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Date Posted:08/14/2003 11:48:44Copy HTML

this saturday i'll be housesitting while my g/f goes on vacation so i'm planning on surprising her by washing her car and also mine. It's been so humid and hot up in massachusetts that i plan on washing the cars in just my g-string so i can also work on my tan before the summer's over. i'll let you know how it goes
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:08/16/2003 11:37:13Copy HTML

I know what you mean about the summer being over half way through August in Massachusetts, thong247. I lived there for for more than 20 years, and by mid August the sun was already getting too low in the sky to get over the trees in my backyard. When you went to the beach it already seemed like the fall.

The best time to go to the beach in Massachusetts was from mid May (if there was a warm spring, which was rare) to the end of July. The trouble was the greenhead flies came out in force at Crane's Beach, which was best thonging place, a week or so after the 4th of July.

I just moved to Florida, and I'm looking forward to being "me" for a much greater portion of the year. I don't ski, and I hate snow, so I think that I have moved to the right part of the country.

I never lived in a place where I could wash my car in g-string, but I did scandalize the neighbors a few times in my string biknini. People of both sexes like to see a lot of the skin of members of the opposite sex. The trouble is a lot ladies are too influenced by society''s dictates to admit it.

tight-thong #2

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:08/16/2003 01:44:02Copy HTML

I think the g-string car wash sounds like a blast......don't know if I could brave that or not in public.  But it sounds like fun to get out there and wash the car in nothing but a thong!   I'm sure the neighbors will love the show!  You might even encourage others to do the same!  Have fun.
azcraig #3

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:09/29/2003 06:33:32Copy HTML

Reply to : thong247

Hey thong247. Did your g string car wash go off? Have ben watching to see how it went. I wear very small swimwear while working in my front yard and wash my car/truck in them and had some couples over and the girls ended up doing a bikini/thong car wash in my driveway (see the enjoying the AZ sun uder the Other places to thong heading)

Ex_Member #4

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:10/01/2003 12:24:46Copy HTML

no but i spent a lot of quality time at my girlfriend's house around both front and back yards in a tong or g-string durning the week she was on vacation.
obxthong30 #5

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:07/14/2004 05:28:06Copy HTML

I've washed my car wearing thong a few times. It felt really good, especially when turning the hose on myself! I'm not sure if the neighbors noticed, but sometimes you've just got to do what you want to do despite your nosey neighbors.



murray1 #6

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:01/28/2006 04:11:23Copy HTML

thongbutt1 #7

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:01/29/2006 11:00:40Copy HTML

sometimes when i come back from the beach, i'll stop off at a local car wash and rinse the sand off me. it's kinda fun getting hosed down in just your thong!
ohiothonger #8

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:03/01/2018 05:27:23Copy HTML

 There was a really warm day last week with temperatures about 70 degrees.  I was driving past a car wash and there was a cute girl washing her car in a very cheeky swimsuit.  I decided to stop and check things out a bit, and a second young lady came out from behind the car in a wet t-shirt and a thong bottom.  I think both women were wearing thong swimwear and not just their panties, but it was an encouraging sign that summer must not be too far off.  (I just hope the ground hog was wrong this time -- we don't need 6 extra weeks of winter!)
ithongit #9

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:03/02/2018 05:36:17Copy HTML

 Washing a car in a thong is so cool!   I have done it both at home, at vacation rentals, and at public do-it-yourself establishments.  Like most thong wearing places, women seem to be better accepted than men.  I have also noticed there seem to be more red necks at the public car washes, probably because they need to clean their Jeeps and trucks off after a day of off-road activities.  I hope everyone tries this sometime -- especially at the do-it-yourself car washes.  You can get as wet as you want and people don't seem to mind swimwear, even thongs and G's on the women and many places, men in thongs are also accepted, even if not always enthusiastically.
Thongmad #10

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:03/03/2018 07:23:33Copy HTML

 As I have said before, I’ve done this quite a few times. When I come off the beach after having my 4x4 on the sand, I always give it a quick hit with the pressure hose at these car washes to get rid of sand and salt spray. Because I leave the beach in my thong, I just hop out and wash the truck in my thong also. Sometimes I reinflate the tyres at the service station still thonged.
I have washed my cars at home in my thong a few times, but generally if it’s warm enough I wear a brief or rio to do that out on my driveway. If I wear any more than that, my neighbours are at the point of asking why I’m overdressed to be washing the car!
Grabeach #11

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:03/03/2018 08:21:50Copy HTML

If I owned a reasonably conservative thong I possibly would wear it to wash the car in the driveway, especially as the old Alphamoda brief which I do wear often ends up like a thong anyway. I've thought about wearing one of my old Skinz M1R2 g-strings, but I think this would be just a bit much 'in your face' for even my tolerant neighbours. This is interesting, considering I occasionally sun nude on our balcony (used to be regularly, but trees have grown and often shade it) and am readily visible to those same neighbours if they glance in that direction. I think that comments elsewhere on the board that a nude guy is considered less 'weird' than one wearing a g-string are relevant in this case.
ohiothonger #12

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:06/18/2018 01:51:17Copy HTML

 Last weekend was hot but humid, so when a lady friend said she was going to get her car washed I stopped her and told her to let me do it instead.  She lives in a middle class neighborhood, in an area that is turning the corner back to becoming one of the better neighborhoods.  I had my friend pull her car up into the driveway and got out what supplies I could find.  She didn't have any real car washing stuff, but I made due with a couple of buckets, some clean old towels, some dish washing soap and some Mr. Clean for especially tough grime like road tar.  We found a couple of suitable rags for doing the actual scrubbing with as well, and of course, pulled the hose up to the front yard.

