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Date Posted:07/19/2010 09:10:55Copy HTML

OK folks, where is the nearest thong-friendly beach to Cleveland, Ohio?  Not as far away as Alum Park at Columbus, I hope!
beachfolks #1

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/19/2010 09:28:21Copy HTML

 We have thonged at Crane Creek State Park many times over many years. The only problem is the mosquitos at times.
NE_OH_thonger #2

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/20/2010 01:18:28Copy HTML

All state park beaches are thong-legal. I was at Edgewater a couple weeks ago, and Headlands in Mentor has always been good for me as well. Hope that helps you out
nicksthong #3

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:10/06/2010 02:55:42Copy HTML

 I like to stop over at West Branch State Park.  Thongs and topless are legal everywhere, but there are also many little places to hide. So you can be an extrovert, or an introvert, depending on your mood.
flossy666 #4

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:02/26/2011 11:10:14Copy HTML

Edgewater!!! I just started going there last summer. Go to the far left end (facing the lake), it seems more 'almost anything goes' down there.

I hope i don't get into trouble down there this year, as i really like it there.
flossy666 #5

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:02/26/2011 11:33:30Copy HTML

I should have added that if you want a safe, legal place to take it ALL off you can always go to Green Valley nudist camp in Medina.

(Note: if you google it it will sometimes give you the wrong city. Like i just said it's in Medina, Ohio @ 250 Ledge Road.)



Thanks to my GPS i went there a few times last year and i really liked it!!! It's not a swinger's place, it's family-oriented, so don't go there expecting wild sexual stuff going on, because it's not like that at all.

Great place to tan nude. It's almost like you are dreaming! There is a nice size pool there and also a jacuzzi. Last year it cost $32.00 for the day. A bit pricey, i think, but if you like to be naked, it's a lot of fun to go there once in awhile, during the summer, and take it all off.
flossy666 #6

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/19/2011 03:05:45Copy HTML

Just wanted to add that several years ago (5-6? not sure) i used to go to Mentor Headlands Beach and lay out in a g-string, but it got to be too much. Headlands is always packed, and guys used to walk past me all day, thinking i was a girl (i have really long hair), checking me out. I'm not out to fool anyone, and i don't think i'm all that, but i do stay in pretty good shape. I don't mind guys looking at me, but if it is straight guys they sometimes get mad/embarrassed that they liked what they saw (and as it turns out i'm not a girl), especially if they are with one of their guy friends.

I've never seen any women topless at Mentor Headlands Beach, nor any guys nor any girls in a g-strings/thongs whenever i have gone down there. NEVER. Just me. Perhaps it is different there now, i don't know.

One of the last times i went there there was a guy on a boat who YELLED at me to put my clothes on, over and over again. I was wearing a g-string, laying chest down. The beach was packed. I was very embarrassed. I wish i coulda kicked his ass, i would have beated his loud-mouth ass up. It was f*cked. I was just trying to mind my own business and get a tan. The whole scene was just NOT condusive to being down at the beach and relaxing. I'm sure it was a drunk boater with might have thought i was a girl, liked my body, got embarrassed in front of his friends, then turned his anger out on me.

Except for once or twice, i stopped going there after that. Enough was enough, you know?

Perhaps things have changed there, i don't know.

I'll be going to Edgewater again this year. There is a LOT less people down there and you can get away with more. Hey-now!
SlidingG #7

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/20/2011 03:11:30Copy HTML

Flossy, that's just too funny, a straight guy liking your bod 'til he discovers you're a male, then gets mad at you because he looks gay in front of his buddies.  We know where his mind was at, lusting after the ladies.

Maybe I'm just too old to feel that earthy human spirit anymore.  I find I admire good-looking bods simply because they're attractive, men and women both.  I see them as fine examples of God's glorious creation, the human body, worthy of our admiration and celebration when blessed with good genes and cared for with good maintenance.  Thongs and strings are great because they display the glutes, surely as attractive a muscle group as any other, so sensuously curvaceous on the ladies and robustly muscular on the guys.  Any wonder I love figure art!

