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Date Posted:05/24/2006 12:39:39Copy HTML

Hello, all.  I've been a member for about a year, but this is my first time posting.  Anyways, i've been wearing thongs and g-strings for the past 4 years (since 17).  My mom has known that i wear them pretty much since the beginning, but she's never seen me in them. A few months ago i saw some laundry lying on the dryer and noticed a thong or two in the mix -- i think my mom's is catching on to something.

Here's part of the problem, though.  There's a clothing/optional beach i want to go to this summer, but i don't have a car, and don't have anyone to go with unless i were to go with my mother.  The only thing is that i'm not quite sure exactly what she'd make of it, whether or not she'd think it weird or awkward.  My mom generally seems like a straight-laced lady, which she indeed is.  But on the other hand, I think she's always been a little curious about such things, as the few times they'd come up in general conversation, my mom never spoke with finality on the so-called "European" view on beaches and pursuant beachwear; if anything, she seemed interested. 

 Basically i'd like to ask if she'd want to go to the beach for a day, if only once.  I wouldn't be surprised if she'd decide to go topfree.  I'm not saying this to be weird or anything, but she keeps herself alright for a lady almost 60, and her boobs aren't sagging at all -- just to clarify, my mom was always pretty relaxed about being seen in her undies or less around the house, so maybe i can blame her, lol.  

To get back to my concerns, though, i couldn't see myself going totally nude, just a thong or a g-string. i don't know if my mom has any thong or g-string swimwear, but i wouldn't put it past her to go topfree, as previously stated.  I'm worried she might say no, but i can't be sure until i should ask.Anyway, i hope this post wasn't too long.  I apologize for it's horribly jumbled nature and lack of organization.  Regardless, thanks for your help, and i look forward to your comments.

Sarah_Thomas #1

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/24/2006 11:26:24Copy HTML

Just do it I say. I was young when I wore a thong in front of my parents but as my sister did it I decided to go straight in at the deep end and wear a WW. Not much was said at the end of the day, although my dad was a bit annoyed my mother said its my choice and at least I wasn't wandering off on my own doing it where boys could have ....... (I'll leave that to you to finish I think you get the idea of what my parents were thinking though)

If she knows you wear thongs as underwear then don't worry and enjoy the experience, its not often that parents are as understanding as your mum when males are concerned so just think yourself fortunate that you have company on your first venture as I think judging by the stories on here a lot of the guy's first experiences were on their own.

Good luck whatever you do hun.

Luv Sarah xxx

mark_issac #2

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/24/2006 11:46:01Copy HTML

yeah i know the feeling. i'm 20, dont live at home cause i'm at university. will be moving back home soon though. my family dont know ive got a couple of thongs and id like to keep it that way!

i'd suggest you do as sarah says and just ask your mum. what you could do is just plan a day at the beach and surprise her! just tell her on the journey that you're wearing a thong. that's cool the you have a beach like that near you, wish i didnt live in england!

Sarah_Thomas #3

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/25/2006 12:12:34Copy HTML

You'll be surprised Mark, lots of blokes in this country wears thongs. I was lucky that I surf and that all the guys and girls that I started hanging out with at college were naturally surfers so as we get changed on the beach you see their choices of underwear and quite a lot of the guys in our group wear thongs. A lot of men wear thongs but don't show them in public and i think thats sad for the thong population. Just take this board for example, there are a number of posts on here that say people are nervous about getting their thong out in public, just maybe if everyone on this board actually did wear a thong to the beach then there would be a hell of a lot of men in thongs around. Then just take a chance coincidence that a few of the guys on here happened to go to the same place on holidays and wear thongs, it wouldn't seem so bad cos instead of being one or two lone thongers on the beach there maybe 5 or 6 which would seem more acceptable.

In my experience with what is acceptable it seems that with anything the more people that do it the more acceptable it becomes.

Luv Sarah xxx

mark_issac #4

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/25/2006 12:17:24Copy HTML

ah well i'm still v nervous and wont be doing it in public. may try when i go on holiday next month, also wanna go to hapstead ponds to give it a try. would think about trying in newquay but not going this summer due to graduation dates!! i wish more girls were like you then i wouldnt feel so embarrassed! i would love to wear a thong in public, i dont own any swimming ones though, which is odd cause swimming is a big hobby of mine!
thong bassist #5

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/26/2006 01:30:04Copy HTML

That's why I love the Europeans. They are so much more open about this kind of thing. However, when I was stationed in the UK, wearing a thong was tough due to the constant bone-chilling temperature.
maozer2003 #6

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/26/2006 07:25:29Copy HTML

In response to thongsallthetime: if your mum wears thongs, it seems to me she should be happy to see you in one too. Why not ask her?