I did not have any shorts with me, but did have a couple of thongs in the car since we were planning on going to the beach later in the day.  I went inside, changed into the more conservative thong (I left the G-string and baggie in the car) and went outside to get the job done.  I had met a few of the neighbors before at a community picnic but not everyone, and while I was perfectly comfortable in just my thong, I was worried that maybe someone from the neighborhood would find my choice of swimwear objectionable.  After a few minutes however I stopped thinking too much about what others might think once several people on the street could see me as they mowed their grass and did other outdoor things.  My friend came out and after telling me how much she liked my swimsuit, I suggested that she change into one of her thongs too.  She disappeared into the house and when she came back out she had slipped into her G-string and pulled on a distressed T-shirt for a top.  She obviously was topfree under the shirt, which had a few rips, one which showed a little more breast than most women would be comfortable wearing.

My friend hung around, but didn't do any of the real work.  I did put her on hose duty.  A young couple pulled up in the drive next door, and my friend dropped the hose and went over to chat with them.   After a few moments, the three came back to where I was working.  The conversation was on my thong and I soon learned that my friend spent an hour or so a  day sunning her buns in one of her thongs or G-strings.  Since trees in her back yard kept the backyard in the shade most of the afternoon, the neighbors were letting her sun in their back yard.  It also turned out that both the lady from next door and my friend had been trying to get the ladies husband to wear a thong too.  My friend suggested that she join us in her thong, and after they went inside (why do women have to have company to dress?) the husband ask me a lot about thong wearing and people's reaction to my swimwear.  As we talked, and I continued to work on the car, several cars past by, and a lady from across the street came over and said very complimentary that she liked my thong and wished more men would wear something like it.  She then ask if I ever wore anything even more relieving, and I told her sometimes I wore less at the beach, but I didn't want to shock the whole neighborhood.  She said that even though I was the first man she had seen wearing a thong in their plat, that she knew that many of her neighbors go regularly to the beach, and that they had no issues with anything wore there, so she was sure as long as I was not totally nude, I would be okay.

My friend and her next-door-neighbor came out from my friends house (which seemed funny since they went into the neighbor's house.  My friend had switched into an almost Wicked Weasel suit I had never seen before, and her friend was now wearing a high-waist thong with a long back strap which accentuated her nice buns.  The lady from across the street was still there, but didn't seem to mind all the nude bottoms that she could now see.  She suggested that I change into something skimpier but before I went in, the next door neighbor handed her husband a tiny wrapped gift box and said it was an early Father's Day gift.  When he opened it, we learned it was a g-string and she told him to put it on, or forget getting the "special" gift she had planned to give him on Father's day.  The man seemed a bit more comfortable, and went inside to change.  My friend whispered in my ear "put on the swim pouch" and so I grabbed the baggie from my car, which was parked in the street.  As luck would have it, this was the moment when one of the county's finest decided to drive past, and he slowed to a stop only a few feet from my bare backside.  "Looks like a good way to stay cool, " he said with a laugh before taking off again.  I wish the man form next door had seen this, since if he had any doubts about if thongs were okay in the community, this should have quenched them.

As I past the three women, my friend told me to show them how tiny my suit was, and I held it up as I walked by.  I know that none had any personal issues with me wearing less, since they all started to talk about men in minimal swimwear again.  When I came back out, the man from next door was standing with the ladies, bare buns, and with only the minimal covering of the thong protecting his body.  He was obviously having a bit of a problem, and his wife suggested that it might help him to have something to do to take his mind off his swimwear.  She then suggested that he wash her car once I was done.  Meanwhile, the women in the group were checking me out and could not find enough compliments to say about me and my baggie.  The same cop drove by the other way, and stopped again.  This time he said something about he didn't think I could find a way to stay cooler, and added that the husband from next door was looking good too.  He admitted he wished his wife would let him wear thongs too, then waved again as he took off again.

I wish the lady from across the street had been able to join us in our thongs, but had to go someplace, and said she was sorry she couldn't stay to join us.  In all, this was a very positive experience, both as an ego builder for me, from a "what can I get away with" reinforcement, and from the fact that my presence in a thong influenced three other people to join me. The day got even better after both cars were washed and we celebrated Father's Day Eve(?) in the back yard with a cookout.  The women soon took their tops off too, which made things even better.
ithongit #13

Re:carwash in a thong

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:55:47Copy HTML

If we really want to promote thong wearing as normal, we should feel free to wear our thongs in places where other swimwear is acceptable or legal.  The more non-thongers see people in thongs, the more likely they will eventually get used to them.   Randy and I often choose to wash our cars at self-sever car washes.  We wear our thongs. 

We have been doing this for over 10 years, and have only twice been ask to cover up.  Once, the store manager ask us really nicely if we could please cover our butts since he had someone complain.  He ask so nicely we dis as he requested.  The other place, we were only ask to wear more "the next time" we visited.  Again, we compiled and when we did go back, wore a tad more clothing. 

We have had a few people go around to check us out a few times, and we have had both the store manager people and others using the facility say something to the effect that our thongs were practical for wearing at the car wash.  We have also gotten quite a few other positive comments, similar to those we get on the beach.

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