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Thonict #201

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/19/2017 10:51:16Copy HTML

 I use a @@@@@@ ring while wearing a thong. If I am at a beach or pool I have a slack one that just lifts the testicles slightly but doesn't cause the penis to look any bigger. I do wear a tighter @@@@@@ ring which allows more of a semi erect look to last, and use a separate one to go round by testicles. I use this method while at home or under my clothes but have not experienced the larger bulge look in public yet. I would like to try it, just haven't had the courage, 
hunnger #202

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 03:16:09Copy HTML

 Using one of these as a c-ring is what does it for me: http://www.shop.oxballs.com/BALLS-XL-ballstretcher-from-ATOMIC-JOCK-AJ-1001-2.htm
John Howard #203

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 06:08:07Copy HTML

 Something I've noticed when checking out the online suppliers of these products, is that they are predominantly focusing on the gay market.The brand I usually buy from, has its blog showing pictures of predominantly  gay models compared to straight ones, in a ratio of maybe 20 to 1.It wouldn't surprise me that in the near future they would also incursion in the straight men market.  For I have been able to see at the gym, c/o beaches and swimming pool changing rooms, these sort of products are just taking off in the market cycle.   I have never seen any other man wearing them other than at the c/o beach.Whoever wears them these days could be considered as an 'innovative' trend setter.   I hope it stays there, and wearing a c ring or g ring doesn't become as popular as tattoos!   
J_R_365 #204

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 02:29:10Copy HTML

 I got some of these: http://blushnovelties.com/Stay-Hard--Donut-Rings--Assorted_p_38.html at a local sex toy store. They are very stretchy, so they are very easy to put on, but stay there securely once in place, without being overly tight.

I find that it gives a better effect with some suits than others. I have several suits that I like to wear pointing straight down, and a c-ring does not work well with them.
Cloydene #205

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 05:35:27Copy HTML

 Even the smallest of men has a protrusion of some degree, so I find this to be the bewildering equivalent of the padded bra. Why give everyone a false sense of what you really look like? I'm off the chart tiny (a reason I don't have any pics posted), and if I were in shape, the steroid shrinkage stereotype would come into play.
String_guy #206

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 11:22:04Copy HTML

 Cloydene, Ya git what Ya git. Might as well embrace it. I do. Its not so much to make it look bigger, more to show off what you have. Unlike a padded bra, there is nothing added, it is what it is.
John Howard #207

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/20/2017 11:42:14Copy HTML

 'You get what you get' might be real, but there's always ways to improve things.    If a muscle is not used or stimulated, it will inevitably shrink.  The same concept applies to your member.   It puzzles me how some professional bodybuilders for example pose wearing tiny suits on stage displaying massive muscles, and at the same time they obviously overlooked to exercise that other important part of their anatomies.  Or, it's also possible, they are happy to be the way they are.Pe*nis exercises have existed for ages, and they definitely assist on getting a bigger, harder and healthier c*ock.Yes it takes consistency and discipline,  but that's the same to any other challenge in life.
sailor250 #208

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/21/2017 12:12:09Copy HTML

 The penis is not a muscle- what do you think it's like a bicep?? Oh I just took a Viagra and I can't walk!!
John Howard #209

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/21/2017 12:33:58Copy HTML

I'm quoting here:
"There are 3 types of muscle, skeletal muscle, which is the muscles you exercise when you go to the gym, cardiac muscle, which is your heart, and smooth  muscle, which is found in organs and blood vessels.   All muscle contains actin and myosin which are important for muscle relaxation and growth.The pe*nis largely consists of smooth muscle , and the base of the pe*nis also consists of skeletal muscles known as pelvic floor muscles."
Personally I do believe that penile exercising can be healthy. 
John Howard #210

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/21/2017 02:07:54Copy HTML

 I personally own a 'Surge' c*ring, ironically it's the cheapest c-ring I've bought but it's the lightest one (aluminium) and couldn't get more comfortable to wear,  I only take it off when I go to bed.When worn under a thong, mine looks almost exactly as in the photo below.


navythong #211

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/26/2017 05:12:35Copy HTML

 Looks really nice... But I would be afraid it won't come off at a certain moment.
I tried a rubber one a few times, which is easier to remove at any moment.
sprockettooth #212

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/27/2017 07:02:16Copy HTML

 Let your companion deal with the ring.  It's part of the party.  COCKRING!  The word has a nice sound.  I wish I could put cockring into my daily vocabulary.
sailor250 #213

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:07/30/2017 01:24:25Copy HTML

