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John Howard #51

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/10/2009 08:22:36Copy HTML

I'm not into providing thong sightings at the gym myself, but I think I sometimes do it while using the spinning bike.  Approx every 5 minutes into it, my Skins tights start to roll down the waist.  These Aussie brand of compression tights is quite nice, but the problem is that it doesn't have a drawcord around the waist, only the elastic with the Skins logo.  This doesn't happen with my other brands of compression tights, as they have a drawcard and they don't roll down.
Elastomeric material (as is basically lycra spandex) tends to deteriorate naturally with time.
This tights are more than 2 years old, and as I said they start to roll down.
I very quickly pull them down and then up to the adjust them at the waist while resting on the saddle every 5 minutes.  Usually it's only ladies who are behind me, so I really don't care if anyone can see.
They might have, but haven't received any negative comments. 
All I have noticed is that there's always ladies working out  in the equipment right behind me.
Maybe they are waiting for a thong sighting at the gym.

John Howard
alisa63 #52

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/15/2009 09:23:21Copy HTML

I go to the gym everyday and either wear stetchy capri pants or running shorts with either a g string or thong underneath.  Can't stand grannie panties or commando.  Anyway I usually try to match up the right thong to pants or shorts so that they don't show, but there are days when I look at my butt in the mirror and realize I made a bad choice.  I figure "what the heck" and go ahead and work out anyway.  I'm not trying to be tacky, but sometimes it happens.  That being said, there is only one time that I flashed any sort of whale tail.  I was doing a spinning class and wearing a t back that had lost most of the elastic.  The damn right side side string kept sticking out.  I was in the middle of the class (in the front row) and it kept popping out.  I'd stick it back in, but it would pop right back out as I there was little to I could do to fix it until I got off the bike.  Needless to say, when I got back to the locker room, I threw that sucker away (sorry guys!)

As far as the thong outline, that is enevitable...I usually just try not to stick my ass out towards people if I can help it.
JM_Runs #53

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/16/2009 12:32:24Copy HTML

great story alisa.  to bad your thong worn out.  When women wear thongs under their stretchy pants it's pretty sexy but it doesnt even phase me you know.  It's normal.  I cant stand grannie panty lines.  Anyhow i was the thong sighting today at the gym.  I wore my calvin klein steel thong.  Black of course.  And recieved some awkward looks in the locker room.  Im in shape so it didnt even phase me.  I figured i was out of town and not at my home gym so what the heck.  I stepped on the scale showing off my buns, got dressed, and hit the weights.  I wish thonging was mainstream you know.  They fit much more anatomically correct especially for guys especially for the gym.  Oh well i hope one day it catches on and i hope i gave some of those guys some ideas of curiosity.
SlidingG #54

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/16/2009 12:35:15Copy HTML

Thongs are mainstream at my health club insofar as I've worn them there for years, and I'm a mainstream guy, yet I'm still the only one.  It's a company facility, these blokes are my friends and colleagues, I'm very open about it, and there are no reactions at all, but also no copying, either.  I figure people just wear what they like and are comfortable in, and I'm afforded the same consideration.  I was nervous at first, but no longer, people just don't seem to care.  Which is reasonable, no reason they should.   
JM_Runs #55

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/16/2009 03:13:56Copy HTML

sliding g- How did you get to that point?
SlidingG #56

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 01:57:30Copy HTML

I was nervous at first, just like starting thonging at the beach, so I took it easy, like quickly dressing and undressing at my locker.  But when I got no reactions, I got bolder and bolder, and started going about business as usual, like strolling to the counters to comb my hair, or to the scales to weigh in or into the bathroom.  As I often say, exhibiting self-confidence and casual non-chalance goes a long way, telling people you're totally comfortable, and they'd be the odd ones to feel a need to comment.

