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Date Posted:05/22/2018 04:35:57Copy HTML

This board is open to members of both sexes, although the vast bulk of posters are men. It's unfortunate that overbearing individuals invading others' privacy and relentless contact attempts to members of the opposite sex resulted in today's behavior warning.
I understand that until I'm ready to show photos of me in thongs, the chances of seeing anyone in public to thong with are pretty much null.
The gist is those that DO post photos enjoy the compliments received, but don't want to meet up with "fans", period.
I live about as far away from Florida as it gets, but would love to go to the annual get together to be in the company of other thong fans like me.
armand_galleon #1

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/22/2018 07:54:00Copy HTML

 I've been contacted, usually very politely, sometimes more aggressively. It's sad that someone has such a need for company, understanding, that they force the issue. With a stranger. Which is strange in and of it self. Best advice, live and let live. If someone doesn't respond, let it go.
nospam_TN1 #2

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/26/2018 06:53:41Copy HTML

This problem affects both male and female wearers of minimal swimwear, whether it's thongs, strings, or briefs.
bbyrne78 #3

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/30/2018 01:17:55Copy HTML

I've been a contributor to this board since 2008 (I think?) and I have to say that I am not really surprised about the Pop-up's message. A couple of observations:

1 - the topics discussed in the board have progressively moved towards a grey area where wearing thongs are incidental. Recent topics, are in my opinion, pretty gross. Suggestive topics that are getting more and more sexual which in turn encourage responses that push the boundaries of relevance, make it pretty difficult to for me to not only read the board, much less contribute.

2 - the type of responses I have read are also getting also seen in recent months have also gotten worse when compared to the earlier iteration of the board. In the early days, it was easier to ignore posts and move on to the next topic because those types of posts were rare and infrequent. Now there are so common, one could go for weeks and not find anything interesting to read.

3 - Member profiles and PMs. If I get a PM that is polite or even impolite, I usually respond telling said messenger that I am not interested in further correspondence. Often that is usually enough to discourage people. But when I get PMs from members where the profile pic is a crotch shot or name which is overtly sexual, it just creeps me out.

Over the past 10 weeks I have received PMs asking for photos, the location of my local beach, meet-up requests, personal information, and requests to provide evidence that I am who I say I am (ironically often from people with no information on their profiles). My personal fave have been the members who have dug out old pics off the web and asked me to confirm whether those pics are me. Ugh...

I've always tried to be friendly on this board (that said I know I've lost my cool on few occasions), but it is getting to the point where it isn't really fun anymore.

Now I'll probably get a bunch of comments and PMs calling me over-sensitive, but doesn't that prove my point? I'm pretty sure that most people here wouldn't talk to people in real life like they do here but the anonymous nature the board kind of emboldens those folks. I just wish it would stop. If you want me to answer a question please post it on the board and I'll answer it. I don't want to see it in a PM. Maybe in time it will improve and I am hoping it does, but based on my experiences with other websites like MM and SWW, it will probably get worse before it gets better. Until then, enjoy the summer my Northern Hemisphere friends and rug up my Southern Hemisphere friends.

Love Bren  
tiggerix #4

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/30/2018 09:15:52Copy HTML

 Hello Bren

You are not over-sensitive - many of us really welcome the female perspective and hate it that anyone gets unwelcome and unpleasant PMs or comments.

I like reading reports of peoples visits to beaches etc and especially when they found they could thong happily on a given beach, pool or lake.  What they wore, what suits work well and the response they get from other beachgoers (usually nothing..)

And, yes, those of us in the northern hemisphere are already getting the warmer weather and enjoying it.  We'd like to feel sorry for the anitpodean fraternity, but in truth we figure you have too much fun in the sun :-) 

Comfythong1 #5

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/30/2018 10:48:20Copy HTML

 I joined this group not too long ago to hopefully connect with likeminded individuals who enjoy minimal swimwear (and underwear).  But I agree with Bren that some of the content has been more sexual which may not be the intended purpose of the group. Sure wearing thongs can be sexy and feel sexy but that’s not really what we mean.  Besides, if one of the goals is bringing thong swimwear more mainstream, especially for men, this type of stuff really isn’t helpful.  
Mary0826 #6