In response to Mark & Sarah (in the UK) - wouldn't it be nice to try to organise a thonging weekend at one of the West Country beaches this summer?  It would be really nice to increase the number of people in thongs on a beach for a day or two - Sarah, I think you may live on that south west peninsula, from your previous messages - can you recommend a friendly/relaxed/beautiful beach where some of us might meet up? (I'm in London but I've often holidayed in Devon & Cornwall) - meanwhile I'm going to check out Hampstead Ponds when the weather starts to feel summery - if it ever does...





7423080 #7

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/26/2006 08:36:44Copy HTML

if you want to go to the beach, fine, if you need to go with your mom to get there, fine too.  families go to the beach together all the time.  what she wears to the beach is up to her and what you wear to the beach is your choice.  i would have no problem whatsoever wearing a small thong at the beach with my mother but i doubt i would wear a tiny gstring.  there is absolutely nothing wrong with guys wearing thongs but i would think that around you mother a tiny gstring may be pushing the limits.  remember, your mom has seen and wiped your naked butt
mendenfriend #8

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:05/27/2006 09:23:16Copy HTML

I'd first like to say that I don't think your statements about your mum are weird at all. Mine is the same way, early 50's, not sagging, often times in the house in just her undie buttoms, I have seen her topless tons of times, never been weird. It's also been great for me because she doesn't mind me wearing thongs!!!

I would say ask her. If she seems to know you wear them from your laundry situation, it won't be a surprise to her. Give it a shot, the worst thing she could say is no.

Good luck friend.
teenieststring #9

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:06/20/2006 08:57:42Copy HTML

Is there any update on this thread?

12 wheels #10

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:08/15/2006 01:49:48Copy HTML


So, did you wind up asking your mom to go with you to the beach? If not, I think you should just go ahead & ask her. She seems open-minded enough that she would at least consider doing it. If she says yes, then you'll have a fun day to look forward to. If she knows you wear thongs, then it won't be a big deal for her to see you in one, especially if she wears them herself.

Let us know how it all works out.

thongsallthetime #11

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/03/2007 08:26:09Copy HTML

to all of you who posted your comments and offered much advice and encouragement, i apologize to you for not giving the final story for so many months. the reason is because i chickened out of asking my mom is she wanted to go to the beach, and was reluctant to keep you posted with the disappointing outcome. however, it's february, and it's not too early to start thinking about making an actual foray into thonging at the beach. do y'all think i should try to go for it with my mom this summer, or does my wimping out demonstrate a general unwillingness to do so. any thoughts if this news wasn't too disappointing?
JM_Runs #12

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/03/2007 09:09:27Copy HTML

It's never too early to think about being at the beach in a g-string! What beach would you be going to? Go for it!
thongsallthetime #13

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/03/2007 03:09:32Copy HTML

more than likely if i actually do ask my mom, i think i might try to go to Sandy Hook. Gunnision Beach, i've learned, is a totally chill nude beach, however, i understand that since it's customary to go nude, i've heard it can be a good idea to be adjacent to that beach, but not necesarily on it. either way, Sandy Hook is supposed to be pretty relaxed about thongs and topfree beachgoing.
JM_Runs #14

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/04/2007 08:08:02Copy HTML

I've heard alot about Sandy Hook, never been there myself. Just wondering what other beaches are in your area and what the laws allow concerning thongs and g-strings?
njbeachboy1949 #15

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/04/2007 09:56:44Copy HTML

I have been to Sandy Hook regularly over the past ten years.  The Gunnison Beach section is a nude beach and on a nice summer day, there would be hundreds of beachgoes wearing only a smile.  There are also people wearing thongs, some go topless, and others regular swimwear, but they are far outnumbered by the nudists.  I once wore a speedo thong on the beach, but took it off after about ten minutes.  I believe the section adjacent to Gunnison is friendly to thongers.  There are some small secluded beaches on the bay side that are also places where thongers go. 

barefootthong #16

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/06/2007 05:54:18Copy HTML

I am in my 50s and if one of my kids (in their 20s) asked me I would certainly take them and wear whatever they did! 
nicinathong #17

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:02/27/2007 05:33:03Copy HTML

i was encouraged to wear what i wanted and what made me feel comfortable, coming from a family which some are nudists, it was maybe a bit harder to wear a thong infront of them than it was being naked.

