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Date Posted:09/12/2003 07:31:37Copy HTML

Here are some places where you can thong without trouble(especially men because in France women thong more easily and where they want) :beach of "l?spiguette" at Grau-du-Roi, near Montpellier (on the left of the beach, starting from the nudist area),at Marseille, creek of Sugiton,at Cassis, beach of "l?r?e" (starting from the nudist area, little creeks),at the beach of "Fabregas" ( a lot of nudists), near Toulon, La Seyne-sur-merin Corsica, at the beach of "Piana Verde" (on the left of the beach).
beachfolks #1

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/13/2003 12:49:49Copy HTML

CHBROWN- Why do you thong in France when there are so many well populated and nice nude beaches. The reason for thonging is to tan nearly bare on the beaches which do not allow full nudity. Hotel pools etc in France generally allow thongs, gstrings and you will usually not be alone. Cap d'agde is our preference for nude and we go there each year. Cassis is certainly beautiful though.
kernow34 #2

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/19/2003 08:33:45Copy HTML

I've always worn thongs and strings in France. Never even thought of anything else - beaches, hotel pools or inland leisure lakes. At one of the latter, I've worn a string made. literally from crotcheted soft string, made by a farmer's wife in Dorset some years ago. (She used to advertise in the papers.)   Being crotchet, it is definitely somewhat "see-through" - in the holes that is! Never had so much as a look, let alone a comment.


lf1 #3

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/01/2004 05:59:40Copy HTML

Hi, I might be going on holiday to the south of france later this year, and had heard that just about everywhere it was OK for men and women to wear thongs on the beach. Isn't that right then? Has anyone had problems or been made to feel uncomfortable?

Cheers for your thoughts...

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beachfolks #4

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/02/2004 03:21:18Copy HTML

We visit Cap d'Agde Mid May to Mid Jun, Some cold days expected so early, but the cold days are good for sightseeing. Mostly we visit the Med side beaches just up from Spain. The Atlantic side beaches are more often cold and windy, but mostly all are thong friendly, lots of nude beaches. The Cassis beach is beautiful, topless and thong friendly when we visited several years ago, the farthest east good sand beach. From Cassis eastward, the beaches are too rocky and also crowded, expensive.

We see women in thongs and also topless on the beach most anywhere in France, No prohibiton for men's thongs either, but not so populated on textile beaches, more beaches are nude than thongs, but you can just be observant to find the places where nude or thongs are acceptable. Thongs are OK for sunning around any good hotel pool in France. Usually I take a clue from the natives, if there is anyone out sunning in a thong, I will also sun in a thong. Of course that is good practice to learn the local customs in the US also.

terry99 #5

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/13/2004 03:02:55Copy HTML

One of the best places to spend a month at the beach on the Med is Le Grau du Roi-Port Camargue.  The Office de Tourisme will send to you a booklet (in French and some English) with a good map with accomadations and prices.  It has over 25 km of beaches, and 'au natural' at Plage de l'Espiguette.

There website is:   http://www.legrauduroi-portcamargue-tourisme.info/


I hope to go to Europe summer 2005 for 2-3 months and will spend a month at Le Grau du Roi.  ***** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terry99 #6

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/14/2004 08:57:28Copy HTML

An additional place that I stayed for a month was Le Cap d'Agde.

The web page is:  http://www.capdagde.com  

They will send you a booklet with a large map with numbers which locates the hotels etc.  With the web site you can go to the subsites and locate the places with the cost. You can prepay with credit card.

Many sites can be converted to English or German if you do know French by a hit on the British or German flag. Even if you send a letter in English the staffs are multi-language. 

There is a huge clothing optional area in the northend coast beaches.

thongs and g's of course. the southend is more family oriented.

