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Date Posted:12/18/2004 01:02:57Copy HTML

Just returned from the gym. There was a gal wearing a lycra leotard with a thong back over her red lycra shorts and black bra. She looked so cool. I've also seen some guys wearing thongs under their workout shorts, but they are few and far between. I live in a burb that is a little on the "red neck" side.
Ryan Booth #1

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/20/2004 12:44:22Copy HTML

In the gym you can usually see the outline of a thong underneath tight lyrca shorts. I've not noticed any visible thongs on any of the guys though. Saying that you don't really want to keep looking as you don't want to start upsetting any seriously big bodybuilders! Which could take offence to you continously staring at their behind. It's a shame that the fashion of women wearing thongs on the outside (think Superman lol) in gyms is sadly fizzling out over here in the UK.
Aedktjhoaeto #2

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/23/2004 01:28:31Copy HTML

i once saw a hot girl in white workout shorts, with a black thong, who was kinda swetty, it was very sexy
ian-r #3

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/21/2005 02:55:05Copy HTML

I agree it's sad that women don't wear thong-leotards at the gym much nowadays, mind you I haven't been gym-ing it for a couple of years!!  Must get fit again... though do guys still wear lycra shorts at the gym or is that regarded as gay nowadays?  (Sorry any gays!)  Hope it's still OK as I'm not about to wear dork shorts not even for the gym!!!!

I've many fond memories of seeing thongs in the gym.  The first a girl in an all-in-one patterned thong unitard over some black shorts, then another in a pink unitard with a thong underneath (how do you adjust it?!!),  then one with lacey shorts and a thong over, another with a red thong (or leotard) over white lycra, and a final memory of one in a white thong over black shorts...  Oh I forgot once there was a girl in just a pair of skintight lycra shorts with nothing under and a sports bra.  She kept bending over during exercises, well she might as well have had nothing on as it was all on display!!  Didn't her girlfriends say anything?  Me?  I just LOVE those aerobics!!!

What's your favourite combo?  Mine's its the red over white.  (or the see-through black!!)  Can't really recall the lace one as I think I'd passed out!!  hehehe

John Howard #4

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/21/2005 03:33:14Copy HTML

Yes, it's a real pity girls at the gym are not into thongs and leotards anymore, I don't think that fashion would come back, at least in the near future.

Sometimes it's very hard to understand why do women with fantastic bodies, who train so hard at the gym, insist on wearing baggy trrousers or very loose fitting shorts.  They are not, and will never be, comfortable especially for lower body workouts.  The only answer I can find is fashion.  Unfortunately this loose fitting fashion at the gym has taken over completely.   I only wonder if any girls who wear this style of clothing, are really happy wearing them, or just are followers without much personality who follow the trend.

As for the idea of guys wearing spandex at the gym being "gay", I only wear spandex tights (winter) and spandex shorts (summer) while training at the gym, and I'm straight.  This material gives heaps of support, dries much faster than cotton, and you can see the shape of your legs while training, therefore is visually stimulating to pursue that last rep that can give you the edge.

If people think I'm gay because of that, well that's their problem not mine.  I couldn't care less!!

John Howard


ian-r #5

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/08/2005 03:58:50Copy HTML

Things must be looking up at work...

On the same day recently I was treated to the sight of three thongs.  The first was a shy quiet young girl who would be the last I would have thought would wear a thong.  She was leaning across her desk .  Her fairly longish top had ridden up but where I was all I could see was her side.  At first all I noticed was a reddish mark across her side and lower back which seemed to trace the line of a thong or g-string.  It seemed to be quite high up so her thong must have dived down nicely into her crack.  But where was it?  Was it below her waistline?  As I watched she leaned forward a little more and there it was.  The side was hoisted even higher up and ended in an teenie back no more than 2 inches wide nicely postioned way up the small of her back - all nicely exposed.

The second was a girl who must have been vaccum packed when she got dressed.  Her pants were painfully tight and clearly showed her cameltoe - but from behind her thong was clearly etched into her figure.  And the third sighting?  Just the hint of the top of her thong peaking out from the top of her pants in a very subtle way.

