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Date Posted:04/18/2014 09:23:58Copy HTML

Hi. I'm just wondering if it is more accepted to wear cheeky bikinis to beaches and hotels in florida than it is thongs? example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Delicious_bikini-girl_silvia_(cropped).jpg
String_guy #1

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/18/2014 10:23:45Copy HTML

 why not just wear a thong? This a good conservative start.
ohiothong #2

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/18/2014 10:40:31Copy HTML

 I'd say that's a thong.
nicole123e #3

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/18/2014 11:07:51Copy HTML

 when you say thong do you mean t-string? i get kinda confused because some people count these as thongs aswell.
ohiothong #4

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/18/2014 11:36:55Copy HTML

 yes, i'd call that a t-string, t-back.   I like it though.
nicole123e #5

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 12:07:11Copy HTML

 yeah well the hotel i'm staying at has a no thong policy which is unfortunate because most of my bikini bottoms are thongs. will have to look for a thong friendly beach then.
SlidingG #6

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 01:30:37Copy HTML

I've seen a few women in suits like that on the beach in Naples this winter.  If you're anywhere near, you'll be most welcome!
ohiothong #7

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 01:52:34Copy HTML

 nicole...wear it and see what they say.
briankay #8

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 02:14:10Copy HTML

Yea, I'd say wear it at the pool.  Its not a thong.
JM_Runs #9

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 03:50:29Copy HTML

I see lots of those, and smaller on the beach.  I suspect the same thing is fine around most of the hotel pools here too.

What makes more difference is where in Florida, this is a big state and it varies a lot, and what segment of the market does your hotel cater too.

As a women I think you could wear that bottom just about anywhere, except out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
nicole123e #10

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 09:12:27Copy HTML

 I'm staying in orlando at international drive so I guess it's more of a family hotel, I'll see if anyone else is wearing these type of bottoms at the hotel before I try it then.
JM_Runs #11

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 05:12:50Copy HTML

While you might be the first in the pool with that bottom you will have no problems. The orlando hotels deal with a lot of Europens so you will not have been the first, maybe just the first that day.

I suspect that if you wear one others will wear one too, maybe not the first day they see you but probably the next. So go for it !

I am a guy, and I have worn thong swimsuits at Orlando hotel pools without a problem.
nicole123e #12

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 06:11:34Copy HTML

 I contacted them and they said that no thongs were allowed, but I don't know if they meant all types of thong or just the really small ones.
Grabeach #13

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/19/2014 10:53:32Copy HTML

Some here will disagree, but as you have already made your booking and will be staying there regardless, there was little point in asking.

When you contact them, especially by phone, it's likely the employee will not really know and so take the easy way out and say thongs aren't allowed. Even if they say they're okay, there's nothing to stop them or someone else having a different view when you arrive.

Better to just confidently wear what you want and let them worry about it. If a thong's okay, then that's great. Even if there is some sort of policy about swimwear, there's a fair chance that they'll leave you alone anyway, especially if you're a young woman. That's great too. If worse comes to worse and they actually stop you thonging, then you can honestly say you didn't know it would be a problem, then change to a very brief bikini. You're no worse off.

I think the saying is, "Fortune favours the brave".
jn9195 #14

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/20/2014 06:28:50Copy HTML

Which hotel are you staying at that said they have a no thong policy?

nicole123e #15

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/20/2014 08:24:27Copy HTML

the enclave suites
eimeo #16

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/20/2014 11:01:40Copy HTML

You'll be totally fine with a cheeky or a regular thong (maybe not a WW gstring lol). I see plenty of these bikinis around Orlando and Miami now when I go. I just got some "Kai" bikinis from Kaikini.com they're a little bigger than a thong but still very nice
nicole123e #17

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 12:27:21Copy HTML

Yeah those bottoms are cute, I have similar ones from acacia swimwear (called the axel bottoms). The smallest bottoms I have are the oceanside bottoms from frankie's bikinis. So bikinis with that amount of coverage are fine in orlando and beaches like daytona, port orange etc?
Sybok #18

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 01:35:59Copy HTML

 I think a cheeky will suit you just fine. 
eimeo #19

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 01:52:47Copy HTML

Absolutely, lately at the beach I've seen those types of bikinis on 75%+ of girls of all sizes and shapes.
bbyrne78 #20

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 03:04:41Copy HTML

Those styles are cute. That scrunch butt with one third coverage is getting really common since you can buy that style in most swimwear stores.

At the North Coast of NSW and Southern Qld, you'll see girls throw a short cover-up over these bikinis and run errands, go shopping and just hang out (provided that the weather is suitable).

Stone Fox, Seafolly, Moana, San Lorenzo and Veve swimwear all have variations on this style.

Go for it!!!

