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Date Posted:02/24/2005 12:23:45Copy HTML

Just received my order in4 days - very happy with that.I bought a mini Brazillian - just about my largest bikini yet! Seems hard to find somethingthat's going to be small but acceptable anywhere. I normally stick to micro g-strings and I'm daring enough to walk to the water or along the shore if its quiet, or even visit the beach bar in the right places, but I wanted something that I'd be able to stroll about in even away from the beach, or in ultra conservative placesbut still not cover too muchskin.Anyway the fit is good, material quality good, but the bum is larger than I wanted. I'm looking for something smaller than a full back but not really a thong (if that makes sense). Any ideas anyone?
Pete01 #1


Date Posted:02/24/2005 01:00:45Copy HTML


I agree about the service from 'the-bikini' - i ordered a couple of the string men's thongs from them last year and they were here in three days.  I was thinking of getting my GF the mini brazilian from them, so your comments are helpful. Like you, she does not mind a thong or pretty minimal g-string in quiet spots or at our villa pool, but likes something just a bit more modest for more populated areas. I got her some bikinis from Skinzwear  a few years back that she liked  - they seemed to do bottoms with a range of coverages, from full bikinis down to thongs/g strings. She had a favourite tie-side purple one from them for years that covered just about half the bum, but it eventually fell apart last year through over-use !! I think they have changed their designs over the years, so I do not know if the ones she liked are still available -  looking at their latest site something like the Cancun rio might meet your needs - you can adjust the coverage at the back. The only things that put me off Skinz were the slow delivery time (several weeks I seem to recall) and the men's items I bought did not fit very well at all.  SunupSundown also do adjustable back bikinis, but the fit does not look very good on the photos on their site. Anyway, a few suggestions for you. 

Were you not tempted by the minimicro bottoms that 'the-bikini' make,  or are these too skimpy for your tastes ??

All the best


lauren1 #2


Date Posted:02/24/2005 08:41:40Copy HTML

Yes their mini micro I think just looks silly and exposes the labia which would look 'untidy' even fully shaven. The micro g-string is nice - I guess just a teeny bit bigger than a WW micro-minimus. I couldnt find anything on the Skinz site - only string backs or huge!

Any other suggestions. If I could find something that was the same size as the mini Brazillian front at theback (does that make sense?)


Pete01 #3


Date Posted:02/24/2005 09:24:05Copy HTML


You could get something custom made - Dore, who you have probably heard a lot of us blokes go on about on this board, will make women's bikinis (so I gather) - you just need to give her a reasonbaly detailed description or sketch of what you want. If you measure up the front of the mini brazil and ask for a bottom with the same dimenions back and front, she will probably do it for you. Her site (mainly with men's designs) is www.beach-n-danc.com 

Good luck


JM_Runs #4


Date Posted:02/24/2005 10:30:48Copy HTML

The suggestion to try Dore is good. She once made womens suits and outfits for local 'dancers'. The mens thong business started as just a side line to compliment the womens suits and to use up the scraps.
matchingthongs #5


Date Posted:02/25/2005 12:38:47Copy HTML

Try Alphamoda. Very quick, good prices and quality. They have a variety of back coverages to choose from with accurate photos to let you choose. My wife has a Rio back, but the medium is a bit big on the bottom. Bought her a tanga back which is a small. It's "cheeky" and tends to dissapear up a bit but can be adjusted so that you can either have a bigger thong style or a small, regular size bottom. Ideal if you are in very conservative locations but wanting to push the boat out a bit.
lauren1 #6


Date Posted:02/25/2005 06:44:00Copy HTML

Thanks, the Alphamoda site was really usefull - all of the thongs having a variety of back styles, so that even their largest thong could be quite modest. The fabric looks a little poor in quality though - anyone else had any experience or know of any others?   
matchingthongs #7


Date Posted:02/26/2005 02:38:40Copy HTML


Glad you found it useful. The quality is fine - especially considering the price. I have a pair that I wore for almost 2 weeks, for pools (chlorine alert?), sea and slides at the water park and they still look new! No snags, thinning or stretching. They will also "build" to order if you have any special requests.
rastus #8


Date Posted:02/27/2005 10:56:53Copy HTML

Lauren:  You might look at Dangerous curves swimwear.  they seem to have the range of styles you are looking for.
Ex_Member #9


Date Posted:05/30/2006 11:09:49Copy HTML

Anybody bought the mens strings off this site?