But I guess we can't expect lusting young males to focus on art over sex.  I doubt the young ladies' heads are anywhere else, either.  And so the world turns.       
flossy666 #8

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/20/2011 10:38:25Copy HTML

I started going down Edgewater Beach towards the end of last summer. A coworker of mine told me he used to go down there a few years ago and that I would like it, that there are topless girls (hey-now!) down there.  (-Hurray for boobies!!!)

As I walked down the beach I scanned the area for any topless girls, and anyone at all, male or female, wearing a thong/g-string...... Nothing. It figures. Although it's still supposed to be legal here, Ohio is still conservative in that area (frowns).

What i usually do if i see someone wearing practically nothing is lay out somewhere around them, that way if someone complains to an authority figure - I have a support system of sorts, by pointing out the other people and saying "I thought it was legal."  (It's still supposed to be.)

I didn't see anyone at all dressed like that so I walked to the far left end (if you are facing the water) of the beach. My coworker told me that's the best place to lay out. "That's where the [topless] girls are." Nice and spacey down there. Not a lot of people. (There aren't a lot of people at that beach at all. I like that.)  Even though you aren't allowed to bring your dog down there, at that section, a lot of people DO bring their dogs. (I love dogs.)

Then it started. Guys would walk around me, circle me, then come up to me and start talking to me. Gay guys (-not that's there's anything wrong with that!) They are quite forward/they crack me up. They are quick on the attack: Just a "I live really close by, do you want to come over?" sort of thing. Or, "You have a great ass, i would really love to f*ck it." Right to the point!!! From zero to 60 in 30 seconds or less! Not kidding!!! No dinner and a movie for flossy, it's just straight sodomy here, folks! lol!  A few years ago, before the Internet, after laying out in the sun there a few times a guy who talked to me a and said the section I was laying out at was predominantly a gay section.

I guess it wasn't much of one anymore, there was hardly anyone down there, but there were still some gay guys roaming around. Some of them just sit in the wooded section of the cliff, just looking (I call them "lurkers.") It's a bit creepy at times. Most of the ones walking around were NOT tanning, they were pale as ghosts. I guess they were obviously just going down there to pick someone up.

The second or third time I went there I saw a somewhat older gentleman, who also seemed somewhat weird, get completely naked... That immediately makes me want to do the same thing. I can't understand for the life of me why I can wear barely nothing to the beach, but I can't just take it all off.... I'm here to get tan. This is America, isn't it? WHAT HAPPENED?!?  I'm serious. There is hardly anyone around. What's the big deal? 

I try to be polite, i'm not trying to offend anyone, i'm not laying out around a mom and her kids. I'm off by myself, minding my own business. I want to tan naked. Is that so wrong? I know it is risky but i laid out naked there for about two hours, on and off. I LOVE being naked. I guess i am a nudist, but to me that is an old-school word.  Just don't want to get into trouble for indecent exposure.

I'm in good shape compared to 90% of the people here in Ohio. An indecent exposure offense? My ass!! My body is decent, not indecent!!! (Yea, i'm sure that one will work in court....)

Anyhow, the point of this story is that I asked one of the gay guys who talked to me if he saw any topless girls at the farthest end of the beach, because if they were any down there, that's where I was off to. 
You know what he told me? "EVEN IF THERE WAS A GIRL DOWN THERE TOPLESS, I WOULDN'T NOTICE." -What?!? -That's REALLY gay!!!

I've never been with a guy sexually, but I guess I'm not 'so straight' that if I saw a Brad Pitt in his prime looking guy walking around down there I wouldn't take notice that he was there. Or if i saw a guy nude, hung like Mandingo or Lexington Steele (or John Holmes for the older generation), that I wouldn't look. I'm a Scorpio, the sex sign, it's sexuality, or can be construed as such.  It just cracked me up that he said he wouldn't notice.

