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Browser58 #101

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/10/2013 03:53:58Copy HTML

 Women tend to wear thongs under tight lycra at my gym classes.  They look good when tight and thin material and it works for them.   I've noticed a tendancy for more ladies to go without and it actually looks good.   Sometimes the skin shines through but thats the nature of lycra.   No one is rude and no one should comment.  I'm a wear nothing under dri-fit myself and the ladies seem happy with that and they have probably noticed.
I always wear a thong in the sauna but don't flaunt it and I wear a underwear thong regularly and put in on in the changeig room.  Everyone has there own undies some brief some not so but i cant stand bulky ones that feel like a nappy.
thonghound #102

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/19/2014 01:13:09Copy HTML

LOVE this thread ... Please keep it going/bring it back - nothing better than sniffing out babes at the gym with firm buns in t-backs, working on and showing off their tight glutes!  
mack_back #103

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/19/2014 02:38:23Copy HTML

As do some females wear lycra tights to the gym i often check weather they are correctly wearing a thong.. Well early this week i was working out noticed a very plump young women maybe 5'3" but had a wide big booty and some pudgy legs while a narrow waistline... Well i was staring upon her heathered  medium grey Lululemon in flow crop II She  really filled out well.. http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/crops-yoga/In-The-Flow-Crop-II?cc=11547&skuId=3535569&catId=crops-yoga

Well after watching her profile and walking passed me a few times she parked herself in front of me stretching her back on some equipment. Looking down she bent over seeing her curvy wide hips and narrow waistline her lower back was bare and noticed she was hiking up herwide waistband to cover the emerging noticeable lace light pink thong.... She even looked back towards me seeing if i caught a glimpse of it...
Just today i had a gym employee female training her legs and i was nearby doing the same wearing my unbelievable fitted lululemon capri tights. After we were done i approached the water fountain waiting for her to fill a bottle.. While waiting i had another women standing behind me burning a whole in my luon fabric and engorged glutes and legs. Had super bum cheek separation wedgie wearing my starwear thong Antilia coral colored, under some very printed white tights..... Nothing showed through but a smooth contour front to back nonetheless. 
While watching the female fill her bottle i looked as always her black capri tights had a wedgie, think she likes wearing it that way... Often see her looking in the mirror hiking her lycra tights showing off a wedgie, trying to look sexy.... My bum wedgie looked a lot better if i say so myself. Yet she needs to tone up a bit and wear the correct flattering tights other then she had on... After she was done i began to sip water out of the fountain while the women behind me was waiting watching for sure. Then the gym employee female who just filled up her water bottle, was leaving the gym floor, yelled out from a distance to the women behind me, guess they knew each other. Saying loudly as i finished drinking turning around, "He's wearing bike padding underneath, you won't see anything", then left without a trace. Noticed the women behind me nodded as she spoke to her,  i walked away thinking was that about me......?

While not finished my workout i began to do my cardio on a stationary bike. Only one bike was available directly in front of me.. Then noticed the cheeky female gym employee with new members in hand. She realized i was still here and knew i must of heard her comment towards my manhood earlier....She acted calm bringing the members to the bicycle in front while walking  behind me.... Although i did fold my lululemon waistband very low while still covering my thong straps with my compression shirt pulled down... Think the cheeky employee stood monitoring behind me was checking me out further seeing that my thong straps outline maybe showing through... Didn't say a word to her but i bet she was embarrassed knowing i was around and no less then 30 minutes ago she made some lude comments about me....
I must admit i did look super good that day and noticed when women finishing their cardio across the gym floor checked me out even when they seen me hundreds of times before..... Women's eyes don't lie, some of them may think i was to extreme as one who used a bike in front of me when the new members finished... Some couldn't bare to look upon me knowing fully well what i had bulging through... That can be expected from some prudish busy moms....
thonghound #104

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/28/2014 01:48:33Copy HTML

Just had a GREAT workout at the gym owing to the lovely scenery!  Lots of quality talent in spandex, yoga pants, etc. tonight.  One hottie was wearing tight black Lycra shorts working out with a trainer, don't think she had anything on underneath but didn't get a super-close look, unfortunately (missed the chance to walk by while she was briefly on the hamstring machine on her stomach doing leg curls - LOVE that machine for some amazing ass-viewing). :-( She had a great rack, too - nice big, round, firm puppies with well-defined cleavage I enjoyed studying while she was doing some push-ups and bench work.  Also, a blond babe in some nice gray yoga pants and a red t-shirt doing some calf raises.  Got a nice long look at her round rump as I walked by and thought she could definitely be wearing a thong underneath the spandex.  So fun to study women and especially their posteriors at the gym - love Lycra, babes and thongs yeah!!!
a_lex #105