It probably helps that I'm an older, conservative fellow, well known to my friends and colleagues -- with the company 38 years and a health club member about 21.  Maybe my thongs startled them at first, but they know me as a straightarrow and as a solid citizen, so I may get the benefit of the doubt.  I'm proud to wear my wedding ring always, and many know or have met my wife, so that may add some credibility.  I feel like a thong ambassador, spreading the message it's okay to wear what you like.  They learn I'm still the decent chap they've always known, or I come across as a decent chap to the new guys I meet.I doubt many women know I thong, since folks don't see them on the gym floor.  They're either well covered under spandex, or out of sight under running shorts.  A little cheek may show when stretching, but better that than the strap of a jock, which I think is unsightly.  I really don't care who knows my underwear preference since it's just a personal choice from among the many reasonable choices available and doesn't say much about me as a person.  Other than that I'm a bit daring, and that's fun.      
AzThongLover #57

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:27:17Copy HTML

Alisa63- As Tacky as you girls think "Whale Tail" is........ It's not! Guys for the most part love it! I can't tell you how turned on I get when my wife shows her thong. It's Hot!!!
JM_Runs #58

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 03:31:25Copy HTML

Sliding G-pretty good way to get to that point.  Act as if it's normal and it becomes normal.  Happy thonging!
tanga #59

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:29:22Copy HTML

I got a nice comment about my HOM sport thong in the changing room at the gym this morning, I had taken my shorts off to get changed and the guy next to me commented that he thought thongs were cool but he was embarrased that he didn't have a good enough physique to carry one off.  I said that it didn't matter as long as he found them comfortable and enjoyed wearing them.  If you're worried about your physique, you could increase your training but my view was that if you want to try it then go for it!

Hopefully he'll go and get one now, I bet he has a couple sneaked away at the back of his underwear drawer!
JM_Runs #60

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:32:51Copy HTML

You know i'll continue being my normal self.  Why not be comfortable right?  I was reading about the japenese underwear preference and thongs and skimpy bikinis are the norm over there.  I though to myself how wonderful would that be you know.  I'll continue thonging at the gym and hopefully we can start a trend.  Happy thonging!
XChip #61

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/17/2009 10:26:58Copy HTML

I belong to a gym in Paris.  I go there 3 times a week for a pretty big workout.  (I'm 69, in pretty damn good shape for my age (5 ' 10", 160).)  In the locker room I'm naked between my locker and the shower, and back.  I've got a prince albert and pierced nips, and the underwear I put on when I'm getting dressed is a always a small black g string.  There has never, EVER, been any negative comment about any of this, or any comment at all, in fact.  (One guy once asked me if the PA hurt, but never anything else.)  Younger guys are often modest and stay covered up, but that's another story.  For me, I yam what I yam and it all goes just fine.
ozthong #62

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:09/18/2009 12:44:18Copy HTML

I think I'm the only one that wears thongs at my gym. Everytime I change to my bikini swimwear people would notice my g-string but so far no negative comments.
XChip #63

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:09/18/2009 10:39:17Copy HTML

 My standard underwear is a black g string (usually a cotton one from Undergear).  That's what I take off at the gym as I change into workout clothes; that's what I put back on after I shower.  Nobody ever bats an eye.  This is in Paris.
6242 #64

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:10/31/2009 01:18:56Copy HTML

 Should I "show" my thong at the gym. I am embarrassed. However, I look very "decent" and fat old men walk around naked.
modelnude4u #65

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:10/31/2009 01:49:39Copy HTML

 Go for it, and don't be embarrassed at all.  Why should you be embarrassed about your underwear choice? 
John Howard #66

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:10/31/2009 05:45:46Copy HTML

it takes a few repetitive homeworks at your gym's changing room, to get used to the idea of behaving 100% normal when getting changed or having a shower.
Avoid the showers that have doors, try to shower in the common showers where everyone can see your tan lines; don't use the last bench in the changing room so you can hide, instead choose the one in the front next to the big mirrors so everyone can see what you wear.
BUT don't overdo it, don't parade exaggerately in front of everyone, just do what you would normally do if you were wearing a pair of prudish boxer shorts.
Nobody would say anything, they would get used to see you and that would be it.
If those overweight men have no embarassment to show off their bellies, why should you be any embarassed to show your underwear or swimwear.
Sunson #67