You can't notice something like this? http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/google-perfect-breasts-21.jpg
Well, if not then you are VERY gay! Congratulations!!! As always, to each his own. 

God willing, I will have a fun time at my new beach this coming summer, which is coming up right around the corner. And I hope it's another summer that I don't get into trouble for "accidentally" (winks) being nude down there.
thonglife #9

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/22/2011 12:18:41Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a couple afternoons in August at Mentor Headlands a few summers ago in our thongs. We were towards the lighthouse both days. Didn't see any other ladies in thongs or topless but saw numerous guys in thongs and even nude. They all seemed to be hiding away from the water and other people except when we walked by.
flossy666 #10

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/22/2011 12:27:48Copy HTML

Perhaps i'll try going down there again then and laying out towards the lighthouse - in a g-string, naked if possible. I like to be right by the water though, so i can swim when i get hot.

I'm sure they were just avoiding foot traffic by hiding away & someone seeing them naked and turning them in.

It's a huge beach though.

Thanks for the info!!! 
tony15021 #11

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/22/2011 08:02:52Copy HTML

Lets try to get a group together in may for the headlands., should be warm enough then
XChip #12

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/22/2011 11:48:47Copy HTML

 Count me in!  (And give directions.)
flossy666 #13

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/23/2011 12:31:52Copy HTML

Usually sometime by the end of May it's warm enough to start to lay out 'n' tan here. The lake, however, is usually still pretty cold though. If the weather is hot enough you'll probably still want to go in to cool off, but expect some serious shrinkage* if doing so. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. lol

*And with shrinkage in mind, Seinfeld fans will know what clip this is:

flossy666 #14

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:05/30/2011 07:43:24Copy HTML

So i was on my way to Edgewater Beach today (Monday, May 30th, 2011 - Memorial Day) for my first beach day this year. Lots of new g-strings to wear!!! It was SO FREAKIN' HOT OUT that after about 2 minutes i turned around in my car and came back home! Lake Erie is still only 52 degrees - too cold - and the bacteria count must be REALLY high, as we have had a ton of rain lately - so swimming in there is out. The air conditioning doesn't work in my car and is roasting hot, so i said screw it. I'm certainly not roasting all the way to the beach in my car to roast at the beach without the option of dipping into the lake to cool off. NO WAY. So i stayed home, air conditioning blasting. Happy boy! 

There will be other days this summer to lay out.


Sorry for all my babbling on most of my posts. Too much coffee and Provigil = too much typing.
flossy666 #15

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/04/2011 01:32:59Copy HTML

As it turns out i went to Edgewater twice this week. I'm pretty tan now! The lake is warm enough to swim in but still real cold, they say about 54 degrees but in the sun i think it's warmer. Several fellow thongers out also. Good beach to tan at, not a lot of people, beach is spread out. A few 'lurkers' guys (pervs) standing behind bushes, checking me out and whatnot. Kinda creepy but if i can lay out naked a bit, i guess i'll put up with them.
NE_OH_thonger #16

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/06/2011 03:45:32Copy HTML

They removed the changing booths at my favorite local park, Mosquito Lake, so I decided to go a little further afield and try West Branch on Friday. I think I have a new favorite local beach. Only had time enough to sun for an hour, but had a great time. A fair number of people, but enough room for me to have my own space. Had a few people walk by me, and no comments. Looking forward to another season of sunning my buns (mercurial Ohio weather permitting)
Frank2580 #17

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/07/2011 08:18:08Copy HTML

I stopped by Headlands Beach yesterday (beautiful day) and headed to the East end of the beach (toward the breakwall). The rangers have blocked off the dunes and that has narrowed the beach significantly, but there is still room to lay out. A couple of older gentlemen were tanning in their thong/speedo's, but nothing like it use to be a couple of years ago. Back then, there would be 10-20 people in thongs. Where'd everyone go? One guy walked to his spot on the beach, stripped down to nothing (in clear view of everyone), put on a white thong, and then took a dip in Lake Erie. I'm not quite that bold! I laid out for a couple hours in my black thong with only a couple of hikers passing by and stopping to say, "Hi".
Hopefully, someone knows where all the thongs have gone in the Northcoast area. I'd sure like to know!
flossy666 #18

