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Date Posted:12/08/2018 03:14:17Copy HTML

I prefer a thong, but sometimes you need something to cover your butt. I found these on eBay:


I bought one in XL, in white. I'm very pleased! I'm 37 inches around the hips and it fits great. I've posted two pics in my profile. I'm ordering anothe in Large just to how that fits. They're very thin, and I expect once the white one gets wet there won't be any doubt about what's underneath. The material is fout-way stretch and fits like it was sprayed on. It's pretty close to feeling nude for a bikini. It would be great if they made a thong version.

I've ordered another in Large and will follow-up on the fitment. But I'd wear this right now on any beach I couldn't be nude on. 

best regards


csnipwb #1

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/08/2018 03:53:58Copy HTML

3 bucks with free shipping! 

Can't go too wrong there.

Funny color conbinations but other than that they look like a win win deal.


CKWonderer #2

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/10/2018 03:31:43Copy HTML

If you want one of those without the butt coverage here is a thong version. Search under AliExpress Men's Ice Silk Sexy U-Convex Jockstrap Underwear Bikini Swimwear Elastic Briefs Thongs G-String Low Rise I have looked at it but not ordered one. I will try the bikini version for $2 that you listed first. I think the same version in thong version would have too much coverage for me in the front.
pikeman #3

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/14/2018 03:16:40Copy HTML

Hey CKWonderer; Thanks! I'm going to go for the blue version. It's funny how well the bikini fits me, I suspect the large will be too small. I'm going to assume the XL will fit as the bikini does and get one. It's too bad the white isn't available. It ought to be pretty close to transparent when wet.
pikeman #4

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/14/2018 03:28:30Copy HTML

Kept looking and found the white one; https://shoppingcart.aliexpress.com/order/confirm_order.htm?aeOrderFrom=main_shopcart&countryCode=US&availableProductShopcartIds=105835917664,&spm=2114.13010208.99999999.90000005
sailor250 #5

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/15/2018 02:31:01Copy HTML

When I "can't" wear a thong I'll put on a tan thru bikini. I have several "mesh" suits in patterns and dark fabric from Swirlfashion on ebay which will not give me a bikini tanline! They are opaque enough to not really show anything. If I'm wearing one with a wider pattern and I need, I'll wear a skin color stocking baggie underneath!
tnline #6

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/18/2018 01:43:52Copy HTML

...wear rios from Skinzwear
CKWonderer #7

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/19/2018 11:01:25Copy HTML

I found Neptune Scepter in Asia has a great fitting low rise and back bikini. I got one last summer and wore it out a few times when I couldn’t thong. It is great fabric, workmanship and prints. Has a drawstring too. It only one style but looks great and fits well for swimming. They can be a bit pricey. You can find all styles at. http://neptunescepter.com/ And Amazon has some too.
navythong #8

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/19/2018 05:47:41Copy HTML

When I can't wear a thong, I wear a black Muscleskins Classic suit with 1/2" sides and a lean back. It's still a rather minmalistic suit without being a thong.
gocal #9

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/20/2018 02:29:49Copy HTML

I have a couple of suits from Buffed Bod which are halfway between a thong and a rio back. You can custom order them and they are a good compromise when you can't wear a thong. They are not cheap but they are well made and last a long time.
leo40 #10

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/20/2018 11:09:54Copy HTML

 I do a lot of lap swimming at YMCA pools where the Sporti brand (swimoutlet.com) Euro swim brief seems to be near the lower limit of acceptance in their family environment.  These are durable, low in cost, and about the briefest brief among commonly marketed competative swimwear.  They sort of fill in the gap between competative swim briefs and a bikini. 

Beached_Santa_Cruz #11

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/21/2018 02:54:52Copy HTML

I agree with leo44. I have the same Euro brief which is acceptable at the gym. They seem to last forever. They are better made and more chlorine resistant than any speedo. They are relatively cheap for swimsuit. I have found the Koala Pumped-Up also acceptable when I need butt coverage. It usually lasts a summer swimming a couple of times a week. http://www.koalaswim.com/PUMPED-UP_p_335.html I'm going to get the Koala Male Room for next spring. http://www.koalaswim.com/Male-Room_p_631.html
navythong #12

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:12/22/2018 12:58:13Copy HTML

This koala Pumped-Up suit looks nice. Narrow front and just enough coverage in the back. Nice blue color. The Male-Room I don't like because of the scrunch butt.
sexyboy23 #13

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:01/12/2019 10:02:35Copy HTML

Completely agree pikeman! Purchased some from eBay and they are great! Yes they do have butt coverage but the front is pretty low cut and really comfortable! Super thin material as well so outline might be visible Going to Bali in a couple of weeks so they’ll be coming along with me. Bought the Greg and white pair so hoping the white pair might get some attention after I got out of the pool!
pikeman #14

Re:if you need some butt coverage . . .

Date Posted:01/21/2019 01:30:42Copy HTML

May seem silly but I bought a few extras of that thong and bikini. I like that "ice silk" material, which I think is elastane, or just ultra thin nylon. In any case, they fit me perfectly, and the price is so cheap I bought a variety. These feel like being nude.
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