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/30/2014 10:09:59Copy HTML

Yesterday I had an important experience: I wore my thongs at the gym for the first time! For many of you, this is no big deal at all, of course. But I need to stress the importance of it all because it was the first time I actually wore it in public - better, in a place (locker rooms) where I could actually be seen. Until yesterday, only a couple girlfriends had seen me in a thong. But since I'm wearing them more and more and plan to wear them on the beach this summer, I want to get used to wearing them everywhere, including where people can see me wearing them. So I went to the gym wearing thongs yesterday. Mind you, I didn't do anything in particular to be seen; but I didn't do anything not to be seen either as I changed into and out of my black Olaf Benz thongs in the locker rooms. I'm quite sure I was seen, and I didn't feel scared or intimidated. Felt free actually. I'm happy I decided to do it. My girlfriend also actively encouraged me to wear thongs at the gym, she loves seeing me in them and I also think she enjoys if other people see me wearing them.For many of you this would be an unremarkable experience, but I felt like sharing as it made me feel happy! :)

johny_b #106

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/30/2014 12:46:26Copy HTML

 you don't want to see what they wear to workout in here, they wear baggy jogging suits, i don't go to the gym anymore because of this. i am a boy and would wear mens leotards when i went. the girls would stare at me like i was a freak or something, now what i had on sure beats what those girls wear, jogging suits 3 times their size. most of the boys stopped going because of it also. it weird in a way.
SlidingG #107

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/31/2014 02:52:31Copy HTML

A_lex, I'm glad you shared your positive experience with us here on the board.  That's why we're here, to offer encouragement and moral support to those who dare, then hear of their triumphs.  Congrats on getting the job done.  And make sure to keep your girlfriend happy -- you're a lucky man to have a lady like that.
mack_back #108

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:04/04/2014 01:54:34Copy HTML

Not to hi-jack the the thread but a topic i'm interested in knowing. When someone suspects your wearing a thong. Be it they notice the VTL or no vpl through your tights, jeans, shorts are reactions different?
Know from experience when someone notices me or suspects i'm wearing a thong they don't react as shocked. Maybe because their not sure but stare trying to figure out is he wearing a thong or some sort of jock-strap. People who must suspect i wear a thong under my pants don't make a big deal out of it. Suppose because i'm covered up, unlike the beach, yet they can deal with it better. Whenever i notice a woman in leggings wearing a thong underneath i appreciate her more then when i see a VPL. Although i love seeing a women wearing nothing underneath, which i find provactive. Yet when i go natural underneath my pants women tend to focus and notice me more sometimes too much, Lol.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #109

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:04/06/2014 03:12:17Copy HTML

 I go to bikram yoga on a regluar basis and have two pairs of shorts that I wear.  They are both women's volleyball shorts which work perfect for the hot temps.  One is considerably thinner than the other.  I always have something on under both.  Sometimes they are Joe Snyder cheeky shorts, v-kini, or just a thong.  Under the thinner shorts you can see thru the fabric and tell what I have on underneath.   There is a mirror on the front wall and occasionally I'll catch the yoga instructor checking out my butt.  Of course I'm always checking out the women in the class.  Most don't wear anything underneath their pants/shorts as there is a lot of camel toe going on.
bbyrne78 #110

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/03/2014 06:38:33Copy HTML

I had a few clients use my gym to have some professional photos done for their figure competition portfolios.

Apart from the standard posing suits, all the other outfits were thong bikinis and thong lingerie (I think these were for personal reasons - LOL!).

These clients who would have been too nervous or intimidated to wear a thong in public a year ago, now proudly strutted their stuff in thongs knowing that once those photos made it into their portfolios, the whole world would see them.

Good for them!

Love Bren
nautirogue #111

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/18/2015 08:12:01Copy HTML

I notice visible thong lines on a lot of the ladies at my gyms.  It's not often that I actually see whaletails, but there are definitely women wearing thongs.

