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Date Posted:06/04/2004 04:22:48Copy HTML

I have always shaved all the way even before I started wearing thongs,I'm not gay,but thongs are sexy so if you shave it just makes things better.
7423080 #1


Date Posted:06/04/2004 10:03:23Copy HTML

i think it is manditory to shave if you wear gstrings and at a minimum partly shave for thongs. seeing hair stick out is not a pretty sight on anyone.
sailor25 #2


Date Posted:06/05/2004 09:15:11Copy HTML

If your body is hairy all over it would look funny to just shave part of it and i could not begin to shave my entire body hair grows to fast
Spr String #3


Date Posted:06/05/2004 11:44:25Copy HTML

ive shaved completely for a while now, but i still get the red bloctchy skin problem where the groin meets leg part. the hair either grows back or becomes ingrown, regardless the skin gets irritated.
any suggestions?

and motocross97, dont worry, i know a few guys who shave or wax and noone assumes they are gay. wearing thongs isnt a homosexual only clothing choice. im 20 and straight, and i wear thongs and shave cause more comfortable that way, and my GF loves to see me like this.

keep it up, and dont worry about what people think, they dont know what theyre missing out on
Ex_Member #4


Date Posted:06/05/2004 04:22:02Copy HTML


I get irritation in a lot of places too.  If you have the $$$, definately get laser hair removal (go with light sheer over IPL.  It hurts a hell of a lot more, but I think it works better.)  Get one with a guarantee and you can stay hairless as long as that guarantee lasts.  Professional waxing is pretty nice too.  I epilate my areas that aren't lasered...  (It might be too painful for some, and it leave more bumps/ingrowns than professional waxing and shaving done correctly.  But it lasts about 2-3 weeks.)

I've also noticed that there are a few tips on how to avoid ingrowns when shaving:

  1. Shave with the direction the hair is growing.  This wont get you as close a shave, but its less likely to cut it really short and cause ingrowns, irritation, and infection.  (I found this is VERY important for my dairy aire but not as important else where.)
  2. Use an after shave lotion to moisturize the skin.  You can also use conditioner to soften the hair before shaving.  Another product is called "Tend Skin" which is basically some type of alcohol (at least it feels and smells that way) that reduces the irritation.
  3. Dont use razors for too long.  Since you are shaving a LOT of thick hair, the blade is going to go to crap quick.  If I were you I'd pay attension to how much irritation occurs after every shave after starting with a new one.  When it gets bad, just remember thats the time to replace the blade.  I only last like 2-3 times for chest, pits, the crown jewels, butt, and upper thighs.
  4. Leave the shaving cream on as long as you can.  Obviously you dont want it to dry out or get washed off in the shower, but the longer the shaving cream is on the hair, the better its affect.
BOB1 #5


Date Posted:06/18/2004 01:54:55Copy HTML

These tips from johnehr are worth sticking to.

I shave my pubic area every week. I used to shave agains't the growth as i thought it was smoother. The only problem i had was i'd get small bumps and quite a few "nicks" doing it this way. Sometimes it could be quite painfull.

A few months ago a decided i'd look at what i could do to get a better result (and hurt less). The most important thing i have found is soften all the hairs before trying to shave. A flanel soaked in the hottest water you can stand, then placed on the area you want to shave for a short time, makes a HUGE difference. Cutting soft hairs is easier than hacking at course pubic hair.

Shaving with the growth has also made a huge difference. Instead of shaving all the hair off in one pass, i now shave my pubic area "lightly" then shave my balls and around my anus. I then change the water (again as hot as you can stand) then shave my pubic area again. It is so much smoother and more comfortable that hacking it all off in one.

Follow it up with a good moisturiser to sooth the skin.

I've also shave my girlfriends pubic hair off the same way, she was surprised at the difference too.

