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Date Posted:06/25/2011 11:39:34Copy HTML

Hi all, I have been registered here for a long time but this is my first time posting. I thought this would be a good first post since just very recently my 15 year old daughter got her first thong (actually, it's a WW g-string) and has been joining my husband and I in wearing thongs and g's when we go to the beach. We also have a 13 year old son, but he wears swim trunks. I have always worn my g-strings when we go to the beach as a family, but my daughter showed no interest until this Spring when she asked me what it was like to wear a thong to the beach. I've never had any concerns with showing as much as I do and it's never even been a topic of discussion, but surprisingly I did find myself feeling somewhat protective when she decided to wear one of my tiniest wicked weasels on our last vacation. We both wore our skimpiest suits during our week in Cancun, and she seemed perfectly comfortable. We had a great time thonging together and it was a great bonding experience, but I was surprised at feeling just a little bit paranoid of guys on the beach leering at her. Oddly enough, my husband seems to have no problem with it at all and has even ordered her a sling to match mine on our next outing. Anyway, just thought I'd share. 
Ex_Member #1

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:06/26/2011 04:46:42Copy HTML

Wow...Great story, and sounds like a future full of thonging. Just keep that eye out for those indeacent (sp) guys that might have a hard time judging her age. Glad to hear another thonger on the beaches.
hotbunz1969 #2

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:06/26/2011 11:16:43Copy HTML

I see no problem with your daughter in this style of swim/tanning suit, (it's not like they don't wear these styles as underwear already!!!)   kids grow up so fast these days and she is probably old enough to make up her own mind, ( good for her) and if you ban it what are the chances she will do it behind your back? Be open about it!!    Hell I was about the same age when I first experimented with jock straps / thongs.
 While out at Clifton Beach in Cape Town a few years ago, I saw a family doing just as you are, mum and daughter both in thongs, daughter was about 14/15 and no one batted an eyelid!!!  just be careful and keep an eye open for her. I think you may get problems if she was in slingshot though!!!!! 
Just my thoughts on the matter!
Ex_Member #3

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:06/26/2011 08:57:13Copy HTML

 cool story. maybe next year all four of you might thong together. wish i had parents like you when i was growing up.

starkist #4

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 03:51:32Copy HTML

That's what a family is about, encouraging each other and leaving no one behind.
The Gabe #5

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 01:54:49Copy HTML

 Good for you and your family, Diana.
Ex_Member #6

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2011 10:47:59Copy HTML

My 14 yr old grand daughter has started to wear a thong around the house.  We both thong together and we both enjoy each others company.
DavyJ #7

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2011 03:19:13Copy HTML

Diana:   I think it is great that you are all able to thong as a family.  As long as you are all open about it, it should be a positive experience for all.  It sounds like you both have talked about watching out for those "indecent guys", which, while in the minority do exist.  She sounds like she is mature enough to handle the attention she will get in an appropriate manner.
BaltoBob #8

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2011 07:29:04Copy HTML

Good luck. Girls her age have the body of an adult woman but no idea what is does to guys. I'm sure she is safe at home in a thong or even nude. I hope your wife can tell her to be careful in public. Yes, I've been where you are. 
stanpuppy #9

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2011 07:48:09Copy HTML

I think if the mother wears a thong, then it is only natural that the daughter would think wearing one is ok as well.   My wife has only worn g-string/thong underwear since each of my daughters (ages 8 and 9) have been born.  They have never seen her in anything else, ergo they certainly do not think there is anything unusual about it.  I would not hazard to believe however, that the same applies to swimwear.   While my wife wear thongs and G's on the beach, it is only when we are together without the kids.  Even though they are kids, they are atune enough to know the difference between "private" clothing and "public" clothing, so i am sure they would react to a thong on the beach.  That being said, they are reletively young.....my neighbor came over the other night with her 12 year old twin daughters.  I say 12 because that is there age, everything else about them says 19 or older.  Even the mother admitted.  She said..."They have 36D breasts and get hit on by 20 year old guys when we go out together.  Believe me when I say these kids knew they had something going on as well.   One of them asked me (I was playing bartender) if I would make her a drink (with alcohol).  She then proceeded to wink at me.   I refused, obviously and then thought about how funny it was that a 12 year old was winking at me to get a drink ( I have shoes that are older than 12).  Anyway...the point is that at 15 I am assuming that the girl has got things pretty much figured out.   If mom wears a thong, then she should feel equally empowered to wear one as well.  I'm not saying that's the way I would go, but I guess I will find out in a couple of years when my daughters come of age
shaved_thong_lover #10

