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Date Posted:09/12/2010 03:55:04Copy HTML

i am a 27 year old female that has recently graduated to wearing a g-string at the beach.  i live in myrtle beach sc and it is perfectly legal here.  while i am relatively attractive, in good shape and am completely waxed, i have a average to slightly larger than average area of dark skin surrounding my anus.  my question is basically protocol and ettiquite.  if the g-string covers the pubic area and the actual anus itself, is it acceptable for the "browneye" to be in full view for brief moments (bending over, tanning face down, etc)?  i have no problem with my body and only recently started this mostly because i've been hitting the gym a lot.  i just don't want ruffle any feathers or offend anybody at the beach.
armand_galleon #1

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/12/2010 05:36:45Copy HTML

 I'd think that the person would have to be so close so as to tell that for all but the most of intimate of companions this should not be an issue.
I understand that actors in the adult industry have a bleaching process to lighten up this same mentioned area. I don't know anything about it besides this but I'm sure a web search will produce relevant information.
Good luck and keep us updated.
bmicro #2

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/12/2010 10:14:49Copy HTML

 Armand is right. No one but the closest observer will notice. On a nude beach I do not notice the anus or dark area surround the anus on any of the other folks on the beach. With a g-string, no problem.
Ex_Member #3

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/13/2010 12:11:29Copy HTML

If that's an issue, you can go with a swimsuit that has string sides and a back maybe 1" wide.  Of women's thong swimwear sold in beach stores, this is probably the most common variety. 
Ex_Member #4

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/13/2010 08:09:33Copy HTML

I thought thongs and g strings were illegal at Myrtle Beach?

jenn110701 #5

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/13/2010 12:48:02Copy HTML

there is a 2 mile stretch near Little River where thongs are permitted.  a wider 1 inch thong is a good idea.  bleaching is out of the question.
silvertree #6

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/13/2010 05:35:29Copy HTML

 You are wearing a G string at a place that tolerates it.  I really wouldn't worry about offending anyone.  Your "brown eye" is exposed for what? five or ten seconds while you adjust your blanket or dig something out of your cooler?  If "they" don't like you then why are they on that part of a beach? 
tanga #7

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/13/2010 06:22:29Copy HTML

I don't see there being an issue.

A slightly wider back strap will help but why compromise on wearing g-strings if that's what you prefer.

Glutes - lay off those kind of questions please
tnline #8

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/14/2010 02:05:46Copy HTML

Myrtle Beach law

Sec. 14-83. Indecent exposure (NOTE: This law makes the wearing of "thong" bathing suits and similar clothing illegal in public, including on the beach.):(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally appear in any public place in such a state of dress or undress so as to expose to the view of others the human male or female genitals, pubic area, pubic hair, buttocks, anus, vulva or any portion of the female breast at or below the areola thereof.
SusanaM #9

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/14/2010 03:11:03Copy HTML

Being a cautious sunbather I don't think a g-string would ever cause anyone to expose their brownie unless you assume a very suggestive position. Getting up and rolling over or even bending over when standing to arrange a towel can all be done safely if you keep your legs together. Even a 2-3 second flash is not enough to surprise someone and let them see much. You should be good Jenn particularly as someone else has said, "you're on a beach where g-strings are ok so someone getting flashed is not out of bounds"

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/14/2010 09:49:42Copy HTML

I agree with SusanaM.

stanpuppy #11

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/15/2010 03:37:49Copy HTML

my wife wears g-string underwear everyday and has done so for the last 6 years.  I have never seen brownie once.....I think you will be fine
Ex_Member #12

Re:anal area

Date Posted:09/16/2010 01:42:45Copy HTML

Don't worry about it. Stay with the g-string. If someone notices the browneye, they are looking too hard, and too close. Hell, if i stare at someone at the beach long and hard enough, i'm sure they will "flash" something. Thumbs up to you for wearing the g-string.
pomodorolee #13

Re:anal area

Date Posted:11/05/2010 01:57:04Copy HTML

I think this question is a little bit weird,a wider thong back can easily cover your anus
T2E #14

Re:anal area

Date Posted:01/20/2011 06:15:52Copy HTML

Jenn, I wouldn't worry about it. You're more covered than you think. Congrats to you for having the courage to wear a G-string at NMB.  If it really is an issue you can see a Dermitologist for some bleaching cream. This was an area that my Wife had concerns about when she first started wearing thongs for me on our boat or in private locations (we haven't made it to the beach yet) but has since dismissed any concerns.  BTW, we live about 50 miles North of you and we met in Cherry Grove Beach in 1999!

thonger2005 #15

Re:anal area

Date Posted:03/01/2011 04:00:02Copy HTML

Being one that hates those stupid smile marks under my butt cheeks, i prop my hips up on my backpack which props my butt up in the air, its  better descibed as your head and chest down on your towel, and your butt up in the air. The girls do the same thing.

It is a pretty explicit body position, but it gets rid of those tanning bed smiley lines under the ass. Now if I  had a string pouch on, obviously the anus will be exposed.

We have kicked around the idea of anal  bleaching, but its normal to have such a skin coloration, and we keep that particular area is totally clean when sunbathing. We are hygein consious Baby-wipes in our backpack.
worcesterthong #16

Re:anal area

Date Posted:03/03/2011 05:12:14Copy HTML

i dont think it ia an isuue.my boyfriend is always worried especially when men r wearing strings. men also have to wax themselves in the anall area to give a smooth look. he tried to use bleaching creams but one never gets a uniform color. better to stick with the natural 
aussiethongguy #17

Re:anal area

Date Posted:12/26/2011 04:32:30Copy HTML

 i usually wear very thin strings and shave my asshole... i had dark discolouration around the hole and "isabel ricardo genital whitening spray" helped significantly it went from a browish colour to a light pink and its stayed that way. looks significantly better. it took me about x3 50ml sprays applying daily for about 3mths for it to go away

but yeh causes for the darkness include age, hygein over the years, coffee some foods, and friction (i.e. excessive anal sex)
stanpuppy #18

Re:anal area

Date Posted:12/27/2011 02:48:43Copy HTML

I do absolutely nothing back there and could care less about what color, shape, tone, etc it is.  Truthfully, if anybody (other than an intimate partner) is making judgements on that area...they are way closer than they should be
NudeNArizona #19

Re:anal area

Date Posted:01/15/2018 06:01:03Copy HTML

 If your G-string is legal I wouldn't worry my wife has the same issue as the original poster and with some of her thinnest string G-strings if she is laying with her feet apart her brown eye is visible as is her outer lips while wearing a single string and beach patrols have never said a word where G-strings are legal.
Sarah_Thong #20

Re:anal area

Date Posted:01/24/2018 12:51:26Copy HTML

If you're worried about this then you can have a process called anal bleaching that lightens the skin of the anus to that of the surrounding area so it's not visible as a "browneye"
I haven't had this myself so not sure of the process however my area down there isn't that dark compared to my cheeks anyway.
JM_Runs #21

Re:anal area

Date Posted:01/25/2018 04:49:46Copy HTML

 I generally agree with the notion that if the browneye is noticeable, you're probably too close.
visa0061 #22

Re:anal area

Date Posted:04/05/2018 08:08:11Copy HTML

I agree with what's been said. If you are close enough to see that much, you're too close. My GF is always very cautious to try and keep her legs somewhat closed while wearing her micros. Some of her micros have very thin strings and unless she bends over to get something, it's not visible. 
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