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Date Posted:10/22/2018 03:02:40Copy HTML

This summer my neighbor sold her house and moved in with one of her kids. For 22 years it was really nice because her husband was usually drunk in the garage, and nobody was ever in the backyard. I had no problem with working nude, swimming nude or hanging out nude. As far as "thonging" goes, I needed one to take out the garbage, or discreetly perform chores out front, but that's about it.

When my original neighbor moved out the now-vacant house was left with a pool that needed looking after. No arrangements had been made with the service and they didn't see the worth of extending their efffort in hopes of getting the new owner to hire them. So I serviced the pool. No big deal. I've been caring for my own pool since it was installed and it's not rocket science. It would have become a sludge pit very quickly in the summer heat.

The prospect of a new neighbor was a bit worrisome. Especially when I discovered the widow lady was a Muslim! That really worried me. Fortunately it has worked out very well. We first met on a very hot day when I happened to be between our homes working on the landscaping. I was only wearing some very brief split shorts and a c-ring when she drove up. I was sweaty and soiled but I could hardly ignore her and so introduced myself. She didn't exhibit any concern over my condition and was quite charming. I mentioned that I'd been caring for her pool and it made her very happy. She was entirely unprepared for that issue. In the immediate aftermath she sought me out to help her with issues related to incompetent contractors and somehow I was always in a state of undress! The workers didn't speak any English, and here I am, some nearly-naked gringo trying with my terrible Spanish to talk to them while they're giving me the fisheye. Kind of funny I think. She fired them.

Since then we've become good friends. (Not with the contractors.) When I apologized if my undressed state had offended her she said it wasn't an issue. I went so far as to clearly explain that we are always nude in our pool and usually while gardening. She wasn't concerned!  I knew it was really OK when one morning I was out on the patio spraying myself down with sunscreen and I hear a pleasant "good morning". I look over and she's smiling at me from her yard. I guess the fence saved me, but it's hardly a perfect solid barrier. I returned her greeting and acted as if I wasn't nude, while we had a nice chat.

So I evidently have another ideal neighbor. I think I'm really fortunate this worked out so well. 


ohiothonger #1

Re:lucked out with my new neighbor!

Date Posted:10/30/2018 01:01:15Copy HTML

I live in the city, and lay out in the back yard quite often in a thong. The neighbor on one side was an old man who had vegitables growing along the fense line. When I put in a new fence -- a wooden privacy fence, he begged me to not put it up on his side, since it would interfer with the sunlight in ways the chain link fence that existed would not. He knew I wore thongs, and his back-yard deck was high enough that even if I had installed the wooden fence, he could have seen me and my friends exposing our buns. I had intended to use the yard sometimes in the buff or as close to the buff as I could go. When I explained this to him, he reluctantly agreed to us wear as little as we wanted -- as long as his precious plants could be maintained. As this neighbor got older and older, he was unable to spend as much time in his garden as before. Soon he was asking me to water his plants since I was "Ready to get wet". I did this at first in my thongs, but gradually started doing it nude since the neighbors in the next house knew about my nudity and didn't mind. Eventually, this house was sold, and a new family from South of the Boarder came to live here. The family was buying the house on a very fast-paced rent-to-buy program that would get him full ownership in 5 years or so. Anyway, I kept to myself and timed my sunning to those times when I didn't expect anyone to be at home. This worked for about two weeks, but eventually, they came home when I was laying out in the buff. I had time to flip over onto my stomach, but the lady of the house nextdoor came to the fence and called me over to discuss something. I expained I was only wearing by birthday suit and she basically said "who cares?" I stood and she had absolutely nothing to say about my nudity, but she did get a grin on her face. I ask her if she minded me wearing so little or nothing at all, and she said "of course not". After this second sign that thongs would be okay (and nudity too), I didn't bother wearing more most of the time. The family has been there about 10 years, and they are the best neighors I have ever had. They take care of their property, watch my house and take in the mail if I am away from home, and treat me to some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. While none of the neighbors are into thongs or going nude, the youngest daughter has started going topfree. New people moved into the house behind mine, and are just as nonchalaunt about nudity and thong wearing as my other neighbors. I wonder if people, especially new neighbors, are more likely to accept thongs and nudity because they don't want to stir up touble in their new homes. I think this goes doublely true when the new neighbor is foreign and tries extra hard to fit in. Many foreign people often have an image of America that includes tollerance to others at all levels of society. This attitude further makes wanting to fit in a big part of their new life style.
sailor250 #2

Re:lucked out with my new neighbor!

Date Posted:11/25/2018 07:15:42Copy HTML

Was talking to someone I know in Florida the other day and they had to talk to their neighbor who was having a company add security cameras to the back of their house which were high enough to show over the privacy fence and include the pool of the house behind them. They talked to the neighbor and installation guys about the fact they wanted their privacy preserved because they use the pool nude. The neighbors said- well us too- and the installation guys came up with locations that only included the monitored property and with the ability for the owners to shut off poolside feeds when they wanted. I hope they don't forget to turn it off -- hey look there's Mom and Dad- what are they doing out there??
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