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:11/15/2009 10:59:47Copy HTML

Today, it was a very good day.... (almost like Frank Sinatra, if you know what I mean;)) at the gym.
Sundays, I am starting my trainig at 9am, cause there´s still not manny people. And only saturdays, I wear thongs under tight running pants. But long enough T short to cover thonglines. But today I saw two guys in tight running pants. I dodn´t see what they wear - one was a fattie and kept doing one excercise in 40 minutes, the other had long T shirt. But that´s not the point.
Point is - there were about 10-12 women, 80% of them wear tight pants (wow). Some of them had - I belive - hard days, so I could see grandma underwear, but others were wearing nice boxer shorts underneeth.
And one chock wast stunning - she trained only her stomache and butt - she had grey tight running pants, and nothing, or some skimpy thongs I couldn´t see form behind, under. She was really hot (7,5\10).
TonyFetish #68

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/05/2010 06:02:46Copy HTML

Nothing gives me more of a rush than seeing fellow thongers in public.

I was at the gym the other night (24 hour fitness) and was doing some laps in the pool alone. I usually wear 1'' speedos and once in a great while will see other men wearing similar swim attire. I was taking a break when a guy, I'd say in his mid-20's walked in. He was wearing lengthy board shorts and carrying a towel. Just as I start to do a mental sigh he puts his towel down and takes off his board shorts. He was now wearing only a small black (addidas, I think) swim suit.  I got up, and got back in the pool hoping he'd notice me. He then bent over and I saw he was wearing a white thong under it!

I wish more guys would be thong-friendly. At least bikini friendly. Little events like this give me hope :)
joshuaspain #69

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/05/2010 03:33:58Copy HTML

 I was in the gym changing when this 30+ professional in suit and tie came in and started changing.  I was just walking out to the training area and walked past him as he was pulling down his pants and revealed a thong.  I have seen him on several occasion and he is always wearing either thong or g-string underwear... I totally agree with TonyFetish...  little events like this give me hope as well :-)  
frankinstine #70

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/22/2010 10:45:38Copy HTML

I've gotten used to changing into and out of thongs and g strings at the gym. I get a weird look or two every once in a while but i'm used to it. I wear yoga pants to stretch and work out sometimes. I'm an acrobat so i'm thin and in good shape and i love showing off my lower body.

I haven't seen any other guys in thongs or had many, if any thong sightings but i have provided more than a few. G strings plus flexibility training or handbalancing(handstands) usually equals a whale tail or two.
winebob #71

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/24/2010 07:08:09Copy HTML

Found a new gym which has pool.  Since I have been going there for the last two months I have only worn Thong swim suit.  I have seen only one bikini suit on a guy.  Most of the time others are swimming and I have not gotten any odd comments.  The girls look and smile and  some have talked too me while in the pool.  I have check out the pool on most days to see how it is and wore thong each time.
winebob #72

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/28/2010 09:54:21Copy HTML

Went to the pool again today and just got home.  Wore thong for hour in pool and had others in pool at same time. No odd comments of any kind.  Had two middle aged women in pool also.
I exercise at club and then use the pool for about hour when I can.  I waint until the arobic type classes are over.
Camloser #73

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 08:12:11Copy HTML

 I usually wear speedos (1" solars) in the pool, but I will shower and show off my thong tan lines. No one has said anything...other than a few extra long looks.
BeachBum413 #74

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/07/2010 10:55:02Copy HTML

I also wear the Speedo 1" solar at the Y and have had a few looks but no one has said anything.
I know that thongs are out at the Y so the Speedo 1"solar is about as small as I can wear there.
stanpuppy #75

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/08/2010 01:40:36Copy HTML

Had an epic one today.  Was working out with the wife when some other couple were sharing the leg press machine.  The husband was in relatively good shape and wearing normal exercise clothes (shorts/sleeveless shirt).  The wife was rather curvy and carrying about 30 extra lbs, mostly around the hips and butt.  She was wearing those long spandex exercise pants that many women in our gym wear.  When she bent over to load the machine, the super tight pants got very very sheer and you could see her white thong plain as day.   Just goes to prove my theory that thongs are almost ubitiquous on women as underwear...dont believe what you read in the fashion journals about boy shorts taking over...thongs are alive and well with women
ozarkG #76