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:34:04Copy HTML

I have developed a number of good online friends via PM.  I have even met a few.  I will admit that with some people I feel comfortable with sexually charged topics, but they usually are just as interested in them as I am.  Other people I chat with are more likely to chat in a more PG format.  Sometimes the barrier from one to the other can be pretty slim.  A man might write that he went to a beach, stripped off his swimwear, and soaked up the sun in the buff.  A topic probably acceptable to anyone.  The same person could write that he went to a beach, stripped off his swimwear to soak up some sun and got a boner.  A PM that might offend some readers.  Change this to "I want to go to the beach you visit, take off all my cloths and let you see me my member standing at attention" and things really get personal -- perhaps to personal for many members.  So the only thing we can do, rather than having a no PM's about this or that is to accept that each person has his or her own tolerance, and that it is a good thing to feel the person out before going to an extreme.

Several on-going things happening to me.  First is the "meet up" message where someone wants to meet me.  Second is the "Send me your picture".  Sorry, but pictures are very personal and some people don't want to share them with unknown strangers.  If you want to, fine.  If you want to only share pictures with friends, that is fine too.  If you don't want to share pictures that should be okay.  Third is the accusation message.  People write and accuse you of something, without evidence.  Fourth is unsolicited sexual messages.  Don't assume that because you want to tell your friends about your latest explorations, that people on your friends list will automatically want to know about them.  Do a PM, ask first.  You can say "I would like to tell you about a wild encounter I had, but want to make sure you would be okay with me being explicit in telling you about it"  I sometimes do some of these things without meaning to.  If I realize I did it, I will apologize for the infraction, and ask if you want me to tone down what I say.  Most of you are adults and mature and don't have any real issues with the things I mention, but please try to be respectful since people may not think the way you do and above all, if someone ask you to stop PMs all together or PMs about specific things, please be kind enough to honor their wishes.

One other thing.  I personally don't mind seeing nudity or nude men "ready for action".  However, I think those of you who want to post pictures of yourself that might be explicit should consider putting them in a locked file or whatever it is called.  This way people who want to look can ask you to let them into these files, and you can warn them about the contents before they stumble across them.  Again, there is sometimes a fine line between what might be considered normal and what might be considered explicit.  Is a Wicked Weasel minimal G-string that doesn't cover any more than a piece of string would too explicit?  How about a mesh baggy on a man?  Some discretion should be used, and if people -- especially multiple people complain, lock those pictures up so only those who want to see them can look at them.

JM_Runs #7

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/30/2018 03:12:27Copy HTML

I agree with the suggestion the women have made, DO NOT have a picture of your junk in a thong as your profile picture. When you send a PM that is the first thing people see. 

Most of you have seen pictures of me on the beach. (Some are in the picture albums on my profile). However my profile picture is just a simple logo. I will impress, or not, with my words.

As a guy I would prefer if other guys did not start of their PM communication with a picture of their crotch, even if it is clad in a thong. One of the reasons we have turned off the display of profile pictures by each post is so the board does not become a dick waving contest.

You might notice the number of ExMembers on this site.  That is not the result of moderator bans. It is either people choosing removing their profile but leaving their posts, or more commonly profile deletion by the censors at Aimoo.com, not an action by this moderator.  I honestly don't know what standard they apply but keeping the pictures in your personal photo albums PG should work. Having an avatar, logo as your profile picture is also a first class good idea. 

This board is not a gay dating site, but a board about thonging at the beach or pool.  If you want more young people to adopt thongs, and for them to be more widely accepted at more beaches and pools then this board must be reasonably family friendly. A teen or women who stumbles in should feel they have found a home in a supportive community, not stumbled into a gay bathhouse. 
Cloydene #8

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/31/2018 04:55:35Copy HTML

 bbyrne78, what do MM and SWW stand for? I haven't found this board to be less interesting in recent time as you have, just more depressing that the posts are so few and far between, sometimes going weeks without a new post under various subjects.
BaltoBob #9

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/31/2018 07:00:41Copy HTML

 https://microminimus.com/     https://sheerwhenwet.com/contest/contestview/480?mobile=1
RapidBlue #10

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:05/31/2018 09:47:49Copy HTML

 In general I don’t PM people first. If I am messaged I respond. I can understand some women and men being approached in the wrong way. That is unfortunate and can be disturbing. I found the comments from bbyren, Mary and JM_run all to be sound and well thought out. I appreciate their insight and words on this matter.
Chrish217 #11

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:06/01/2018 11:30:08Copy HTML