Enjoy the summer!!!!


beachfolks #7

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/14/2004 11:58:04Copy HTML

If1 and Terry

There's also another site for Cap 'd Agde tourism. We use http://www.capdagde.net/ which I believe has more English on it, but probably most of the same information. Please note that the town of Cap'Agde is also a large clothed tourism destination so there is an overwhelming amount of textile information shown. We rent a beach apartment from a British couple who live at Cap'd Agde and are in the business of renting accomodations in the several clothing optional complexes. Their website is: http://www.capdagde.co.uk/--We recommend them highly.
beachfolks #8

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/14/2004 12:12:38Copy HTML

PS- If and Terry

The http://www.capdagde.co.uk/ website is in English and covers only the clothing optional complexes.-Big advantage for we lesser-experienced travelers in the US.
wr1944 #9

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/15/2004 02:23:11Copy HTML

Last year I was at the Med. I visited the beaches of Argeles, Marseillan (near Cap dAgde) and St Tropez. It was just before the season, it was quiet (not at St Tropez) but you could wear thongs and strings without problems or even strange looks.
I have been to other beaches and I could walk around in thongs with no reaction what so ever from the public.
I felt a little strange when I reached the nudist sections. Depending on the length of the section and my resistance to sunburn I mostly stripped naked.
To my opinion, you can thong every where on the French beaches as long as your suit is not too extreme.
I hope to be there in three month (I can hardly wait).
terry99 #10

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/17/2004 02:01:12Copy HTML

beachfolks, etc

Is there a site in English for arrangements similar to the Le Cap d'Agde

A ".uk" site?      

beachfolks #11

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/17/2004 03:13:09Copy HTML

Per our 3/14 post-The http://www.capdagde.co.uk/ website is 100% in English and covers only the clothing optional/nude complexes.-Big advantage for we lesser-experienced travelers in the US. The owners are Brits who live in Cap d'Agde. Just right-click, copy, and paste it into your browser, then hit the "Return" key and the website for "Ann and David James" will come up.

The site has Cap d'Agde tourist information, photos, and booking contact information. I don't mean to become an advertisement, but their accomodations and prices are reasonable.

We like Cap d' Agde for the proximity to a lot of European history sites for visiting if the weather turns bad. We'll see you there in June.
terry99 #12

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/18/2004 02:14:46Copy HTML


thanks for your info.

what I wanted was a site for Le Grau du Roi                 t


tremendimouse #13

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/06/2004 07:23:22Copy HTML

Just back from 2 weeks at Serignan Plage.  Serignan Plage is about 20km south of Cap d'Agde on the south west mediterranean coast of France.  Stayed at the serignan plage resort (www.serignanplage.com) in one of their newer mobile home/chalets.  Was good and clean - although hte beds could be more comfortable.  Resort is more family oriented than for singles or couples although they have opened an adults (16+) only swimming pool/spa type complex this year which is quite good.  The beach has a naturist section right next to the campsite and also a naturist camp site directly behind it (www.leserignannature.com) if you want to be nude 24 hours of the day.  You can walk along the beach in both direction s from the camp site for quite a distance (at least 2-3 km in either direction, north or south).  I walked most mornings along the dune/nature reserve backed beach towards Valras (south) in a thong or nude depending upon the number of people on the beach and whether they were nude or not.  Walking the other way (north towards Portiragnes Plage) is more crowded so wore a thong most of the time when I walked that way.  No adverse comments.  Lots of  "board shorts" but also lots of speedo type costumes too.  Only saw a couple of other men in thongs and they were mostly on the naturist beach but that should not put you off wearing a thong on any of the beaches in this area.  Best time of the year to go is from around end May through end August.  Weather outisde these times can be changeable and cool or cold in the evenings. Sea is good for swimming but is definitely not as warm as seas around Greece.  Sand quality is good and the beaches are cleaned most days.  Beaches have kiosks where you can buy drinks and food/snacks but they are a bit pricey.  There are also sunbeds and umbrellas for hire on the beach but these too are quite expensive (Euro 8-10 per day) so if you can take your own or buy cheap ones from the supermarket while you are there and ditch it when you leave.  Any more info required - drop me a mail or post reply here and I will try and answer your questions.

beachfolks #14

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/06/2004 01:03:14Copy HTML


Thanks for the good report on Serignan and Valrus Plage. Generally the beach prices in southern France are much more reasonable before July and after 1st week in Sept. and the beach crowds are a lot smaller after high season.Usually July and Aug are very hot. This year I understand the high season weather was better than ususal. We try to avoid the high season.
ian-r #15

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:11/10/2004 04:36:33Copy HTML

This year I visited St Tropez bay.  We all know about the nudist beaches south of Tropez but on one of the more conservative family beaches near Cogolin there were still a few topless wormen in high rios and thongs.  However the best site by far was a young girl in who must have been in her late teens or early twenties who always came down to the beach in a skimpy red T backed g-string.  I don't know whether she went topless but she sure looked fine.