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/15/2011 11:10:38Copy HTML


Try going to Edgewater Beach, far left side of beach, facing the water. That's where i go. Not a lot of people go to that area, especially during the week. There is usually a few thongers there. If no one else is wearing a thong and if you go lay out around where i said, most people don't care if you wear one. It's legal to anyhow, just hardly anyone dares to.
WeRunWithScissors #19

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/15/2011 02:10:00Copy HTML

We went to Edgewater Beach as a family on Tuesday 7/12 while we were in town for a day. Although we wore normal suits, we did see one guy who looked to be in his fifties in a thong.  We wouldn't have noticed him if we weren't looking, though.  He was obviously a pro, with his wood and fabric beach chair, and quite a few other beach items.

However, at the end of our stay I was curious about the swimming restrictions and talked to the lifeguard.  It turns out the section with buoys closest to the parking lot and building is regulated by the lifeguards, and you have to stay within the buoys.  However, there is a line of rocks that run out from the beach, and on the other side of the rocks is an unregulated section of beach that the lifeguard said they only have to go over there if someone starts a bonfire.  We saw some people over there, but definitely not as many as in the closer regulated beach area.

I also asked and the lifeguard confirmed that women can go topfree on the beach.  He said it is considered a topless beach, even though it is not common.  If we had gone without kids the wife said she definitely would have gone topfree over in the unregulated beach where there were fewer kids around.

It was a 4 hour drive for us each way, so we won't be going back soon, but if we do we look forward to visiting the beach and the great sand and atmosphere.
flossy666 #20

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/28/2011 12:32:59Copy HTML

Went to Mentor Headlands beach last Friday.

Haven't been there in a few years, as i go to Edgewater Beach all the time now.

I forgot just how big it is, but Headlands beach is HUGE. (Maybe even too big?) It seems to take about 5 to 10 minutes just to walk from your car to the actual beach!

I went on the right-hand side of the beach this time, facing the water, more towards the lighthouse, away from a lot of the main crowd. Didn't see one person in a thong besides myself. And of course if no one is in a thong no one is probably layin' out nude either. Saw not one girl topless (sighs).

-I can't understand why they just don't designate an area at one of the Greater Cleveland beaches as a nude beach.... Headlands would be perfect, as it is so freakin' big and there is so much space there. You know how they say "never say never?" Well, i'm sayin' it: It'll never happen here. Never.

Headlands is still a great beach, but i think i'll stick to Edgewater, where i can tan naked a little bit when i dare to. Perhaps i'll go once or twice more to Headlands before the summer is over. I'm kinda getting sick of laying out anyhow, as i've gone to the beach a lot this summer and the thrill is just not there as much anymore. Regardless, i'm tan as ever now. Hey-now!
NE_OH_thonger #21

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/28/2011 02:38:47Copy HTML

I haven't been to Headlands yet this year, but considering a trip next week. I've been visiting some of the other parks to get a feel for them. Was at Punderson, near Newbury, yesterday. They have a nice little beach, which was actually not crowded. Word of advice should you visit there, the parking and change booths are away from the beach, be sure you know where you are going. I had to ask someone. Did two hours with no issues.
flossy666 #22

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:08/13/2011 10:00:21Copy HTML

A fellow thonger i met down Edgewater Beach recommended that i try going down Mentor Headlands again, said it was less risky to lay out nude there then Edgewater. I told him i just went there that morning and tried to find some elusive spot (more towards the lighthouse but not actually near it) where i heard i could lay out like i like to. There is supposed to be some place about 10 minutes from the beach area, hidden. Well, i couldn't find this place, i searched over & over again and finally said screw it i'm going back to Edgewater. Even if i had found it there is a LOT of families roaming around Headlands Beach and i certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone who may be hiking around down there. That is not my thing.

