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Date Posted:09/09/2004 12:21:43Copy HTML

I know such treatment is available to permanently remove hair, but does anyone know whats involved or what it costs?
thongsalltheway #1

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/10/2004 07:18:00Copy HTML

I to would like to know this, but only for the back, bum and crack areas. In Aus $$ for me please.
JM_Runs #2

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:11/27/2004 05:49:27Copy HTML

There are tons of laser hair removal forums... I've had some treatments myself, but dont know if I will again. I had 5 on my chest and I had plenty of hair 5 months after the last treatment. I'm not hairy either. In general, the darker your hair is and the paler your skin is, the better the treatments can work. I would suggest only getting work done from someone that gives you a 2-3 year guarantee. That way you can get touch ups every 2-3 months. I figured it out that it would be cheaper than getting waxed every 3 weeks. Unfortunately I moved and no longer can go to the same place to get treatments unless I fly back to CA...
Ex_Member #3

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:11/27/2004 05:51:00Copy HTML

Almost forgot, laser hair is not permanent. They only provide permanent hair "reduction" or whatever that means...
bagapon #4

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/15/2008 03:27:22Copy HTML


Any one has the experience about "Laser-Hair-Removal" to remove your public hair? can you share your experiences? thanks very much.
stanpuppy #5

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/15/2008 04:06:07Copy HTML

My wife had it done.  FREAKING AWESOME!!!!   She had 5 treatments (and about $500 per treatment) and the hair is gone forever.  Super smooth and she never needs to shave ever.  She said it really didnt hurt any more than a wax treatment.  If you can afford it, it is definately the way to go.  I am thinking of doing the same, as I am getting tired of waxing.  I hate having to let the hair grow in....
bagapon #6

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/15/2008 04:53:51Copy HTML

Thanks for "stanpuppy", I just heard the laser-hair-removal" maybe cause the skin dark, is it true?
rosemke #7

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/15/2008 12:35:16Copy HTML


I have had4 sessions of  IPL (laser) hair removal and each session provides abot 3 months of being Smooth.  Each re-growth there has been less to remove. The darker the hair and lighter the skin provides better results.
The session is about 45 minutes for bikini area, Penis and testes.Take a couple of advil before  because the process is not pain free.
20897 #8

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/15/2008 04:08:29Copy HTML

I've had laser hair removal done about 3 years ago. I had 5 sessions done with 3 to 4 months between sessions. The results were pretty good. The nurse would use a topical cream to numb the penis and the testicals for about 20 minutes before she removed the hair. I never have waxed before so I don't know how it compares. The laser feels like a rubber band snap. She puts ice on the lasered area to prevent any swelling. I go back to see her once a year for a touch up. I usually have a touch up done in the winter so it does affect the tanning months as you are not suppose to tan between sessions. It is costly but worth the money.
malagaguy #9

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/25/2008 05:58:31Copy HTML

Anybody Tried these out yet??


616 #10

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/25/2008 11:21:18Copy HTML

I'm  in the final stages of ipl now and have 100 percent hair loss on my brazillian buttocks  back and top legs worked out to be around 2000 US to complete but no more waxing :)
itanng #11

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/25/2008 05:48:14Copy HTML

Reference malagaguy's post about Epila:

I spent $2000 at Sona to get face, chin, neck, chest, abs, and pubic/genitals done!

I ordered the Eplia from this eBay vendor for $113 including shipping (buy it now).
At that price, surely there are a few other people who will try it, too?

When it arrives and I get to try it, I'll post an update.  Then, a few weeks later, post again to let you know how it works (remember, it takes about 6 weeks between laser treatments because of hair growth cycles).

This is going to be a little more work and slower than sitting back and letting a nurse run the laser, but WOW at the difference in price!  Sona treats a 1/4" band 5" long in about 10 seconds.  There can be a lot of discomfort in a 90-minute session.  With this instrument (and I hope it's not a "gadget"), it's going to take about 10 seconds for each hair.  But, I can do this at my leisure and if/when the discomfort level reaches "that" level, I can stop without having to end an expensive session!

BTW, the "official" site is at:
The Australia "dealer" seems to be the one referencd above at:
I ran across a USA dealer, doing about the same thing.

There are some testimonials on both sites that are very, very close to my experiences with Sona, which I've blogged at:

There's an eBay review at:

I'm excited!  I need to laser more of my body and do some touch-up on parts that have already been lasered!


itanng #12

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/30/2008 05:56:19Copy HTML

Epila SL-808
Personal Laser Diode Hair Remover System


Slow compared to the pros.
Extraordinarily inexpensive.
Good workmanship on the unit.
Great value.
Get one and work toward being hair-free!


