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Date Posted:12/14/2017 04:16:38Copy HTML

I wanted to try something new for myself, so I made an appointment to turn my pubic hair from black and white to all blue. I also wanted back and neck hair removed. The offer was for 50% off my first service. I was told after the back and neck hair were gone that pubic tinting has been discontinued due to a lack of interest, and the half off offer was only for the cheapest region, so instead of saving dozens I ended up saving pennies!
Anyone had their downstairs region colored?
gentlemannudist #1

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:12/14/2017 07:22:23Copy HTML

 back in the day before trimming/shaving/smoothing became the new normal I wasn't happy that my full bush was so dark compared to my head hair so I blonded the the sides of my pubic bush & even my armpit hair...it looked really good against my tan & many people commented that it looked cool. I'd say even today that it would look good when the fashion begins to turn back to more hair
hotbunz1969 #2

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:12/14/2017 10:41:52Copy HTML

   Ever since my swim team days I’ve been totally smooth down below, except of course if the girl I was dating at the time wanted me to sport some hair down there, so in the interest of keeping the relationship healthy, as a compromise I’d grow back an area of hair to her liking. 

So, years ago I was dating a this girl that liked me to keep a fairly wide landing strip about 3 inches long strip that started just above the root,  she loved that I wore skimpy thongs and thought the hair over the top look was very sexy. It wasn’t until we were about to go away on holiday and I was trying on the new Joe Snyder’s wed bought for me for the trip that we realised just how low the suits sat in the front and how much my rather dark pubes showed popping out over the top, I suggested I should just shave them off for the trip then let them grow back afterwards but saw told in no uncertain terms that wasn’t an option and that she had a better idea. She was a hairdresser by trade and suggested she would just ‘blonde’ them up for me, that way they would be barely noticeable over the top of my suits. So an hour later there I was, my strip narrowed down by a tiny bit but it was now completely blonde. I trued one of the suits on again and she was right my pubes were hardly noticeable, the Joe Snyder bulge thongs might get me some attention but not my pubes sticking out over the top! 

However, what neither of us realised though was, as I got more and more tanned as we lay out by the pool together  (we were away for 2 weeks) my darkening skin really started to highlight the fact I had very blonde pubes.......... In that second week I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just my tiny suit that was getting me so much more attention!!!!!!

I have to say I enjoyed the whole experience and even repeated growing back and bleaching my landing strip but I don’t think I’d ever dye it green or blue though........  anyway for now I’m back to being totally smooth again to there’s nothing to dye anyway!!!! 
Sarah_Thong #3

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/12/2018 08:16:20Copy HTML

A friend of mine did this for her boyfriend to "spice things up", there's a product on the market called Betty which delivers a range of colours, it's even available on Amazon. It was a shock when I saw it as she didn't mention it before hand so I wasn't expecting it but it looks very cool.
Thongzo #4

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/12/2018 11:43:45Copy HTML

Ha! I would totally do this. Maybe go full blonde. I dunno but it sounds fun!
Sharon73 #5

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/12/2018 02:36:49Copy HTML

 I've colored my small amount of hair (I'm trimmed ) at nudist resorts. It's cool to do and gets a lot of attention
mrpba #6

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/12/2018 08:32:08Copy HTML

 Betty beauty offer a wide range of colors . I’ve used red for Valentine’s Day party  be fore. Also used blue, but did not like the results. My favorite color was the blonde color . Wife an friends liked that the most . 
leo40 #7

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/12/2018 11:09:45Copy HTML

As a nudist I was fully shaven but have gone back to a neatly trimmed and fairly thick pubic bush.  I look younger than I really am, and darker head hair and even darker pubic hair is a part of that.
SixDelta #8

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/17/2018 01:07:38Copy HTML

I'm naturally brown-haired but have definitely considered dyeing my landing strip blonde or red or something just to change it up. I think it would be fun to just get a different look going, but I just haven't bothered. Yet.
sailor250 #9

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/17/2018 09:39:24Copy HTML

 Recently saw an unusual style on a beach.  Girl had a pubic tattoo of a star on one side with shaved lips and on the other side she had a tinted patch of hair!  This combo might have been even more of a site on a texile beach with a narrow suit!
Sarah_Thong #10

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/18/2018 07:41:31Copy HTML

 That’s the reason I keep myself clean shaven down there, I’ve got a pubic tattoo that I don’t want blocked by hair lol. I’ve necer thought of growing asymmetrical pubes though. Perhaps an idea to try lol
hotbunz1969 #11

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:03/19/2018 10:59:45Copy HTML

 Although I don’t have a pubic tattoo I do have an aysmetrical landing strip on my inner right thigh with the tan line my one-sided thong leaves! My SO encoroughed me to let it grow back there and thinks it’s VERY sexy. 
SlidingG #12

Re:pubic hair tinting

Date Posted:04/24/2018 03:08:03Copy HTML

At Bay-to-Breakers road race in San Francisco next month (where pretty much anything goes), one of my 'costumes' will be a Starbucks coffee cup worn as a cod-piece, held in place with a shoestring around my waist.  My luxuriant pubes will show above the rim of the cup, so I plan to tint them green with body paint to match the logo.  If I loose the cup, though, it'll look pretty strange!
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