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2011 09:35:29Copy HTML

 i was recently in atlantis, paradise island, bahamas.  i thong there always. am almost always the only guy, although there are many, like over a hundred men in speedos.  many rio back bikinis on wome, and a few thongs on women, maybe ten out of probably a thousand people. however this time, i saw a family, with dad in speedo, mom in rio back, both speaking french, and all three daughters, probably seven, twelve and sixteen, all in thong bathing suits... and the sixteen year old was in a gstring suit.  i have worn revealing swimwear pretty much everywhere i go and enjoy when others do because i dont feel like the only one, but this seemed soooo early for kids to be wearing them.  thoughts?
BaltoBob #11

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2011 11:06:43Copy HTML

Europeans seem to have different attitudes about many things. Its just a swimsuit.
richvpl #12

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2011 01:53:04Copy HTML

 I don't see why wearing a swimsuit should be tied to ones age? Although my daughters have chosen skimpier costumes as they grow older. Neither of my daughters (11 & 16) has chosen a thong as yet, but it's their choice, not mine!

I find it sad when kids have such a hangup about themselves that they have to wear t-shirt and shorts to cover their swimwear.
Ex_Member #13

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2011 04:12:12Copy HTML

If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to wear a thong at the beach because I know that other guys would check her out. However, I would not forcefully stop her from wearing a thong at the beach since it should be her choice to wear whatever she wants. 
tnline #14

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/27/2011 11:43:21Copy HTML

It sounds like you are all fine with her choice to wear a thong and must have purchased if for her from WW.  Enjoy your family time at the beach!
jprob50 #15

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:07/28/2011 04:18:53Copy HTML

Ok, maybe I'm the only one thinking this, but......A 15 year old in a WW g-string is great, fine, etc. My question would be, with such a tiny suit, when did you have the chat with her about grooming and how did that go?
matchingthongs #16

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/01/2011 12:05:35Copy HTML

It's all about context, culture and attitudes/reasons of the wearer and people around them. 
unlvrebel #17

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/14/2011 12:47:29Copy HTML

 @Bootyful Korean - whether or not a daughter is in a thong, men are already checking her out.
silliewillie #18

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:09/03/2011 03:31:16Copy HTML

 This thread interested me so much I had to make an account just to reply. I especially support young girls trying out thongs from early ages, since the ones that don't generally wear god-awful underwear later in life or are always embarrassed about showing any skin. The things to go over with them are, as another poster already pointed out, grooming. There's just something about seeing hair sticking out from under there that's a fashion no-no.
NcknameInUse #19

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:10/02/2011 02:55:06Copy HTML

 On my travels I've occasionaly seen younger girls in thongs. I've seen a few who wear them but keep laid belly up. I think that although they are comfortable with their body they are mostly shy about their parents seeing them.
In Tenerife saw one girl sat self-consciously with her parents. They were in full coverage suits and she was in a thong but only a connoisseur people watcher could tell because she never moved off her butt until her parents left the beach for a walk. The girl went wandering off down the beach alone in all her glory as soon as mum and dad were out of sight. Maybe they din't really approve?
In Golden Sands, Bulgaria in 1999 I was pleasantly surprised to see thongs were very common. Saw a few men including myself in thongs and many, many females of all ages in all manner of g's and thongs. Age 3 to 93, no one cared. It was wonderful to see such confidence and casual beauty every where I looked.

matchingthongs #20

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2011 06:51:16Copy HTML

re nickname: I tend to think that younger girls wearing thongs in their parents' presence are probably comfortable with the notion as I assume it's their choice to wear one and the parents are fine with it too. Perhaps the Tenerife girl hadn't told her parents what she was wearing and had somehow managed to conceal the fact, or they turned up unexpectedly when she was hoping to get away with it without their knowledge?I've also seen quite a few younger girls in them and would say that in my recent experience they are a lot more popular with the younger crowd than they were a few years ago. If you think about it we have a generation now whose parents may've worn thong bikinis and briefs in their youth  or at least been exposed to others wearing them in public places and so can't judge negatively without hypocrisy!!
newlynymphos #21

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:03/09/2012 10:00:34Copy HTML

I started going nude at 10 (In the backyard, and private sections of beach) w/out the knowledge of my parents. My parents bought me my first speedo at 15, but it wasn't tiny enough, so out of their presence I would roll it up into a thong :) . According to my Mom, I would have never even have worn clothes from the day I was born if I had anything to say about it! I have always been a very sexual person as well, from a very early age.

