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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/03/2004 02:36:40Copy HTML

Calling all small boat sailors. What do you wear when conditions permit?I sail the south coast of the UK and frankly, most of the time one is wrapped up in foul weather gear, certainly a sweater.However most summers we get a decent patch of warm sunny weather with light winds to match - which we have experienced recently - which means I can strip off.Advantages are near total seclusion coupled with that away from it all feeling and plenty of advance notice if another boat is approaching.In these conditions I strip off to my briefest g-string and life is heaven! I normally keep a suit with some back cover handy if required, eg when mooring up or anchoring.
miaswim #1


Date Posted:08/03/2004 01:28:23Copy HTML

Well as a sailor, they always say... "Sail  Naked"  I prefer to sail in a thong.  Sailing here in Florida and Caribbean one can sail almost all day in a thong and never once have to cover up...


JM_Runs #2


Date Posted:02/25/2005 09:15:16Copy HTML

When around the docks I sail in a thong. When away from land, or ancored away from others, I will probably be nude, but that depends on who else is along for the trip.

Most people don't have a problem with me in a thong, so I am unlikly to wear more on a saling trip, unless it's wet and cold. Shorts do have their use, sitting on a hot or rough deck or on shore for visiting customs etc.

I once had a land lubber comment on my "funny looking bra": It was a safety harness.

Ex_Member #3


Date Posted:04/20/2005 10:03:54Copy HTML

Hi nude at sea works for me

G - string in harbour if I must

gsj #4


Date Posted:04/22/2005 01:30:11Copy HTML

Skinnydipper - where do you do your sailing - presumably in warmer climes than good old UK?

Having said that I was sailing south of the Isle of Wight last Wednesday. Winds were very light and the early morning haze gave way to a cloudless sky and sun I could feel.

I had set out in full keep warm gear boots & oilies. Gradually the lot came off & for about two hours I was down to my favourite T backed G. Not hot enough for a tan but warm enough to avoid goose pimples. Absolutely magic!

The following morning - poor visibility with thick mist and back to full gear. Then late morning out came the sun and a repeat strip down.

Ex_Member #5


Date Posted:04/25/2005 08:51:13Copy HTML


Currently based uk Southampton but have travelled the Med & Australia!

G -string in port if required only, otherwise nude its the only way for a winch grinder/trimmer to go

Diving in thongs or nude cool as well would love try that in the uk when the weather gets warmer!

Maybe a thong crew or nude crew for cowes week!  Any takers!

gstring1 #6


Date Posted:05/04/2005 02:02:54Copy HTML

 I have lived on my small sail boat for the last 6 years in various places in the caribean.  I have been able to stay nude 90% of the time.  That said I do prefer small off the beaten path isalnds and anchorages.  These places seem to attrack like minded folks especially the french canandians.  If they are not naked when I arive they soon will be.  When I am on my boat I am always naked.  If others are on shore I will wear a tiny gsring.  No one seems to have a problem with it in these remote areas, even those who are fully clothed.  I have spent this late winter and early spring in the bamahas and I can report not seeing a single other gstring.  I have seen pleaty of other nude men on boats but not women.   
nicthong #7


Date Posted:05/04/2005 10:44:56Copy HTML

I was recently talking to a friend who went sailing last summer in the Med, having myself been offered the opportunity to go sailing for a weekend in the English Channel. For those of you who are observant, you'll already have picked up on the difference in location (hot summer location with warm, clear seas vs cool spring weather and freezing, dirty location)... and my resulting indifference towards the offer I received. I have to admit, the idea of sailing in a thong is tempting... GIVEN a hot climate, clear blue waters suitable for swimming and snorkelling, and beautiful beaches. Sadly, there's no opportunity for that around the UK... so whatever the conditions, thong sailing around the UK? No thanks. (Though respect to those of you who do!)
JM_Runs #8


Date Posted:05/05/2005 12:20:52Copy HTML

nicthong,  you should take the opertunity to sail any time you get it.   You can get warm days, even in an English summer.  Boat's tend to have other crew too, who like sailing and who might invite you to come sail with them in the south of France.  Given the opertunity to go to the beach in a thong, or sail on some one elses boat, take the boat.  Take all opertunities to sail when someone else is paying the fright.  You never know where the invitatons may lead.  Boats that race in the chanel on weekends may later do a race to the Azores, or maybe, if you are a good and personable crew, you will end up being flown to Antigua for race week!
clubthongs #9


Date Posted:05/13/2005 10:44:31Copy HTML

Living in southern California allows us to sail in thongs nearly 365 days a year
gsj #10


Date Posted:06/25/2005 02:20:48Copy HTML

Just completed a sail around the Channel Islands. Completely stripped off for one leg - absolute bliss. Finished things off by attaining an ambition to walk the length of Studland Bay in a t back g-string. Quite fascinating to be over dressed in the naturist section! Then back across Poole Bay wearing the same. Got back before the thunder storms started - what timing.