 My issue with them is that when they fit "just right" they're fairly tight.  Now on a nude or deserted beach or the boat I can just pop it off after an hour or two.  On a crowded beach under a suit it's more difficult to do- but I'll admit I've done some "adjustments" in the water on the beach- discreetly!One thing I've done is to get some short lengths of "G string" string from a suit maker - I've got yellow and white- then when I put on the suit tie this around the C and B tie a bow at the top, let the bow stick out above the suit like a draw string.  I've had some observant people figure it out!  "that string doesn't go around you waist does it?"  So I get some support and I can untie and slowly pull it out anytime- haven't done that in front of anyone- might be gross or sexy???
boomtown #214

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:11/28/2017 04:42:48Copy HTML

 I have been wearing Oxballs tri sport, c sling 2 and one of their rings.  After i get over theInitial excitement, the fill out whatever I am wearing.   Its a must to be brare as the grab hairs and pull.  They are super comfomfotable
rooE #215

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:01/01/2018 04:40:09Copy HTML

 any time i am wearing anything tight like lycra, be it running shorts, a speedo a thong or even a wetsuit i will wear a c-ring. i enjoy the feeling and i love how pronoucned it makes my package, and has gotten me some very admirable looks from beach goers when i walk past package swaying out infront of my legs as i walk. 
i also like the support for when im running, find it cuts down on chaffing too. 
message me for anymore details!
mack_back #216

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:01/01/2018 06:07:44Copy HTML

 Yes, woman can’t stop themselves from noticing our upfront display. Many I hear don’t seem to mind. Yet they enjoy the view also I have a lot of fun observing there reactions. Why would I stop denying the ladies the pleasure of quick glance. 
rooE #217

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:01/01/2018 07:19:37Copy HTML

 women wear push up bras, so why cant we wear push up thong so speak lol. i love their reactions and have a big mixture, almost all positive. i have had one on all today actually. 

Thongmad #218

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:01/11/2018 12:27:45Copy HTML

 I have thought about a c-ring on and off for years, and only ever worn a glands ring on occasions (which I quite like) and still do every so often.
I've decided to go for it. After reading here tonight, I've actually experimented with an elastic hair band, doing a bit of a 'try-on' with my thong and brief collection. I'm impressed to say the least, and will be investing. It was even great under my more conservative Speedo-style suits.
I do think that a metal band in the correct size will be the most comfortable, going by the feel of the glands ring I have and the elastic I've just been trying. I'm thinking a doughnut style (about 1/8") in a shiny finish, be it aluminium, stainless, or whatever. The three ringed designs also look interesting, as I'd like it to be decorative should I choose to go naked. Also the idea of a C shaped design might be good to start with - maybe something like the C with a ball on each end that is popular with piercing enthusiasts. I'd be happy enough if it were to be noticeable under thinner suits when close up in appropriate situations.
In experimenting tonight, I did notice that on some suits it tends to expose your boys a little too much to be acceptable on an everyday beach around families and such. As I tend to thong on any beach, I'll just have to choose my thong style more carefully and the situations in which I can wear it.

I will report my findings.
tobias5711 #219

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:01/11/2018 09:02:35Copy HTML

 Thongmad- I often wear a metal c ring when I wear a thong or g-string to lake. I like how the heavy ring feels and on some suits that have larger pouches, it helps me to fill them out better.  The lighter and thinner suits the ring can be visible especially when the suit is wet. Sometimes I like the look other times I don't. Depends on which part of the beach I will be on.
bikinicouple #220

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:03/20/2018 09:12:58Copy HTML

 I have a Jovana c-ring g-string in hot pink that I often wear in conjunction with another c-ring under my beach thong. Both wife and I like the pronounced look. Sometimes in St Barth’s i’ll Remove the thong and just wear the Jovana. So amazing!
ThingThong #221

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:03/20/2018 01:46:31Copy HTML

I am new to wearing c-rings. I have bought 3 rings in silicone.They are in different sizes. The smallest one I put just under the "head". The medium one I put just at the start of the "shaft". And the big one I put around everything, the sack and up over the p***s.It feels nice and make my "package" stick out. Looks awsome when I go to the pool.
Would you say that this is the right way to wear silicone c-rings?
I still have not tried c-rings in metal, I worry I will get hard and that it will not go down because of the c-ring. Maybe an unnecessary worry.
aussiesf86 #222

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:03/20/2018 09:36:50Copy HTML

I always wear a metal ring with my thongs and strings.   It honestly helps with the fit of my thongs and strings.   Mine are minimal coverage pouch thongs and strings.   The ring makes everything fit in there better and stops balls disappearing big it’s a bit cooler out.  They also give the pouch too something to hang on to with really low cut suits that start just above the shaft. 

Rings don’t necessarily add bulge...... depends on the width of the ring.  The thinnest rings just keep everything in place, but I prefer s wider ring. I like a full but not obscene pouch. Unless I’m aroused I don’t think it looks bad even at a coed or family beach. 

