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Fitcaz #51

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/13/2012 09:04:08Copy HTML

 Longtime visitor to France so agree with how relaxed France is about thongs. Two places I have had "looks"of disapproval, in a municipal swimming pool in Beaune and on the Paris beach on the Seine last year. However no official has ever stopped me or commented on me wearing a thong. I have seen one walker and one jogger wearing thongs out in the country so it's not just beaches, all guys. For girls it's even easier def topless and often thongs although I have noticed that generally less are being worn now in 2012 but I think that is to do with the French and fashion. I have also once seen a very competent female roller bladder on the Nice seafront in a thong bikini.If you stroll along the waterfront at Pamplone beach in St.Tropez in a thong no one will even look at you.
billy thong #52

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/15/2012 12:14:16Copy HTML

 We stayed in Les Sables-d'Olonne for two weeks this year, really enjoyed our stay, great beaches and not even a second look if you wear a thong.
JM_Runs #53

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/27/2012 08:18:14Copy HTML

I have been visiting France for many years and stayed many times in a campsite near Ramatuelle and very close to Pampelone Beach St Tropez. Thongs swimwear is the norm here and I have never worn anything but a g-string or tranagle back thong. I have walked the entire length of Pampelone beach in a thong and in a g-string and nobody cares at all.In fact my wife and I always wear our thongs/g-strings all day and even to go round the beach shops and visit the beach restaurants for either coffeee or lunch wearing a thong. My wife does put on her bra to go to the restaurant. We went to a campsite actually adjoining the beach one year and for 3 weeks. On that occassion I only wore a thong all day and evening as it was so hot. In fact most campers wore them even to go shopping in the campsite supermarket and to the bar and nightclub. most campers were in very skimpy swimsuits and some girls were wearing thong back bathing suits, wchih I thought were very sexy indeed. My tanlines were awesome after 3 weeks. It felt strange getting dressed to for the long drive back home. This was a fabulous and completely memorable holiday. We did go to one of the islands and eveybody on the trip inlcuding us was wearing a thong, both men and women. In fact you would have felt out of place wearing more than jsut a thong swimsuit! I have several JS Rio Thongs and my prefernece is for the beachkini miniswim with a triangle back and I alos have one with a g-string back and worn these many times in public. They are the nearest male equivalent to my wife's wicked weasels
tremendimouse #54

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:03/11/2013 08:34:50Copy HTML

For the past 2 years I have camped at a municipal camp site on the west coast of France Near Bordeaux called La Grigne.  It is situated in a remote part of the coast near a town call Le Porge with the campsite at the end of 10km spur road terminating at 2 large parking lots, several restaurants/bars and the campsite.  The beaches there are deserted and apart from the main beach which is mostly textile as soon as you move more than 200m or 300m away from the lifeguarded section the beaches become CO.  It is not unusual to see naked people close to the main beach even on busy days. It would be accepted to wear a thong at the main beach.   Whilst the campsite is not CO there are some remote camping pitches on the site where you could definitely wear a thong or very minimal swimwear without anyone noticing or bothering.

If you are a beachwalker like me then this is a heavenly place.    You can walk for more than 10km North or South of the main beach in as much or as little clothes as you want.  The beach is wide and sandy and backed with dunes, beyond the dunes running north and south is a state forest with gravel or tarmac  paths running through it, most of which are accessible for running/walking or cycling.  These paths link to villages and towns further up and down the coast and great for exploring on those days when the sun may not be shining so much or when the wind makes the beach unpleasant.  Bike hire is available at the campsite if you dont bring your own bike.  There are mobile homes and tents to rent too. 

