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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sctty #51

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:08/13/2014 02:12:12Copy HTML

 Been out to Findley State Park again this week and last... still pretty peaceful. Laid out in a g-string for good hour and no bothers at all. I even had the privelege to take a nude hike around yesterday for about 30 minutes as there was no one there between the storms rolling through! Love the place!
sctty #52

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:02/03/2015 04:42:18Copy HTML

 I'll put this one out there to ask... has anyone ever had any luck wearing a thong in a hotel pool? 
flossy666 #53

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/24/2015 07:09:39Copy HTML

 Went to Mentor Headlands Beach today. Hot damn, was it ever nice out! Perfect.-Did I see any fellow thongers there? No. (Usually never down that beach.)-Any topless girls? No. (Never down that beach.)....Anyhow, it was SO FREAKIN' NICE down there today! I have to say, since they made part of Edgewater Beach a dog beach area  I think Mentor Headlands might be better now. If I can't tan nude, Mentor Headlands is the nicer beach.- Have a great summer everyone!!!
sctty #54

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:09/14/2015 09:02:32Copy HTML

 heading out to findley state park tomorrow afternoon if anyone is interested in joining....
flossy666 #55

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:09/25/2015 06:37:32Copy HTML

 Went to Flex Spa yesterday (Friday 9/24/15) and laid out naked. I really like it there. Too bad girls can't go!!! At Flex I don't have to feel weird being the only thonger or getting busted being nude, like I do when I'm at the beach.

And no tan lines!
When I first starting going there, you either had to be nude (which I love) or wear a towel around yourself. Now I noticed the last year they let guys wear bathing suits and thongs there, which is nice for those who like to be a bit covered up.
Looking back, it was a nice but rainy summer here. 
Over and out.
flossy666 #56

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/25/2016 07:13:34Copy HTML

Just got back from Mentor Headlands today, boy was it nice out! I wanted to stay an extra hour but I know better, two hours plus a little extra is enough. I love to be tan, but it is bad for your skin (especially sunbeds, but that's another story).

I was the only one in a thong there, as usual. No topless girls either, even though it's legal, but that's Ohio for ya (sighs).
kbugg1 #57

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/27/2016 03:23:10Copy HTML

flossy, there is still hope! Friday afternoon I was at Edgewater and there were 3 other guys out in thongs. And to my surprise, one topless girl in nearly a thong as well. With them turning the farther half of the beach to the dog beach others and I included have been laying on the main beach between the last lifeguard chair and the rocks. This really helps me feel more relaxed since it eliminates that "weird feeling" you mentioned previously of being the only thonger since the guards are right there and don't care. I think it helps others know that it's ok. Hopefully my past few trips havn't been flukes and we'll see more and more thongs.
XChip #58

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/28/2016 02:54:32Copy HTML

 OK kbugg, where's the best place to park so as to get to that place between the lifeguard chair and the rocks?  I'd be coming in from out of town and I don't know the area.
kbugg1 #59

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/30/2016 12:52:00Copy HTML

I'd say the best place is the main parking lot just East of the beach
flossy666 #60

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/28/2016 01:19:20Copy HTML

 Went to Mentor Headlands again today. Man, was it nice out! As usual, I was the only one thonging it, but that is to be expected in conservative Ohio.
sctty #61

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:09/18/2016 02:12:33Copy HTML

 I'll be at findley state park tue 9/20 between 9am and noon hiking in tights and possibly thonging if it warms up enough if anyone is interested in meeting up.
flossy666 #62

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:06/13/2017 07:20:16Copy HTML

 Went to Flex Spa twice already to lay out, nice weather. I see a lot more guys laying out wearing bathing suits there now, but I for one like to tan nude where I can, and this is the only place around I know of you can lay out naked at.

I will hit the beach as soon as the lake warms up a bit more. I need to submerge in water whenever I suntan, and the lake is still a tad cold for me.  
flossy666 #63

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/05/2017 09:27:17Copy HTML

 Went to Mentor Headlands beach on the 4th of July, which violated my rule to "never go to the beach on a holiday" - it's always packed with lots of people who never normally go there - "amateurs." But it was so nice out, I just HAD TO go. 

It was a great day down there: breezy, but not too breezy where the sand kicks up. Water was nice but a little choppy. I didn't see any other thongers besides myself, but that's the way it usually is down there. 

People at Headlands seem much more acceptable & respectable towards me then at Edgewater. 

By the time I left at 2 pm? It looked like almost every parking spot was full. It's usually NEVER like that, just the opposite. 

Have a good summer everyone!
flossy666 #64

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:08/02/2017 12:58:40Copy HTML

 Went to Mentor Headlands beach today. I've also been to Flex Spa a few times since last visiting this website.

Mentor Headlands was beautiful today. What a great beach.

Perhaps I'll go to my old beach, Edgewater, sometime before August is over and done with? Feels odd, but summer is almost over again. Kinda sad.
Frank2580 #65

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:03/01/2018 10:24:25Copy HTML

I still love to spend the day at Headlands when the weather allows. Edgewater park is also nice, especially since MetroParks took it over and cleaned it up a lot. There are still some thongers laying out on the East end of Headlands and a topless girl here and there, but not as many as there use to be a couple years ago. They finished building a new boardwalk through the dunes from the parking lot to the beach on the East end, so there is more foot traffic. If your looking for a secluded place, you may want to head a little further East to Geneva State Park. They have a huge beautiful beach there and it is almost never crowded.

I read the flossy666 post that he liked to visit Flex in Cleveland, so I gave it a try a couple weeks ago. I thought it was just an indoor health club, with an indoor pool and workout room, but was pleasantly surprised. They do have both of those, along with a sauna, steam room, hot tub, group showers, a couple movie theaters, and private room rentals. Very nice place and is kept very clean. I wore my zebra thong and laid out around the pool for several hours just relaxing and enjoying the view. Most guys wore towels or small speedos and I was the only one in a thong. Maybe because I was wearing a sexy thong, but for some reason, several of the guys thought it would be okay to touch me in my swimsuit area or massage my backside. Even though it felt good, I put a stop to it early on. I loved swimming in the pool wearing my thong because it was almost like wearing nothing at all. Once wet, my thong is almost transparent, so I covered up as I climbed out of the water. Several guys said I didn't have to cover up, but I felt more comfortable walking back to my chair where I dropped the towel and got comfortable laying near the pool. Flex is a great place with nice people and a wonderful place to relax. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the Cleveland area.

Look forward to the warm weather again and hitting the beaches around May.  Hopefully I'll see all of you there.
Rovismitt #66

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:04/01/2018 10:51:20Copy HTML

Let me know when you want to go thonging in Mentor at mythoughts46@aol.com
flossy666 #67

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:07/15/2018 08:19:15Copy HTML

 Went to Mentor Headlands again today, for the second time this year. It was wonderful. Water was warm and it was hot but not too hot out. Best beach around!
flossy666 #68

Re:near Cleveland??

Date Posted:08/23/2018 02:50:38Copy HTML

Going to Mentor Headlands today. I'll probably be on the far right side, if you're facing the water, if anyone wants to say hi. Gotta take advantage of these last few days of fun in the sun. P.S. I was going to go to Edgewater in Cleveland today, haven't been there in a couple of years, but I think they usually have Thursday concerts down the beach there now and I really don't want to hear that while laying out... Not my thing. Lower your boombox too! lol
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