I did feel a bit self conscious of it at Bondi beach on New Year’s Day.   But that was mostly because it was my first time there.   And despite lots of speedos and some pretty prominent members on straight guys and gay guys, being the only guy around in a thong made me a bit more insecure than usual. The next week at bondi I used a medium width ring instead I really shouldn’t have worried. Both days families, women,straight guys and couples pulled up next to me and nobody cared. 

In more adult situations like the gay area at Dolores park in San Francisco I might adjust the pouch a little to show just a hint of the meta peaking above the elastic. The exhibitionist in me does enjoy the glint of metal that others can see. I also have no liners in any of my suits so since I prefer thin fabrics or lighter colors. When the suit is not wet, like at the park, there can be a glint if metal through the fabric which I enjoy. Those that want to notice it will and the ones that aren’t looking for it won’t really see it. Of course when it’s wet that’s another story, so that’s why I wear patterned or print suits at Bondi Beach and at the pool. 

In adult areas I see nothing wrong with it being visible through your suit when wet or a full bulge. Just know your audience so to speak. There’s places where it’s ok to show off and some where it’s not.  
skinz_for_me #223

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:05/12/2018 10:32:22Copy HTML

 I fully agree with aussiesf86.
A ring or leather band can help keeping everything in place. Depending on the occasion the ring/band can be more tight or a little looser. Especially when wearing the low cut tiny micro suits the pouch has something to hang on to.
Also his last paragraph says it all.

thonglife #224

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:05/12/2018 12:53:27Copy HTML

I still enjoy wearing a metal c-ring and/or glans ring under my swimsuit on occasion. It's just fun and a sexy feeling. Some of my more conservative swimsuits that are speedo-cut, bikinis and box cut - no one can even tell I have it on. But my preferred thongs and g-strings, especially the sheer ones, I like showing it off. I've worn them at FLL and MIA Beach and its a blast. Never had anyone say anything negative. My girlfriend now actually loves it and encourages me to wear them so I have to indulge her.
mack_back #225

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:06/08/2018 07:02:13Copy HTML

 Anyone have experience with Jovana enhancers specifically c-ring string, versus Dubio Fury two tone extreme bikini?


rickl454 #226

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:06/08/2018 02:50:50Copy HTML

 While not a c-ring string, I use anodized aluminum rings to good effect. They are so light you forget you are wearing one, come in many colors and are very cheap.  Cheap enough to give away to anyone on the beach who asks me.  I've found that 2" diameter is a good size.  Not difficult to put on but tight enough to not have to worry about it falling off while nude.  http:www.babyslingrings.com/
skinz_for_me #227

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:06/09/2018 10:00:38Copy HTML

 @ mack_back: I've had both types and quite liked them. 
mack_back #228

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:06/09/2018 03:55:29Copy HTML

 skinz_for_me thanks bought the Jovana c string. When ordered I asked for few changes. Wanted a Y back string instead of the T back. Don’t know if ordering XS or S sizing would help with Y back style. Like you said enjoy wearing them. 

My enjoyment comes from unsuspecting reactions from the beach. Woman lurkers on the beach often look at my backside disappointed that I’m not nude. Until I turn around and surprised stares I get are funny to observe. Added to the style I wear screwball 0 or 2 gauge glan ring with donut c-ring makes for a lot of bling walking along the beach. After the initial shock from the ladies noticing often leaving a comment of Wow!  
As you can see on my beach pix image folder titled thonging with gals. 

Grabeach #229

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:10/17/2018 12:04:35Copy HTML

Gee, never thought I’d be writing something on this topic. I’ve always been a no frills sort of guy and simply couldn’t be bothered with adornments of any description on any part of me.

I do however have a minor problem of one ball tending to slip up when in very cold water. It happens in winter at ocean and bay pools, but not at 26C heated Olympic ones. It has only occurred in the last few years, probably prompted by my equipment becoming less firm as I‘ve got older. Saw the doc who said it was caused by a slightly undescended teste. He said I could simply push it back down (annoying and not a good look when emerging from the water), have an op (never my preferred choice) or, and this one surprised me, wear a c-ring of the type that is a single ring that goes around both the balls and shaft. We had some discussion about size and time wearing it. I actually have a stock of various size new rubber O-rings which he agreed would be okay to try. Two swims in 16C water, with a similar air temp, were quite successful in preventing displacement.

