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Date Posted:09/11/2006 12:14:18Copy HTML

Has anyone purchased from Tangaland?http://www.tangaland24.de/ I'm trying to find out mens sizing converted to inches.Does anyone know what the 12-14and /ora 14-16 size is in inches? I wear Large from Koala & aXL from Skinz. The tanga bags caught my eye & I would like to order one or two.Heres the link to the mens tangahttp://www.tangaland24.de/shop/index.php/cat/c6_Men-String-Tanga.html/XTCsid/7e4e55d18ab5c47dcaba4d76055237b0 If any one has any info please let me know. Thanks in advance!
JM_Runs #1

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/11/2006 01:39:23Copy HTML

12-14 and /or a 14-16  are womens sizes.

It looks like the product you are intrested in is the men's product, and that one only come in one size.

malagaguy #2

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/12/2006 12:33:18Copy HTML

I have several of the Tanga Bag strings and they are great.  The fabric is fantastic - quite thin and very stretchy and the tension of the side strings moulds the fabric around the body perfectly.  I can recommend these.

The Ring strings waistband sit very high on my hips - probably due to the ring and stretch in the strings.  (Note the difference in the length of the vertical fabric on the blue and black strings in the pic.) So be aware of this when ordering.

The normal string is also made from the same stretchy fabric and these also form nicely to the body. Also recommended.

Bag strings are also available. See click here for alternate auction style site.

rockys01 #3

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/12/2006 09:26:11Copy HTML

Thanks malagaguy,  Im trying to find out what the sizes are in inches.  Im looking at ordering the 12-14 or the 14-16  do you know what the size of those are in inches?  Thanks in advance.

Jm_runs the size is under the mens when you select the more info option, a select size box with a scroll down is there & asks to select size from 8-10,10-12, 12-14, 0r 14-16.  Im guessing I need either a 12-14 or 14-16 I just dont want to order somthing too small.  Do you have any info on converting the size to inches?  any help is appreciated!

Thank You!

rockys01 #4

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/23/2007 05:21:57Copy HTML

Just got my Tangaland order last friday & got to try it out over the weekend.  I ordered the special deal 3 male string tanga bags  which are on special.  Placed the order on line with no problems, my only slight confusion was converting eur to american dollars, which was easly done  once I foound the current exchange rate.  The pouch is very fitted & I especially like the side straps which comes off the top center & gives the pouch extra lift.  The total fit is exactly what I was looking for in a string & I have worn one by back yard this past weekend & am wearing one now under my work slacks & underwear.   The size chart is correct & I had no problem getting the correct size.  The company is in Germany & it took about 1.5 weeks to get to me here in Hawaii, which is excellent service!  Hope this info helps!


beachfolks #5

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/23/2007 10:29:34Copy HTML

First be sure wearing them is legal at the beach you choose.
If it is OK, Then you just set a personal goal to do it and set about wearing them to the beach.
sailor250 #6

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:07/26/2009 01:23:29Copy HTML

Anyone else noticed their latest tiny women's creation-  "Zipkini"

It's a small almost Y shaped front with a zipper in the middle which can be unzipped for additional impact. Kind of cool- but I'd worry the zipper would be rough against some very delicate parts while walking.  I'd think the zipper is plastic for rust resistance in the sea but it could transmit some solar heat too- not as much as a metal ring.
dfwsandman #7

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:05/19/2010 11:58:40Copy HTML

Looks like the weather forecast is looking good for change this coming weekend. We might be able to put the Silikons to a backyard testdrive.
dfwsandman #8

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:05/20/2010 12:02:25Copy HTML

Oh, with the near 4 year low the Euro has to the USD this looks to be a good time to buy from Tangaland.

For the Wicked Weasel lovers, the USD has also been on a tear against the Aussie Dollar. Not as good as it was over a year ago but it's at a 3 month high against the AUD.