I'm not sure which was the best sighting, although it was probably the unexpected first one.

(BTW In a separate incident not at work I saw another young girl sat down in front of me with a pair of those fashionable low riding hipsters - or bumsters!  Her pants were so low you could see about an inch or more of ass cleavage - not just a hint or shadow but nice and deep.  I didn't see a thong or G although I'm sure she wears one.... this time she must have been commando!)

gluteymax #6

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/16/2005 12:01:38Copy HTML

In the past 6 months, I've seen one girl wearing a thong thru her workout pants. Some of the women I've seen in the gym don't wear thongs or panties, which to me is very sexy.
thongbutt1 #7

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/19/2005 02:39:07Copy HTML

i usually see thongs on girls at the gym, although not as much as i used to. they usually are wearing those thin fleece sweatpants and aren't wearing anything at all....i've seen guys in the locker room with thong tan lines, not unusual. at my old gym it was alot "wilder" and i would wear undergear hot shorts with my thong poking out the top. had a blast....
00716 #8

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/22/2005 10:51:10Copy HTML

Wearing thongs is technically illegal where I live and not allowed at the gyms I go to unfortunately.

Butt, I do wear rio cut swimwear (mine give 1/4 to 1/2 butt coverage) which can easily be bunched up and turned into a thong.  The also easily ride up and turn themselves into a thong very easily sometimes.  I've done this at the apartment  building so everyone can see.  I receive a lot of ooh and ahs nice smiles by women.

At the 24 Hour Fitness, I received the greatest compliment when a woman turned around and was in a hypnotic gaze-which makes dressing sexy worth it.

Another time, this woman said how much she admired my swimsuit and seeing me in it and asked me for my phone number.

The swimming pool and jacuzzi are in front of a wall sized window  next to a major street by a traffic light. All the driver can easily see in.  I was drinking water from the fountain while a limo was stopped at the red light.  I noticed the limo went in reverse about 10 feet so everyone inside could get a better look at my butt and legs.

river74 #9

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/03/2006 08:56:57Copy HTML

I used to visit a health club in florida. The gym instructor there (a woman probably in her thirties)
used to work out on the stairmaster every morning wearing a tight sports bra and really tight cotton/spandex capri pants ( and I do mean tight). One day I was working out on the treadmill directly behing the stairmaster. I noticed that she had been working out rigoursly for 45 minutes or so. She was sweaty and I noticed a triangle of sweat on her back. That was when I realized that this lady was wearing a really tight thong underneath her capris. The triangle of sweat was all over her back and ended clearly in the tiny little thong line. She must have pulled the thong way up her crack because the thong sweat line was way up her waist. I was really turned on looking at it. This is in my opinion is the best way to spot thongs in the gym. The sweat triangle on the back would tell whether the person is wearing a thong or not. Has anyone had similar experiences?
redraider55 #10

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/03/2006 11:25:06Copy HTML

I've noticed the sweat-soaked thong many, many, many times. It's always a nice sight to see regardless of hardness of body. The ladies were all wearing the spandex-type shorts which are able to pull the sweat away from the skin. The thong, which is probably made of cotton, soaks in the sweat making it stand out from the shorts. I usually see the scenario after the Body Pump classes and/or extended cardio on the machines.

Yesterday, I saw a very nice sight. There was a very petite lady with a nice bubble-butt who wore short white shorts and a visible white, boy-cut tanga/thong underneath. The panty is something you'd see on the Wicked Weasel website. Well, she was doing back raises on the "machine" that you can also work your obliques, in the ab workout area of the gym. Each time she bent over, her shorts rode way up to show off about half of her ass. Very hot to see! Needless to say, a lot of guys were getting drinks from the water fountain in that area. Fortunately, I was already doing some abs exercises when she showed up, so I got a nice show between sets. That'll motivate a lot of people to keep going to the gym.
sailhoopsbare #11

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/04/2006 03:44:09Copy HTML

The gym where I go has the cardio machines along the aisle where people walk to and from the weight room and aerobics room.  A lot of the girls at this gym where tights and it's pretty easy to see whether they are wearing thongs or not, which most do it seems.
00716 #12

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/30/2006 07:58:06Copy HTML

Does anybody wear thongs or Rio swimwear regularly in the pool/ jacuzzi/sauna at a commercial gym?  Does anyone see other people who regualary wear thongs or Rio swimwear regularly? 