Personally, I generally wear thong underwear on a daily basis, so I get to the gym locker room and strip down in front of whoever happens to be around. If someone happens to see the thong I wore as underwear or the thong that I change into for my workout, so be it.  Often, I'm sure I have a whaletail when I run outside and take off my shirt.

My wife commonly wears thong bikinis when we work out together and hit the gym's hot tub.  Once, she even wore a very sheer thong and bikini to to the gym's hot tub.  There were a couple of other women in the hot tub at the time, and no one gave her any trouble.

When we do the hot tub, I usually wear a bikini or a semi-sheer squarecut.

This past December, my wife and I were wicked for a week at Hedo II.  In preparation for the sun, I fake-baked in an N2N thong for the month leading up to the trip.  I got a pretty good thongline going that I was a little bit conscientious of at the locker room, but not too much.  The gym I usually go to is near my work, and I was careful around co-workers, but wasn't at all concerned around anyone else. 

Since the trip, I've let the tan slide, but with boating season starting again, I'm starting the fake-baking again but I'm wearing the MateGear Extremely Sexy Mini Bikini that is the lowest of the low cut bikinis I've ever seen!  Seriously, the front pouch of this bikini barely covers (and sometimes it reveals) the top of my shaft.  My front tanline is nothing but waist strap lines meeting at my crotch.  There is no tanline visible above my @@@@@@ at all.  The rear tanline is kind of a small Braziliam bikini line that only rises about half way up my ass.  There is plenty of ass crack showing above this suit!

I know that this site is for thong bikini lovers, and as I've mentioned, I do wear thongs.  I'll be sporting them in public this summer at the beach, but right now I'm liking the solid tan that extends completely and evenly further down my lower back and onto my ass. 
mack_back #112

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/19/2015 12:49:07Copy HTML

Glad your not hesitant wearing or changing wearing a thong in the locker room. Maybe i'm weird but whenever wearing a thong changing which is always i turn facing others rather them seeing my thong backside. Often i get guys i don't know sigh shaking their head seeing i'm wearing a thong. Just for my sake i rather them not seeing it be it pink, orange, magenta color thongs i wear under my crop tights or skinny jeans. It bothers me a bit a dude looking and all do look upon me and judge that whatever i wear isn't right or appropriate for male to wear.
When this one guy snub attitude watched me take off my crop tights and seen my thong i wrapped a towel to go shower. Think he thought i was going swimming in it. When i got out of the shower i had on my bikini swimwear and he looked me over surprised assuming i be wearing the black CK 2220 seamless thong under my workout gear. Almost wanted to give him a stare what's your problem think i be wearing thong underwear to the pool? Really! Yet i be wearing a thong sooner or later to the pool gym and whirlpool but waiting to get a full tan.
southpaw66 #113

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/21/2015 03:30:17Copy HTML

 I can't see working out in anything other than a thong. The comfort and freedom of movement make it a necessity. Still though, I see women and men wearing bikinis and even boxer briefs under their tights. My own son included!  I should be a good dad and give him a thong to run in. VPL around your thighs is ugly. 
nautirogue #114

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/21/2015 03:21:04Copy HTML

 Mack_back, all of my thongs are man thongs.  No lacey, pink or magenta for me.  (I'll admit that I do have a green thong that I wore for a St. Patrick's Day party once, as well as a thong that has the LGBT rainbow waistband that I wear once in a while, but not to the gym.)  Today's is an IntyMan Sport Thong: black fine mesh, and cool.  I'm headed to the locker room now, and I have no concern about being seen in this one!
2xist #115

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/21/2015 07:31:42Copy HTML

 Does showing your thong tan line while change and showering after a Bikram class to the guys constitute a "sighting"?! 😜
ozarkG #116

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/23/2015 04:57:51Copy HTML

 I wear a thong daily, ànd also when i go to the gym. I dont do yoga and do not wear lycra/spandex shorts. I wear a short pair of cotton/jersey knit shorts. Nothing exciting i know, but they work for me. There is the possibility of my thong showing during my work out. Either while moving on a machine, streatching, or most likely when i use the cable pully machine. Im syre it has been visible but i have not noticed any reactions. And i also havent gotten any reactions when i change in the shower room after rinsing off after using the pool. Either me putting on or taking off a thong, or my thong tanline. I dont try to hide while drying off or changing. The shower/locker room is very small, so theres no missing someone. However i think people tr} not to look at other people while they are in there.
bbjuk #117

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:09/30/2015 08:39:10Copy HTML

