permit most man-made fabrics to be worn, and the management only wants to eliminate cotton and other potentially problem fabrics, then I think this phrase will apply in some circumstances, but not all. As pointed out above, almost anything can be called a swimsuit, and some foreign businesses call anything that covers the appropriate area swimsuits, apparently not understanding that swimwear is supposed to be something that can be worn wet. Perhaps someday the word swimwear will officially take on the underwear meaning. This is like the term Knicker which can be baggy pants usually tied to the lower leg and Knicker which means scanty women's underwear. If you don't think word meanings can get messed around with, just look on e-bay under "thong" and you will find many items which I would describe as briefs or bikinis. Perhaps the mixing up the words in the hopes of influencing brief sales. Some people certainly migth buy a brief even if that is not what they intended. It is like a car dealer who advertises everyone who buys a car this month will get an elephant. They don't mention that the elephants are stuffed animals.
johny_b #3

Re:'Commercially Sold' Swimwear specified by pool rules

Date Posted:02/21/2019 11:12:34Copy HTML

when i first started going to the pool, i would wear either a black or a blue speedo thong. i did get approched by the staff about it, i was told that it couldn't be worn as it wasn't a name brand, so i then turned around, pointed at the speedo logo on the back. that was the end of that and i still wear thongs there.
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