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Date Posted:03/19/2005 05:37:35Copy HTML

hello everyoneim heading to the beach tomorrow and i am super hairy because i dont shave in the winter because its cold here. i am planning to wear thongs. is it ok for pubic hair to stick out of the sides and top of my thong. i think im gunna get my butt waxed when i get there but i dont know what to do about everything else???
Mako Hawaii #1

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:03/19/2005 11:11:10Copy HTML

It is perfectly accectable to go to the beach and wear a thong or G-string without shaving if you are a Wookie..

Ryan Booth #2

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:03/20/2005 05:29:09Copy HTML

To be honest a bit of hair on the legs you can get away with but if your super hairy you would be best to get it removed. It's difficult to get "accepted" if your a thong wearing male and I think having body hair does you no favours whatsoever. Thats just my opinion others may agree/disagree but I prefer to be hairless.
Ex_Member #3

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:03/21/2005 04:45:03Copy HTML

My take on this is that body hair is a natural phenomenon, and displaying it on the beach is fine.  That said, some guys don't look so great for all their hair, and they may choose to remove it.  Strictly personal.  I admire a smooth body, but will never have one myself because my wife loves my hair, especially that on my chest and my pubes.  Happily, I don't have so much (chest, arms and legs) that it is unattractive, in my opinion.  Pubic display is another matter.  I think it is inappropriate and ugly in public, so I trim (not shave) judiciously so that what remains long will be covered, while formerly longish areas will blend in well with the hair on my stomach and legs.  The only exception to this, which I'm toying with now as my pubes grow back lush during this off-season, is to let a little show at the top of a low slung suit, especially as when doing an overhead stretch.  This "tantillizing" glimpse will occur while wearing my Nu-Parr V-kini thong or my small Skinz M1 sliding g-string.  I'm still in a dilemma how to handle wearing my Dore very low cut sliding g-strings for getting that overall tan, though, as they sit way down at the top of my shaft.  That exposes too much hair for decency,  yet if I trim as much as I did last summer, then the Nu-Parr/Skinz flashing fun won't work.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of wearing small swimwear!                             SlidingG   

Beachlover492000 #4

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:03/22/2005 09:23:00Copy HTML

I think that having pubic hair hanging out around your suit is really unattractive. If you are going to wear brief swimwear, you should at least trim it so that it will not show. A man can trim and taper his hair and still not disappoint his wife or girlfriend.

Shaving is a bigger commitment. Some women really like masculine hair, and they are put off by bare skin. There are also social pressures about how "a man should look."

After years of trimming my pubic hair and then shaving it completely, I finally built up the courage to shave my entire body. I love the look when I'm wearing my g-strings at the beach. I can now see why many of those who are seriously committed to thonging shave everthing. It does look much better.

Still I have to live with my shaved body when I'm not at the beach, and, as a straight man, I've got to admit that I do feel a bit self-countious about it now and then. It's the old story that if you want something, you usually have to pay something for it. Right now I'm 95% pleased with my shaved body and can live with the other 5%.

othellomn #5

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:03/25/2005 07:20:41Copy HTML

As a stright man I shave my armpit, legs, and pubic area.  I have recieved nothing, but compliments.

B0ardr84 #6

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:04/15/2005 05:56:21Copy HTML

Pubic hair sticking out of your thong? Personally, no thanks. If I saw a girl with a bush sticking out the top and sides of her thong, I think I would be disgusted. It is your choice whether you want ot shave or not though, I'm just giving you my opinion on it. If I ever wore a thong to a beach, I would make sure I was completely bald on both my ass and my bits, must think about the ladies looking =)
Pomegranates #7

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:04/21/2005 10:13:52Copy HTML

Check out this model's body hair.  I had no idea I would like this until I saw it.  Wow! 


Ryan Booth #8

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:04/28/2005 12:28:44Copy HTML

Reply to Pomegranates

That is something you don't see everyday. The thought of body hair on women is enough to put most modern men off but this on the other hand seems different. It's kind of cute because it's appears blond and fluffy. Although if it was dark hair I'm sure it would look out of place.
Ex_Member #9

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:04/28/2005 05:53:06Copy HTML

Yep, she's lucky is blond, nearly translucent. Otherwise she'd be waxing. She's cute.
PnJ #10

Re:beach and hair

Date Posted:12/23/2017 01:03:35Copy HTML

 I think it’s up to the person and what you are cool with. Some folks dig hair and some don’t. Rock it bald or bushy and enjoy yourself. Happy Thonging. 
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