I used eBay "Buy it Now" from 'bg-intl2' on Thursday for $113 including shipping.  The unit arrives in a USPS Tyvek envelope on Monday undamaged.


The original box is not shrink-wrapped, but is new.  The URL on the box is www.bnbmedical.co.kr.

There are two instruction manuals -- one in English, the other in Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian.  Sections include "Getting Started", "For Better Effective Users", "Q & A About Laser Hair Removal", and "The Hair Cycle".  Those are required reading, especially for newbies.
The AC adapter is for USA current and a European adapter is included.

The ice pack is a 4"x6" envelope not even 1mm thick.  I didn't use it, but my guess is that it is adequate for a 30-minute session. Remember, cold is effective as anti-pain for some people (for me, it adds more pain).

The instruction manual says to stop after 30 minutes of use for a 5-minute rest period so the unit can cool.  That's a very good recommendation because that’s about when you can detect slight warming on the body of the unit and is probably all you want to do at one time.

The unit is easy to hold since it's about the size of a TV remote control - 6.5"x2"x1" with a curve at the application end that makes the unit about 2" there.  

The underside (next to your body when in use) has the power button (hold about 2 seconds to turn on and you'll hear a soft tone).  The Low-Middle-High button is located there, too.  I choose high since my skin is tanned and since I've used laser treatments before.  Beginners should begin with low and work their way to higher settings.

The "Laser Emission Button" is on the side and is a momentary switch (for safety).

The manual also states the one-year warranty.


Most of the hair in the area I treated was about 1mm-2mm in length and that’s definitely the right length.  Longer hair did not treat as well.

Position the unit so the "touch bar" (guide) is on the skin about 1/4" from the hair.  When you push the side button, quickly aim the LED for the base of the hair and wait for the 3 pulses (a beep for each).  The LED goes off briefly.  Move to the next hair (and move on early if it hurts too much).  You'll “zap” about 10 hairs per minute. This is a slow process compared to the pros, like Sona, but the price is so much lower!

About 1 in 15 of my hair vaporized immediately.  I went over the treated areas twice.

Now, I'm waiting for the hair to push its way out.  Exfoliation will help.  In about 4-6 weeks, I'll repeat treatment on the area until the hair stops growing.

rebeccaasmit #13

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:05/25/2011 10:51:59Copy HTML

 As per my suggestion Laser Hair Removal and its Treatment work best to get rid from unwanted hairs from human body.
Personally, I've had four sessions on the Soprano XL Blue for my Bikini Line. I have average brown skin but dark black hair, and I can honestly say that it is the most painless and comfortable treatment, I could barely feel anything. I am seeing a really good result, and the hair is definitely coming back alot slower and thinner. I had the treatment at a clinic called Onyx Clinic (their website is www.onyxlaserhairremoval.co.uk), they were very friendly and professional and surprisingly reasonable.
SusanaM #14

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:05/27/2011 01:09:34Copy HTML

I started the TRIA system just a week ago. I hope to have some success with it.
stanpuppy #15

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:05/28/2011 01:55:29Copy HTML

Susanna, abouut 4 years ago my wife had a full blown laser removal from a local mediSpa.  It cost $500 per session and took 6 sessions for her to be "done".   The result....a  perfectly smooth full brazilian with almost no maintenance.   She usually goes back about once a year for a "touch up" before bikini season starts.  I guess you can consider it somewhat pricy, but the end results are spectacular.  I figure I will probably do it myself at some point in the future.  Right now I am having good results with my epilator, so I will keep going with that
luvbeach #16

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:05/30/2011 10:14:59Copy HTML

I bought a home laser device.  http://www.silkn.com/About-Silkn-SensEpil  It worked to a point - definitely reduced my pubic and underarm hair.  But I didn't get the results I really wanted so I decided to have it done professionally.  I am getting everything done from my upper thighs to my neck.  I have had two treatments so far with great results.  There is a huge difference between the home device and the one at the hair removal clinic.  It's also a lot easier having someone else do it compared to doing it to yourself. 
rosemke #17

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:05/31/2011 12:01:27Copy HTML

I have had bikini line including XXX and balls done   took 5 sessions  $250.00 per session

Works well on fair skin with dark hair Does not work well on blond or grey hair 
need to clean  up with razor about ever couple of weeks  but cures Ingrown hair problems
Worth every cent.
koenig3456 #18

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:12/27/2011 03:49:54Copy HTML

I spent 3 years getting IPL treatments, going every 10-12 weeks. It got rid of 95% of the dark hair, but none of the light hair. To me, the remaining dark hair stands out more because the hairs are so far apart. Each treatment covered my back, butt, crack, chest, and genitals, and took about 2 hours. I'd call the pain medium to high, but I didn't ask them to reduce the intensity. I've never been waxed, so I don't know how the pain compares to laser. The most annoying thing about shaving. Before each treatment, I had to shave all the areas being treated A few days after the treatment I'd get bumps. The other issue, is that you can't have a tan when you go for a treatment. One summer I avoided the sun completely, that was depressing. The next year, I didn't get any treatments between June 1st and November 1st (It take a while for my tan to fade.).