So my fellow thonger beach friend told me to instead go to the far left-hand side of Mentor Headlands this time (if you are facing the water). Park in the parking lot farthest to your left, but-of-course. 

It was about a 10 minute or so walk down the beach there till i found a good area to lay out at. Almost till where the beach stops, but not quite there.

There are people's houses behind the beach. I only saw one sign marked private beach, and this was all the way down to the very farthest left of the beach, before you hit no more beach/breakwall. Besides that, no more private beach signs expect ones that said the beach was closed down there, but they were at the very beginning of my walk, and when i was going home there were a LOT of people laying out there anyhow.

I am happy to say that i found a very sweet spot down there. Laid out nude most of the day. About 6 to 8 people walked on down there but you can see them coming from a long, long way away. I now feel Headlands is less risky then Edgewater to lay out nude at. At Edgewater the people are more acceptable who might see you, but Headlands is just so much bigger and where i was at i think you can pretty much see everyone walking towards you. At Edgewater they are WAY closer, as their is a path right behind where i lay out at.   

I wish i knew about this section at the beginnning of summer!!! There is a few more tanning weeks left, i will be down there when i can. 

P.S. I don't know why in the hell they just don't make part of that beach a nude beach, it is so freakin' big you could land a fleet of jumbo jets down there are still have plenty of room left over. But a nude beach in Cleveland? You know how they say, "Never say never?" Well, i'm sayin' it: It'll never happen.

...So i make my own!

Have a great remainder of the summer everyone!!!! 

Frank2580 #23

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:04/02/2012 11:09:23Copy HTML

Visited Headlands a couple of times already in March. Unbelievable weather! The beach is really cluttered with debris, but with all the driftwood on the beach, there's plenty to build a little wall. The cables blocking the dunes are down, probably because of the winter storms, but that makes for a deeper beach and you can lay out away from the water. 

I laid out in a pink thong for a couple hours. The sides of the thong unhook, so most of the time I had them loose to prevent tan lines. Several people walked along the water, but I don't believe they even knew I was there; however, the people in the know, walk closer to the dunes and most of them came over and visited as soon as they saw me lying there. I usually didn't have time to hook back up, so I had to be careful about sitting up while I was talking. 

One really tan guy (how'd he tan so early?) stopped by and talked for a long time. He started telling about his thonging experiences and as he talked, each story got more and more daring. He said he often wears an all white thong that is almost transparent when wet. He'll go for a plunge and then walk the beach. He said that another one of his thongs actually take the shape of his body parts, and because he is fully covered, it is fully legal.

Well, the more he talked, the more racy the story.  In the end we we laid there for another hour swapping stories. I'm sorry it cooled off so early, because I loved thonging with someone that enjoys it as much as I do!

Hopefully, we'll see most of you at Headlands, Edgewater or West Branch this summer.
flossy666 #24

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:09/29/2012 09:08:57Copy HTML

 9/29/2012: Fall is just around the corner..... I had been thonging it for the last few years at Edgewater Beach in Cleveland (and Mentor Headlands too, but mostly Edgewater.) About 70% of the time i manage to lay out naked there, as i hate tan lines and feel laying out nude is the only true way to tan. (It is!!!) I'm way on the far left side of the beach, away from most people, as i don't want to offend anyone, but of course it is risky. I even bought two "Beach Windshields" (They are technically called 'ABO Gear Windshield' on Amazon.com) to help hide my nudity from prying eyes. I'm a nudist at heart, and don't care if people look, mind you, i just don't want to end up having to go to court for public nudity/public indecency. The beach windshields work pretty well and were worth buying. But the whole thing is i still ALWAYS had to worry about getting into trouble for being nude there when i'm laying out. Homie don't like that! 