(Forgot to say where!)

sunman #16

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/07/2006 12:36:27Copy HTML

My wife and i spent 2 weeks on the  beach at espiguette " at Grau-du-Roi, near Montpellier with her wearing both wearing strings for the first time which we bought at a local shop. The beach is fantastic if you walk 700yds to the right after leaving the car park. Most of the time we lay in sun nude and only put our strings on for swimming. The odd thing is there are lots of shops selling ladies strings and a few selling mens.but there are not a lot on the beaches!


JM_Runs #17

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/01/2008 04:54:36Copy HTML

In June '07, in Cannes to catch a clipper ship cruise, I spent some good thonging time at the beach in front of our hotel over east of the harbor, one of the no-fee stretches.  Had a nice chat with a British grandfather there with his wife and grandchildren.  As a regular, he's seen it all, even though he was in conservative trunks himself.  The subject of my attire never came up in conversation.  I saw middle-aged women there in thongs.  The promenade looked right over the beach, so don't expect privacy, but anywhere in Cannes would be fine for thonging, in my opinion. 
wr1944 #18

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/01/2008 09:06:03Copy HTML

I have walked the beaches of France in a thong for years now. You can do it everywhere in France, in fact everywhere in Europe. In places that are not touristical hotspots, you will find few female thongers and almost no male thongers. But at the well known resorts at the Cote d'Azur you will find more. In the holiday-season you will see more of it. As long as you don't behave indecently, you can do as you like.
I'm waiting for a spot of stable weather to go on a bike-trip along the coast of Northern France, from Holland to Normandy. From the campsites along the coast, I will make long beachwalks in string and thong. And I have made comments about my thonging in France on this forum.
Happy thonging.
JM_Runs #19

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/02/2008 03:50:11Copy HTML

The first time I ever wore a thong or g-string was in France (in 1979). We stayed in a camp site south of Hyeres. There was a lovely beach a short cycle ride away which was very quiet during weekdays (it was mid to late June). My girlfriend went topless, as did most of the girls in our coach party. I was the only guy to wear minimal swimwear but that did not seem to cause a problem at all. We made lots of friends that year and, looking back it was probably one of our best holidays ever.
luvzbikinis #20

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/19/2008 07:37:59Copy HTML

I have yet to go to France but I cannot imagine that wearing minimal swimwear could possibly be a problem there. I am a bit biased because I have a strong partiality to things French but their sophistication, refinement and more civilized mores have always impressed me. I may visit France in the coming year (Paris and the cote d'azure) and as far as swimwear goes I would not consider wearing anything other than my string bikinis.  
cmdwxoutku #21

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:12/13/2008 12:33:01Copy HTML

I read in one of the papers this year Joan Collins saying at a time when more Fench women are choosing to not go topless, there is a profusuion of very small thongs amongst the bright young things in Cannes and all the other playgrounds of the young and rich. Can anyone confirm if this is the case.
JM_Runs #22

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/11/2009 10:01:11Copy HTML

It was the case. In France, there are less and less women who tan topless.
The young women don't go topless. The mature women (>40 yo) continue to topless on the beach.

between 2000 to 2006, it was fashion for women to tan in a small thong. I have seen women like this in the outdoor public pool. But now, it is less fashion. So there is less, but it continue.
However, women in thong prefer to tan in the mediterannéen beach (near NICE) and a little bit on the south beach of atlantic. But no-one in the north of france
cmdwxoutku #23

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/14/2009 11:36:57Copy HTML

The UK papers had many articles in 2008 on how women were starting to wear bikini tops on the beaches and there was less topless.