See:  http://www.x-rates.com/d/AUD/USD/graph120.html

jaykcee #9

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:03/31/2011 04:47:50Copy HTML

has anyone tried the uni sex micrp g string from tangaland?
bmicro #10

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:03/31/2011 05:54:01Copy HTML

I think that their bag suits for men are great. They fit and feel perfet and are great for wearing around the pool where I wouldn't try to wear anything smaller.
pedalpower50 #11

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:05/07/2011 03:52:01Copy HTML

 I recently purchased three Tangaland g-string bag-style suits and I love 'em. The quality is first-rate and they fit nicely. The strings are very stretchy, so you don't feel like they're cutting into you. The bag doesn't crunch your jewels but doesn't put 'em on graphic display like a missile or 3-D style suit.
This suit barely covers the essentials, so it's as minimal as you can get and still be legal on most beaches. They're not cheap (with the exchange rate from Germany they run about $28 each), but they're worth it. They are now among my favorite suits, right up there with my Skinzwear g-strings.
I've worn my Tangaland suits on Venice Beach with no problems, so I think they'll work anywhere thongs and g-strings are acceptable (or at least tolerated).
Here's the link: http://www.tangaland24.de/index.php
You'll notice they have some display suits, ala Koala, which will not be of interest to many people on this board, but the men's bag suits and many of the women's micro suits will be.
And no, I don't work for them. I just love their products and want to let others know about them in case they're interested.
7423080 #12

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:07/03/2011 01:19:07Copy HTML

Just received 5 suits from Tangaland24.de and Whow.  Order to receipt was 10 calendar days.  Got the mens
teardrop-extra small, teardrop, overt and ballsout.  The balls out is very comfortable as is the overt.  The
teardrop suits are increadably small. The teardrop-extra small just barely covers the head of your unit and is about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. You must run the bottom strap between the boys to center the suit and place the head carefully.  Not too many places to wear this one.  The teardrop, well I don't have any size to speak of but you better put in on in a very cold shower.  Its great as both sides show a huge amount of your nutzsack and really does not cover much of anything.  By the way, the material is white and see thru dry and
completely seethru wet.  I love it but haven' t shaved for awhile and going to have to be completely smooth to wear this one in public. Going to wear the regular tear drop today at a neighbors pool, if I have time to
shave completely before I go over there. Outherwise I will wear the overt with the top bulled together so
the hair does not show too bad and I am only exposing the shaft. Watch sitting down in this one as often your willy will pop out.

leo40 #13

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:07/03/2011 06:20:52Copy HTML

If you want the bare-boys effect of the Tangaland Xtra Small Teardrop without falling out of it all the time, go for Dore's Very Narrow Microslide, now on her ebay site, instead. The tiny pouch covers only the business end off your shaft while the overall shape of the "suit" keeps all in place, all he time.  Super for swimming.  It also works better than Tangaland's half-bag (also have one). Neither are legal at very many places.
beachfolks #14

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:07/03/2011 11:09:24Copy HTML

 Leo-What site page is Does's very narrow Microslide? I did not find it.
leo40 #15

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:07/04/2011 02:36:11Copy HTML

Beachfolks  -  Microslide is on Dore's ebay store, listed Apr 27, white, $18.  It was also on her doreg.biz site, but that site isn't up now.  She knows her inventory well, and can answer email questions.  If you want coverage, that suit won't do it.  Also transparent when wet. 
kmackhard #16

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:08/21/2011 04:30:19Copy HTML

Hi there I ordered two suits from tangaland recentely. It was my first experience with this company and the ordering was easy and the shipping rate is reasonable and received the order within 10 days to Canada. I ordered the SML lace string in neon pink. This piece just wraps around your equipment quite snuggly. It is very sexy but not legal in many places. The other suit I ordered was the extra small teardrop string in black. Well let me tell you guys, if you have any size to your equipment. There is no point in ordering this suit. I am quite well endowed and there is no way I can stay in this suit (IMPOSSIBLE) It is very sexy but not practical, Their model wearing this must be quite small in the junk department. I gave mine to my wife and it barely covers her lips. I will order more as they are well built and material is great.
                               Happy tanning Kmack
freddys #17

