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Date Posted:05/23/2011 03:36:00Copy HTML

This will be a official community for Wicked Weasel enthusiasts. 
Are you going to join this community? I will! :)
I wish them best of luck! 
mikebroussard #1

Re:microminimus.com a Wicked Weasel community!

Date Posted:05/25/2011 07:36:27Copy HTML

At first I didn't realize that it was done by WW themselves.  If you've ordered from them in the past year, you can log in using your WW username and password.
thongman8 #2

Re:microminimus.com a Wicked Weasel community!

Date Posted:05/29/2011 03:35:31Copy HTML

 Is it worth the $25 to join?  What do they have there that is worth seeing?
Ex_Member #3

Re:microminimus.com a Wicked Weasel community!

Date Posted:11/27/2011 05:21:13Copy HTML

I joined that site the other day, only to "lurk" and download because I live in the US and don't know anyone who wears wickedweasel stuff.  It costs $25 australian to join and I know that's a pretty close to 1-to-1 conversion to US dollars, but I've not seen the charge show up (after currency exchange fee) on my credit card, so I don't know what the final bill will be.

That said, it does give you the opportunity to view and download about 40 pages worth of contributor galleries, some very good, some kind of cruddy.  The helpful thing is that it tells you their country of origin, and there seems to be a high number of contributors from Germany and east Asia right now.  There are surprisingly few even from Australia, WW's country of origen, and Greece, which is said to be great for thong-wearing.
Sarah_Thong #4

Re:microminimus.com a Wicked Weasel community!

Date Posted:01/29/2018 02:16:21Copy HTML

I joined microminimus for a year back in 2012, trouble I had was that the content was a bit drab.
The whole WW contest idea was as they state on their website "Natural, ‘in public’ style shots are generally what we are looking for but other creative, quality images will be considered"
The more and more recent stuff are wannabe "porn stars" using the site as a gateway to other stuff. I had e-mails off some of the contenders trying to divert me to their personal sites where I could "see more" 
The only "amateur" posts were in remote locations and not in the public eye as WW intended.
Rant over, I still love the WW brand and will continue wearing them but I but them for what they are and wont be spending more money on a feeder site to ladies porn pages.
bbyrne78 #5

Re:microminimus.com a Wicked Weasel community!

Date Posted:01/30/2018 12:22:23Copy HTML

I totally agree with the last comment. I have been a ww wearer and fan for over 15 years. I was given a MM membership when they started the site and was a contributor for a few years. After a bunch of d!ck pics, tributes and stalkers, I have deactivated my account. 
I do miss the camaraderie of the other girls and their partners on places to visit and joint shoots. It just proves that we cannot have nice things.
Love Bren
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