Joan Collins noted this in a newspaper article. She also noted that despite this, the bottoms were getting smaller and smaller and there were a hell of alot of very small thongs being worn again in Cannes and St Tropez. They have not been fashionable at these ultra trendy places in years, but she says they are back. Can anyone confirm this?
Lowrise #24

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/08/2009 02:32:15Copy HTML

There is not really a limit to the size of the thong or string in France ; the only thing which is not accepted is to have visible hair out of the suit !
kai028 #25

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/24/2009 06:01:45Copy HTML

 I don't know where else to ask this, so I'll ask it here: Is it still required for male swimmers to wear speedos (snug-fitting bikini swimwear of any brand) in public swimming pools in France? How about on French beaches?
wr1944 #26

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/24/2009 09:23:00Copy HTML

In a lot of French and Spanish swimmingpools boardshorts are no longer allowed because of hygienic reasons. Some guys had two to three layers of clothes in the pool. Also a lot of dirt may go into the pool and a lot of water will be absorbed by those fabrics and taken from the pool when leaving the water.
When entering a pool, you will be notified about the dresscode if any. This trend of banning boardshorts seems to spread over more countries in Europe. I think it is a good thing.
At the beach you can wear what you like.
beachfolks #27

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/24/2009 10:36:57Copy HTML

 We've not been in France for several years, but thongs and strings were seen at every populated hotel pool on our last visit. Not everyone thonged for tanning, but many did, often topless.
Superchicken23 #28

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/25/2009 08:39:09Copy HTML

Hi beachfolks - thanks for the update. Out of interest, what area of France were you in?
JM_Runs #29

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/05/2009 09:04:27Copy HTML

 Boardshorts are forbidden in public swimmingpools in France.
  Men must wear briefs or square leg...

As all the men wear speedo, there is no problem with this... and women like to see the bulge of the men
txnudist #30

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:11/01/2009 02:08:08Copy HTML

Thongs are acceptable at the Radisson Blu Hotel ,near De Gaulle Aitport, in Paris. Wife amd I recently wore our thongs there with no problems.
thonguk #31

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:01/07/2010 04:08:40Copy HTML

Hi.  At the end of this month I will be staying at the Ibis Hotel in Paris (Porte De Clichy) which has a swimming pool. Does anyone have any experiences with wearing thongs at this hotel pool (or the Ibis chain). Are you even allowed to wear swim shorts as I believe at french swimming pools you are not allowed to wear swim shorts.
thongdk #32

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:01/25/2010 06:22:13Copy HTML

I am planning on spending a couple of weeks this summer in a cottage with a pool or holiday apartment in southern France. Has anyone any recommendations for a specific cottage or holiday apartment where they have been thonging by the pool with no problems?
beachfolks #33

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:01/26/2010 02:38:48Copy HTML

Thongdk-Just go to Agde and you don't need the thong.

thongbiker #34

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/22/2010 06:28:10Copy HTML

 I am french and i only wear thong on the beach , public beaches and nude beachees , everywhere in France , sea river etc etc but you need to be carrefull on very popular area about 'popular persons" who couldn t be very kind  but in most of case you won't have any trouble :)

JM_Runs #35

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/24/2010 09:43:40Copy HTML

 Hello Thongbiker,
Could you precise what you mean by "popular persons".
La même population que celle stigmatisée par Sarko ?
I don't totally agree with thongbiker. If you can thong in almost all place (you won't never finish in jail), it is easier in some places than others... In the north of france, there are few thongers (but there are few sun !!).
Two rivers are fabulous to thong and visit : "gorges de l'Ardèche" and "Gorges du Verdon" !
7423080 #36

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/11/2010 11:39:31Copy HTML

Anyone have experiences in Paris proper.  We are booked at Novotel in Paris and they have a pool.  Would like to wear thongs or gstrings.  We know kids will be around the hotel pool but in France I figured it would be somewhat common.  Any comments?
beachfolks #37

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/01/2010 06:23:06Copy HTML

 Piopio-Thanks. We'll visit if the weather is good inSeptember
thongdk #38

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/08/2010 08:38:21Copy HTML

 Hi allThonged twice at the beach this summer in Copenhagen, Denmark - for the first time. Went great! What a feeling thonging at the beach. Tomorrow I am going to the south of France with my girlfriend and I am planning to thong at the pool and by the river. I am really excited about how thats going to go. But hopefully there won't be family with kids at the house we are renting an apartment in. I'll let you know how the adventure goes. 
navythong #39