In spite of the issues, I would do it again. I wish I'd done it 10 years sooner when I didn't have so many gray/white hairs on my chest, etc.
JM_Runs #19

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:10/21/2012 02:56:26Copy HTML

 Anyone used trial and how we're the results
tguy #20

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:06/09/2013 12:58:37Copy HTML

If you are going to get laser hair removal do not go for the IPL, it is not a true laser. The best is the Candela gentle yag for all skin types, does not hurt and it works. Started off with my underarms and a brazilian and the six session package cost $199 total for both areas. I then went to full legs, chest and abs and full arms. I have a few smaller areas that i would like to add.. Laser hair removal is the best thing to come along in hair removal. There is no continuous maintenace, irritation, stubble, etc. Just the best smoothness you ever had.
bryn515000 #21

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:06/12/2013 01:31:14Copy HTML

My wife and I both have had the laser treatment and after two sessions about 90% of the hair is gone permanently. This was done at Radiance Spa and it will take 6 treatments to get it all. Very much worth it. My wife is totally bare and I'm hairless from mid thigh to just below the navel
Virtually painless as well
ondaspot #22

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:06/12/2013 08:08:00Copy HTML

 I also took the plunge in laser removal.  I went to metro laser in Philadelphia and got the manzillian. I use to get brazlian waxes but I got tired of going every 3 months. I'm on my 3rd treatment and I'm about 75% hair free. The results are great. It does hurt just a tad bit then the wax. Especially when they tell you to spread your cheeks. That is a little uncomfortable but if your thinking about getting it done do it. Now when it's time to wear a thong swimsuit or something very proactive I'm always clean.  In the pass when I went to the Caribbean or pool,beach  i would always make sure that I got a wax.  Now that I got my laser I'm always ready to go.  Grab a thong and out the door.
shavedandsmooth #23

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:08/16/2013 08:36:29Copy HTML

I have been getting laser hair removal from the neck down for about 3 years now. I start in the late fall when all my tan is gone to prevent scarring from the laser and go every 6 weeks and get my whole body done at the same time which usually takes about 2 1/2 hours which started a lot longer but as the hair gets thinner it takes less time. it still is very painful but in the long run is worth to me, my whole body treatment cost 500.00 a session and is working out nicely and thinning each session as I started out very hairy. I love being smooth all the way down, my favorite area hair free is butt dick and balls so nice not to have to shave there all the time. Also the lady who does me is very professional and easy to talk to while she is zapping the fire out of me. I am always nervous just laying there naked getting all the pain but after a while u just kinda get numb, but good thing is the redness goes away the next day, so far no scarring at all.
NudeNArizona #24

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/29/2015 02:32:12Copy HTML

 I have currently had 5 sessions of laser hair removal at a local salon and the current price for a Full Brazilian front to back/ butt/ and inner upper things is $79 a session. It was interesting because when we initially went for a consult we were told that full Brazilian for men was $119. Since my wife is getting everything done they gave me a break.

Plus, I have noticed that every treatment up until the last I had a technician performing the treatment and an assistant, observing the procedure.  But come to find out the reason for the observer was that I was the only male client they had getting a full Brazilian and the other technicians wanted to observe the procedure before they performed one themselves.
stanpuppy #25

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/29/2015 09:29:56Copy HTML

 I bought a Tria home laser.  After waxing for a couple years, I used the Tria about 1x a week for 6 months and am completely hair free.  Highly recommend
rosemke #26

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:09/29/2015 11:57:59Copy HTML

 Please remember that  light skin  not Tanned  works best and  grey  hair  and  very light blond does not work  with laser or EPL systems.
JM_Runs #27

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:10/12/2015 12:01:48Copy HTML

I already have 3 sessions done on my glutes, legs, knees, calfs and bikini area, to treat my follicuilitis. I see the results, the hair is growing less, in some areas it doesn't grow anymore. My only problem witg laser hair removal is that you must shave every week and before a session.Notice to all that says it doesn't hurt; it does but its like a sting but the technician can lower the potential of the laser and the sting is very minimal. But the lower the potential of the laser the longer you'll see results.
JM_Runs #28

Re:laser hair removal

Date Posted:10/13/2015 11:53:58Copy HTML

On my page I uploaded a picture of me in my gym sauna were you ca clearly see some scar spots from my folliculitis outbreak. I'm recovering slowly. Hopefully I have my fully healed and recovered skin by December.
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