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Date Posted:07/27/2013 01:18:29Copy HTML

How are the beaches in Sitges for thongers? Does anyone have experiences with this beaches and thongs?
allied #1

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/31/2013 09:04:14Copy HTML

I go to Sitges every summer and always wear my thong on the gay beach directly in the city.  No problems.  Will be there again this August
woodyone #2

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/12/2013 09:46:08Copy HTML

Went to the mian beach August very hot day spent all day in G Sing No problems at all 
Thongzforever #3

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/13/2013 07:15:34Copy HTML

 were there any thongers?
CheBru #4

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/21/2013 05:18:01Copy HTML

In Sitges today. Staying in the port. Walked to the Playa Balmins and back in a thong (Eros Veneziani gold thong with chains) & also to the showers in the harbour. At Playa Balmins one guy in a thong, but as this is a nude beach not very daring & not a goodlooking guy.Went into town this morning/noon and saw a couple both in thongs walking the city beach which is not nudist.Was myself in Armani thong with very see-through sport shorts from Markus Brighton.
The other day in Barcelona, went to the San Sebastian beach. Still some people sunbathing nude (1 to 10 ratio or so). Love this beach, because you can go up to the shower nude, and the shower is just next to the Passeig Maritim. It's a blast, people staying in the W hotel walking by fully clothed for tapas & drinks & myself showering showing off my prince albert piercing (gauge 4 and big diameter).
thong4gay #5

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:06/09/2014 01:54:26Copy HTML

 I go again in the first week of July to Barcelona and Sitges. Las year no problem with wearing a thong at the beach. I was at Mar Bella beach in Barcelona.
thong_jock #6

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/24/2014 01:04:11Copy HTML

I just returned from 2 weeks in Europe and spent a week in Barcelona/Sitges. I thonged at both Playa de la Mar Bella and Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona and at the nude beach and hotel pool in Sitges without any issues. I even wore my Muscleskins poser thong on a rather bust straight beach, walked up to the boardwalk and showered in my thong and then went back to my towel. No one batted an eye. There were tons of guys in Speedos but I only saw two other dudes the whole trip in thongs - but plenty of beautiful women in thongs. Overall, a great trip - no one cares what you wear or don't wear to the beach in Europe, which is the say it should be!
thong_relax #7

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/27/2015 01:33:39Copy HTML

Next month I'll be in Sitges. It's the first time I go there and I read there are several beaches. Which are the best to visit to enjoy the sun in my thong?
thong_jock #8

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/28/2015 02:03:50Copy HTML

 Any beach. I even thonged at the hotel pool in sitges. It's spain, wear your thongs proudly...no one will.care...and take pics! ;-)
thong_relax #9

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/30/2015 12:23:42Copy HTML

 Thanks for the advice! I am a bit nervous cause it's gonna be my first time thonging in beaches with a lot of people (if it's gonna be crowded as I understood). Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a great time and tan lines! I hope I'll have the chance to see other thongs...
mack_back #10

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/30/2015 02:27:08Copy HTML

Thong_relax try not to be nervous before you go. Or you will double the anxiety when actually stripping to your thong. It will be evident for others on how comfortable you look. If you have the mindset of wearing your thong as it's no big deal or any different then dork shorts. People will observe you and laugh seeing something different on the only male wearing it at the beach. Sooner or later people will figure out your confident and comfortable so they become envious, admiring you. 
Think about it, woman also get stared upon by others while wearing a thong. Some people laugh others desire them and notice them as comfortable wearing thongs always as a beach staple. 

As long as you think thonging is normal part of your culture wearing it you will do fine. The initial walk to the water or showers may make you uncomfortable because people will notice you. The observations or finger pointing seeing you in a thong aren't bad as you or I thought initially. It is true people admire a thongers courage wearing it and some wish they could do it also. Took me a long time to figure that out as many told me on this forum which I didn't believe as true for myself. True fact that people have difficult time exposing their bodies. So when you do it they are admiring wishing getting passed their fears, and most never do. 

Best advice is to act like you don't care who sees you or reacts in childish manner. Act as though your alone or invisible to others. If that's difficult then look upon everyone wearing full coverage swimwear and feel pity that they don't have the courage to wear what you do. This helps me when I'm in crowded prudish areas being pointed to and laughed upon. So I laugh back at them..
Don't be surprised that someone will compliment you wearing your thong. Either they enjoy seeing your body or intrigued at the thong specifically. Usually this might shock me initially but it's common when wearing a thong. While wearing a speedo or dork shorts almost never does someone compliment them wearing it, think of that when your nervous wearing your thong. 
Don't be to involved looking upon your thong. Seeing someone girl or guy adjusting staring upon oneself is amusing to observe. You will become obsessed or self conscious on how you will be perceived then others will notice laughing. Don't expect to look perfect because when you try people will assume your self absorbed, not caring about others but yourself. Just have fun and ignore that your actual wearing something unique from others on the beach. Sooner or later people will tire of you and thus you will be ignored as part of the crowd. 
Hell, if I was going to a beach in Spain like you I would be the only nude male in a sea of textile clothed beach goers. Their are lot worse prudish beach's you could encounter. If you think I'm joking, you don't know me like others here. Take a look at YouTube video of the lone nudist at a  crowded beach in Spain. 

beachstrapguy #11

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/01/2015 01:25:50Copy HTML

I'll be in Spain next month.
From the information I read, nudity is legal everywhere in Spain.
Lots of nudity on the beaches.