There is a fellow thonger who lays out by me who told me a few years ago he had gotten busted laying out nude at Edgewater. He told me it was over a thousand dollar fine, plus court costs, plus missed work, plus lawyer fees, which i'm sure weren't cheap. You know? He ended up being on probation for awhile also. (Not-to-mention risking having an article written about your exploits in the Metro Section of the Plain Dealer newspaper!) He kept telling me about Flex Baths in Cleveland, which is a huge gay bath house. You are very much allowed to lay out naked there, walk around naked there, etc., etc. "Almost anything goes." It has an indoor pool and outdoor pool,  a really nice gym, plus also a large sandpit area to lay out at. I kept wrestling with the idea of going. Finally, towards the end of summer, i got up the nerve and went. I've gone there about a half-dozen times now and really like it there. Would i like it there a whole lot more if it was mostly girls? Of course. But that isn't reality... lol.... Anyhow, the guys can be a bit forward at times (think sex & XXX), but i really don't care much, i take it as a compliment. They are okay as a whole...... What else? It's usually never-ever busy there. Sparsely populated. At Flex, i am free to do whatever i want to - and i do. I don't have to worry about breaking the law or offending anyone. It's a great place for those of us who love to be naked all the time or are a bit of an exhibitionist, and that is me. And best yet i don't have to worry about ordering yet another thong that the fit is too tight, either, as now i can say, "I only tan naked now!" Now that i found this place i wish it was spring instead of fall. -Take care everyone!!!
Gstringjoe #25

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:05/23/2013 11:48:09Copy HTML

 What beaches in the west side suburbs has anyone gone to?
NE_OH_thonger #26

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:05/26/2013 01:34:31Copy HTML

I'm closer to the Youngstown-Warren area, and the only beach I've been to in Cleveland proper is Edgewater.
flossy666 #27

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:05/26/2013 06:29:31Copy HTML

Edgewater Beach (the one in Cleveland) is a nice beach to go to thong. Facing the water, go to the far left end of the beach. 
Mentor Headlands is a GREAT beach to go to but you rarely see anyone in a thong, as it's way more family oriented (ugh).
I just went to Flex Spa last week again, laid out in the sand pit area. Tanning nude is the way to go - at least for me.
Gstringjoe #28

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:05/27/2013 12:28:06Copy HTML

 Ill have to try edgewater out.  Thanks.  Weather is warming up. Can't wait to hit the beach. 
Gstringjoe #29

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/10/2013 11:04:33Copy HTML

 I was out at Huntington Beach yesterday.  I saw a few rios on women. As far as guys go it was all dork shorts.  
flossy666 #30

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/12/2013 05:41:38Copy HTML

 I can't believe how rainy this summer has been! And even if we get a nice day the sand is usually really wet, and if it's windy out, the sand blows everywhere (which personally drives me crazy and makes me wish i stayed home.)
Here's hoping August has a bit more sunny weather than what we've got so far this summer. If not, there's always the fake-n-bake.
Gstringjoe #31

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/14/2013 10:25:26Copy HTML

 Flossy.  My thong tanline is from fake baking. It has been brutal here with all this rain.  I hope with the warm dry weekend we are having the beaches get better.  
flossy666 #32

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/14/2013 11:16:27Copy HTML

Hey Gstringjoe -
Why wear a thong while tanning indoors? 
It might be a nice day for the beach today, but my darn IBS is acting up and i think i'll have to stay home today (sighs).
Getting old SUCKS.
Gstringjoe #33

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:08/14/2013 07:19:56Copy HTML

 Flossy. The reason for thongs with indoor tanning is because I have naturally pain skin and I don't want to burn anything that a skimpy thong covers.  
sctty #34

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/03/2014 02:53:51Copy HTML

Hey all...I just received clarification for the cleveland area.  I won't go into the technical talk I got from each represenative, I'll just give you the basics. I contacted and got replies from the medina county park district, cleveland metroparks, and state parks.  They all have told me they follow the state revised code, hense being topfree/thong IS LEGAL in these parks. Medina parks may be the most inclined to mess with you, as they told me even though they follow state law, each ranger has the right to determine on a case to case basis with complaints.  Legal, but family oriented. I talked to both a rep and a ranger from the cleveland metroparks and both told me they follow state code and IS legal to go topfree/thong in all cleveland metroparks (except obvious places lime the zoo etc.) but did specifically mention edgewater park, wallace lake in berea, and hinckley lake in hinckley were all legal. I also got a responce from the state park rep pertaining to findley state park (and all state parks) that it is LEGAL to be topfree/thong, all places adopting state law that "private parts" DOES NOT include a womans breast or the buttocks.  Seems like they are becoming more receptive to our style. Hope this helps clarify things for all...happy thonging! 
XChip #35

