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Date Posted:06/04/2017 07:12:50Copy HTML

I recently bought some iKingsky thongs off Amazon, and I am very impressed. The fit, I find, is excellent and so is the cut (they offer a variety). They are also very reasonably priced (?15 for a pack of 6). Has anyone else had any experience of these thongs? 
electric #1

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/04/2017 02:43:17Copy HTML

 I have some. They are VERY nice.
electric #2

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/05/2017 12:17:31Copy HTML

 I've got some. They are very nice! The 6 packs include colors I don't want like white and that peach looking red color. I wish the 6 pack was available in all black or blue.
spyke433 #3

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/06/2017 12:25:25Copy HTML

 I rather like the different colours, but I agree, it would be good if there was more choice as to colour. 
jrr #4

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2017 10:14:21Copy HTML

 I ordered some too. The fabric was very smooth, much nicer than I'd expect for inexpensive nylon+spandex. 
lcp84047 #5

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/08/2017 01:45:58Copy HTML

 I'm thinking of getting some of these. Which ones have you tried? They seem to have thongs, low-rise thongs, g-strings, bikinis, etc. How does the pouch size compare to say, Joe Snyder, or something similar?
thongalactic #6

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/09/2017 04:37:25Copy HTML

I have these in Medium. https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Comfort-G-string-Thong-Colors/dp/B01EQ47W4M/ref=lp_10691757011_1_1?srs=10691757011&ie=UTF8&qid=1497026190&sr=8-1
They're too big! But they're potentially nice if sized correctly. Not sure how the Small fits though. 
spyke433 #7

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/10/2017 12:11:03Copy HTML

 I have a 32" waist and wear the small, they fit like a glove!
Manthongs #8

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/10/2017 02:30:14Copy HTML

 these are great if not cut a little high. For the price you cant beat them. I use them as Gym underwear. I bought the X-large for a 3-38 waist and they are a bit loose on me. 
jrr #9

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/10/2017 09:18:53Copy HTML

 https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Pouch-Underwear-T-back-Panties/dp/B06Y15N4S1is what I bought. These are a little roomier/stretchier in the pouch than JS and smoother on the skin all around. The pouch is lower than JS but it still looks very good and feels very good even with the seam which I didn't notice.
Mineralguy #10

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/18/2017 11:29:49Copy HTML

 Have multiple styles and colors. I have been wearing them for about 7 months. Very good product
thongsrus2 #11

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/19/2017 10:23:33Copy HTML

 Got them today and I followed their size chart and ordered extra large and they are way too big. They are wearable and I might re-buy, but darn!

thongsrus2 #12

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/20/2017 02:56:12Copy HTML

 I washed and dried them and thankfully they shrunk some.

VegasThong702 #13

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/21/2017 04:46:01Copy HTML

 I own three different styles of iKingsky. They are so sexy and comfortable. I love laying in my backyard tanning in them. I always hope someone is watching.
VegasThong702 #14

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/21/2017 04:49:27Copy HTML

 I own three different styles of iKingsky. They are so sexy and comfortable. I love laying in my backyard tanning in them. I always hope someone is watching.
thongsrus2 #15

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/22/2017 04:39:54Copy HTML

 I think I will buy some large ones instead of extra large. I guess they didn't shrink enough.

thongsrus2 #16

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/22/2017 10:34:26Copy HTML

 I want to post a new subject, which I never have done, but it won't let me and it said something that I haven't earned the privilege. I tried to find an email to the board and it was non existent. If any one has advice, info or any help please let me know!! Thanks! 
tback #17

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/28/2017 04:08:58Copy HTML

Have you tried "New Topic"
It should work
thongsrus2 #18

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:06/28/2017 11:29:35Copy HTML

 tback, not yet but I forgot what I was going to post anyway.
I got the new iKingsky thongs in large, the last order took over a month or more to receive and this I got in a couple of days..Amazon must have had them in stock!
The large fit much better and I feel sexy in them even if I am an overweight soon to be 61 year old!!
Ex_Member #19

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:11/06/2017 04:10:24Copy HTML

 I also have several ikingsky thongs. Excellent fit, superb quality, comfortable, and value priced. 
JayByrd #20

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:11/06/2017 08:16:26Copy HTML

That's good to hear. My wife just ordered me some. (She had some gift card credit) .

I was a bit hesitant since they are only $24US for 6. Will see how good they are/aren't when they arrive.
jrr #21

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:12/11/2017 02:05:04Copy HTML

I commented on these ones in June.. They are still great and get better with washes and time. https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Pouch-Underwear-T-back-Panties/dp/B06Y15N4S
Also picked up these:https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Colorful-Pouch-Thong-Underwear/dp/B074L4CCLF which are also nice but a little lower rise. They have since come out with a 10% spandex version which I'm going to get sometime.https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Pouch-Thong-Underwear-Orange/dp/B076Q7CDD8
https://www.amazon.com/iKingsky-Bulge-Briefs-Underwear-Large/dp/B074N2GDVT are some briefs I got along the same style which are great too.
I did get these too; sort of a cotton version (particularly in the back shape) of the hom plume and gentle roomy pouch. These are comfortable.https://www.amazon.com/ONEFIT-Cotton-Thongs-G-string-Underwear/dp/B01ET3VYV2
LoveMyThongs #22

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:07/19/2018 06:29:42Copy HTML

 I’m in one now. I love the skimpy pouch to thin strap with a triangle back. So comfortable and like I’m wearing nothing 
VegasThong702 #23

Re:iKingsky thongs

Date Posted:07/19/2018 09:26:41Copy HTML

 I have a lot of iKingsky thongs. Check my pics.
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