<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/25/2004 08:43:24Copy HTML

Hey i'm an 18 year old male, thongs have been interesting to me for a few years now. but i havent gotten one yet. I just want to wear them as underwear. right around here we have walmart and JC penny. i havent looked there for thongs yet. i will soon.
04u354354 #1

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:03/25/2004 08:43:25Copy HTML

Hey i'm an 18 year old male, thongs have been interesting to me for a few years now. but i havent gotten one yet. I just want to wear them as underwear. right around here we have walmart and JC penny. i havent looked there for thongs yet. i will soon.
sebastianspencer #2

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:03/25/2004 10:57:11Copy HTML

Welcome future thonger!  If your local stores don't carry thongs, check the companies section of this message board for online thong stores (or search the web for thongs).  As far as JCPenney, I think I heard they had the Jockey brand thong in some of their stores.  The Wal-Marts have Life brand (made by Jockey) in some of their stores.  I am particularly fond of the 2Xist #3102 Y-back thong.  You can find those in various online stores.

Good luck!

Oahu Tan #3

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:03/28/2004 08:05:51Copy HTML

I suggest getting the smallest G-string you can find and avoiding the whole transition period. Because the smaller the better and more comfortable plus you will save a lot of time and money in the process.
nakedotter #4

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:03/29/2004 01:54:22Copy HTML

Ohau Tan is right, but most of us have to work our way up (or down) to g-strings and really minimal suits. I finally found my fav bathing suit in a custom Skinz Y-back thong which I wear to the beach and to run. (I usually run early in the morning before daylight so don't encounter many people.) It's made of 1/4 inch straps attached to a small pouch that just covers the family jewels. The two straps are attached to the bottom of the pouch, split and go up and around the buttocks and over the hip bones and attach to corners of the top of the pouch. It's extremely comfortable and cool to wear; and I get generally favorable responses, especially from women, when I wear it.

My favorite and most comfortable underwear thong is International Males's mesh thong. It's cotton, has a good fit and has plenty of room for the "boys."

Good luck, but don't worry about trying a variety of styles and manufacturers. Most places will let you return stuff if you mail order. In fact International Male and Undergear (basically the same company) send your order in a returnable heavy duty plastic bag/envelope so you aren't stuck with something you can't use. As a concession to cleanliness and hygene, I wear a small thong when I try on new stuff that looks like it might not fit. Everybody's body is different and it just takes time and trial and error to find stuff that fits comfortably, but once you do, you'll never find a brief or boxers that are as comfortable as a good fitting thong.

naked otter
packiest #5

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:04/01/2004 02:23:03Copy HTML

from what I understand, it's not advisable to buy those Life thongs at walmart(supposedly, they're pretty much just repackaged women's thongs). If you've got a kmart around, the Joe Boxer's aren't bad for the price. The 2xist yback are very good, though- I'd reccomend those, though I'm very new to thonging as well.
04u354354 #6

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:04/02/2004 05:51:02Copy HTML

Reply to : packiest

i have a walmart and JC penny around here. kmart closed a couple years ago
Beachlover492000 #7

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:04/07/2004 11:05:16Copy HTML

I would suggest that you NOT start with the smallest thong possible. Although you might get stuck later on with some suits that you no longer like, starting out with something that is really brief is very hard to do for a beginner for a number of reasons.

First one of the secrets to successful thong wearing is to look and feel confident. That's hard to do if you are feeling embarrassed, naked and vulnerable. If you have not worn a thong on public before, you will feel some of that your first times out. It's better to wear something that makes you feel a bit more comfortable.

Second, you should also consider the requirments and consequences of wearing a thong or g-string to the beach. If you have a steady girl friend who supports your thong interests, that's great, but since you are 18 you are probably still meeting lots of ladies.

I've been married for 20 years so I might be out of touch. Still the "right moment" comes in a relationship, you have to remember that your new girl friend is going to see your body. I never had any problems with my tan lines. Most women were fascinated by them when they saw them for the first time. ("Wow, that's neat! How do you do that?") Still I could see where some conservative women could be concerned about them.  And once you have the lines firmly etched into your body so that they look really good, you are going to have them for several months.

If you wear very brief g-strings you will need to shave and that can get controversal. Today more men are shaving their bodies and trimming their hair. Still some ladies might be turned off if you have shaved your "manhood" hair, which is pretty much required for the smallest g-strings.

A good alternative might be the Pocket Thong by Undergrear. That suit is fairly wide and reaches high enough so that you will need little if any shaving or triming. The Pocket Thong is quite brief and wil give you a good tan line.

Above all have fun and do what is comfortable for you. That's what thonging is all about.

04u354354 #8

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:04/15/2004 09:00:38Copy HTML

Hey guys, i think im gonna get one of those 5 packs of jake taylor thongs from ebay. only problem is me getting them in the mail, what should i say if somebody else in the house asks whats in the package? help me please
Ex_Member #9

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:04/16/2004 01:18:25Copy HTML

You could tell them you wear thongs...

I don't go out of my way to tell others, but if they see me or the question comes up, I never deny it. It's easier to be straight-up from the start.

04u354354 #10

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:05/03/2004 05:30:01Copy HTML

I got my first thongs today!!!!! a 4 pack of joe boxer, they are so sexy and feel great! i love them
Rockin The Thong #11

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:06/22/2004 01:11:56Copy HTML

Awesome, I'm wearing a Joe Boxer thong too, out of all of my thongs, they are my favoret.
LoveMyThongs #12

Re:future thonger here

Date Posted:09/22/2018 12:40:05Copy HTML

Amazon has some great deals and styles. The fun thing with thongs is learning what you like. I like low fronts and no gstrings. I wear thongs as daily underwear and certain styles are better based on what you are wearing
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