I go to both 24 Hour Fitness and Bally's Total Fitness in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA, USA (Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach), and I'm the only one.  There's is only a very small number of other male's who wear speedos and only once in a while will I see a woman wearing Rio-like bikini.


socalthongman #13

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/30/2006 12:59:49Copy HTML

I used to wear a thong in the jacuzzi almost every day at the LA Fitness after my morning bike ride.  Almost no complaints in the morning.  When I started to go to the gym during lunch break and do the same thing, there was often a problem with one lady.  As soon as I got in the water, she would leave the area.  Then the management would come in and ask if I was wearing a swimsuit.  I would show the top of it, as I stood up in the jacuzzi, but they would say that I should probably wear shorts. 

I stopped my morning thonging sessions - except on rare occasion - because my work started hiring alot more people.  Since I no longer knew everyone - and who would be going to the gym - I felt it best to not push the limits too much.  There would be just too many rumors. 

I have continued to wear the thong at other gyms when I am out of the office doing field inspections.  Hardly ever a problem....you just have to not act like you are god's gift to women, and you should be okay. 

publicgirluk #14

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/30/2006 11:44:06Copy HTML

I wear thong leotard to the gym either over lycra gym shorts or under loose shorts. Bf keeps going on about forgetting the shorts

Also wear thong in the pool/jacuzzi/sauna area without problems.

I've seen other women in the gym with thongs but never a man.

clds #15

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/01/2006 10:21:34Copy HTML

Maybe you should try and give your bf what he askes for. I've done it several times (not alone though, me and a friend both did) and despite the stares and the stupid remarks it does give a very hot feelng...
thonginthesun #16

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/07/2006 06:50:43Copy HTML

Saw a lovely young lady at the gym today, wearing low cut exercise shorts and muscle-style t-shirt (leaving bare midriff) with a lime-green t-back thong peeking over the top of the shorts. Enough to make an old guy's day.
redraider55 #17

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/09/2006 12:22:56Copy HTML

At the fitness center yesterday, I saw a guy with a thong tanline. His tanline showed wider straps that what I wear. My "light" thong tanline almost seems like a gstring.
showoffmark #18

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:07/06/2007 11:12:26Copy HTML

It has been a year since anyone has posted to this thread. I am prompted today I saw a thong at the gym other than my own.

I was chatting with a fellow in the lockerroom and stipped off my trousers  and pulled on my shorts before removing my dress shirt. I was not in the mood to deal with any remarks regarding the sheer white thong I was wearing. To my surprise, the fellow I was chatting with stripped off his boxer briefs and pulled on a thong. I was not sure if I mistook a jock for a thong but he proceeded to pull off his shirt and stand there in a thong from international male. Before I had a chance to segue into a comment about each of us wearing thongs (without it sounding like a pick up line) other fellows came into the lockerroom and the first fellow had finished getting dressed. I have been going to the same gym here in Allston, MA for 5 years. This was my second sighting of a fellow thonger. I hope they will come more frequently now.  

NoTanLinesToo #19

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:07/13/2007 01:59:07Copy HTML

I was in the locker room yesterday at Gold's Gym in Chantilly, VA.  One of the hot body's put on what looked like a 2x(ist) thong.  He didn't hide it at all, and since he was more or less in the aisle at the front of the locker room, I'm guessing others saw him.  He often wears a jockstrap when working out, but this is the first time I have seen him put on a thong after showering.
c-ring #20

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:08/07/2007 02:02:29Copy HTML

Yesterday at my local upscale gym, a very attractive lady in her late 30's probably was on the elliptical rider wearing short shorts rolled down to reveal her red thong straps and t-back.  Someone must have complained as a staff member asked her to please unroll her shorts and not to expose her thong please.