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:08/23/2011 01:11:16Copy HTML

Kmack, any problems with broker fees importing the suits into Canada? Thanks.
kmackhard #18

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:08/23/2011 02:29:47Copy HTML

no none at all just shipping fees mailed right to my door
sailor250 #19

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/10/2012 02:44:24Copy HTML

I just realized that the Tangaland half bag differs from other ball baring designs because the side crotch straps attach half way out on the bag instead of up at the waistband.  Didn't realize that until I saw bmicro wearing one.  This keeps the bag close in for a little privacy.  Look at this picture

mykro #20

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/10/2012 05:34:44Copy HTML

I have to say that I just was on Tangaland's site and I was disturbed to find this posted:


Is there anyone of here who can say that such a display is truly counter productive to the public accepting men in small swimsuits?  I mean if this man was to show up on even a nude beach he'd be a laughing stock!

Sorry, but I don't like to see stuff like this.  Men attempting to wear women's micro swimwear is just plain weird and sickly exhibitionistic if done in public.

hotbunz1969 #21

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/10/2012 06:43:56Copy HTML

I'm not sure I can say these suits are counter productive to the public accepting men in small swimsuits...... But they sure are fun to wear..... A little impractical, but certainly fun!!!!
I have 3 of this design and wore them on the more secluded beaches of Ibiza last year.  Worn in the right surroundings they are a great suit, and I certainly didn't get anybody laughing at me..... Of the comments I heard and the people that spoke to me,  it was all positive. 
leo40 #22

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/10/2012 08:52:45Copy HTML

I agree with hotbunz --- Tangaland's super-skimpy suits are fun to wear and I have often done so in non-public locations.  I even posted a favorable comment on their customer feedback board --- in German, no less.
mykro #23

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 02:18:54Copy HTML

I'm sorry but although I am a firm believer that smaller is better when on a beach, this crosses as line that borders on the truly weird.  I don't know if Tangaland makes these suits somehow differently for a man than a woman but they appear in all counts to be a man wearing a woman's micro bottom.

It is no different than this ridiculousness:

John Howard #24

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:04:42Copy HTML

 they look ok for the girls, very similar to Wicked Weasel..... but for guys, no way.  These suits are definitely sex shop suits to be worn to have fun with the sexual partner, never to be worn in public,  in my opinion.
I can't see the point of wearing a suit where half the equipment is out for everyone to see.Uncomfortable, a 'call the cops' suit definitely.
hotbunz1969 #25

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 12:39:30Copy HTML

mykro....... The tangaland24 suit is, as you point out,  very similar to a womans micro thong, there is no "pouch" to it, it just sits over your guys covering what it can!!!! Worn in the right situations with the right accessories it's a great little suit. I guess it's not all guys first choice of suit,  or second for that matter, but by the fact they are not the only company making, retailing and actually selling stock of this sort of thing I  guess I'm not the only one buying them!!!!   and if that makes me a little "weird" for wearing it, so be it.... From the positive reactions I've had so far I'll certainly be wear it again this summer.....

As for the other picture you linked to........ Oh dear...... I've got about 15 variations of those from different retailers......(some bought for me by a past GF!!) 

I guess what I'm trying to say is each to there own, what some people find wired others don't!!!!
sailor250 #26

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:33:12Copy HTML

These teardrop suits get a rise out of us because 1. they look like women's clothing 2. they look like they don't fit 3.they look like they're exposing things- non unintentionally

But if one or all these things are a turn on to you- you'd want one.  Would they be more likely to get someone arrested than say a "half bag" suit ?  Yes most definitely if worn on a nonnude beach
OS777 #27

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/27/2012 07:58:01Copy HTML

Here again don't knock something you have never tried. It is rather funny. This is community of like minded persons who are not catering to the 'politically correct.' As with Koala, or to an extent... Dore and Jovana, Tangaland gear is for those bold or liberated enough to find interest in those styles of swim and sun apparel.