If you want any more details please PM me. 
navythong #55

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/03/2013 03:19:18Copy HTML

 Past two weeks we (my wife and I) had another fine holiday in France. This time we were on a camp-site near Marseillan-Plage, about 50 km from plage l'espiguette where we spent our holiday the last three years. The beaches at Marseillan are much narrower than plage l'espiguette, but in the pre-holiday season that is no problem. Beaches aren't over-crowded in June.
Marseillan Plage is quite near to the C/O beach of Cap d'Agde. In between both beaches there is a section which is not officially C/O, but quite a bit of the visitors are sunbathing in the nude.
After a bit of hesitating we decided to go to that semi C/O beach. We enjoyed our first stay on that part of the beach. The atmosphere is very tolerant on that part of the beach. Some people sunbathing naked, others wearing bikini's or speedo's. Also lots of couples of which only one was thonging or nude, and the other wearing 'normal' swimwear. As usual I wore my Muscleskins MP thong. After a few hours even my wife felt confident enough to change to a thong.
The second day I went for a swim in my thong to see what the reaction of the other beach visitors was. I was surprised most people didn't bother or make comments, so from that moment I only wore my thong to the beach. I even did some beach walking in my thong; a great experience!
During our stay we noticed quite some women and a few guys in thongs. I'm almost sure we will go back to Marseillan-Plage next year!

beachlion #56

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/04/2013 01:43:47Copy HTML

 Marseillan-Plage is one of my favorites. I stayed last time (2004) at camping La Sirene. The first time was in 1965, en route to Spain. I was there in late May and the beach was not yet cleaned up after the winter. You had to jump over treestumps now and then. The beaches are quiet then so you can walk nude or in a string. Only near the small boulevard you have to cover up.
navythong #57

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/08/2013 08:32:49Copy HTML

That is quite a while ago, beachlion.
We stayed very close to camping La Sirene (now called Beachgarden). I didn't expect the beaches to be that quiet in June,  but if you want to thong that's not an issue. I think in july/august the beaches will be over-crowded. There are many campings along the coast/beach close to each other.
The main reason for us to choose june is the quiet beaches. In june most shops and restaurants are open and the temperature is OK.
This part of france has one disadvantage, the Mistral-wind. It is a rather cold wind from the north, which can have enough power the make the sand blow.
beachlion #58

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/08/2013 07:33:03Copy HTML

 @navythong, your wind is the Tramontana but it has the same origin as the Mistral. I guess the camping La Sirene has changed hands. In 2004 the owner was about to retire. He started in 1963 and when he heard we were there in 1965, he offered me a nice cold beer. ;-)I walked to the south to Cap 'd Agde or I parked my motorbike to the north of the harbour and walked north until I got tired. Plenty of beach.
JM_Runs #59

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/12/2013 08:48:27Copy HTML

 Topless is back in France !
I know ti is out of the subject thong, but, this year i am very surprised because i have seen a lot of women topless.
It is a very long time that i have not seen so many women topless.
The trend is very good : shorts are very short ; dress are very little, and on the beach, topless become normal as 20 years before.
I hope it will continue and may be the thongs will become as common as on the 80ties.
navythong #60

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/13/2013 10:07:15Copy HTML

I noticed the same trend piopio! There were quite a few women sunbathing topless. Some were even beachwalking without a top.
Maybe it has to to with the fact that near a C/O beach topless is 'less naked' then on an ordinary beach. I mean you don't attract attention when you are topless on a beach where others are wearing nothing at all.
I also noticed more women wearing thongs then last year; I even spotted some guys in thongs.
It's nice not to be the only guy in a thong. It gives you the feeling that you're not the only one who likes (or has the guts) thonging.
To be honest I found thonging near a C/O easier then thonging on an ordinary beach; people seem to pay less attention.
I think that's reason enough to go there again next year.

AVBW21 #61

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/28/2014 09:44:01Copy HTML

Just back from Nice and spent two weekday mornings on the beach along Promanade de Anglais. Thonged in a normal swim thong, local people paid no attention to you whatsoever.
On one morning, being alomost the first person to arrive in the area, and almost lie on stomach for 70% of the time, people just kept coming into my 5ft circumference. There were one 70+ man in dork short, one 70+ man in speedo, a group of four 50+ women in bikini and 2 went topless, one other 40+ woman in red bikini and went topless,  two 30+ mothers in bikini with 2 little children, one 30+ man in dork short, one pair of couple with the girl in green thong bikini but unfortunately her body was in bad shape.
Among all of them , no one gave an eyelid to me about my sun bath attire. I saw many of the women went topless in other sections of the beach when I walked back to hotel. I agree Nice is a totally perfect place for thonging.

navythong #62

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:07/06/2014 10:26:34Copy HTML