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/08/2010 03:22:54Copy HTML

I've been going to our new community center/gym for a few weeks now. And so far I think I am the only thonger there. I really haven't been looking too hard. Most of the women that wear lycra/spandex or compression, are wearing standard panties. The closest I came to seeing a thong was on a woman wearing full length spandex pants next to me on Friday, and she was either wearing a thong or going commando.
  And I think I was giving a bit of a show Friday night in the pool area. I was bending over getting something out of my bag for the kids and by back was to one of the glass walled "party" rooms. I noticed a couple of wome/young ladies were pointing and looking in my direction. As I was walking back to the pool I reached back to check my shorts and noticed that my thong was riding a bit over my swim shorts.
  I've been trying to find out what the rules are for swim attire are for the community center, but I can't find anything on-line for the center and there is nothing listed in the informational hand book.
Steeve666 #77

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 12:15:01Copy HTML

I just moved into an appartment complex with maybe 1000 persons living here and they have a gym/pool/sauna. I go to the gym every two days and I feel free to wear whatever I want. I've been training for years and am very proud of my body. I really do not care to walk around with my thong in the locker room. We are located next to a university campus - downtown and I am impressed by the openess of the people. Most guys do not wear underwear and all of them - I would say - don't really care in the locker room, in the shower room or in the sauna. The other day - after a long hard training session - i got down to my thong. I was sporting a huge bulge. Some guys looked at me - impressed. I removed my thong but completely forgot about my cockring LOL! I said to myself: the hell with it and I went to the sauna.
stanpuppy #78

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 04:33:57Copy HTML

Because nothing says "serious athlete" like squatting with a XXX ring on.......
JM_Runs #79

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 07:10:29Copy HTML

Umm Ouch!!!  I don't own a ring as mentioned and could not imagine wearing such a device to the gym.  I've thonged at the gym in an athletic cut thong but again I say no hardware.  Anyhow to reel in this topic, I changed gyms and to my suprise the cheerleaders of the local football team work out at my new gym.  Nothing motivates you more than working out next to pro cheerleaders wearing spandex pants/shorts and sports bras.  Those chicks are in damn good shape and i've seen a thong poking out a time or two from their wastelines. 
Popeye1 #80

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 10:10:18Copy HTML

Steeve,  Strutting around the gym sporting an XXX is not helping the image of thongers. Peace Popeye
Steeve666 #81

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 03:05:55Copy HTML

Well, having a cockring and wearing a thong is the ultimate experience - I think. When you wear a thong, you like to show off your bulge. No? I don't see why it does not help the image of thong wearers. But I respect your opinion. Have a good one.
Thongsc #82

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/09/2010 03:29:14Copy HTML

Come on who doesn't work out wearing a cockring?  Not only does it help your posture and form while working out, when you spot someone benching it gives them something to concentrait on and look at..
But seriously I have to question why someone would want to walk around the locker room with an XXX from a cockring, unless they were cruising the locker room...
As far as showing off the bulge for the "ultimate experience"?  I'm more of a natural kind of guy, I don't need to wear a cockring while thonging to feel important or worthy...  I'm a grower and ok that my "bulge" isn't prominently displayed while thonging.  Call me wacky or a prude but I don't feel the need to have a manipulated XXX to thong.  But thats just my opinion.
ithongit #83

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/10/2010 06:11:54Copy HTML

I realize, like most adults, that being hard is one of several natural states for a man to be in, and that perhaps we as a society are too closed minded about these types of issues.  In younger men, many things can cause this harding, but as most men grow, the full sized manhood is generally only associated with sexual situations.  This perception is even true when the man is covered completely with an opaque covering (ie a thong).  Few observers of a man at full attention even when hidden by a thong will think of any reason for the display other than as a sexual show or as a reponse to sexual stimulation.  To me as a woman, seeing a man grow when he sees me is a compliment to how I look or what I am doing. 