JM_Runs #28

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/27/2012 07:20:24Copy HTML

 This was the first time I had come across this particular supplier. I had a look at the mens swimwear, and wondered why they even bothered with the scrap of material at the front of the mini G-strings. Some of the styles I quite like are the Double Rings and the Schmett String, though I would be limited where I could wear them.
tanlines2thin #29

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/28/2012 09:57:35Copy HTML

so now we're discussing tangaland.....oh, these are totally sexi, man on the make suits.......personally, i don't have any, but the discussion about koala got me in the mood to think about placing an order........

as for wearing a tangaland suit for public consumption, there are two parts to this equation.....one is wearing what you want to please yourself....the second one is what attention wearing such a suit will instigate.....my time is short, now, but i'll just say that is a judgement call on the part of the individual, with a heavy dose of discretion and consideration.......personally, i would not be offended, but rather encouraging
tnline #30

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:05/03/2012 02:43:40Copy HTML

Anyone else care to comment on the Tangaland half bag suit ? Any issues with the pouch sizing and what size would you recommend ordering with a 36 waist?
leo40 #31

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:05/05/2012 11:10:52Copy HTML

Intrigued by bare-balls suits (worn in appropriate locations) I have tried a Tangaland24 half bag, and Dore's new "semi-jockstrap suits.  At least on me, Dore's plain "semi" tends to slip out of place all the time.  But her "2012 semi" is quite different, a lot like the Tangaland24 half bag, less money and easier to get than by sending all the way to Germany.  The main difference is where the waistband attaches.  On the half bag it's from the sides of the shaft pouch, and on Dore's 2012 semi it's from the top.  Unfortunately, Dore's photos do not give a good picture of how that suit really goes on.
kmackhard #32

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:06/25/2012 04:55:53Copy HTML

Hi there I purchased the tangaland transparent triangle in white. It fits fantastic. it is very stretchy and sheer but most of all very comfortable almost like wearing nothing at all. I have worn on a few secluded beaches. I also purchased the micro mini g-strings, these would be for backyard or boating ar nude beach tanning, I wrap a rubber XXX ring around the suit to hold everything in otherwise will fall out. Have to do the same thing with the microminus swimstring as it does not cover anything maybe half of the head of my penis also the micro teardrop I have to wrap the rubber ring around to hold it all in. If you go to wifelovers.com (guys pics) june 24th look for (++++++++sexy XXX sexy suits++++++++++) I am modelling some of the tangaland suits. Love some comments. Take care Kmackhard
lauren1 #33

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:08/24/2012 02:53:34Copy HTML

Just taken delivery of a micro Bikini in Blue Flame and so far very impressed. Price was reasonable, delivery very prompt and the bikini nicely made. Its not the smallest model but I bought it as a sensible option for beach walking and going to the pub on the beach. Its actually very see-through but the metallic flame effect gives some coverage so I hope that will survive in the wash. 
lovemythong #34

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:08/24/2012 06:13:03Copy HTML

Just to back up what lauren1 said about Tangaland, I too have just taken delivery of a Mens Triangle String in leopard print.  Before ordering it I asked if they could make the string pieces in Black rather than Pink as depicted on their website.  They duly obliged, which I thank them for as the suit does look so much better in what I asked for.  So all in all, excellent customer sevice, wonderful products and professionally made to a very good standard.
qwerty52 #35

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/10/2012 01:05:22Copy HTML

I am thinking about ordering the man triangle string from tangaland. Just wondering how is the back? is it a triangle or G-string? There are 0 back side pictures of any man thongs/G-string on their website which is a shame..
bmicro #36

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/10/2012 03:16:27Copy HTML

All of the backs on my tangaland suits are of the g-string style. You can see some on my Flickr site (bmicro2000) in the tangaland set.
qwerty52 #37

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/10/2012 10:34:34Copy HTML

 bmicro do you own any triangle string thong from tangaland though?
kmackhard #38

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/23/2012 05:42:45Copy HTML

Hi there just posted some pics of the tangaland black microminius love some comments
qwerty52 #39