Just returned from another holiday at Marseillan Plage, near cap d'agde.
We had lots of sunshine and went to the beach almost every day!
Most of the time I wore my thongbiker XD. Nobody seems to pay any attention.
Unfortunately I was the only guy in a thong. I noticed several women wearing thongs.
It seems that thonging it getting a bit more popular again.
One day I spotted an Italian lady wearing a Wicked Weasel thong.
She had the perfect body for a WW!
We had a very nice and sunny holiday.
bbyrne78 #63

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/04/2014 03:06:02Copy HTML

I am currently laying back on a sun chair in the middle of Paris in the hotel pool. It is pretty cool at the moment which explains the less than a dozen people sharing the pool with me.
A mix of elegantly attired older folks and very wealthy school kids holidaying in Paris from the US, UK and maybe Italy. 
My husband is wearing an Aussiebum swim brief and it is the smallest suit on any of the guys. I have already noticed about 20 sneaky photos of him from some of the pool users.
I am wearing my WW soft lurex thong suit and no one has batted an eyelid. That said my drinks are being filled almost as fast as I am drinking them and not once have I had to give my room number. There is another couple of girls here wearing thongs.
@JM - as a girl from the Central Coast of NSW,  even a relatively empty Paris has too many people for me, especially since everyone smokes.... yuck!
Love Bren
JM_Runs #64

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/04/2014 09:34:06Copy HTML

 Once you get to the Med Coast of France you'll see all kinds of skimpy swimwear plus nudity.  If you get to Cassis or the Camargue you'll be able to join the crowds of French at any number of textile and nude beaches wearing fuller swimsuits down to thongs to nothing at all.
Enjoy!  Looking forward to more stories from your trip.
P.S.  Idk if this was mentioned before, but some Parisiennes sunbathe in tiny swimsuits on the quays of the Seine.
John Howard #65

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/04/2014 11:44:09Copy HTML

 Bren im so glad you are over there enjoying the sun, there are so many stories we hear about Europe and its liberal attitudes towards minimal swimwear, please watch everything and tell us what you see, all your contributions to this board are pure gold.Good on your hubby for proudly wearing his aussie bums, and let the French and spaniards salivate and admire a super fit Aussie WW girl.Real Aussies wearing cossies from OZ. Good on ya mate.
starkist #66

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/06/2014 08:12:04Copy HTML

 I agree with Ironiconpa about finding all states of dress, or undress, at the Mediterranean Coast.
Cassis is a colorful and charming town on the Camargue coast. From Cassis, I took boat rides out to Les Calanques, where one could wear anything one wants. I wore thongs or less there and at other places along the coast, including Cannes, St Raphael, Ste Maxime and St Tropez. (Oh yeah, St Tropez!)
beachlion #67

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/06/2014 02:39:38Copy HTML

 @starkist, I hope you don't mind correcting you but Cassis is not at the coast of the Camargue. The Camargue is the flat marshy land mainly between the forks of the Rhone river.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CamargueI was born in Holland and spent about two years in France if I would add up all my vacations. My favorites are the coast of the Med from Spain to Italy and the north coast beaches. And wearing a thong at a beach is not a problem where ever you go in France
starkist #68

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/06/2014 04:02:23Copy HTML

 Appreciate your correction. :)You're right. Cassis is nowhere near Camargue. I turned north towards Avignon after Cassis and Marseilles,  totally avoiding Arles and Camargue. While I was there, I could have gone past Camargue to Cap d'Agde,  but alas I didn't. 

Nonetheless, as you rightly said, France is a thonger's paradise - I mean you'll be alright if you thong there, not that you'll find a huge thonging crowd.
I've not seen anyone in skimpy suits along the Seine,  though.
JM_Runs #69

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/07/2014 12:04:15Copy HTML

 Les Calanques...those are the scenic, rocky peninsulas west of Cassis.  I couldn't remember that term.
Sybok #70

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/07/2014 03:56:04Copy HTML

I was there last summer. Went kayaking on the lake. Very beautiful. Didn't see any male thongers, though I did catch two or three ladies. No big deal. 
bbyrne78 #71

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/07/2014 08:54:40Copy HTML

After walking around Paris and checking out some of the boutiques and swimwear shops, I have come to the conclusion that if you want cutting edge designs, go to Australia or Brazil and maybe even the UK, but in France there is not much stuff that cannot be bought elsewhere. I spent my only day in Paris allocated to window shopping in probably 15 stores and found some nice things (coverups mainly and some cute belted designs) but nothing I would pay the €140 starting price.

