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Date Posted:02/01/2014 08:41:00Copy HTML

HII have recently joined a naturist club and have discovered that most of the men are smooth.I decided to have a go and booked some extreme waxing.I must say that after the initial embarrassmentof kitting off in front of the female therapist and getting into all sorts of strange positions the treatment was quite nice and didn't hurt much at all. I went for the full body wax and now it feels amazing and allows me to wear the smallest of thongs and strings without any hair on show at all.I love to walk around nude now to show off my smooth downstairs .Ihave booked again for a few weeks time in preparation for hols in Fuerteventura in Marchfor which i shall be packing my collection of thongs and strings to wear around the pool and on the beach.
Does any other men go for waxing and do you enjoy it or do you find it hurts....
HermesOrange #1

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:02/01/2014 09:09:22Copy HTML

Through the beach season I get a body wax from waist down and love the feel and sensation, usually twice.  I have little hair on chest and arms so I remove that myself.  Love the super smooth feel consistent all over, especially in the hard to reach areas.As far as it hurting, to me its very temporary and tolerable...not much more than ripping off a band-aid.   
Keep in mind after your first wax, when the hair grows back it can be itchy and sensitive, so I would recommend when you shower to occasionally use a body scrub to prevent ingrown hairs from irritating the skin.  The good news is the more you wax, the less the regrowth irritates.  Similar to shaving.

brian9731 #2

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:02/04/2014 12:29:20Copy HTML

 I get full body waxing except intimate areas every couple of months and I book in for exteme waxing when I can as the place is furtger away plus it's pricey. It's been eight years and I'm totally used to the feeling now and it hardly hurts but I wouldn't say I actually enjoy the experience. I love being smooth.
Thonglicious #3

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:06/30/2014 08:42:13Copy HTML

Went to the salon several years ago to have it done professionally.  I went back twice more but found the expense wasn't worth the result - especially when one Technician didn't do a very good job.  So, having learned the process and what to expect, I researched how to do it myself.  I use a mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice.  The solution takes no time to make, lasts 6 months, and the results are just as good.  Pennies on the dollar, at my leisure, and in the comfort of my own home! 
Thongmad #4

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:07/02/2014 08:29:23Copy HTML

 Thonglicious, that process is known as 'Sugaring' if I recall correctly?
I've never seen it offered here in Australia, or really know how it works or the technique. I've had full body waxings several times, so I know what to expect with that.
What is the difference in the process you are doing compared to waxing, when the solution seems so simple to make?
seohioguy #5

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:07/05/2014 01:20:32Copy HTML

I think the mixture is 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 c. water, 2 c. white granulated sugar. Cook on medium heat 25-30 minutes, (it will be 250-255 degrees F), let it cool then use. For use I apply the opposite direction of the hair, usually twice, apply the strip  and pull the direction of growth.
seohioguy #6

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:07/05/2014 01:30:07Copy HTML

The colour should be a deep/dark yellow, brown is too far. It took me 3 times to get it right but well worth it. Really nice feature: water will clean any mess or residue.
Thonglicious #7

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:07/16/2014 07:37:06Copy HTML

O-H...I-O (I'm from Akron) you're right on the money!
Thongmad one distinct difference between sugaring and waxing is that the sugar solution only sticks to the hair and not the skin so there is less discomfort. 
Maxin #8

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:07/25/2014 05:14:34Copy HTML

Hi Tiny thong, like you I like to be smooth down below. I recently found a small,discrete salon in Soho, London. They have a male and female beautician and he does a great job especially the intimate parts, using hot wax. This gets most hair off and then tweezers are used. It is very erotic and less embarrassing. PM me for details.
Elindio #9

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:08/09/2014 09:00:54Copy HTML

 Hi guys. I sugar. I use a shop near Liverpool St Station in London. As a pretty hairy guy I have my back,shoulders,abdomen, butt and intimate parts all sugared. I love the feeling and that I can comfortably wear micro thongs. Any chance I get now i'm naked. And yes, sugaring only sticks to the hair so it s supposed to be less painful than waxing.
JM_Runs #10

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:05/30/2017 09:36:41Copy HTML