BigEasy #6


Date Posted:06/20/2004 06:19:10Copy HTML

I find waxing the best method of hair removal, but thats personal choice and I know everyone reacts different but once you're over the first session (the hair you've had there for years) the future waxings don't hurt as much as you are only pulling out new hairs that haven't had chance to take a big root.
njbeachboy1949 #7


Date Posted:07/09/2004 08:32:29Copy HTML

I started getting ready for the summer back in April.  I started shaving to create a thongline, but a month ago, after visiting a nude beach, I decided to go all the way.  I shave my pubic area about every four days.  When I shave my face in the morning, I also lather down below and shave there after I am finished with the face.  I use a Gilette Mach 3 and I go over my balls, shaft, and local area once; I pay special attention to where the shaft meets the rest of the body.  It took about five shaves to get rid of most of the hair.  After shaving, I splash on some aftershave.  It is a nice way to start the day.

bobo2112 #8


Date Posted:07/09/2004 10:06:30Copy HTML

Reply to : motocross97

I completely shave as well.  I am not homosexual either but I agree shaving is more pleasing to the eye and feel!  Typically when I'm heading to the beach for a day of thonging, I completely shave my legs and chest as well.  I just like the look and feel of my whole body when shaved.  Is this a common practice?  Any others who shave everything?

I have always shaved all the way even before I started wearing thongs,I'm not gay,but thongs are sexy so if you shave it just makes things better.
gulfscuba #9


Date Posted:07/29/2004 11:15:06Copy HTML

I have been shaving my pubes for nearly 20 years. I have had numerous girlfriends, been to doctors, in locker rooms, nude beaches and about every other place you can think of. The only negative I can remember was maybe a snicker in the locker room.

I have a little info on ingrown hairs and how to avoid them.

First, if you are going to shave down there do it often. I prefer a razor that has been used on my face a couple times. New ones tend to cut. I shave in the shower with good lather.

Second, An ingrown hair is a hair that has grown up out of the skin and turned and tried to go back down in the skin. The end of the hair embeds itself in the skin and causes irritation. You can take a needle or a sharp pair of tweezers to the base of the hair a lift the end of it out from under the skin. When you do this you will find a hair about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch long. Pluck this sucker out! I have found that the same hairs cause problems over and over. I think its the way it grows out of the skin.

Mike1879 #10


Date Posted:07/30/2004 12:45:31Copy HTML

I "dry shave" my pubic area daily, immediately on getting up (I usually have the 'morning woody' and find that makes it easier to pull the skin taut). "Dry shaving" only works if you are already smoothly shaven - it needs to be done daily (or, at a pinch, every other day). First, place your whole hand over your genitals and pull firmly to the left, stretching and exposing the 'body type' skin of the scrotal sac (i.e. not the darker, wrinkled skin at the centre of the scrotal sac). Use a 3-blade pivot-head razor and draw it firmly, with moderate pressure, over the taut exposed skin.  Repeat for the other side.

Then, place the three centre fingers of your non-dominant hand over your genitals, with the base of your middle finger over the root of your penis.  Your middle finger should lie along your penis, the fingers either side should touch one testicle each.  Pull very firmly upwards to expose and make smooth and very taut the 'wrinkly' skin of the scrotum. Gently draw the razor over the taut skin, section by section.  When you're new to this, you'll want to do small bits only! - as you get more confident, you'll be able to do larger bits with each sweep of the razor.

Finally, hand over penis again, press down to make the abdominal skin fairly taut, and shave against the grain, with moderate pressure only, on the abdomen (excessive presurre leads to the odd blood spot).

If done daily, it keeps you stubble-free, takes less than a minute once you're used to it, and makes it easy to get that 'special occasion' 'A1' ultra-smooth look by wet-shaving in the shower when you want to.

Remember!  (1) You must have been smooth yesterday if this is to work today. (2) Don't use a diposable razor - you need a quality multi-blade pivot-head razor (I use a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo).

sailor250 #11


Date Posted:02/06/2014 09:58:21Copy HTML

 Well this is a first.  There's a girl on the Wicked Weasel Bikini Contest wearing a very low cut style and sporting a landing strip.  Don't know if this is a trend- and in the US probably won't fly- as the pubic hair exposure probably will equate to many with exposed genitals( yeah people need to learn anatomy- oh yeah they can't see over their bellies- well get mirrors folks)
RapidBlue #12


Date Posted:03/03/2014 06:00:37Copy HTML

 I started my shaving life as a competitive cyclist and swimmer, so I have been shaving my legs, body, and genitals for as long as I can remember. I find it strange when I see men with hair on their legs. I'm just used to those in competition who shave. The women seem to really like the shaved legs, etc. a good razor, hot water, and good product is important.
kimififi #13