 I wore a black Kiniki thong to the gym yesterday - shiny one but cant remember the name. I still feel a bit reluctant to turn round when I'm just in my thong where if I was in briefs I wouldn't be bothered at all. Still, when I finished my workout the locker room was much quieter and so I felt brave enough to go over to the urinals for a piss in just my thong and a (ass covering) t-shirt. I want to get to the position where it feels totally normal to be standing in the locker room wearing only a thong, like it (presumably) is for girls.
NWGirl #118

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:05/26/2017 08:58:51Copy HTML

I was sitting in the coed sauna at my gym this evening, wearing a thong as I have been lately when a guy wearing a speedo brief walked inside. We said hello and he took a seat. His friend joined him a minute later wrapped in a towel.

I started getting warm so I left to refill my water bottle. On my way out, they had a clear view of my backside. When I returned, the second guy had spread out his towel and was lying on his back. He was wearing appeared to be an even smaller bikini.

We got to talking and they complemented my suit. I said I'd been getting into thongs lately. The guy with the skimpier suit said, "me too," and revealed the thong back to his bikini.

We chatted for a while. Turned out they were just guests visiting for a squash league, so I'm not sure we'll meet again.
modelnude4u #119

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:06/08/2017 09:59:07Copy HTML

 I tend to BE the thong sighting at the gym, more often than I get to see others.  There have been a handful of girls doing some posing work in the glass walled studio for bodybuilding competitions, and they most always wear a thong bottom only.  I either have a thong tan line, or a thong visible as often as there's an appreciative seeming audience.
shavedandsmooth #120

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:09/14/2017 03:24:27Copy HTML

 when I go to my gym that is quite crowded I seem to be the only one who ever wears a thong. I most times feel uncomfortable when I know others see me but I know I look pretty good in a thong but don't act like it, I come to conclusion that most of them are not man enough to try one and brave to try
modelnude4u #121

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:09/17/2017 02:57:09Copy HTML

 Because of my thong tan lines for sure, every man in the place knows that I wear a thong.  When I change, I don't make any point of hiding, and I walk to the shower holding my towel. 
modelnude4u #122

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:10/26/2017 02:49:31Copy HTML

 I've been getting more bold at the gym, and have been hitting the hot tub in only a thong as long as there isn't a crowd there when I come in.  I think almost every manager and employee has seen either the tan lines or the thong, and none have said anything, so apparently as long as I don't make a scene of it, I'm ok!
ThongsterLA #123

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/14/2017 08:18:24Copy HTML

 I get a thrill changing in the locker room when the other men see me put on my thong after I shower and dress in my street clothes. 
modelnude4u #124

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/17/2017 03:38:17Copy HTML

 Even though I'm straight, and prefer a female audience, I too enjoy being seen nude, or thonged, by nearly anyone.  I purposefully don't cover up in the locker room, and rock these thong tan lines for all to see. 
kiyoothong #125

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/18/2017 01:09:00Copy HTML

Oh yes, I dont cover up in the locker room and I also stay in the sauna in a thong. There's also a communal hot tub and I go in there in a thong. No one has said anything to me and I don't care what others think. But before joining this gym, I asked the management if I could go in the hottub wearing a thong. The management gave me an okay sign and the rest is history.
modelnude4u #126

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/27/2017 02:35:55Copy HTML

 I wore my thong to the hot tub on Christmas Eve, about an hour before closing.  It was pretty empty, but while I was standing there in only a thong, pushing the button to start the tub, out come the 2 cleaning ladies!  I heard a bit of a pause in the conversation, and a giggle or two, and I just got into the tub as planned.  Neither of them said a word about it, but they both seemed to hang about the area, waiting for me to get back out.  When I did, they got a good long look of me walking away with no attempt to cover up.
packiest #127

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:12/27/2017 05:16:06Copy HTML