I also checked out the "beach" in Paris on the river and apart from some tourists, the place was a wash.

After some decent weather two days ago, it has been cool but the hotel pool seems to be the place. About a dozen Chinese/Taiwanese tourists have asked about my suit (ww soft lurex in gold) and although I don't think I have converted them, they have probably junked their baggy designs by now.

Tomorrow, I hop on the TGV to the Cote d'Azur

Love Bren
zonneman #72

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/07/2014 02:39:08Copy HTML

I suppose you didn't visit Mike Sweetman's shop?
Bd. Raspail, near Bd. Saint-germain
website www.sweetman.fr
Sybok #73

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/09/2014 05:38:52Copy HTML

 Ah, how I miss Paris. 
bbyrne78 #74

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/09/2014 06:30:31Copy HTML

I arrived in Marseilles then got a rental car to drive to St Tropez.

Weather is on the cool side but not cool enough to skip the beach. On advice from the nice lady at the holiday rental, she suggested to drive then hike to one of the few sandy beaches in the South of France - Cap Talliat.
It was so worth it, clear water and soft sand, not like everything else I have seen. Due to the hike, there weren't that many people there maybe 40 people sharing a stretch of about 400 metres. So there was a bit of space.

We dumped our packs and took the GoPro and walked up the beach, weird part is all the locals were people watching and all the tourists kept to themselves.
Pretty much standard bikinis and a lot of women topless but no traditional thongs other than mine. The top up of my tan did wonders to my confidence, enought for me bring a couple bikinis to the main celebrity beach today - Plage del la Pamplonne. 

Love Bren
bbyrne78 #75

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/09/2014 06:42:53Copy HTML

@ zonneman
Didn't know about Mike Sweetman's store.
I think I have too much stuff at the moment and living out of a 60lt backpack for the next 3 months doesn't allow for too many luxury clothes. Luckily my travel clothes are like my yoga outfits - small and do not require ironing. My bikinis don't take up a lot of space either.
Love Bren
Sybok #76

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/09/2014 07:16:50Copy HTML

 If you're ever near Aix en Provence, check out a little store called Adam pour l'honme. They have a very good selection of brands, especially HOM. That's where I got a HOM Temptation string which is by far the best thong I've owned so far. Loved it so much I got several more online. 
bbyrne78 #77

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/10/2014 05:52:29Copy HTML


Thank you for the suggestion but I am a girl, what can I do with a bunch of men's thongs?