Date Posted:03/17/2014 11:31:27Copy HTML

As with RapidBlue - I also race bikes and run...and keep smooth all over - this also makes regular massage therapy that much better, as they are a part of my training routine. I have to admit I would not enjoy having hair there again - everything just feels cleaner.... and the feeling of something silky on freshly shaved skin is very nice :)  I have found shaving the most cost-effective...but requires time for your skin to get used to - and definitely a gentle skin cleanser is highly recommended as part of post-shaving care.
johny_b #14


Date Posted:06/27/2014 03:05:29Copy HTML

this is so embarrassing on my part cuz i didn't even notice. today i was sunbathing in my new NDS hibiscus thong bathing suit thats very narrow at the front. it sucked when my mom (she knows i wear thongs) come out to jump in the pool. she suddenly stopped and said, you really should shave if your going to wear that bathing suit. i looked down and all you could see was stuble. i can't belive i didn't notice it, from now on im shaving everyday, just to be sure this never happens again. i laughed after tho.
thongguynyc10011 #15


Date Posted:06/27/2014 01:01:56Copy HTML

Instead of shaving you might try a product called Veet.  It's hair removal.I have used it and it leaves the skin soft and not irritated.  And I don't getany razor bumps.   It's sold over the counter in most CVS stores
hotbunz1969 #16


Date Posted:06/28/2014 06:05:09Copy HTML

 @  johny_b     This reminds me of the experience that implemented the start of me shaving everything off for the better look. I was very good friends with my neighbours across the road from me, Ray & Mary, just after my divorce we used to spend a lot of time round each others houses for dinner and socialising. One summers evening while round at mine for a BBQ, Mary caught sight of my washing drying on the airer in the corner of my patio, sure enough that days tanning suit was on it drying. It was a pale yellow Joe Snyder thong, she pulled it off the airer and teased me a little about it, not believing I tanned in it until I showed her my tan line. Now Mary is a good looking woman, and married to one of my best friends so I never allow anything to happen, however she is a terrible flirt and more than a little keen on me. The following day was lovely and sunny  so subsequently I was laying out on the patio sunning my front, next thing I know Mary has let herself in the side garden gate and got the full view!!! "I just had to see it for myself" she said"I know you'd never show me unless I turned up unannounced, I like it a lot you look great" she complemented"Now get up and go get me a drink so I can see the back!!! , Oh and while your up go take a razor to those pubes.....not a good look, no girl want to see those hanging out your me!!!" I took her advise and from that day to this, (unless otherwise requested by a partner) I've not had a single hair too hang out....... Daily shave in the winter, monthly wax in the summer and I'm as smooth as a baby's bum. And I've gotta say, from my experience, Mary was right, girls LOVE it. Cheers Paul
Beachlover492000 #17


Date Posted:07/02/2014 04:45:49Copy HTML

I have been shaving everything from nose to toes since 2005. It does look funny to have a "Brazilian" and then be hairy everywhere else. I think that it also looks better to be completely smooth if you naturally have a lot of body like me.

I have never found shaving my body to be chore; I actually enjoy doing it. I was a little embarrassed about being totally hairless at first, but so many guys are removing at least some of their body hair, that now it's almost main stream.
ozarkG #18


Date Posted:04/20/2015 06:25:30Copy HTML

 We had a funny incident a year or two ago here at the house. I didnt think about posting about it then, it just didnt hit me.   Any way, my son, who was about 13-14 then, knew i wore thongs and shaved, came to me one day. Everyone knows that i keep a well stocked first aid kit, with numbing creams and gells and all sorts of other stuff. He asked me what he could do for some severe itching amd burning he had going on in his nether region. I asked him what happened. He said he was starting to itch alot, because of his new hair growth down there, and thought the itching was due to the new hair. So naturally he shaved it off one afternoon in the shower thinking that would be the end of the itching.     Well, as we all know, thats not how it goes. I told him he either needed to let it grow in and get used to it over time, and that he could trim it back some if he wanted. Or, if he wanted to shave it all, he would have to keep up with it every few days untill the itching went away.    Its been over a year now and i think hes decided to let it grow.
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