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/09/2010 07:18:11Copy HTML

 We went to the south of France (Plage de l'espiguette near Le Grau du Roi) for a holiday recently.
It's a huge beach. I was curious about the thonging possibilities......
I can tell it's a great thonging beach! There is plenty of space for everyone. Unfortunately I was the only thonging Male, but I spotted several thongong females. I Went to the beach wearing my Muscleskins MP thong almost every day. I even had a swim in the mediterranian sea.
thongdk #40

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/29/2010 12:24:27Copy HTML

 Just godt back from south of France and here is a summary of my thonging experience this summer: Stayed near Collias (small town west of Avignon) in a flat near the river. I thonged several times by the river, swam in my thong and had a great time. This was the more or less the first time that I thonged in public. There was even another guy in a thong, though he didn't show it as public as I did. I didn't get any comments when I wore the thong, even though I one time lay by my self (without my girl friend) and several couples, a mom and her two teenage daughters and others passed right by. The mom and daughters even placed themselves right next to me!
However, considering the fact the France used to endorse Speedo-type swimwear it was sad to see that all of the kids and teens be the river only wore dork shorts. Only a few adults in Speedos. This really shows that Speedo-type swimwear, even in France, is having a hard time. Sad but true.
When we got to Lyon I went shopping for thongs. They have to mens underwear stores: Dessu d'Apollon and Slipissimo. Both had a decent choice in thongs. Went to Gallerie Lafayette (department store) as well and they had a big selection of mens underwear. Cool. So at least somebody wears thongs in France.
All in all a good experience thonging in France - only problem is getting home to Denmark with colder weather. Must travel again soon.
louish #41

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/07/2010 11:31:31Copy HTML

My August 2010 France thong report.
Spent 9 days in the south, 5 on the Riviera (in & around Nice), 4 in St. Tropez.
I was the only male thonger I saw the entire time, & I saw only 1 female thong.
All women in bikinis, of various sizes, many of them topless (more topless lying down than walking around or swimming).
55 - 60% of men in speedo-type swimsuits, all (wierdly) black.
30 - 35% of men in trunks / board shorts.  Mid-thigh length trunks on adult men, long board shorts on teenagers.
Balance on men in various square cuts.
swoontogo #42

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:10/15/2010 06:03:41Copy HTML

 i recently spent several days in the cote d'azur area of france. the weather was warm (75 degrees F) and very sunny. my wife and i tried a different beach each day we were there. generally speaking, i would say that thongs were very rare. that being said, i would say that about 80% of women of all ages were topless and about 90% of men were in bikinis of some sort - myself included. the first day we spent on the main beach in beaulieu sur mer. it is a small course sand beach with locals and tourists. no thongs spotted this day but lots of attractive people and topless. the next day was on the beach of villefranche. it was a long beach with tiny pebble sand. again, no thongers spotted but lots of speedos, and topless. the next day we spent on the beach of st. jean cap ferrat. this beach was small with pebbles but with amazing views of the marina and coast. i did spot one woman with a nice thong and topless. i spent part of the time with my bikini wedged up to expose some bun and avoid tan lines. our last day was spend on eze sur mer beach. this was a long beach with smooth rocks about 2" in diameter. my wife chose the perfect spot. right next to us (about ten feet away) was a man and woman both in minimal swimwear. The man was probably around 60 and sporting a very nice all-over tan shown off with his shiny red thong. The woman with him was probably around 50. she was very fit and tan and sporting a nice tiny patterned g-string. several feet away from them was an attractive topless woman and about 50 yards up the beach was an attractive guy in a nice black thong. about 100 yards up the beach was what seemed to be the local nudist beach. lots of people passed by us and ended up at the end of the beach with no clothes on. i would have joined them but my wife is not into nude beaches - too bad. i did take the opportunity to wedge up my bikini again and expose some more bun - i regret not bringing a thong along. all-in-all, the beaches in france were amazing. the water was clear, clean and cool. the people were comfortable and friendly, and the sun was strong and relaxing. i don't think there would be any issues with anyone wearing minimal swimwear wherever they wanted - i wish i had.
JM_Runs #43

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:10/16/2010 07:50:15Copy HTML

