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Date Posted:07/19/2012 09:36:49Copy HTML

I found this item on Yahoo news. Sounds like freedom of speech is a last line of legal defense for thongers, or nudists for that matter, should the police bring up a charge of indecent exposure. "But, officer, I was just protesting TSA."

An Oregon judge ruled on Wednesday that stripping naked at the airport to protest the Transportation Security Administration is a protected form of free speech. In other words, if you're protesting the TSA it's OK to show a little T&A.

The Oregonian reports that 50-year-old John E. Brennan was acquitted of an indecent exposure charge stemming from an April 17 incident during which he took off his clothes while standing at a security checkpoint line at Portland International Airport.

"It is the speech itself that the state is seeking to punish, and that it cannot do," Circuit Judge David Rees said.

Prosecutors in the case argued that Brennan did not say to airport officials that it was a protest until after he had stripped and was told police were on their way to the scene.

Brennan says he stripped after airport screeners asked him to submit to a pat-down inspection.

"I also was aware of the irony of taking off my clothes to protect my privacy," he told the court.

However, Brennan's case doesn't affect nudity laws in other jurisdictions. But it's certainly possible that anyone conducting a similar nude airport protest in the future could cite his case as precedent.

DavyJ #1

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:07/23/2012 09:58:23Copy HTML

Wow, this is certainly a really cool idea, BUT, it sounds like it could be a very risky defense.  Because some other judge could easily decide exactly the opposite, even if all the fact were the same, which they surely wouldn't be.  Oregon is more liberal than many areas so I would be real hesitant to try this anywhere else.  Still, you gotta admire his creativity and guts.
sailor250 #2

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:11/21/2012 03:14:17Copy HTML

Looks like they'll be wearing thongs in San Francisco now!  BTW women can still be topless legally!

XChip #3

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:11/21/2012 03:42:56Copy HTML

 No, it's not a done deal yet, not by any means.
Ex_Member #4

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:11/22/2012 11:26:36Copy HTML

The freedom of speech argument will be interesting to see what the "speech" is that they seek to protect.  
sailor250 #5

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:08/30/2014 10:21:50Copy HTML

 Here's an article about a nude guy in Kansas- the police didn't bother him  (no not hands up don't shoot)

Naked Italian guys in Barcelona protest swimwear on street ban

sprockettooth #6

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:08/30/2014 05:49:48Copy HTML

 Do you feel that men and women who are critical of thong wearers are largely jealous of the overt confidence that wearing a thong implies? Is it that simple?  Or is there much more to it, perhaps a religious component.  The male body was never meant to be seen in public without clothing: is this criticism based from an offense created by displaying our ugly human shape or is the offense simply borne of non-conformance.
It really is hard for me to understand the disdain so many have for thongs and Speedos.  I think that I was borne with a natural attraction to, and curiosity of,  the naked body.  To me it is a heck of a lot more exciting than the shape of a beautiful car.  How come so many others don't see it that way? 

mack_back #7

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:08/31/2014 01:43:29Copy HTML

Sure, being popular or standing out breeds some sort of contempt towards the individual. Regardless what he or she wears people seem to be more envious then in the past. Religion has nothing to do with it. In fact it welcomes the infranchised to not judge oneanother. 
Maybe it's entitlement which things should or want to be like for many. People hate change. If you drive off that path, expect hostile disdain or apathy. Rarely you get a  polite compliment for your unique clothing or expensive automobile. 
People have this mentality to tear someone down if they stand out shining like a star amongst flock. For example Kim Kardashian many hate her just because she accomplished nothing in life but remains popular regardless. Hope that make sense? Thonging is just something many observe a immodest, or just plain wrong inappropiate  to wear in public. If you do your brazen. 
bmicro #8

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:09/01/2014 08:51:23Copy HTML

 That defense (freedom of speech) was used used, successfully I believe, at McArthur Beach in Palm Beach County years ago. The nudists were reading a statement regarding nudity including the fact that the man for whom the park was named was a nudist.
johny_b #9

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:09/02/2014 03:10:11Copy HTML

no clothes off at my xrays anymore, FUCK THAT, i have to strip down for the xrays, the nurses need to me to do it for the xrays and yes i keep my undies on, so what if they are thong undies, the nurses don't say anything. i got a bone disease, thats their job.
sailor250 #10