Now that I'm 33, I have a lovely wife that shares in sexuality, swings with me, and enjoys being with me in various forms of undress in many different places :) Both sexually and non-sexually.
Ex_Member #22

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2012 04:50:13Copy HTML

 i have a young daughter who would like to start wearing thongs.  I have no idea where to shop for smaller sizes, any suggestions?
Maxtlatl #23

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2012 04:56:44Copy HTML

Yeah, right. You just joined today and immediately start asking where you can get thongs for small daughter.

I'm betting that behind it all is either a child pornographer looking for something, or a cop trolling for pornographers.
Ex_Member #24

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2012 05:33:39Copy HTML

Very sorry you think that max! the reason i joined was for info on getting her a swimsuit. thanks for the warm welcome!
JM_Runs #25

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2012 06:17:54Copy HTML

Some vendors do  xxs and xxxs small sizes, like Skinzwear.com - Unfortunately the very small sizes are special order and that makes them more expensive.

Chinese sizing runs smaller than average.  People are often complaining that although they are a small in the US they have to order large when ordering from vendors who's sizing is based on Chinese internal sizing. There are a number of Chinese vendors on the web who have English versions of their websites.  Chinese products can also be purchesed very cheaply on ebay, just use the "Sort by Price & Shipping".

There are a number of vendors bikinis with side ties, which have the advantage of being adjustable to just about any size and which can accommodate a fast growing person.  For example this low cost tie-side from TinyBeachBikinis http://www.tinybeachbikinis.com/index.php?v=products&c=17&p=76

As I mentioned, there are thousands of new bikinis on ebay, where you can search by size, price and shipping.  I would recommend searching for tie-side swimsuits because of their adjustability.  Just search for thong & tie* in women's swimwear and then sort by cost.
Example  >>   http://www.ebay.com/dsc/Swimwear-/63867/i.html?_dcat=63867&_sop=15&LH_TitleDesc=1&_nkw=thong+tie 
oosuntanman #26

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:01/24/2014 05:15:46Copy HTML

My wife has worn thongs and g strings for 20 years.I too were g strings now.Our two daughters have grown up [1 teen 1 almost teen] always seeing us in micro swimwear.Its only natural that's what they have always worn. I think we should get a bulk discount when we order our Roma suits.The Roma's come with side ties so they fit all ages and sizes.We have a pool at our home so rarely even were suits at home,but we vacation in the islands.Leaving for St martin this coming sunday.We will all be packing our strings. Some will surely disagree with us ,but that's the way we live.
ENB11937 #27

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:02/06/2014 01:13:15Copy HTML

great story! wonderful that you and your daughter can share this interest!  my wife and I thong when we cant be nude and our kids speedo when they cant be nude...its all great and we have a blast...wish you many more happy times together in ur thongs...hopefully husband and maybe even yoru son will eventually join in!
Acceptable #28

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:03/31/2014 06:25:04Copy HTML

Seems teen swimwear has gotten pretty extreme in the last few years. Our apartment pool is 50% thong/scrunchie rios. Even Hot Topic is selling racy swimwear. I think the girls here are in a secret competition to outdo each other. 
JM_Runs #29

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:03/31/2014 08:36:47Copy HTML

That sort of completion is a lot better and safer than most things teens get competitive over.

Maybe you can use the competition about who's bum looks best in a small scrunchy backed swimsuit to steer them towards sports they can continue though out life, like running, bicycling and serious swimming, so that they improve the look of what they are showing. 

Explain that you don't get a stand out tush by dieting, you get it by working out !!

But watch out. One day when she is 18 you may be saying, "Why don't you put on a bikini and go to the beach with the other girls?" and she says "Because get up early,  put on a wetsuit and get a swim workout done before breakfast."

Thongs4All #30

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:04/08/2019 08:46:04Copy HTML

My daughter now has a thong that is so tiny. It’s a little triangle in the front and a tiny y in the back and my wife is going g string. I get the protective part because my daughter is comfortable with her body and has no problem in this gear. It’s normal for her to get looks and my wife as well but we haven’t had any issues. I do remind her to be mindful and careful because you never know. All her friends wear them and they all hang in packs so it’s safety in numbers
MNluvthongs #31

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:05/14/2019 12:18:29Copy HTML

I think it is a generational thing. Most women under 60 have no problems with thongs and tell their kids there is nothing wrong with them. Lot of travelers in my area too.
DavyJ #32

Re:daughter started thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2019 11:36:07Copy HTML

It does seem more common in this generation that the last. If "all her friends wear them and they all hang in packs" then its unlikely they will have any trouble. My daughter (now much older) always enjoyed "pushing the envelope" when it was just us, but was much more conservative when around friends her own age, so there were never any "safety" issues.
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