Very disappointing to see that. She was not indecent at all and lots of women dress that way on a daily basis. The poor lady got very upset and left for the dressing room.  I told the staff guy that she did nothing wrong and he agreed but said he had to say something based on the complaint. The lady returned a few minutes later with the same shorts rolled down more without the thong showing...I told her it wasnt right what had happened and she laughed and said "thats OK, I just took them off and rolled my shorts down further so my butt crack shows"...I laughed and told her thats works too!

stanpuppy #21

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:08/07/2007 07:09:40Copy HTML

Great sight today.  Lady in very tight yellow sweat pants and a yellow tank was working out.  She typically wears this same type of outfit in a variety of colors and i have long suspected her as a thong wearer although i could not confirm.  Today, her yellow bra straps were hanging out of her yellow tank, so i knew she had a yellow bra on.  What hit home for me was when she was doing sit ups with the trainer she works out with.   As she sat up to rest, her low rise sweat pants dropped and i could see, plain as day, her canary yellow thong.  It was the older style with the fuller back (not the little triangle backs or G's that most girls wear these days), but it was a confirmed thong!!.  Love thong sightings at the gym
tinlizzievikingfan #22

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/20/2008 05:54:26Copy HTML

when i workout i don;t wear anything underneath..i usually do wear vey tight black biker shorts and very short..but i do notice a lot of thing lines..if you know what to look for..and you can defintaly see them when they are sweating...when i am in the locker room i do see a lot of women wearing thongs..liz
markwilliams91983 #23

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/13/2008 01:32:41Copy HTML

There's a guy who goes to Overstone park in Northampton. the one I go to. He always wear black tracksuit trousers. I've seen him wearing thongs. He was getting changed once and I noticed he was wearing them.
prolapsed #24

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/14/2008 03:46:21Copy HTML

i tend to wear a thong under shorts to gym., then swim in my thong
stanpuppy #25

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/27/2009 07:20:08Copy HTML

Have been making a mental inventory recently.  Seems like thongs under workout pants are pretty common for the ladies at my gym.  Wife says women either wear nothing or thongs.  She is also my locker room spy and confirms that thongs are pretty prevalent on most of the ladies (not just the young ones either).  On the male side.. I have never witnessed anything even close to a thong, not even a bikini.  Most guys are either boxers or boxer briefs.  Occassionally you will see a colored brief but not that common.  And no tanlines at all (of course, it is winter up here now), but even in the summer.  About the only "unusual" site i have seen in recent times was a guy walking from the shower with a towel around his shoulders.  He was completely shaved, and didnt seem to shy about hiding that fact.  I was actually enthused as now i am less concerned with disguising the fact that I am completely hairless downstairs.  It will be interesting to see if my confidence holds up this summer as my thong tanlines develop.
Sharon73 #26

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/28/2009 11:19:50Copy HTML

You're right, I either wear a thong or nothing at the gym too - and there are quite a few other women in the locker room that wear thongs too.  I've even begun to notice a few other shaved females in the shower and locker room too
stanpuppy #27

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/28/2009 12:19:45Copy HTML

I believe that shaved is alot more common in females than males.  I saw a survey (i think it was in playboy) that about half of young women (18-25) are hairless downstairs.  Less common as you move up in age, but still becoming far more popular.  I still believe it is far more unusual with men.  Same with thongs.   I have seen surveys where as much as 40% of women say they "prefer" thong underwear.  Most mens numbers hover around less than 5%.  I'm sure both numbers drop considerably when you start talking about swimwear.
JM_Runs #28

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/28/2009 01:10:48Copy HTML

My health club, downtown in a fairly conservative New England city, reveals a few shaved guys, rather normal chaps, actually, though my conversations with them never touch on the subject, though I have had fun hinting at my c/o beach escapades, with an overall tan to prove the point.  I'm the only guy I've seen in thong underwear around the locker room, but never any hassles of any sort with my friends and colleagues.  I was nervous early on, but soon discovered nobody gives a damn.  Under spandex I wear a small jock like a dancer's belt, i.e., straps between the cheeks and member at 12 o'clock.  Gives a smooth, gentle bulge, very masculine but also very socially acceptable, never a problem.  Of course, when spinning in tri shorts or a skin suit, it's nothing underneath, but that's the same for most of the guys.  More women than men wear spandex there, and too many sport panty lines.  Hey gals, try a thong!  I'm sure some do, but it's not obvious and I don't have a spy in the women's locker room!  