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/03/2014 11:51:25Copy HTML

 Great news!  Thanks, sctty!
JM_Runs #36

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/04/2014 12:32:04Copy HTML

 I've worn 2-inch side Speedos for swim races at Edgewater with no problem and have seen both men and women in thongs and g-strings at the park. Haven't seen topless yet though.  The races have always been in the morning but I've never had the opportunity to stay and thong.  (I usually head to the closest nudist resort after the race.)  Hope I can do that after the next race if I have time.
Gstringjoe #37

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/04/2014 10:44:34Copy HTML

 I must never be at edge water at the right time.  
flossy666 #38

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/04/2014 03:42:12Copy HTML

 This Saturday (6/7/2014) it is supposed to be 73 and sunny out, not too windy, so it might be a very good day to lay out at Edgewater.
You have to watch it, if you go to the beach on a windy day - no matter how nice it is out - sand blows everywhere. I usually go home as it drives me crazy. 
I'm thinking its still too cold to swim or cool off in the lake though. Me no like that!
JM_Runs #39

Re:near Cleveland??

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 During the US Masters swim races (usually late July, first week of August) there are a lot of guys wearing Speedos and square cuts and I wonder if that brings out some of the locals wearing similar using the beach and several walking dogs, etc.  The thongers seem to head toward the west side of the beach near and on the other side of the rocks.  Families seem to stick toward the area close to the facilities.   That seems to have been the pattern the last few years.  I won't make the races this year but hope to see what's going on if I compete next year.  I live a few hours away so don't get up there more often, especially since I have access to nude resorts, which I prefer.
Gstringjoe #40

Re:near Cleveland??

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 Yea Flossy.  The water temp is still in the 50's. Too cold to go in but the beaches look good
kbugg1 #41

Re:near Cleveland??

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Has anyone thonged or seen any at Huntington Beach in Bay Village? It's maintained by Cleveland Metro Parks so sounds like it may be permitted. 
sctty #42

Re:near Cleveland??

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 if its cleveland metroparks its legal, just haven't seen any
flossy666 #43

Re:near Cleveland??

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 Thonging is legal at I think all beaches in the Greater Cleveland area, it's just that hardly anyone wears one. Same with girls going topless - it legal.... Sadly that is a rarity around these parts (sighs).

sctty #44

Re:near Cleveland??

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 maybe if we show up more often thonging, they'll get a little more braver!
sctty #45

Re:near Cleveland??

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 funny how the girls all say I wish I could go topless lime guys but when they find out they can they turn shy and won't..lol
sctty #46

Re:near Cleveland??

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 I laid out at findley state park yesterday for about an hour in my g-string towards the end of the day.  Hardley anyone there and had no hassles from the couple people that were there, even had a ranger drive by. Swimming area isn't the greatest, a lot of geese and droppings.  I just laid out by some picnic tables and grills by my car. Nice and quite time there.
XChip #47

Re:near Cleveland??

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 Sctty that's good news.

flossy666 #48

Re:near Cleveland??

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 Lake Erie water temperature is about 63 degrees, as of 6/18/2014. Another few degrees up there and it'll be warm enough to swim in (or at least cool off in).
Gstringjoe #49

Re:near Cleveland??

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 Sctty,  I used to love camping at findley state park. I have not been in years but hope to get out for a weekend this summer
sctty #50

Re:near Cleveland??

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 its an awdsome area....great scenery and a nice laid back attitude, plus its only 20 minutes from my house!
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