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/30/2012 01:58:41Copy HTML

 I sent an email to Tangaland asking about their men triangle thongs. They said all their men thongs are G-strings.
OS777 #40

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:09/30/2012 03:05:41Copy HTML

 From what I have seen as I have studied their design and construction, there are a few triangle thongs, not all are string bikinis.  You need to examine each photo very well. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the DuBio thong site for both women and men.  The men's thongs and G-strings are insanely creative.  www.dubiobikinis.com
OS777 #41

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/04/2012 03:46:51Copy HTML

 http://www.mefeedia.com/tags/tangaland http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/34379407 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392352 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392356 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392354 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392338 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392342 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392361 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392363 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392358 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/26392349 http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/21373732
tnline #42

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/04/2012 04:03:06Copy HTML

another tangaland

bikinicouple #43

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/04/2012 12:12:04Copy HTML

 Whoa - those are interesting suits!  They can only be worn a certain beaches that is for sure.  Interesting to note, one of those girls (in the gold suit) was wearing an engagement band.
kmackhard #44

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/05/2012 01:36:06Copy HTML

Hi Bikini couple, I love their suits the material is great. The fit is good. They are small but sexy. I did post a few pics. of them in my images. tell me what you think. Take care Kmack
sailor250 #45

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/06/2012 06:11:31Copy HTML

Love those videos- I think they're from Bikini Dare.  The suits are XXXtra hot and the models are too.  The photography is great.

Love how some are on public beaches- usually in Spain- often the passersby don't even take a glance.  Sometimes an old guy will stop and stare.

The videos are like a dream sequence with your girlfriend.  She models the suits sometimes on a public beach and the camera is your eyes roving to the best parts and they're allllll tannnn.  Then as if you said- dare you to take it off- she does!
OS777 #46

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:10/07/2012 03:48:44Copy HTML

I plan to buy a nice assortment of Tangaland Xtreme strings beginning early next year. I will not just buy them but will wear them proudly.  Too bad most guys and gals are still too governed by fear. Reality is much more fun!  I will post pix when I get the suits.  Cheers.
JM_Runs #47

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/03/2013 05:14:06Copy HTML

 Wanted to know if anyone has worn the tanga land mini g-string and how it fits? I know this suit is probably to extreme for most people but I am very liberated and want something that is very extreme for private sunbathing. I usually sunbath nude but want something for when we have parties so I won't be completely nude but set the tone if others want to go nude
SlidingG #48

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/03/2013 11:14:33Copy HTML

I bought one just for the hell of it, though not to wear in public.  It doesn't even cover the head, and I notice their model wears a c-ring.  Maybe that's the trick, you need to get somewhat firm -- mine simply won't stay in place, perhaps because I'm too soft.  Good luck managing it, since you want it for showoff purposes.  You may end up just hanging out, and might as well be nude.  Let us know how it goes.   
JM_Runs #49

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/03/2013 12:09:09Copy HTML

 Thanks SlidingG for your quick reply, I kinda had a feeling that it might not be made for real wear, and I see what you mean about the model wearing the C-Ring.  I didn't want something that I had to have an @@@@@@ to be able to keep on, Im looking more for something that could be worn for an afternoon by the pool. As for wearing it to hang out of, I would rather wear one of the suit made especially for displaying, or wear nothing at all. I'm really looking for something that technically covers "at least the head" and will stay on with movement. To wear when we have swim parties and people ask what to wear, and we tell then "as little as you feel comfortable with, or nude if you choose" and in the past I have worn some of my Dore' baggies and wanted something even smaller for this year
XChip #50

Re: Tangaland swimsuits

Date Posted:04/03/2013 02:22:54Copy HTML

 If you go on eBay and search for micro men's suits, or maybe micro g's (sorry I'm not sure), you'll find a gal who crochet's tiny g strings.  I had to send her exact measurements and she did a great job--it covers just the head and stays on.  Reasonable price too!  Sorry I don't have the exact link, but it's worth messing around to find it.
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