What are they like, and how is the delivery/service?


sailor250 #10


Date Posted:05/31/2006 07:35:27Copy HTML

I was thinking of getting the wife another string only suit and the peek a boo is fantastic looking!  I agree those Bikini Dare models prancing around the Spanish beaches in them is superb!
Ex_Member #11


Date Posted:09/10/2006 08:27:25Copy HTML

I bought three men's string thongs from them recently. Look at the picture of the guy wearing a bright pink one in the contributors' section, and you will see how the seam doesn't sit down flat against the skin either side of the 'package'. They sit over the top of it, something like a hankerchief folded in half! there is no elesticity to it as you would expect. The side strings are very thin, and therefore offer little strength and support. The sizing is on the small side. If you wear anything bigger than medium normally, they may be too small for you.

Negatives aside, the fabric is wonderful. So soft feeling and delicate. A well made, well fitting thong would be increadible from this stuff! Not that these thongs aren't well sewn together. I actually think they would fit a female better!

I do plan to wear them occasionally, so I'll try to remember to post how they go.

malagaguy #12


Date Posted:09/11/2006 01:26:28Copy HTML

I fully agree with Thangmad. The string style has no pleats to form the required shaping and gaps appear as you bend, but the thong are much better body forming style.

The-bikini do have the most excelent fabrics . The hot pink and yellow are great on deep tans.  My experience with the white mesh is it seems to go "off white" in a short time, but could be just my washing!  I just bought the yellow mesh as adjustable - but awaiting for the rains to finish to start using!

The web page shows exactly what you get.  No suprises. No loose threads. I will buy off these guys again.

Ex_Member #13


Date Posted:09/12/2006 04:59:44Copy HTML


I shyed away from the thong because they looked a little wide in the rear triangle area. Is that right? Let me know what you think of them, please, as I'm thinking of buying some.

vtbeach #14


Date Posted:03/17/2007 09:10:40Copy HTML


Has anyone tried the lingerie strings?


JM_Runs #15


Date Posted:03/18/2007 06:31:33Copy HTML

No, but they look to be much the same as my comments above.

Maybe wearing them VERY low alieviates the effect a little.

srqthong #16


Date Posted:09/12/2008 06:07:16Copy HTML

A few weeks ago I purchased two suits from http://www.the-bikini.com/. One is a men's teardrop blue sheer and the other is a men's teardrop blue. It comes in one size fits most and that worked for me. I wear the blue sheer often on an uncrowded public beach (South Siesta Key). It is somewhat see thru up close but from a distance it is no problem. Be careful when it gets wet because it is nearly transparent. Nice suit, good quality and price.

Maxtlatl #17


Date Posted:09/12/2008 06:26:17Copy HTML

Question about those teardrops. From the picture on their web page, it appears that the waist string is about an inch above the top of the shaft. Do you think they can be worn right at the top of the shaft, or does that mess up some of the sizing?
srqthong #18


Date Posted:09/15/2008 05:17:03Copy HTML

It could be worn lower but because of the cut it will find it's way back up. I confirmed this over the past week-end.

stanpuppy #19


Date Posted:01/05/2009 04:57:38Copy HTML

My wife has the 'illegal' bikini from The-bikini.  It is super duper small.  Even smaller than the wicked weasel microminimus.  Actually, it is pretty well made, i would say the quaility is maybe a half notch below WW.  Not too shabby. 

WE have a place we go to in the summer that is fairly private.  It is a corporate park in our neighborhood. Nobody is ever there on weekends, so we go there to tan (since our backyard is not private).  She has worn her 'illegal' bikini there to tan.  It is not as daring as it sound as it is very secluded and almost impossible to be seen.  She always tans topless and i have tanned nude as well as in a thong.  It is actually private enough that we have been comfortable enough to have sex there without fear of being caught, so wearing the micro bikini is not a big deal. 

The suit is too small for her to wear, even on south beach.  The bottom is probably 1.5 inches wide at the widest part.  The tops are like normal bikini triangle tops....size medium. Obviously it is a G back.
adware1977 #20


Date Posted:01/05/2009 02:36:37Copy HTML

Stanpuppy  Looking at the pictures of you and your wife, she probably would get away with that suit on South Beach because you are a daring couple. 