 Why does the pop up have to display every day?  It has become annoying,
J_R_365 #12

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:06/01/2018 02:02:19Copy HTML

 I only saw it once, even with several computers. Are you getting logged out?
I've never had anything I'd want to report/complain about, but I did have one time where someone seemed to be trying to get my home address. I just ignored him, but it did creep me out a bit. It's mostly been fun sidebars from regular threads, not requests for personal info.
JM_Runs #13

Re:harrassment pop-up today here

Date Posted:06/01/2018 02:28:20Copy HTML

It would be nice if the board software allowed for a "I have seen this, don't show me again box for the message" and kept a track of who had, and had not, read the message.  Unfortunately it does not. 
The only settings available is for the number of days.  Because most people don't visit the board every day it has to run for a number of days to make sure casual readers have seen it. Sorry about that. 
It may be a little annoying to have to click on it once a day, when you first log in, but the slight inconvenience has to be balanced with the serious problem we have of members harassing others, either deliberately or unwittingly. 

This is a touchy subject. Some think a couple of unsolicited private messages that ask a question is not harassment, without stepping back and seeing it from the other person's point of view.  

  • If they had wanted to include more information in a public post, they would have. 
  • If the question is a legitimate followup to a public posting, the right place to ask is in a public replying, not a private message.
  • If someone is vague about where or when, it is because they don't mind talking publicly, but don't want to be stalked in real life.
  • We have a contact's section of the message board: If they wanted to meet people they would post there. 

  • This is especially true for private messages to women. There are many men who would love to have a girlfriend or female thong partner at the beach, but if every man on this board sent a PM a women would have 30,000 inbound messages. 

    Not to mention, women who are brave enough to wear thong swimsuits have no trouble attracting boyfriends and husbands.  They already have just as many men in their lives as they want. Real life men like husbands. They don't need extra internet boyfriends. 

    If you want to meet women, go to the beach and wear a thong with extra confidence. Most women find confidence and courage rather attractive. 

    Seriously, if they have not posted in the contacts section of the message board, they are NOT inviting direct personal contacts. 

    This goes for gay guys too. Just because a guy is gay, and you are gay, that does not mean they are into you. Act with respect. Take a hint. If in doubt go away. If they ask you to stop messaging them just stop. 

    Now and again things come to a head and I have to put up a public announcement for a couple of weeks. This is not the result of one particular individual or event, but a series of recent complaints from both women and men. 

    Martylouie #14

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/01/2018 02:50:42Copy HTML

     The repeat viewings are probably on machines where cookies are disabled, on incognito browsers or where the browser is set to private.  
    cmp304 #15

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/03/2018 11:52:50Copy HTML

     I am not bothered by the harassment popup continuing to display.  This is a very important issue and some repetition is a good thing.
    Bren's first statement accurately describes a concern I've had for the last few years.  I found this site years ago simply by a web search for "where to wear a thong".  That was and still is my interest, to find thong friendly beaches.  Reports posted here have helped me plan vacations and there have been many times when I have driven out of my way to visit a lake, beach or other location posted here.  That continues to be my reason for being a member here.
    I am far from a prude.  I enjoy sharing explicit photos and stories as much as anyone but personally do not believe they belong here.
    ohiothonger #16

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/04/2018 03:46:15Copy HTML

     I don't want to sound negative, since I have met many friends over the years, some on messages boards.  But sometimes things can go very wrong.

    I met a young lady who communicates with this board now and a previous board.  She had some guy basically stalk her when she was on the previous message board.  She thought the guy was being nice.  He told her where he lived (turned out to be not true), where he went thonging (may have been true), etc.  He slowly befriended her to the point where she told him about her favorite beach and later arranged to meet her there.  He wrote her back a few times after she told him about specific days and times, first to verify when she was there by asking if he missed her or something else like that, and then sometimes making up meaningless messages like he saw her right before she left, but thought her swimsuit was too small.  Maybe he did see her, but the message is practically meaningless and could apply to most anyone.  

    It is hard to know what would have happened if she had meet him like she intended to, then an unexpected issue came up and she was not able to go as planned.  The guy started to rant and rave, asking why he was stood up, demanding to know when she would be back, sending her e-mails and he even found out her cell phone number somehow.  He even suggested that he should come over to her house to discuss the matter.  This is when she finally realized this guy was off his rocker.  To make a long story short, she wound up quitting that board, changing her email address and cell phone number.  For years she was worried that he would figure out who she was or maybe know other things about her, like he knew about her cell phone number.  This was over 15 years ago now.  She is married, and has friends or family to go to the beach with most days, and she has not been approached again like this.