All in all, it's a very comfortable environment, and though I'm a little more on the edge than most, I'm fully accepted and friendly with all the staff and other members.  It tells me that most folks tend to be very tolerant, even if they're fairly conservative themselves.   
Crystal_Scull #29

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/08/2009 01:27:17Copy HTML

One of the big motivating factors for me to attend the gym is the prospect of spotting thongs. I've never so far seen any thong straps showing above the waistline, but you could always, always make out the outline of a thong if worn under a lycra short.
I wear thongs all the time and I do not mind anyone noticing them, but I am not much of an exhibitionist myself.
Oh, I am from Melbourne, Australia.
jn9195 #30

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/01/2009 02:16:35Copy HTML

Well, I've been traveling a lot for my job for several months before losing it recently to cutbacks.

In early June, I had to go to Louisville, KY for about 5 days.  I make my own travel arrangements, etc. so I stayed at the Executive Inn Hotel because it was one of the cheaper hotels which had a pool, health club, etc.  In the past, it had always been very expensive (usually $149 or so, but only less than $45 this time).

Well, I had no idea of the situation, so I wore my own towel to the pool, covering a thong.  I went to the outdoor pool, but it wasn't open (a lifeguard was still checking chemicals, etc) and then went to the indoor pool.  There were two female lifeguards and one female guest in the pool.   I took off my towel and folded it after seeing the hotel towels, I signed in, grabbed a hotel towel, and started walking to a chair.  I put down my stuff and got in the pool.  I was in full view of the two lifeguards as they were just opening up.  After I swam the pool length and back, they both came to me at the end of the pool and asked me to get out for a minute.  I climbed out and walked to them.  They informed me that thongs and g-strings weren't allowed and if security walked through, I wouldn't be allowed back in the pool area.  They both seemed to be college students (later, I'd see them reading textbooks, etc).  They were very friendly about it and even commented that they didn't make the rules.  They said that I could wear "any" swimsuit as long as it wasn't a thong.  They even mentioned "skimpy suits, rios, brazilians are allowed, just not thongs.  So I went back to my room and changed into a Skinz super low rio... black with the blue lightning on it... with unavoidable butt-cleavage after just taking 7 or 8 steps when it was dry.  I left my towel in my room and walked the hallways to the pool.  Walking the halls, I couldn't keep from having at least 1" of butt-cleavage showing.   I went to the indoor pool and there were three or four more women and a guy in the pool.  I pulled up the suit in the back but by the time I walked in the area and around to the lifeguard, my buttcrack was showing again.   The lifeguards both complemented my suit.  One said, the thong was great, but this suit is just as nice.  They both smiled.

I spent five days wearing a variety of unlined, super low rio suits (M29U, I believe).  A couple of them were slightly sheer when wet.  There were other lifeguards, mostly girls, but a couple of guys.  I tried to avoid the guys, but I decided I'd just be embarrassed if I had to talk to the male lifeguards and continue to visit the pool and get the enjoyment of the tiny suits.  Another female lifeguard, on the 3rd or 4th night, stopped me near the pool closing time (her male partner for the night was gone, taking towels, laundry or trash away).  She talked to me for at least 15 minutes and kept looking down.  Other people were leaving the pool, signing out, and walking right by me. It was an awesome experience.   The pool officially closed, the male lifeguard returned and walked by me, ignoring me.  She continued to talk while he turned off the lights finished shutting down.   She said she really liked my suit and said she'd like to see more like that around there.  She told me they had a health club and that I should join if I lived nearby.  