 Very cool! Hope i get to try that
mack_back #128

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/23/2018 04:31:46Copy HTML

 First ever seen young fit female in burgundy thong at the gym pool i've enjoyed throughout the years. Nicely fit young woman came to gym pool with sexy thong and matching top. Her body was fit and lean accompanied with female friend in ordinary bikini and her boyfriend. The shock of the female walking around the pool deck with no towel on was easy to observe. As I observed her while sitting in whirlpool beside couple cute young females in one piece narrow swimsuit and the other in cheeky blue bikini. While also observing a young couple with a lean attractive female showering on deck in neon orange piping cheeky print bikini. 
My original first intentions was to spend few minutes in the whirlpool to relax and leave shortly after. Yet because of all the females around the pool it gave me more inspiration or energy to do laps in the pool and enjoy the view. Honestly can say I was bit jealous and angry the girls  were walking around the pool without any complaints or management asking them to wear more. As it happened to me  long time ago asked to wear more then my thong. Now I have to wear a small speedo bikini but like the females I seen wanted to thong myself. After my swim everyone left seems the females don’t stay to long and wrap themselves in a towel to cover up when leaving. 
Suppose it’s novelty and infrequent visits that some can get with at the gym pool. Unlike me, i’m gym rat seen frequently working out longer thus more chances for others to complain. 
Funny observation seeing older lady porkchop body in one piece swimsuit waiting on the pool deck for her husband getting the towels hanging off the wall. He was in the scrum of  thong woman and her friends. The reaction of the older woman seeing the cute female in thong was of  disgust demeanour on her face. Thoughts came to my mind that older woman would complain and report the thonging gal just as if i were wearing it. Didn’t happen seeing the thong gal left in twenty minutes. Now I see no matter who wears a thong male or female people have a hard time accepting it as swimwear. 
Did have a strong swim taking my restless energy seeing all the females in skimpy swimwear.   Good thing about females at the gym they can motivate me of what they are wearing or in this case thonging. Doubt i will ever see such swimwear worn in the gym pool again.
modelnude4u #129

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:02/24/2018 01:55:35Copy HTML

 I've noticed that more guys in the last month or so, have been leaving the shower curtains either partially, or completely open as they shower.  I've never been worried about getting it closed perfectly, because I DO like to show off, but I never just did it out in the open either.  I know I've been an ambassador for not covering up, and hopefully played some small part in this slight shift.  Not that I want to watch other guys too much, but I don't mind them watching me, and I like the idea that maybe not everyone is quite so uptight with being seen naked.
Shazam #130

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/03/2018 07:06:45Copy HTML

The pool near me has a few female thong bikini wearers.  I went tonight and there were four very nice young ladies wearing thongs.  One was Asian.  Delightful.
dc94 #131

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/07/2018 09:34:25Copy HTML

 Thong wearing underneath tights or bodybuilding shorts. I think some people have noticed however I never try to make it obvious
modelnude4u #132

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:03/12/2018 10:25:42Copy HTML

 Wore my thong suit to the hot tub today, but didn't make a big deal of it.  Had on some shorts, and stripped those off, then got right in.  I DID leave in just the thong, but I'm not sure anyone even saw me go.  Gotta learn to just do it more often, and not care so much who else is around.
mack_back #133

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:07/24/2018 05:29:16Copy HTML

Returned to the gym today finishing my workout decided to use the whirlpool. Contemplated to wear a speedo or a thong seeing not many people were in using the pool or whirlpool. Talked myself into wearing a thong or second day, glad i did.

When i showered i made my way to the large  whirlpool located beside the gym pool. I hung my towel up on hook and made my way down the whirlpool steps only seen few people in there. While walking down slowly on the steps acclimating to the warm water there were two asian woman sitting to my left closest sitting beside the steps.

 Neither stared upon me entering suppose there trying to be polite. As i slowly walked down each step pausing i noticed the older asian woman in  light beige coloured printed full one piece swimsuit. While the other was much younger woman what appeared in one piece black swimsuit, only seen her upper body above the water level sitting further away. As i noticed them both, glancing upon me, the older asian lady stared ahead upon my profile noticing my backside. Her reaction was surprise wide eyed shock even gulped seeing i was wearing moderate thong camo 1/2" sides.  Suppose it's unusual observing someone wearing a thong  there community or background  being very conservative, that is my experience about asian woman.. Well i positioned myself across the asian ladies looking away from them onto the pool, so my backside was facing both. While tiled island was between us in the whirlpool neither could see me only the older asian woman at the steps had angle to observe me well. Began to hear the older asian woman talk to the other younger woman presumed being her daughter. The daughter had dark tan wearing geeky glasses thought she was pretty but left them be. 