Love Bren
bbyrne78 #78

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/10/2014 09:47:19Copy HTML

Yesterday at the Plage de la Pamplonne was the first real beach day on the trip. London was running in parks like green square and Hyde Park, Paris was mucking around museums and art galleries as well as climbig stairs (lots of stairs) but the last two days have been fantastic.
Exploring Cap Talliat was magnificent with quiet and remote beaches that cpuld only be reached for those who were hiking and now today in the busiest beach in St Tropez, so much people watching!
I think I might have spotted a number of celebrities (although the kid who sat next to me at the brasserie knew who they were, I didn't), but to give the report on what must be one of the most famous beaches in the world - it is very good.
First thing it is super crowded, think Bondi Beach over the Christmas holidays. I rode a bicycle to the beach and chained it next to another 900 bikes!
Second thing is Europeans bring a lot of stuff to the beach (not as much as Australians mind you), so finding a spot is primo. Even when you stake out your spot, it will not stop a Russian or Italian holiday maker set up in your spot. 
Third thing is I now know why there are so many french people in asia holidaying, France is super crowded with peoplw who are not french! 
Lots of very beautiful boys and girls at this beach. The men especially are coiffed to perfection with a lot of them looking like they have just stepped out of a magazine advertisement for cologne. 
The girls fall into three groups: the locals, the eastern Europeans and the very lovely french people of African extraction. 
Locals are reasonably glamourous with standard bikinis and a few thongs. Not too many topless no matter what the travel stories say.
The french Africans are very glamourous and striking. Dressed to the nines, they could easily walk straight from the beach to a photo shoot. I was really jealous about how they could eat all that food, drink all that wine and still look amazing - the power of cigarettes. 
Lastly the Eastern Europeans, strikingly tall and beautiful, if you see a girl wearing a thong, the odds are she is Russian or Hungarian or Ukrainian.  These girls seem to live on white wine and cigarettes and pardon my stereotyping, but often in the company much older men.
The beach is what I would call a people watching beach. Goers are not there to have a good time but to see what everyone else is doing and wearing. I pity those who do not have the budget to spend on very expensive swimwear.
Me, I was having fun in both both my suits and getting serious amounts of attention. I really didn't care what the other people thought of my suit, I only cared that Andrew was snapping shots of me with both the GoPro and the Point and Shoot camera. 
Would I come to this beach again? Maybe. It would really depend on being able to get some space and being able to do something.  I couldn't play with my dog or throw the disc around because there was not space!  If I was made of money,  I'd visit one of the super classy beach clubs along the sand and have my own sunchair and drink service. 
Don't be shy, ask me stuff.
Love Bren
bbyrne78 #79

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 07:46:11Copy HTML

Okay because some of you asked:
If there were guys wearing thongs, I didn't see them.
Maybe 5% women were wearing thongs, mainly aged in their late 20s to mid 40s (like me!).
30% women were wearing cheeky and scrunch back suits which became thongs.
The rest were in standard one pieces or conservative bikinis. Very similar to the ratios that you would find in Australia.
Guys were mainly in square cuts, those younger than 40 were in a combination of board shorts and square cuts.
Lots of guys wearing nylon briefs (more conservative than a Speedo).
Further up the beach was the clothing optional area which like nearly every other clothing optional beach I have been to were filled with guys who were much older and younger guys too shy to get and walk around.
Love Bren
John Howard #80

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 08:58:54Copy HTML

 hi Bren,  was the water warm?       Did you see many people enjoying the beach on their own, or mostly people in couples or groups......
are people allowed to smoke on the beach?      Seems to me for what you say that the environment is quite posh.     Glad you and your suits attracted attention;   I find the current fashion on women swimsuits quite boring.  I heard of how beautiful some eastern european women can be;  do you think they are just born that way or do they look like being gym fans who develop their bodies..... or could they be like some South American beauties who resort to plastic surgery to enhance their boobs and bums..

As for men wearing thongs,  I suspected there were not many, or none at all..      Thongs on men are not fashionable these times (according to the fashion gurus), and these people probably follow fashion trends seriously.    I guess however that any guy wearing a thong would not have been a big issue for anyone, though.
thats why is probably important for males who wear thongs on the beach to do it with class and pride.   I would imagine that anyone wearing a torpedo would stand out as from coming from bogan land or perv land.
A pity that clothing optional beaches are mostly filled with guys and not girls too.    I suppose these "CO" beaches are not really nudist beaches like the ones we have in Australia.    Did you find the CO beach to have a more vibrant environment than the normal beach.       I doubt that any beach filled with only men could be anything but boring.
tiggerix #81

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 10:08:30Copy HTML

@bbyrne78 - I had to smile at your stereotypes; it is so true.  I think it is likely to be Russian and Eastern European girls that will wear the skimpiest suits - anywhere in the world (present company excepted!).  

As for losing your space to Italians or Russians - just wait until you are sailing and figure you have a nice mooring that you are clearly lining up for - you can bet that another boat will come charging in and either take your space or basically cause chaos.

@johnhoward - my take on nude or c/o beaches in Europe (Portugal, Greece, Spain and probably France) is that they fall into two categories.  First there are beaches that are away from the main area, quiet but not overly remote.  These can be populated with couples and more often than not, the over 40's.  If you are away from the main busy part and strip off, fairly soon others will do the same.  (A bit like wearing a thong, it takes courage to be the first.  Difference is people will go nude but prob not thong as they aren't carrying them.)  