In July, I wasn't really working in Lousiville, but I was just caught between jobs.  I stayed at the Executive Inn again.  I only left the hotel two or three times in a six day stay.   Some of the female lifeguards welcomed me back.  I swam in both pools; walked the halls passed security, maintenance, and housekeeping; sunbathed beside the outdoor pool and on an elevated sundeck; got ice and sodas from the machines farthest from my room; and went to my car as if I needed to get something... all this while wearing nearly nothing...  I wore Skinz, Prevail and Muscleskins during this stay.   A couple of the housekeepers would "look away" while others stared.  On this visit, my room had a balcony.  I would lay out there in a g-string or a thong.  One day, my housekeeper entered my room while I was on the balcony.  She caught me in a g-string and seemed to take forever to clean my room.  She even came out to sweep the balcony.  Again, another great experience.
I just wish I had known about this perfect place to stay before last summer!!!

I was going to stay there again, but learned it was shut down in December!  :(

skimpythong #31

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/01/2009 08:32:34Copy HTML

At the gym lately I have been wearing very short lycra shorts.  They cover 1-2 inches of leg, so they are not quite "booty shorts" but pretty close.  It is rare to see men wearing lycra shorts of any kind at my gym, so it took a bit of courage for me to get to this point.  There are a few women who wear similar shorts, but not many. I've never noticed thong lines at the gym and it never occurred to me that people could see mine... 
stanpuppy #32

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/02/2009 08:05:14Copy HTML

Killer sighting yesterday.  Sitting on one of the abdominal machines where you twist side to side i noticed an (approx) 45 year old total MILF.  She was wearing a brown PUMA sweat suit.  I happened to be standing behind her doing something when as she started turning from side to side she exposed the top of her tiny pink G-string.  It was great to watch as she twisted from side to side, it ducked into her pants and then popped out.  She did three sets.  I did 4.
stanpuppy #33

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/13/2009 05:55:55Copy HTML

Double sighting today.  Just got back from doing some serious squats and aside from being exhaused, i had one of the best VTL days ever.  One of the trainers at the gym (Karen) is a mega mega hottie.  She is probably 35-38 years old, with 2 kids (pictures on her station) and has the tightest hottest little body ever.  She is very petite, but super well proportioned.  She always wears either black running tights (when she trains) or little black booty shorts (when she works) out.  I know she is a thong gal as i have seen the vpl a hundred times...but...today was special.  She was wearing a very thin pair of tights today (more like a dancers tights than running tights).  I was doing squats and she was on the nearby mats training some much older lady on some ab exercises.  WHen she knelt down and bent over i saw the whites of her cheeks throught the thin material and the very clear outline of the black thong she had underneath.  YAY!!!!
Later in the same day some high school hottie was working out with her little soffie shorts and spandex tank.  SHe was doing ab exercises on an ab machine and the very clear outline of her red v-string style triangle was showing through her shorts.

Made the exhaustive leg workout worth it!!!
Robin1990 #34

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/19/2009 05:08:52Copy HTML

 i wear thongs or bikinis as underwear to the gym.  a jock at the gym
JM_Runs #35

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/26/2009 08:33:25Copy HTML

I want to wear my thong under shorts to the gym to show it off , so I want the shorts to be fairly see through . Some shorts have nets which is a problem , I dont want to start cutting them out . So what shorts would you advise , obviuosly a light colour like white/yellow but what material . I want to get them from a UK shop so especially any Uk opinions would be helpful . Paul
skimpythong #36

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/28/2009 04:58:03Copy HTML

I would advise lycra
Sharon73 #37

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/28/2009 12:37:56Copy HTML

i agree, lyca is good to wear over thongs at the gym.  I do.  It does allow them to see that I am wearing a thong and I can tell they know it
JM_Runs #38

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/29/2009 06:55:57Copy HTML

I dont fancy lycra , I mean mens shorts
John Howard #39

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/29/2009 08:19:20Copy HTML

The other day a girl at the gym wore a whale tail for everyone to see while training on the spin bike.
Her lycra pants were well below the thin part of her thong covering her bum.
She is known as a bit of a show off girl, she likes to be the centre of attention.
Somehow it wasn't that appealing.  It was too obvious.
However, when it's done in a casual way (planned or not), it's a different story.
There's a mature woman (forties) who trains very hard wearing lycra pants and her thong line is very obvious.
But as she is training very hard with her personal trainer, it doesn't come across as a show off.
The other day she started to moan because of a hard set of weights.  She usually trains to failure.
The thong view plus the moaning turned on all the men around her.
Very sexy.