Then they began to step out of the whirlpool i decided not to look at there backsides trying to be a gentlemen and presumedly nothing of interest was there to observe. Although the other males in the whirlpool did stare noticing everyones eyes on the ladies.While the asian ladies mom and daughter began to walk slowly to the pool deck shower next to the dry sauna. I was already looking in that direction and noticed the asian mom first with her one piece full bottom conservative swimsuit. Then trailing the mom the daughter came in my sight and to my shock and disbelief she had on a thong one piece black swimsuit. The cut was low along the hips so the thong partially covered her hips and upper glutes then a regular high hip cut thong swimsuit. While i stood in the whirlpool in disbelief  at the tanned asian daughter jumping into the gym pool the mom used the pool ladder doing couple laps and both exiting to the dry sauna. I was astonished how hot the asian daughter looked her skin was flawless and tanned well even her backside no tan lines i could see.
Little later i seen both asian mother daughter exit the dry sauna the daughter sitting on a bench while the mom cooled off showering. The mom carried out a towel but nether covered up only walked slowly to the changing rooms. Couple young gym member females were in the pool noticing the asians thong one piece swimsuit beginning to chuckle as her backside was to them. 

I was amazed that asian mom had no problems with her young daughter wearing a thong swimsuit one piece. It seemed the young daughter wasn't ashamed or nervous being gawked upon the males around the pool area. If they both stayed longer i would definitely remarked about the thong swimsuit. Feel it's my first correct decision i made wearing a thong to the pool rather choosing a safe bet speedo to wear instead considering who was at the pool today. After the asian woman left i showered being watched by the two woman in the pool who giggled at the thonging asian cutie. While i showed off my thong backside entering the pool crossing there lane as they stood observing me so carefully. Nobody said anything so entered the dry sauna later got kicked out from the cleaner wanting to scrub it down. So i cooled off at the pool shower and noticed older lady walking by the deck seeing me upfront. Then as i turned around showing my backside she was in the same spot in the whirlpool i was earlier. As i walked to get my towel i left earlier on the hook near the whirlpool. The woman stood stoic or frozen at what she just seen of me showering on he pool deck wearing only a thong. Found her reaction funny just staring wide eyed as i exited the pool towards the change room door.
Endo_Rowe #134

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/14/2019 02:49:11Copy HTML

I never felt particularly comfortable undressed at my previous gym, maybe because I started off more self-conscious, maybe the clientele, maybe both. Anyway, I recently switched gyms and decided to start things off on my terms. That means changing into/out of my thong underwear as normal. No waiting for people to leave, twisting my backside out of sight, etc. I've been wearing thongs to the beach for 15-ish years, but always around strangers. There's something different about stripping down around people that I will see on a regular basis. Over a month later and I'm happy to say that there haven't been any outward reactions - just an occasional glance - but the effect on my self-confidence has been fantastic.
abczyxabczyx #135

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/14/2019 06:12:31Copy HTML

I wore a thong to my gym pool this morning. I did laps for about an hour and then left without much fanfare.
mack_back #136

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

Date Posted:01/14/2019 11:02:21Copy HTML

Endo rowe, I know what you mean. 

At my gym i'm shy while chnging often hiding the fact i wear thongs as underwear. Yet i know many see me sitting in the change room bench or swimming laps from outside pool windows looking in.  Yet something about walking around in the change room without a towel in my thong underwear makes me feel uneasy.

 Maybe because i gotten some stares from others such as; Oh no! reactions, tisk tisk mubblings, negative sighs, good grief whispers, behind my back before.  So for the sake of the change rooms i coverup yet walking along on the  pool deck showering  or on a beach nude i have no issues and comfort levels as being fully clothed. Yet something about gym change rooms freaks me out a bit.

Who knows why.

Long time ago i feared stepping out of the gym large whirlpool. Waiting for the people to leave and quickly run up the steps to my towel. Now i don't care who looks in fact i sometimes purposely leave the whirlpool to observe the reactions from the ladies at my backside. Yes, i walk up the steps of the whirlpool deliberately to be positive anyone and everyone is looking, even pausing mid way through. 

Blackthong23 #137

Re: Thong Sightings at the gym.

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I haven’t seen any thong sightings at my gym but I’m sure I’m the only guy wearing a thong. Swimming laps it has been fine and I know people have noticed but no problems there. Every now and then in the locker room I’ll have a creepy old guy kinda looking a little too long at me but most of the time it seems fine for me to be standing in a thong or sitting in a steam room in a thong. A couple of guys will carry on a convo with me in my swim thong or after I changed in a g string or thong underwear and don’t really seem to mind. 

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