The state a man is in is just one of many realities of how our bodies look and function which are often censored or at least which are not discussed in "proper" circles.  Remember the Janet Jackson costume "accident"?  A three second clip of Ms. Jackson's breast has probably set back commercial television at least 25 years.  Was it on purpose?  Who cares, the results are the same regardless of how it happened.  Nude paintings and sculptures, even at prominent art galleries are sometimes the cause of complaints.  Movie ratings are based partially on what is shown, and for how long.  The play "theVagina Monologes" which features a group of women who humorously discuss the issues of being a women and the problems and joys of their bodies has caused fear in many locations, and has even received bomb threats.

I read with horror excerpts of laws which seek to punish men for being seen in a "turgid" state, even when wearing clothing, and wonder how such a law came to exist and how such a law can be enforced.  Should a man be arrested when he slow dances at a bar and gets a little too excited to be with the girl he is with?  What about rock stars who have a reputation of showing their excitement under skin tight costumes during their performances?  But then I think about the fact that these laws were enacted by people, perhaps not the majority of people, perhaps not average people, but still people who have strong feelings against seeing men who are too turned on.  Let's face it, right or wrong, many people do not want to see this, and this feeling probably is stronger as the clothing gets smaller and/or where the audience for such a display expands to include younger ones, impressionable teens, or perhaps even older people. 

For this reason, I have to agree that a man displaying himself purposefully in a turgid state when wearing a thong is probably harmful to all thongers, except in a private location or one which is very liberal.  Most people, both men and women, will find such a display inappropriate anywhere else.  Just because women (and some men) enjoy Chipendale shows and Playgirl type literature does not mean that all people want to see men "pumped up" at all times.  The sight of a man showing off in this way, even if under a thong, will disturb many to complain, and how will they complain?  It won't be "the tall man over there in the blue swimsuit is turgid.", it will be "the pervert over there IN THE THONG is turgid."  This will make ALL thonging men to be associated with the few who are the true source of their complaint.

I love seeing Randy (my husband) and other men at full attention at the right times and in the right situations, but I have no use for men who show themselves off in this way simply becasue they can use a "C ring" to trick their bodies into this display whenever they want. 

Popeye1 #84

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/10/2010 10:18:25Copy HTML

Traci, You're the best! Peace Popeye
aregularjoe #85

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/10/2010 05:45:09Copy HTML

 just went to the gym today on campus and wore my bright red man power thong under some gym shorts.
DoreFan #86

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/10/2010 06:30:56Copy HTML

I love your posts. They are always well written, logical, well thought out, and sensible. People don't have to agree with your beliefs, but they have to respect the way you put your thoughts out there. You are one of the best articulated people on this board. I think you would make a great conversationalist.

Keep up the good work!

ozarkG #87

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/17/2010 09:01:52Copy HTML

Have finally "seen" a few thongs at my community center gym. Three different weman, wearing lycra shorts or longer running type pants. At first you just don't see any VPL, which make me think they're going comando. but uppon further scrutiny, you can see thong panty lines way up by the waste band of they're spandex.
  I have also been taking a Hapkido class the last 6 weeks or so. Last night was the first person other than me that I know was wearing a thong. A girl/woman younger than me,  heavy set/over weight/ chunkey, what ever makes her happy, I'm nothing to look at, I've got a large flabby spare tire that I'm trying to get rid of, so I'm not making judgement on her. Any ways, her uniform pants fit her tighter than mine do, and mine are probly two sizes too small. No VPL on her to start with, so I thought she was commando cause her dimpled cottage cheese cheeks were stretching the pants fairly well. But then during the beginning of the next class, there are two back to back that I take some nights, she was doing some stretches in front of me while I was re-wrapping my wrist, I could see the distinct shape of a darker colored thong. I thought "sweet", I'm not the only one wearing a thong to class. All be it, probly the only guy.
  I have no incling as to her thong preferance. Whether it's her usual wear, an occasional thing, or a comfort thing for exercise. But I can tell you for sure that she is more comfortable taking the class in a thong than anything larger, as am I. At a minimum because of the range of motion that we go thru during stretching and actuall class.
  I don't know if anyone has noticed that I thong. My pants are not tight enough to make the thong pronounced. But I'm sure the waist band rides up above my pants some during class. If any one has noticed they have either not wanted to bring it up, why should they, or they don't care. Or they may think it is some sort of jock, as is recomended when we have sparing classes.

