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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Dave and Mireia

Date Posted:07/17/2007 02:29:34Copy HTML

Does anyone know any ww type galleries that we could all send photos to. For boys and girls...
Ex_Member #1

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:07/26/2007 07:40:20Copy HTML

A few manufacturers have them, but if you're looking for something more general, why not start your own and post it here. I'm sure you will find quite a few willing participants.
JM_Runs #2

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:07/26/2007 08:52:45Copy HTML

Great idea, Thongmad, something just for us on this board.  I'm not web-savvy enough to tackle it, but would be willing to post the photo I have of myself emerging onto a Caribbean beach in my favorite multi-color mesh sliding g-string.  It could set the tone for openness, as my face isn't hidden.  Nothing prurient, just proud to be a thonger.  What do you say, folks?  Any techies out there able to get this started?
sheer1delight #3

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:07/27/2007 11:40:02Copy HTML

Dave and Mireia

There used to be groups on Yahoo but many became infected with spam and porno. I left them all. There are still a few that feature Wicked Weasel wear that show "nice photos". Just a matter of searching in the Yahoo Groups. Join up and post away. But please let us all know what group to join.

Wicked Weasel seems to be posted all over the place.Just google it and see the sites but again some are crude.

What about www.wickedweaselfans.de  . A german sit.e  Alas partly pay up but a nicer master gallery of over 400 shots that is free.



sheer1delight #4

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:07/27/2007 11:58:25Copy HTML

Also see contributions by Soupspoon2007 of his girlfriend on www.flickr.com/photos/66698716@N00

A UK girl with a fabulous rear. In fact the rest of her is pretty damn good too!!!!!!!!!

Some nice shots of her with wicked weasel gear, some revealing trousers, skirts and a dress

gra7y #5

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:07/28/2007 06:39:58Copy HTML


Look at the Links to thong pictures or videos section, and see what others have done. Post your Pics on Flickr and then put the link in, as was done in Resort Thongs, by bryn515000.

garv #6

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:12/26/2007 05:33:14Copy HTML

i know this threads a bit old, but just found this great forum.you can try www.whaletail.comregardsgarv
diabolo1970 #7

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:01/05/2010 08:27:01Copy HTML

thongbiker #8

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:02/22/2010 06:31:33Copy HTML

i have a lot of picture on my homepage and accept to post some pics of men in thongs , take a llok http://thongbiker.free.fr
luvnmythong #9

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:02/27/2010 06:31:27Copy HTML

I just received what I consider to be the ultimate thong.  I recently had this site recommended to me by another thonger on the board.  Check out this site and his gallery of pictures:
I ordered the XD string thong in yellow.  It is positively the best constructed and well made thong I own.  The fabric is the best!
Click on "my products" on this site.   Select the styles you want to see at the top of board.  Pictures are small at the bottom of the page but click them on and you will see each one enlarged.
You can also see the designer himself, Pascal, wearing his thongs when you click on "me".  He is in Lyon, France.  You should request your pay pay in English.   My first paypal came through in French.
Check it out.  I think you will like what he has to offer.  I sure do!  I'm off to Florida in 2 weeks wearing a Thongbiker!
thongbiker #10

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:02/27/2010 01:38:28Copy HTML

thank you luvmythong !! happy that you like what you received can t wait to see some pics with it :)
orangeb #11

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:03/02/2010 03:58:09Copy HTML

The website looks more like a gay porn site so I am a little apprehensive about ordering from them.  They do look like they are good suits and I like the cut and color just not sure about sending them money.  Anyone else have an experience with them.
luvnmythong #12

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:03/02/2010 11:06:45Copy HTML

Hey orangeb:  Yes, there are some gay links on this thongbiker site.  However, I ordered a thong from him and got it 10 days ago.  The fabric and the cut are excellent!!  I ordered the XD3 in yellow.  Probably one of the best purchases I ever made.  They are about $30 with shipping and I got mine in two weeks.  You will be paying by palpal.  Nothing to worry about.  When you order, tell him to send you a paypal bill in English, not French.  My first paypal was in French and I had to email him back to send it in English.  I definately will order more from Thongbiker!
OS777 #13

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:04/16/2010 09:25:54Copy HTML

 Thongbiker I have known for many years.  His website promotes some great creative swimwear.  Maybe the best fit you would ever happen to wear or own.  Those who judge a book by its cover (orangeb) should do your homework first before you cast your first stone.
orangeb #14

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:04/17/2010 12:22:31Copy HTML

 OS777 I was doing my homework by posting this message, and asking the questions.  Don't be so sensitive! 
Thongernic #15

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:12/05/2010 03:23:22Copy HTML

Hi Guys, the hottest site I have found is www.thongmen.dk
mitchd7654 #16

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:12/05/2010 06:27:53Copy HTML

true thongenric what a hot site the guys are totally hot as hell
HermesOrange #17

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:01/11/2012 11:28:17Copy HTML

 I totally agree with Lovnmythong above about THONGBIKER---the best suit I have worn hands down....suit I am wearing in my profile pic.  Superior fit, cut and materials!
njthonger #18

Re:thong galleries

Date Posted:01/11/2012 12:24:26Copy HTML

 Agree as well, thongbiker has great suits!
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