i wear a thong infront of anyone now, on the beach its good fun
rooE #18

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/02/2018 08:34:28Copy HTML

i found wearing thongs too the beach infront of my mum came quite naturally, she had bought me my first thong, and thong speedo so certainly knew i wore them. but they were bought in the ideas of subtley to hide my underwear lines in my running lycras and lycra shorts, and thong speedo to be worn under my wetsuit. so when at the beach i used to wear my thong under my wetsuit and then when done swimming i wiould take off my wetsuit and put on a pair of more modest speedos over the top of my thong. well one day when i was 16 or so i went to get changed as usual and there were no speedos in the bag to put on over the top, so my mum just said well whats the point, everyone can see you are wearing a thong underneath them anyway, you may as well get the tan of a thong too. it was very liberating once the nerves wore off, but having a supportive mum was great. my sister wasnt too bad either as she wore thong bikinis too.
njbob1949 #19

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/03/2018 03:22:13Copy HTML

I just cannot imagine my mother giving me a thong, but one never knows. Growing up, I did a fair amount of swimming. I wore loose fitting boxer shorts, except when swimming in the local Boys Club where we wore brief nylon suits (days before spandex). For my sixteenth birthday, my mother gave me a skin tight boxer swimsuit. She asked me to try it on to make sure it fit. When I tried it on, she commented that it fit very well. Of course, you could see the bulge very clearly. I think that she was please to see that.

NudeNArizona #20

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/03/2018 03:13:39Copy HTML

I can remember one Christmas when I was in my early 20's because when I went to my parents house on Christmas day she had a stocking hanging on the fireplace for me filled with things as usual, like deodorant, razor blades, socks, and underwear. The only difference was this time they wear cotton G-string's she had found at TJ Maxx. She said she bought them because she knew from doing my laundry before I had moved out that I had went from wearing briefs to bikinis to thongs to G-strings so she figured buying me briefs would be a waste of money.
JayByrd #21

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/03/2018 05:31:52Copy HTML

We had a swimming pool when I grew up in Chicago. My parents couldn't keep me in a bathing suit and I always swam nude until my 12th birthday. At that time my parents decided I was getting old enough that I should wear something, (who knows.. maybe the neighbors talked to them), so mom bought me Jantzen's 1969 version of a racing cut. The next year we moved to a new house without a pool and except for family vacations they never saw me in a bathing suit. Jumping ahead a few years parents, my wife and I rented a cottage during the week of my birthday. When we got there. mom asked if I still liked smaller bathing suits. My wife answered saying "the smaller the better... if I can even get him to wear one". Mom broke out a present and told me to open it right away. In the box was a pair of Speedo thongs. My very first thongs! I was in heaven and wore them most of the week... in and out of the water. Although when other people were around, I went a bit more conservative. If only I had the don't give an F attitude back then... Eventually they wore out and I tossed them thinking I'd be able to buy more. Of course Speedo discontinued production by then and I had none.
NudeNArizona #22

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/03/2018 08:22:50Copy HTML

JayByrd, I was the same way growing up that in the summer my mom had a hard time keeping clothes on me. She said every time she would look out in the yard I was running around naked, but since we lived in the country it was never an issue since we didn't have neighbors. I remember one time I was around 12 and my mom had a old friend and her daughter who was around 14 stop by before I was awake. So my mom not even thinking had the daughter walk to my room to wake me up and since it was summer and we had no A/C I wasn't sleeping with any covers over me. So this girl who I had met before but a long time ago opens my door and see me sleeping on top of the covers in all of my naked glory. I was surprised when she shut the door, which woke me up, but stayed in the room. As I awoke and saw her I grabbed for my shorts that were on the dresser across the room when she laughed and said "what are you now shy" then she said you were running around the backyard naked last time we were here a few years ago.
Gboy69 #23

Re:mom and beach

Date Posted:12/05/2018 08:42:35Copy HTML

Mom and the beach! I can remember very early in my days around 6 or 7 we lived on the shore of Lake Michigan and spent all summer on the beach, my earliest suit was a yellow cotton bikini (early 70's). I can remember go skinning dipping on many occasions and never thinking twice about it, heck I was just a boy! Growing up I was always running around the house naked and swimming in our pool nude. For some unknown reason my Mom just purchased speedo swim suits for me. When we moved to Florida after my folks divorced I was like in heaven. We moved to a resort style Island with pools all around and so now I was in the pool and tanning all the time. I use to go to Pass A Grille Beach and layout in the smallest of suits. You could say I was one of the first on the beach to really start wearing thongs. My Mom came down to the beach one day looking for me and found me sunning my bunns and from then on she would buy me thongs at Burdines Dept Store. Once I discovered Skinz Swim Wear in Clearwater I was hooked on Gstrings. What a treat to be able to go to the store and purchase any suit style you want. To this day my Mom still sees me at the beach and continues to buy me a thong suit once in a while as a gift. Gotta Love Mom!
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