I agree with swoontogo : you can wear minimal swimwear on the french beach, in the south french riviera.
However, as swootogo has written it, it depends on the beach... an on the day.
Holidays and sundays are not the best.
September, on the week is the best.
I thonged on the french beach and there is no problems with lifeguards and policemen.
No problems with other people.
The french riviera is very international : there is a lot of tourists : german, english, netherlands... so it is very open minded.
However, the beach of the big city (marseille, Toulon, and Nice) are note the best places.
navythong #44

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:04/14/2011 02:33:11Copy HTML

 I planned to go to L'espiguette beach (Le Grau du Roi) again this summer.
Heared there is a clothes optional part too. Maybe I will check it out....
I will let you now!
Swedethong #45

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:04/15/2011 11:35:51Copy HTML

I regularly visit Nice on the French Riviera. There I have many times sunbathing and swimming in a tiny thong, with no problems. I use to wear a light blue thong from Joe Snyder. If you see me next summer, say Hi! 
thongbiker #46

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:04/15/2011 04:43:31Copy HTML

 hope to meet you there ;)
Swedethong #47

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:04/20/2011 07:12:22Copy HTML

In my opinion the most beautiful gay-beach close to Nice on the French Riviera is LA PLAGE D'EZE. To go to this beach from Nice, go to the 'gare routière'(main bus station) and take the RCA-bus to MONACO/MENTON. It is bus 100. You will pass the port of Nice and on the 'basse Corniche' (one of the three roads to Monaco) you will pass VILLEFRANCHE SUR MER, SAINT JEAN CAP FERRAT, BEAULIEU SUR MER and EZE. Once you have passed Eze there will be a tunnel. Just after this tunnel there is a bus stop called 'Hotel Cap Estel' on the left side is a parking. You will need the next stop which is called 'SAINT LAURENT D'EZE' (let the bus driver know when you get on the bus you want to stop there). Opposite there is a car park and a small snack.Take some food and drinks with you as thyere is nothing on the beach.Once off the bus, go down the steps and follow the path until you get to a 1st beach after the tunnel(10 min walk). Turn right across the beach and on the other side go up the steps over the rocks to a 2nd beach. This is the 100% gay beach (mostly nudist and thongs). Think of taking some drinks with you because it can be very hot, and there is no snackbar.
43.720765, 7.378145
navythong #48

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/07/2011 03:30:28Copy HTML

 Just came back from a two weeks holiday in France. The weather was very good. We went to the beach (Plage L'espiguette) every day. We didn't check out the clothes optional part, because it is a rather long walk to that part of the beach. The 'normal' beach is so hughe that you always can find a spot as crowded or quiet as you like.
I wore my Muscleskins MP-thong everyday; very fine thong to wear! I was the only male wearing a thong, but I don't care. Every now and then I mentioned people smiling when they saw my thong. I spotted one guy with a speedo that he made smaller when sunbathing, I bet next year he wears a thong!
When taking a dip I put on a DORE moderate bikini over my thong to walk into the sea. Then I put off the bikini and swim in my thong; feels great! I noticed more women in thongs and topless women then last year. It seems that more people like sunbathing in minimal swimwear. Can't wait to go to Plage L'espiguette again next year!
beachfolks #49

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/10/2011 06:04:24Copy HTML

 Plage L'espiguette is very beautiful, lots of clean beach sand. We drove by there several years ago enroute to Euronat in mid May. At that time we saw no smaller swimwear worn on the beaches, though the tourist season was early.
navythong #50

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/07/2012 09:44:45Copy HTML

I just returned from a wonderfull holiday in Le Grau du Roi again. My wife and I went to plage l'espiguette almost everyday.
This beach is becoming our regular holiday beach. It was the third time we spent our holiday here.
Again lots of sunshine and plenty of space for thonging. Didn't see much other thongers. Only a few females (including my wife every now and then). Except myself no male thongers; but I don't care. I didn't wear anything else than my Muscleskins MP thong in royal blue.
A few times I even went for a swim in the Mediterrarean Sea in my thong. Great feeling when wearing a thong.
I noted rather many females are sunbathing topless (or is it topfree ?) nowadays. Maybe thongs will become a trend again.
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