sailor250 #11


Date Posted:12/20/2006 01:13:19Copy HTML

sailor250 #12


Date Posted:01/23/2007 08:05:02Copy HTML

Popeye1 #13


Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:05:27Copy HTML

Olive and I have a Tartan 30 that we spend every available minute on. we both have a varitety of  thongs and bikinis that we usually wear, mostly thongs. We sail naked much of the time however i'm finding that for active sailing I enjoy the support of a thong. Since we've been married for 27 years now we've found the thong tanlines are alittle bit of enticement. We do enjoy the surprised faces on the other boats when they see what we wear. at our mooring we wear shorts (it's a private rental from conservative folks and we dont' want to spoil our deal) but after that it's usually thongs or less including at anchorages and any public beaches we may visit. We still, in our 12 years of sailing,  have only seen one other guy in a thong here on Lake Champlain. Love to hear from other vermont or upstate NY thongers. Popeye
gsj #14


Date Posted:01/24/2007 07:34:05Copy HTML

Popeye 1 : you are lucky! At the moment in our part of the world it's every layer you have, three reefs in the main & heating full on. Roll on summer!
sailor250 #15


Date Posted:02/28/2007 06:25:43Copy HTML

What you'd like to see on deck.



Why they call it a "companionway"--steps are good for more than walking up and down sailors!


gsj #16


Date Posted:04/13/2007 09:34:04Copy HTML

First strip off of the season on the water this week!  Virtually no wind, very warn sun. G string for three hours. Absolute heaven!
gsj #17


Date Posted:06/19/2007 01:27:41Copy HTML

I recently sailed accross the English Channel - actually motored as no wind.  Managed to strip down to my favourite T back from 3 hours after sunrise til later in the afternoon. Touched down in Studland Bay in early evening. Very warm so stripped off again while enjoying a celebratory beer. A chap on a nearby yacht stting in the cockpit looked to be wearing a string suit. He got up to check his anchor or whatever & I could then see he was definately wearing the brevity of suit I would wear myself. Nice not to be the only one! Unfortunately time & tide didn't permit a visit ashore the following morning.
gsj #18


Date Posted:10/08/2007 11:38:30Copy HTML

After a pretty ghastly summer manged to sail in the Solent last week stripped down to favourite G-string for several hours. In October!
gsj #19


Date Posted:09/21/2008 11:54:56Copy HTML

Another ghastly summer for sailing! However current Indian summer most welcome - managed two hours in Poole Bay this  week in the G string - actually felt warm!

Any other UK sailing reports this year?
Lowrise #20


Date Posted:08/08/2009 02:57:25Copy HTML

Having been sailing fromBelgium for more that 30 years, our favourite would be nudity; however, near the coasts it is not very usual as too many boats are sailing around, and often the temperature also decides otherwise and we wear the full gear!
0nce at the marina or mooring we strip off... but most of the time inside !
JM_Runs #21


Date Posted:12/24/2009 12:39:34Copy HTML

Got nude a couple of times in the uk this year managed to get a few thong/nude sessions in after snorkelling/diving this summer in Cornwall.

If anybody wants a thong crew mwmber for next year let me know 
gsj #22


Date Posted:09/07/2012 10:43:22Copy HTML

With summer finally arrived in the southern UK - & about time to - was out sailing yesterday wearing Intersparta Naturiste for several hours - bliss!
NordicString #23


Date Posted:08/26/2013 10:59:32Copy HTML

I absolutely love sailing, it is a total passion of mine. Being on, in or under water is just my thing. As for sailing just in a g-string or thong, well I have never had the chance unfortunately. Either I am all wrapped up in thermals and oilskins or if it is sunny and warm then I am with others who wear conservative swimwear or we are around other boats. I need to go singlehanded sailing out to a small quiet spot :-).

I dream ( like most sailors) of sailing around the South Pacific islands and of course and I would be wearing a thong all the time. I would need to cover up during the heat of the midday sun (Rash T or some Thai fishermans pants), but for the rest of the day then its just a thong. What would I be wearing whilst swimming, snorkelling or diving?, jepp you guessed it :-).
gsj #24


Date Posted:07/04/2014 11:47:46Copy HTML

wx  suitable for a couple days stripped off sailing this week - not before time!
JM_Runs #25


Date Posted:12/20/2014 10:41:18Copy HTML

I'd like to go on a multi-day trip on a local boat as a crew member and maybe get to thong or skinny dip on the vessel. Would going down to the local yacht club and advertise my availability be the best move? This would be my first time serving as a crew member on a boat.  
Tiempo #26


Date Posted:07/18/2017 03:25:40Copy HTML

Nude sailing.Thong anchoringSpeedo in harbour
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