    What I wanted to point out is that women especially need to take things really slow if they decide to meet up with some guy they don't know.  A guy who has been on the board for  years and leaves a lot of posts and replies is probably safer than a guy who joined recently and has not participated much if at all.  The woman can also try to feel out the man by stating things like "I only go to the beach with my husband", or  "my neighbor the cop said" this or that.  A pervert looking for someone to stalk will probably loose interest if they think their stalking will not result in the end-product they are looking for.  

    Better yet, especially if you are particularly young, attractive, or not able to handle men well, find a friend or someone else to go to the beach with, and don't send any personal information in private mail messages until you have safely met the guy and feel comfortable with him.  Men, especially those who are young and perhaps handsome should probably take the same advice.  Meet in a neutral environment and have a friend along if you decide to meet.  Make sure he does not follow you to your car to get the license plate number.  Take a  round-about but public route to the car and if he follows you, simply stop someone and have them call an authority figure.  A good male friend, even one who does not thong, might be thrilled to lay out with a lady in a thong as an example of a suitable and safe person to go thonging with.
    mack_back #17

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/04/2018 04:56:06Copy HTML

     Harassment isn’t exclusive just for Internet forum stalkers. Seen on c/o beach regularly men bothering woman in a group or alone visiting the beach. This angers many male beach regulars knowing it scares off woman visiting not being a safe or relaxed location. Had the pleasurable experience meeting few young nice woman only finding out few visits later they been sexually assaulted on a yacht off shore. 
    Do agree with comment with members who been posting topics for long standing are probably, maybe trust worthy. Again you never know. Once arriving at the C/O beach alone I was asked to accompany a fellow female nudist to the beach I never met. Her husband went to use the restroom. The woman was alone and long time beach goers exposed himself to her, beginning to masterbate in front of her while urinating.. She was afraid and shocked being alone looking at this rough fellow. Only when I showed accompanying the lady to th beach he left. Anywhere in society when wearing minimal clothes beach, pool many males believe its gateway for possible quick sexual activities. Never mind about the gay side where men are befriended drugged later raped unknowingly while visiting  the beach. Be careful when someone offers you a drink or food at the beach. 
    jn9195 #18

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/17/2018 01:49:43Copy HTML

     it is one message, it isn't annoying at all... 
    ithongit #19

    Re:harrassment pop-up today here

    Date Posted:06/17/2018 08:50:01Copy HTML

     Years ago, I went to the Outer Banks for a week with friends.  On the local (Newport News?) TV station, they had this "public interest" or maybe "public warning" story and said women should not wear thongs or go topfree, even though legal because there were many men who read this as a come-on.  They reported that "many women" had even been touched by such men without the woman's consent.  I always assumed that the story was semi-fictitious and simply an attempt to make women not expose too much skin.  Much of the news program advertising was from local businesses near the beach front.  Many of these businesses had posters in their windows supporting candidate who opposed thongs on all people and topfree beach activities.  Some even had "no thongs, shirts required on all customer" signs.  Several years later I ran into two women in Ocracoke who told me they no longer went to Nags Head or Kitty Hawk beaches because they had men touching exposed portions of their bodies (both were topfree and in G-strings when I met them).  This activity happened the year the TV report was shown.   Harassment as minor as verbal or as major as rape have occurred on beaches for sure.  

    It could have happened to me once when my husband and I were at Ceaser's Creek, a supposed thonger's haven.  My husband has really long hair -- half way down his back, which he usually wears in a pony tail at the beach.  We were both getting some sun on our buns and a couple of men who were jerks came along and started to make inappropriate remarks.  Now I can tell a guy from a girl 95% of the time, even when both are in G-strings and both have long hair.  These guys seemed to not be that smart.  Anyway they addressed us like we were both girls and started saying stuff like "I know why girls like you wear thongs.  You want us to F*** you up the A**."  Randy stood up and when they saw he was a guy, they tried to call him a bunch of stuff, but they were so busily running away, apparently in fear of their lives, for us to make out much of what they were saying.  I seriously doubt if these "men" would have done what they expected on a semi busy beach, but it still was offensive and scary at the same time.
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