  Also, I think my gym may be hinting subtly to its members to thong. I noticed today the the magazine holders that are around have a distinct shape to them. I meant to take a picture to post, I will do that tomorrow. They are two slot holders that are split in the front. And if looked at by thongers, they look like regular thong silohuets. As when thongs are advertised on-line or in print media. I thought it was kind of funny.
ozarkG #88

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/29/2010 12:55:41Copy HTML

Here it is.
stanpuppy #89

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/29/2010 01:20:26Copy HTML

I had an epic sighting recently, akin to OzarkG's.  I was at the gym when a very young girl (probably later high school) came in with 4 friends.  She was "not slender" but was wearing very tight clothes.  Her shorts were the thinnest cotton imaginagble and pure white.  They were the super short booty shorts that lots of young girls wear today.  Underneath she was wearing a red print thong.  The cotton was so thin, you could see the pattern plain as day.  Functionally there was almost no point to wearing the shorts as the thong could not be any more clear to the eye.  She had to have known you could see it.  Her friends were often time behind her as she was bending over and but they said nothing to her.  She walked around completly uncaring, which was kinda cool.
maozer2003 #90

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/30/2010 12:42:20Copy HTML

 Hi Ozark G - thanks for posting the picture of "thong-back" magazine racks in your gym - you're right, that is what they look like!Phil   
notherbigr #91

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/07/2010 02:06:14Copy HTML

 I have been wearing some of my new Muscleskins thongs quite a bit to the gym under my shorts.  They're comfortable and they fit the bill for holding everything in place during activities.  I do a variety of things at the gym from workout/aerobic group classes to just plain gym rat stuff on the floor.  My gym is a very mainstream suburban type gym.  I'm pretty discreet in the lockerroom and do not strut around in a thong at all.  I just drop my shorts and wrap a towel around me for the walk to the showers. 

Yesterday I came down off the gym floor at the same time as a gym acquaintance.  We all have these types of people we know at the gym.  Friendly people you know only from the gym.  You see each other in passing on the gym floor and nod or say hi.   Entering the lockerroom we were engaged in some small talk about the Kentucky Derby.  He went to his locker in a different row and I went to my locker but the talk continued over the banks of lockers.  I thought I would be able to slip out of my clothes and towel up for my shower.  So he kind of surprised me when he came around the end of the locker row just as I was starting to slide my shorts down.  He took a relaxing pose as we continued to chat.  LOL!  Oh no! 

Under my shorts I was wearing my periwinkle blue Muscleskins poser 1/2 inch side thong.  The fabric is perfect on this thong and it's totally comfortable for working out.  What could I do?  I couldn't just slide my shorts back up as I stood there with my shorts around my thighs...

So I just dropped the shorts and stood there in my thong while continuing to talk about the horses and the drinking on the infield.  I didn't want to appear as if I were flustered by the entire event so I just stood there for a few more moments chatting casually before I finished undressing for the shower.  My gym buddy seemed not to notice or care whatsoever.