Am I getting outdated information?  Seems like thongs would be a fairly conservative atire.

Am I wrong?
Thongmad #12

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/02/2015 12:19:10Copy HTML

 Public nudity was a recent law passed in Spain I believe.

From what I have read from first hand accounts here, there are only a few beaches where nudity will be frowned upon. Thongs are not the norm, as with most places, but you are free to do so at your own descretion, as with nudity. Flaunting such, and overtly sexual behaviour, would not be tolerated, as with any other locale.

No doubt you will be noticed as different from the norm, but this would be the case for any male in all but a select few locations throughout the globe.

I think you will see more nudity and speedo type attire than thongs. I would be perfectly comfortable wearing a thong in such an environment.

Why wouldn't you?
thong_relax #13

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/02/2015 04:52:43Copy HTML

I'm sure I'll be comfortable. I've just never been personally to Spain, only read about it. I actually chose this location cause I read it's thong friendly.
thong_relax #14

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/02/2015 05:03:44Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice mack_back! I'll just try not to think about the others around; however, it would be nice to get positive feedback about my thong from other people on the beach.
mack_back #15

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/03/2015 01:17:25Copy HTML

thong_relax i'm quite sure you will get compliments in your thong. Spanish people are very polite and if you take JM-Runs advice of his post being friendly you will have no problems. Can attest spanish woman are quite friendly and won't hesitate to smile or try to communicate about your thong attire.

Believe me you will become very brave wearing a thong on the beach laughing upon this post afterwards. Only real problem you may encounter on that stretch of beach real estate is shockingly that all your beach belongings have been snatched up. So don't ever leave your beach bag or valuables like clothing unattended or your going back home wearing only a thong or worse nude...

Just today on c/o beach had a spanish couple laying beside me, the female seen me rubbing oil on my tan smooth body and she strolled over beside me offering help rubbing oil on my back. By the way she was topless wearing a thong. Yes, while laying beside her she was eyeballing me pleasantly all afternoon, only realized her wearing a thong mid-afternoon. 
Guess i was preoccupied of hot asian further down the beach with her group of friends. The asian noticed and her friends of my intrigue in her. She made me wait all afternoon slowly teasing taking her dress down uncovering a conservative bikini top. Yet she kept the dress carefully around her hips, was waiting to see if she had on big full bottom bikini or thong. She never took the dress off, but carefully lowered it half off her hips. She had to know it was teasing me to death, her backside facing me on her knees bending over at times on all fours exposing her black Y-g-string only showing half her nice ass and what an ass it was. It just wasn't fair looking upon her round narrow ass tiny waist and amazing y-thong so beautifully exposed. Can't ask  looking at anything more beautiful on my birthday.

thong_relax #16

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:08/04/2015 11:33:01Copy HTML


Yes, I read there's a lot of pickpockets and beach-snatchers, especially in Barcelona. I'm kinda worried, but I'm always very careful about my belongings.
lcp84047 #17

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/11/2015 03:51:47Copy HTML

 I took a day trip from Barcelona to Sitges yesterday. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and a major thunderstorm rolled in. It cleared up just enough late afternoon for my eife and I to spend an hour nude on Platja dels Balmains. There were about a dozen men, mostly nude. My wife was the only female, except when we left, there were a couple that had arrived but had on bikinis. Earlier that day i did see one topless and thonged woman playing ball on that beach. I went nude because it was an option, but I'm sure I could have sworn anything. I saw boardshorts, squarecuts, and speedos. I wish I had more time there. Arrived in Marrakech today. Not exactly a thong friendly place I'm sure. I don't intend to test it.
lcp84047 #18

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:03/23/2017 09:37:01Copy HTML

 I got an incredible deal ($300 ea) on nonstop tickets from OAK to BCN in June, so my wife and I will be going back. We were there a couple years ago-look back in the thread for my reports.I plan to go to the nude beach at La Mar Bella beach, and maybe thong at some of the other beaches, depending on the vibe. I also think it's likely that we'll go back to Sitges and the nude beach there, since the weather made our stay short last time.We are deciding what to do, where to stay, and so forth. Since we've been before, some of the touristy stuff has already been crossed off the list, so we are looking for recommendations for other things to do. And of course, I'm always looking for suggestions and reports on good places to thong or go nude.
tiggerix #19

Re: Sitges - near Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/19/2017 09:16:44Copy HTML

Had a few days in Sitges, which is a nice town south of Barcelona and a break from the busy city.  We took a look along the main beaches right up to La Rodona, the main textile gay beach.  Never seen so many male couples in my life.   Later went to Balmins, which is the main nude/gay beach - that was soo busy that we walked back to Sant Sebastia which is a mixed/family beach closest to the old town.  Wore a small Desmiit brief there with no issues and then the second time we went I started off nude until an American sounding lady (clothed) told my OH (in a thong bikini) that this wasn't a nude beach.  She didn't speak directly to me so I ignored her, but my OH became uncomfortable so I put on some tiny unlined briefs.  After a swim I needed to rinse off at the shower, so headed to the shower which was where this lady was sitting.  My OH was convinced I would have had words with her, but she didn't make eye contact.  This beach is in front of cafes and promenade and does get busy with families, so probably a wise move to cover up.  Would happily have thonged there, but my OH really dislikes them on me - which is how come I go nude anywhere I can.

If you are in Barcelona, then Sitges is worth a visit and easily accessible by train.
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