Love Bren
Ex_Member #21

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 05:03:35Copy HTML

 Nicole, just go for it, girl.  Bring a cover-up and lay out in whichever you want and if you feel a little afraid they'll say something, just put the cover-up back on when you get up.  A sarong will work or even just a towel.  Thongs are huge in Florida this year, no one will bat an eye.
Sharon73 #22

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 05:51:53Copy HTML

 I say, let them look and enjoy it
thonglife #23

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 09:22:43Copy HTML

I'd call the suit Nicole posted a cheeky suit but not a thong. Bottoms that show some cheek are very 'in' now for ladies. Our neighborhood pool does not allow thongs but I saw lots of girls/ladies wearing this level of cheekiness all last summer; including my wife. Rock it
RapidBlue #24

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/21/2014 11:44:14Copy HTML

 This type of bikini is not what I would call a thong, so no one should have a problem with it. These suits tend to be quite flattering. Nicole I say wear the bikini with pride and confidence. You will Look amazing and everyone will be happy with your choice.
johny_b #25

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:04/22/2014 05:20:28Copy HTML

everyone should wear cheeky bathing suits, i love looking at bums in them.
sailor250 #26

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:07/29/2017 01:15:41Copy HTML

 here's a story about two sisters who saw thongs on vacation came back to Britain and started a company making and selling them.
crew_chief #27

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:07/30/2017 01:48:04Copy HTML

 The cheeky is all I wear if I can't be in a thong. You being a beautiful woman wil not have a problem at all. I have been traveling the planet now for some time, and depending how the feel is of we're I am at, I go straight to a thong, or sometimes go to the bikini. It seams only the people that are fashion minded know the difference. Let's just keep up on the fight to wear what the individual wearer feels comfortable in....not what society has us thinking we should be part of their herds.
tiggerix #28

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:08/01/2017 08:46:42Copy HTML

 "here's a story about two sisters who saw thongs on vacation came back to Britain and started a company making and selling them."

Took a look at their website   https://www.tocoswim.com/ - really nice fitting bikinis, although the style won't work for every girl.

Anyway, it's great to see this style available in UK - every time I have looked for my OH, I have had to buy online and overseas.

Hopefully these girls will expand their range.
mainly_bikini #29

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/12/2018 10:13:35Copy HTML

Honestly, cheeky / rio cuts feel like just the right amount of coverage. You can still tell its there, but your cheeks are free. With a thong sometimes I forget I even have it on or feel a bit too exposed. 
I see this style on middle aged women all the time now and they absolutely rock it. 
Skinz offers a good style for men (M84). Anyone else know of any good cheeky style backs for men?
shaved_thong_lover #30

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/13/2018 04:25:37Copy HTML

 I wear the Skinz "half back" rio back suits for a more conservative cover suit for exampke when walking around the pool deck if I dont want to walk around in my gstring. However, it makes an awesome cheeky almost thong look as when you walk, it never stays fully as a rio bacl because it is so small. Check that out
mainly_bikini #31

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/13/2018 12:02:39Copy HTML

 shaved_thong_lover, one of my favorite styles from Skinz is the M54 rio back bikini. I find people tend to gawk less at it and appreciate the view. I recently ordered the version with the puckered back (M79) and will report back how it fits. I love the normal puckered back bikini, its incredibly comfortable to wear and feels sexy, so I have no doubt I will like a version with a smaller back.
NCThonger #32

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/13/2018 06:20:11Copy HTML

 I have several of the Skinzwear rio back suits. I love the coverage and think they are as sexy as thongs. Daniel Alexander has rio back bikinis as well that are also very sexy. While they are similar to Joe Snyder and Cover Male, I believe the Daniel Alexander versions have smaller cut rears but their colors are limited to mostly solids.Bryan
bmillerw #33

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/13/2018 08:53:01Copy HTML

TM Collection Japan has a lot of half back men's bikinis. I have several. That is the only brand I wear.
OS777 #34

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/14/2018 01:55:36Copy HTML

If a male meets the minimum mandated standards of coverage at a public venue the decision of what to wear is the male's choice.  Women wear bikini tops that cradle, accentuate,  or barely cover their nipples. Their bottoms can either fully conceal their pubis area or confirm to the anatomical surfaces and allow their camel toe to be conspicuously prominent. It is their body and their choice.  Contemporary men seem so unsure of themselves.  Always living in fear.  Always seeking social validation from unqualified family, friends, and virtual idiots. When will men make a stand and do what they want instead of cowering in fear?  If a guy wants to meet the legal requirements of beach/pool coverage then he should not question himself!!!  I wear a 3D thong or torpedo because I want to and have a great physique to pull it off.  I don't ask any for permission.  I meet the mandated requirements of coverage and this allows me to express the fashion statement that I proudly pronounce with no second thoughts as to if it is proper or not.  It is legal and it is me.  Not that Big Bother or the unhappy wife/spinster who's only joy is to complain to any one or any magistrate that will listen or respond.  You only live once and life under the bed cowering in fear of other's opinions is a poor and inferior choice.FIN
gocal #35

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/19/2018 02:40:12Copy HTML

 I am looking for a swimsuit that has a narrow pouch and smaller than rio back, but not a thong.  I have several buffedbod suits that have the narrow pouch, but the rio back is a little more coverage than I want.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
shaved_thong_lover #36

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/19/2018 06:17:20Copy HTML

bmillerw #37

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/19/2018 11:44:49Copy HTML

NCThonger #38

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/20/2018 03:51:49Copy HTML

 Muscleskins is another great choice for cheeky bikinis. I have several of their 1/2" side RIO back suits and they are about as cheeky as it goes. Walk around in them and they become a tanga and close to a thong.Bryan
NCThonger #39

Re:cheeky bikinis

Date Posted:06/20/2018 03:52:35Copy HTML

 bmillerw check out www.aliexpress.com and you will find TM bikinis there for great prices.Bryan
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