John Howard
modelnude4u #40

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/29/2009 11:11:27Copy HTML

I WAS the thong sighting at the gym yesterday!

The girl closing on weekends now is this super hot lifeguard from last summer.
We flirted a little last year when I'd lay out in a thong while she was watching the pool.
Usually the 11-12 hour was pretty quiet, so I'd layout and it gave her someone to talk to.

Saturday evening, I was at the gym until the 6:00 close time.  At about 5 til with the place clearing out, I decided that I would head to the locker room, strip down and take a quick shower, then sit in the sauna for a few. (the sauna is in the locker room area) Anywhere in there, I figured my lifeguard would come in to shut down the lights and take out the trash from the locker room. 

I finished the shower, and hit the sauna.  Always love the feeling of the dry heat right after a shower.  I figured she'd be there any moment, hollar in to see if anyone was there, and then come on in.  Being in the sauna, I could easily claim I didn't hear her, but then stroll out naked and get "caught". It was about 5 after, and I was starting to think she wasn't coming, so I decided I'd head into the locker room portion to get dressed and leave.

My locker was actually in perfect view of the door, so I was still at risk.  I opened up the locker, naked all the time, pulled out my bag and clothes, laying them out on a bench.  I was just pulling up a black thong when the door swung open, and in walks my fantasy girl!  No knock, no hollar, just walked right in!  I was half bent over with my back and butt to her with my underwear about to my thighs, and a very strong thong tan line, on full display. 

She stopped in her tracks and said "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!  I thought everyone was gone!"
I told her it was surely my fault for being so slow to get ready.  She argued that she should have knocked, etc.   During this time, I'd pulled the thong up into place, but we're still having this conversation with me in my underwear only. 
She said "I'll let you finish up, but nice butt by the way." and bounced out the door.

I could barely see straight as I put my clothes on, and knew I'd have to walk right past her on the way out.
I came around the corner to the front desk, and as I was starting to apologize for the exposure, she said "Don't worry about it, it's not the first time I've surprised someone in there". She leaned in, "If you want the truth, It's one of the perks of the job.  Guys aren't prone to complaining like the girls would if the situation were reversed!"

She told me to have a great night and off I went.
I'm not normally at the gym at this time of day, but I think I may have to adjust my schedule.  This could be fun for all involved.

I know this sounds like a bit of a fantasy, but I've been going to this gym for 4 years, and trying to set up such a situation when there is a young cutie working, and this is only the 3rd time I've been able to make it work.  None worked quite as well as this one, mainly because she didn't instantly run back out the door!

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Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/30/2009 09:06:25Copy HTML

Not your typical thong sighting at a gym but when we were these after work, the reception was very busy as there was a change of shift going on.

There were a couple of the instructors there helping out and they were dressed in tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, as my wife was enquiring about an upcoming yoga class, the instructor bent down to a drawer to get a timetable out for my wife and showed us a sexy lacy black thong!  She had a tasteful little tattoo just above the top of it too.

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Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:04/26/2009 05:25:01Copy HTML

 I wear tights to the gym  underneath various thongs and strings, most people run away when i workout or simply mumble to there friends thats sick.

Most woman don't wear thongs or tights and hot shorts anymore at the gym. They wear pant style which are capri or long pant which are loose towards the knees and below.

Forget about woman wearing thongs over there leotards or catsuits, those days are sadly over.
Steeve666 #43

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/18/2009 02:46:57Copy HTML

 I used to have my thong tan lines at the gym but decided to go all naked with no lines at all this year. I was the only one wearing thongs and having that kind of tan lines. Some guys were looking - most of them athletic or bb. Had a good time, but you can feel the pressure! LOL
mack_back #44

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/22/2009 04:52:26Copy HTML

 I just came from the gym late at night i wore running tights but with a longer shirt to cover my rear. I look athletic in tights but i felt some guy looking at me, while i was doing sit-ups, with one foot crossed on me knee, then he whispered to his buddy sitting beside him something about a thong only word i heard. The other guy replied, "i know" then they both got up and left. I didn't make eye contact or look there way just kept working my abs.
 I guess they were talking about me because know one was around but i feel my thong underneath my tights are not at all noticeable.