Something like this was bound to happen eventually I knew and it was cool in the end.  I don't see a need to walk around in a thong when going to the shower or shaving, a towel is fine for that and I'll continue that.  I think what was good about it was just those few moments standing with another guy chatting about nothing all the while in my thong.  Good fun.

hwtan #92

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/09/2010 07:25:43Copy HTML

i;m glad to say that my gym here, no questioning about what you wear as long as you are not naked!!

i always put on my thong under my tights
and the ladies here also don the same stuff

nice view!  :P
bryger #93

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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Once I got into thongs, I have up on my jock strap and always wore a thong under my gym shorts. Showered and then changed into another thong. I got looks from time to time but I was fine with it. Nothing but a thong since probably 1985 or so.
Zamwell #94

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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Used the uni gym here for the first time recently and spotted another guy in a thong a few yards away. This was quite early in the morning - always best to go when it's less crowded I think, as then you're not waiting for ages to use the machines - and we couldn't really avoid noticing each other so we got talking. Turns out he's an exchange student from Singapore who got into wearing thongs from his older sisters when he was thirteen or so. Singapore is basically hot and wet all year round, as I'm sure we all know, so thongs are really the best type of underwear for that area. Exchanged brand advice and the like and all in all he seems a pretty solid chap. Nice talking to him.
mack_back #95

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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To my surprise i was walking out of the steam room and seen a old gent turning the corner towards the showers. Only glancing at his backside nude noticed he had thong tanlines, he looked as he came from a vaction. You could notice my shock all the years i use the gym showers never seen a man in a thong or tanlines from one. The man looked older maybe late 50's but was surprising to notice i'm not only guy who ever had tanlines from a thong at my gym. 
JM_Runs #96

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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 That sounds like me : ) Just started really hitting the gym. I always wear thong underwear under my shorts and I change into thong underwear. I hit the steam room just wrapped in a towel and I take it off once in the steam room. I do get some second looks when guys see I have a distinct thong tanline. I haven't seen anyone else with one but I have seen some guys that are all over tanned.
JM_Runs #97

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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 They are rare at my gym/aquatic club. I did see a guy once with a really dark line. It was in February and he'd obviously been someplace warm and sunny. I hate winter and was kinda jealous having seen this guy and knowing he'd been some place warm and sunny. 
I wanted to comment and ask him where he'd been but we were both naked as jay birds in the shower and I certainly did not want it to seem obvious that I spied him.
SlidingG #98

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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I've commented on guys' fantastic tans in the shower at my health club, and it usually leads to pleasant conversations.  It's so obvious when you've been somewhere nice and have a great tan to show for it.  After January and February everyday on the beach here in Naples, FL, wearing only thongs, strings and sock jocks, I'll be real dark, and I assume everyone will notice when I get back home to my health club in Connecticut.  And I'll be ready to extol the experience to anyone who asks.  If I've kept the lines at bay in strings and sock jocks -- my preference -- they'll assume I'm a nudist (I'm not), but so what?  But if the lines are strong, like last year, they'll know I'm a thonger.  That doesn't bother me, but it's funny how less likely guys are to comment in that instance!
Gymbuff #99

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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Just before leaving the gym today, while I was getting dressed after showering, a guy in his mid to late twenties was getting changed out of his cycling gear. I didn't see the thong as such but there was definitely a thong-shaped imprint there...
mack_back #100

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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Seen my first thong sighting at the gym from a female. 
She was wearing yoga bootcut pants as many may know it had no drawstring to hold them up to the waist. Her hips made the pants stay on but the waistline was little loose.  So she was working out with her boyfriend doing standing alternating leg pulls front to back on a machine. Her boyfriend stood leaning watching her form from the back. Other three males walking by working just beside me on bench press.

 Suddenly the woman's waistband begins to slide lower as she repeatedly pulls her leg forward and back. As she labors through the workout the forward movement bringing her leg up shows her burgundy thong slightly. More higher her leg goes the pants start to drop seeing 3/4 of her buttocks. Easily her entire thong is visible from the back and every guy notices, watching.. Thought the woman would stop the exercise to adjust her pant, no she just kept going, while all of us behind her watched. It was quite funny to see all of us guys notice and stood staring exactly at one area doing nothing else. Not one word was spoken to anyone or pointing out to look over to her, we guys just drawn like a magnet it was amusing to see the eyeballs on her ass and yes that burgundy wine colored smooth thong which may have been a jockey nylon panty or VS... Got to love it, and for a woman to care enough to wear it under her fitted yoga tights with a matching contrasting top black  with burgundy accent at the hem matching it to her thong, nice job.... 
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