 I'm planning on getting waxed on Sunday as well as go to the nude beach. So I would like to know is it safe skin-wise to go to the nude beach after having my genitals waxed? Or should I rather do it before being waxed? Does anyone have stories or experiences to relate?
John Howard #11

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:05/30/2017 01:40:00Copy HTML

 If this your first full body waxing, I think your skin down there could get a bit of irritation which could exacerbate with the sun...... I have been full body waxing consistently every 10 weeks for the last 8 years and I would still prefer to let my skin recover 24 hours before sunbaking especially the Brazilian area
Beached_Santa_Cruz #12

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:03/17/2018 03:26:49Copy HTML

 There's a place in San Jose, Lunchbox Waxing that does manzilians.  They get good reviews and I was thinking of giving them a try.   My concern is how bad does it hurt when getting the "package" waxed?  I just have a fear of being a bloody mess afterwards.
brian9731 #13

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:03/17/2018 03:37:00Copy HTML

 As long as the person doing the treatment knows what he or she is doing, there will definitely not be a bloody mess. There is a small chance of the odd blood spot but thats it. The results are definitely worth some discomfort the first two or three times. Aftter that I got used to it totally and after a few more times the hair starts to come back a lot finer, sparser and slower. These days, even if I leave it for many months, I never get the thick bush I used to have. This obviously means that when I then do get another waxing, it's less uncomfortable. All in all, as I said, well worth the effort.
gocal #14

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:03/17/2018 06:48:19Copy HTML

 Beached Santa Cruz:  check out Exclusive Skin and Waxing in San Jose.  Ask for Maria.  I have been going to her for seven years and she is very good at what she does.  Very gentler and no bloody mess ever.
tremendimouse #15

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:03/20/2018 09:16:54Copy HTML

I loved getting fully waxed and so that I could do it anytime for me (jn the places I can reach) and for friends, and maybe as a home business opportunity, I did a wax technician course in the UK.  Can't wait to try out my new skills on a few friends and people that want to help me get some practice in. 

If interested in being a model for me to practice on or looking for a wax technician let me know by PM.
tbck1000 #16

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:01/04/2019 12:09:19Copy HTML

I have been invited to a home waxing party this weekend. A group of neighbors and friends is meeting at a house where a professional will set up and wax everyone for a discounted price. I don’t think any of the other people are necessarily thongers and they don’t know that I am. I assume women wil outnumber men. There will be at least two men participating.

I have been waxed many times but not in this setting. I’m looking forward to it but wondering what to expect. Has anyone heard of or been to a home waxing party?

String_guy #17

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:01/04/2019 12:33:06Copy HTML

sounds like fun. I cant wait to hear the update
tbck1000 #18

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:01/06/2019 11:03:48Copy HTML

The home waxing party was today. I looked this up and it’s a pretty common thing. For example: https://www.thewaxdiva.net/waxing-party.html

So the esthetician’s usual price for a basic Brazilian wax is $50. Our group of 8 (5 women, 3 men) paid $35 each plus tips. The hosts provided towels and other things so it’s a good deal for everyone.

By the time I got there the mimosas and Bloody Mary’s were flowing. It was definitely a party. Everyone but me and one other guy had been to previous parties.

Before their waxing each person would into a bathroom and change into a towel. Most of the women kept a bra on.

The first person to go wanted her friend to stand with her. One by one, the other women stood by. Us guys has another drink.

Then the next woman went, and all the other women watched. Two of us guys snuck in later and watched. The next woman asked everyone including the guys to watch. After her, I decided to take my turn. One of the guys asked if he could watch because he didn’t know what to expect.  Interesting... 

Anyway, I invited everyone to watch and I think one guy and four women did. I was alternating between arousal and pain... by the time my intimate  areas were being waxed, two people were holding my legs up and apart while someone else was holding my .....  out of the way. 

It went on like that until the last of us was squeaky clean. Nobody including me admitted they were doing this for public nudity or extremely small bathing suits. 

This group gets together 2 or 3 times a year. I will be back. This was more fun than going to my regular waxing salon.

L1bert1ne #19

Re:mens extreme waxing

Date Posted:03/02/2019 04:03:33Copy HTML


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