On the third day the water was still cold, but the air temp had temporarily jumped to 28C, so I decided to lie in the sun. As things warmed up, the c-ring tended to push my balls up (ie. 90 degrees to body), which in turn pushed out my shaft that was lying on top of them. Fortunately, even in its usual minimised format, my Skinz M1R2 g-string restrained my shaft from heading further north. The whole affect however could probably best be described as somewhat prominent, and like anything new, was going to take a bit of getting used to. I normally feel pretty much ignored on the beach, even though I’m wearing less than anyone else. It will hence be interesting, once the current poor weather improves and I and others return to the beach, to see whether I draw more attention.

hotmedic65 #230

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/07/2018 02:09:59Copy HTML

Anyone try these. Used one yesterday at a hotel pool under my skinz stuffit. Worked great. Very discrete. https://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/anal-sex-toys/prostate-toys/sp-vibrating-a-gasm-penis-ring-plug-102200.aspx
ThingThong #231

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/07/2018 03:00:32Copy HTML

Yes, that plug are great. It makes your front and rear look great, it is like push-up for your butt and package. I use it together with a thong.
mack_back #232

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/10/2018 07:32:23Copy HTML

Never used the plug but from what i read it makes for better backside. Anyone explain how it can work making your glutes more shapely. Seen metal ball plugs with ring or they for show or really work? Meaning does it change your shape rear and front?

ThingThong #233

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/10/2018 08:00:39Copy HTML

For me when I use a thong without a plug the thong backstrap is covered by the cheeks. When I use a plug the plug separates the cheeks and you can see the thong backstrap all the way. I think this make the cheeks look rounder and not “sagging”. In the front the ring pushes everything up and out and makes all the contours more visible. If you use it with a normal thong and not a poser thong it will push the front down a little and the contours will look great.
hotmedic65 #234

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/10/2018 05:13:17Copy HTML

The ring makes your package look great. The plug just helps that out 😉
mack_back #235

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/11/2018 05:54:47Copy HTML

Thank for the insight. Heard the plug ring combo can be worn on the shaft or the entire testicles. Also Doctors don't recomend wearing the plug more then 20 minutes because it can cause scaring  of the walls of the intestines. Also how safe would it be wearing it in the pool as chlorine seep into the intestines absorbed into your body? 


leo40 #236

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/12/2018 11:30:08Copy HTML

 I get to go full nude much more often than g-string or even speedo, and a heavy glans ring in the shape of a coiled serpent is my standard "dress."  My own nudist club has lots of guys wearing rings and only a few nudist clubs disallow them.  I have found an inside diameter of 30 mm for the ring to be best, and combine that with a smaller 25 mm ring hidden under foreskin for a bit of extra weight and insurance that the heavier and more expensive glans ring won't come off and get lost.  This extra "swing weight" is both a nice feeling and, over time, an effective enlargement execise.  A big heavy PA has a similar benefit, but I'm too chicken. 

Alfresco10 #237

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/15/2018 03:54:43Copy HTML

I don't wear C-rings to swim at my local health clubs.  I stand out enough as one of very few guys in a swim brief, and for sure the only one in an unlined suit.  I could see wearing one at a hotel pool or beach.  I may try that.    I have a magenta N2N thong with a built-in C-strap, and it's great.  I wore it on a crowded city beach in Spain last fall and remember looking past my package to the water when I was laying on my towel and thinking OMG I am more exposed than if I were naked.  That didn't stop me from going swimming, though.  I couldn't believe how shallow the water was, I had to walk out about 50 yards before my waist was covered.  I know that some people in the water were commenting on it, fortunately in Spanish, so I could ignore it.    Some of my other thongs are push-up-and-out design, not sure a C-ring would make much difference.  We'll see, I have some beach and pool vacation time coming up....

mack_back #238

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:12/15/2018 04:16:25Copy HTML

leo49 Glan ring are great ever try 0 gauge metal one. Wear Glan ring with screwball  myself on the beach the swing an added weighted pushing things down is incredible. Wearing Jovana thong string with shaft ring often doesn't work well with a donut thick c-ring wearing it over the shaft and testicles. 

pikeman #239

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:02/02/2019 09:44:25Copy HTML

As far as temperature and rings go, I've got what I consider cool and warm weather rings. The cool weather rings aren't as tight . In the heat, your equipment relaxes, and I've had rings slip right off. I make my own and the difference is about .2 inches in diameter between the two. Thickness of the material plays a part too. I have a very simple ring that's made from a single strand of 10 gauge ground wire which is the smallest of all the rings. I usually wear it when I run, and it's sized to prevent me from popping out of it. None of the rings are constrictive, and are comfortably worn for eight hours.
Thonginpa #240

Re:c-ring with swimsuits - - - (c ring c rings) (cockring)

Date Posted:02/13/2019 01:22:31Copy HTML

I just ordered a surge c ring from gear essentials to hopefully increase the size of my shrunk penis i'll keep u posted Thongerinpa
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