 From what i see i can't in the life of me figure out how these guys noticed i had a thong on underneath my dark nylon running tights. To me if somebody was wearing the same as me i would say they had no underwear or thong on underneath there tights. Believe me if a woman had tights on i would be the first to spot a thong for sure.

 To me a really turn off is a woman wearing tights or bike tight shorts and showing off her ass and hips and find some big panty line outline on her rear. To me if you wear tights or tight spandex shorts  have the decency to wear nothing or a thong underneath no matter how old you are. The last thing i want to see is a large full panty line on your rear end.
redraider55 #45

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/26/2009 09:40:35Copy HTML

I'm a little sneaky with my wife. When she's getting dressed for the gym, she asks me if her g-string is visible thru her pants or shorts. I ALWAYS tell her no, even though the string is visible thru the material. You have to look closely to really see it. It makes my day to see her g-string line thru the material!
stanpuppy #46

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/27/2009 12:35:24Copy HTML

Thats funny redraider...I do the same thing!!!  Actually, the only time my wife wears a G to the gym is when she is having her period, the rest of the time she goes commando, but i do the same thing with her street pants, shorts, even her tops (when she asks if i think she needs a bra).  I hate to admit it, but i get a little bit turned on knowing that other guys can see a bit
redraider55 #47

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/29/2009 02:27:25Copy HTML

Thong sighting today, but not at the gym. My wife and I chaperoned our son's 5th grade bowling party today. I noticed and then pointed out to my wife that another mother had her normal-sized red thong riding way above her low-rise capris. My wife's eyes bugged out as she said "Oh my!". She then promptly elbowed her friend (another mom) whose eyes also bugged out. They had a good chuckle and then both got out the cameras to take a photo.
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Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/30/2009 11:42:25Copy HTML

I gave a thong sighting at the gym this past weekend :) Swam laps in the indoor pool as part of my workout than moved outside onto the sundeck to tan in my 1" side bikini. I decided to tighten up the sides in the back to get more sun and a smaller tan line. Most everyone swimming in the pool or on the sundeck keeps to themselves and after a bit, I realized I could just roll up my rear sides and make a thong out of my suit which is exactly what I did. I laid on my stomach several times, about an hour total and got a nice thong tan line just in time for our upcoming beach trip. I know some people in the pool area got a glimpse of my rear in the thong but I got no hassle, no double takes or comments. A couple ladies even smiled, haha.
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Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/01/2009 10:49:44Copy HTML

Had another nice sunny day to hit the gym pool for laps and a tanning session on the sun deck after wards. Wore a Ergowear bikini this time with skimpier sides and rolled the back up into a thong for tanning my rear. During my time on the deck, a beautiful lady, I am guessing mid to late 20's, joined me and laid down on the chaise lounge right next to me. She smiled and said hello before stripping down to a cute pink bikini. She had a sexy eastern European accent to go with her sexy body. We chatted a bit about the weather and the swimming before I had to leave. She excused herself once to go inside to cool off in the water and I used the indoor shower for the same reason. I loved it that she was staring at me the entire time and didn't hide her wandering eyes. I told my wife when I got home and she laughed at my amusement by it all. I love summer.
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Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/09/2009 08:17:35Copy HTML

 Had a great thong sighting last night at my local Gold's Gym. I was in-between sets of walking lunges with weights when I looked over into the basketball/volleyball court and saw a very nice, curvy blonde practically pull down her sweatcapris to fix her thong. She stuck both hands down the back of her sweatcapris in a way that fully exposed her nice butt and exposed a wide-band, black thong. I happened to be positioned by the window, so that I was probably the only person who saw this. Her thong exposure happened in about a 2-second span. Quick, but memorable!
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