You are a inspiration to me. Nothing could be better.  A professor in fantastic shape, and a nurse trainer showing that health is necessary to pull off what you like to do. 
stanpuppy #21


Date Posted:01/05/2009 03:05:57Copy HTML

THanks adware.  I don't think it is a question of legality.  I have no doubts that the suit is legal, as everything that needs to be is covered by it.  It is really a question of modesty. Believe it or not, my wife is not an exhibitionist.  She likes to wear her micro suits for me, but does not necessarily need to be "seen" in them. 

I am pretty much the same way.   If we could be on a deserted beach in our micro's we would be just as happy as if we were in a crowd where micros were accepted.  I guess that is the reason we like sandy hooks gunnision beach so much.  We are actually overdressed when we wear thongs there since everyone else is nude. 

Even though south beach is very accepting of pretty much anything.  You sometimes get "looks", especially if I walk around instead of just laying down and tanning.
I have a feeling she would not be comfortable in the 'Illegal' suit on south beach.  I know it seems strange, since she has no problem wearing a wicked weasel microminimus with no top....but far be it from me to be able to explain the female mind some times....  Just kidding.  She is awesome and I love her very much.
adware1977 #22


Date Posted:01/05/2009 04:25:43Copy HTML

Stanpuppy Your points are well taken.
Now we need Americans in general, who are in my opinion jealous of people who can show there skin regardless of age, to just accept our lifestyle. We just want to be left alone, and not be seen as weird.

I will be tanning in feb near Tampa as I can stay with relatives for nothing.  It may be a little difficult if they are trying to ban thongs in the parks and public beaches.  
poiuy #23


Date Posted:03/13/2009 01:08:35Copy HTML

 Don't know if the original question is still valid, but I have a thong from The-Bikini.com which is very comfortable, and was easily accepted on the swimming beach at Key West last January.  It is well made, in my opinion, and possibly the most comfortable suit in that style that I own, for what that's worth.
thongornude #24


Date Posted:11/05/2010 02:15:49Copy HTML

I have one of the men's teardrops.  It's well made, seems kind of like a male version of a WW.    It could use a little more room though, it's hard to fit everything in where it needs to be.  
missrebecca #25


Date Posted:11/06/2010 05:47:32Copy HTML

I think I've spent more than $300 on stuff from the-bikini and the quality and service has always been excellent. I bought a couple of mini-brazilians this year and they were a gift and I had to email them about sizing and they were really helpful. They even changed it slightly for me.

My favourite thing I've bought from them is the cover up mini dress they have, I have gotten so much wear out of it and it's still in good shape even after 4 years.

JM_Runs #26


Date Posted:11/06/2010 12:13:23Copy HTML

 Our Asymmetric thong bottom & Tank top. Thats a sexy look for the gals.
sailor250 #27


Date Posted:11/29/2010 02:31:36Copy HTML

I see they have a new peek a boo for men- a teardrop shaped ring- won't compress the top of the shaft.  Got to use the pull down menu under men's.

Also the new teardrop peek a boo for women looks good, highlights the anatomic curves down there- check it out!
JM_Runs #28


Date Posted:06/11/2011 02:39:10Copy HTML

 i have bought a few items of mine from the-bikini.  I got a g-string, a thong and have a teardrop g-string on order.  I found the g-string sagged on me a bit, it opened up the top and my XXX poped out of it pretty easily, not a fan of that happening.  The thong is perfect.  Its comfortable, sexy, keeps everything snug, and i'm considering buying more to use for everyday use.  Will see what the teardrop one is like.  I got it in mesh so hope that turns out ok..
i only buy from the-bikini now.  best range and great website, and comfy.
bikinicouple #29


Date Posted:04/03/2012 07:04:37Copy HTML

 Do not, I repeat, DO NOT order the-bikini's men's teardrop string.  it claims it's on size fits all but it is way to big and loose and doesn't cover you up front.  I contacted to company about this and get this, they told me cut the side straps, remove some material, and re sew it!  are you kidding me!?  they do not get me or my wife's business anymore
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