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:01/17/2015 11:19:29Copy HTML

 Instagram seems to have banned any "eggplant" photos!http://www.tmz.com/2015/01/16/instagram-eggplantfriday-removed-hashtag/
Tanian #11

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:01/18/2015 06:37:45Copy HTML

We are living in very conservative times. Not at all like the 60's-80's when a lot of us grew up.When we grew up, styles and mores, were changing almost yearly, (mid sixties esp.)Board shorts have been around a long enough time, that this is all a lot of young people have ever seen.IMHO, other things like music, have also gone stagnant. They are the new fuddy-duddies!
sailor250 #12

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:08/20/2015 10:02:29Copy HTML

 Wait now the mayor wants to regulate the TNBP (thong and body paint) women in Times Square? "I (nipple) NY" http://www.tmz.com/2015/08/19/times-square-painted-ladies-pics-naked-photos-nyc/?adid=hero3     http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/08/19/gov-cuomo-time-squares-topless-women-breaking-law/31989525/                                              
sailor250 #13

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:05/26/2016 09:06:22Copy HTML

 Bum baring trend in fashion discussed! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3611728/Naked-ambition-used-just-Z-listers-major-stars-baring-premiers-LIBBY-PURVES-deplores-demeaning-trend.html
JGB911 #14

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:05/28/2016 04:25:44Copy HTML

 While some prudes have tried to get the body painted people on the streets of NYC banned, so far all legal decisions have gone in favor of our freedom, which is the way it should work.  In New York City, even total nudity in public is legal, if it is non-sexual and related to art or performance.  This year, NYC is hosting its 3rd annual nude bodypainting day.
Dr S #15

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:05/28/2016 05:52:50Copy HTML

 I love the way the daily mail writes an article deploring celebrities for the 'demeaning trend' of baring bums and boobs at red carpet events as an excuse to show as many revealing pictures as possible of bare bums and boobs for their onanistic, pretending-to-be-outraged, middle class readers to tug themselves over. Still: at least it's a diversion from their ongoing racist rants about immigration and leaving the EU….
sailor250 #16

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:03/10/2018 10:58:14Copy HTML

 Travers Beynon has a unique way of celebrating women's day- with G strings!https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/687607/Candyman-Travers-Beynon-Instagram-International-Women-s-Day-picture-outrage-playboy
CKsGuy #17

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:03/10/2018 08:45:26Copy HTML

 RE Candyman: That's living. Where did I go wrong.....?
Mary0826 #18

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:03/11/2018 03:06:41Copy HTML

 From a serious point -- I have not heard of an actual case which went to trial (and through an appeals process if needed) where someone successfully used the "Freedom of Speech" right and apply it to thongs.  I am not even sure it any other clothing options, such as T-shirts with politically charged wording has ever been supported by a Judge.  One may exist. and if so I hope someone can site the specific legal proceedings.  If it has been used before, it might be useful to other thongers if they ever got hauled before a judge.  Even the worst local judge does not want to get involved in a potential Constitutional issue if some other judge has already made a ruling -- right or wrong.  There is no guarantee it would be a successful defense for a different person, but it wouldn't hurt.  About the only way you could be almost certain that this defense would work is if it had been used in a federal court, and all applicable appeals to higher courts were exhausted, and the thonger's rights were upheld.  Of course, a court could put restrictions on this, like they did at one time on pornography, where they said it had to conform to local standards.  A few years back, a professor at Miami University in Ohio was told he couldn't wear his thongs at the school's pool.  He challenged this with the claim that he was being discriminated against since he was the only person who wore a thong to the pool.  The case lingered on, and I don't think he had the finances to pay for extensive litigations.  An appeal was made to the ACLU but they did not find the case important enough to support.
lindros #19

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:03/13/2018 04:30:01Copy HTML

Freedom of speech arguments have failed numerous times  in courts with cases involving topless or nudity. Not sure why it would succeed with thongs.
Matt37 #20

Re:freedom of speech

Date Posted:03/14/2018 03:52:48Copy HTML

> Freedom of speech arguments have failed numerous times  in courts with cases involving topless or nudity.

Very true, including cases involving strippers and freedom of expression in the form of nude dancing (which actually IS pretty much a free speech issue). If it doesn't work for that sort of thing, it doesn't stand a chance when it comes to thongs.
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