The other nude beaches are exclusively male and we avoid those.  Sometimes they are tucked past rocks or just a bit more out of the way.

In Italy nudity is, I think, prohibited, but anywhere out of the way seems to be ok.
tremendimouse #82

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 10:37:11Copy HTML

 I just returned from a 12 day vacation in France on the west coast near Montalivet les Bains (NW of Bordeaux).  Whilst I stayed in a naturist campsite with direct beach access, the beaches either side of the naturist resort beach (which is approx 1.5km long) are textile so you need to wear something to pass through them to get to the more remote beaches to do beach walking or find a really remote spot. Access roads to the beach are limited in this part of France so there are vast sections (up to 10km long) where there are no access roads and very few people.  The beaches there are great, long and sandy with dunes behind the beach.  Beyond the dunes is national forest so not a lot of people if you are prepared to walk a little way down the beach, even in high season. 

Whilst many guys are clothed in the usual board shorts, speedos and squarecuts are common with ladies mostly wearing bikinis.  I saw very few thongs on ladies and none on men although I did wear a Skinz stuffit thong to traverse the textile beaches taking it off at the earliest opportunity past the textile area (i.e. as soon as i saw another naked person laying out on the beach).  You would have no problem wearing as much or as little as you want anywhere on this stretch of coastline.

bbyrne78 #83

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 11:07:36Copy HTML

@JH water was nice and pleasant.  It has had the wholw summer warming up so my guess is it will not get any warmer.
People smoke everywhere. From restaurants to metro stations and even on the beach. The good thing is that unlike the rest of france, smokers are less likely to butt out on the sand.
Someone needs to make field stripping cigarettes mandatory.
The question on Eastern European women, I think most of them have never seen a gym in their lives. Especially the younger ones.  The only weight they seem to lift is their fully packed designer handbags.
That said having spent a lot of time around fashion models, they are seriously thin.  I am not big by any means but there were girls who were the same height as me and almost 10kgs lighter.
Love Bren
XChip #84

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 02:54:04Copy HTML

 Sidebar: I lived in Paris during the fall months for several years in the '0's--the aughts.  I went to the gym several times a week, and in the locker room my underwear was always one of several black cotton g strings from Undergear.  Never in all those times did anyone comment on them, even when I was chatting with another of the gym rats.
beachlion #85

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 03:19:48Copy HTML

 I have been to St Tropez in summer, winter and spring. In the summer most celebrities will be somewhere else to avoid the stalking tourists. And the Plage de Pamplonne is and was always very much fashionable. When in the early 80s the G-string was hot, at least 25% of the men were wearing it and at least 50% of the women. Later I set up at the south side of the beach and walked up to the hot spot.A very nice walk is to go from the old cemetery near the harbor along the Route de Douanier over the rocks to the main beaches. From the days of Napoleon, every part of the border or coast was made accessible on foot to check for smugglers. And it is still government property, so it is available to the public.Also pick your spot with care, the beaches can be stinky from the seaweeds along the shoreline. They will be removed where they can earn some money from tourism, otherwise it will be there to rot, most of the time under a thin layer of sand. But in general I love the grotesque atmosphere.
ped69 #86

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/11/2014 09:21:04Copy HTML

If you have time you should try a day trip to ille du Levant, Its a island off the coast of st trop near Lavendou, its a c/o island where nudism is mandatory on the beaches and around the village people wear very minimal clothing 
bbyrne78 #87

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/12/2014 07:10:37Copy HTML

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately,  I am on my way to go mountain biking in northern Spain. For the next week, I finally get back to exercising which my now slightly pudgy body will probably scream in protest over. So a full week of cycling the mountains,  and living the dream of a failed professional cyclist only good enough to compete at the national level and not good enough for the international level.
Who knows there may be some mountain lakes and the like where I can shove a suit in my jersey pocket and catch some sun to avoid the dreaded cyclist tanlines?
If anyone knows of these and they are near some of the famous cycling climbs, let me know!
Love Bren

thonger_in_oz #88

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/13/2014 01:42:00Copy HTML

Just pack a suit and take the oppertunity when you see it!!! i thonged in France, Italy, Croatia and loved every moment. best was St Tropez!!! ;)

beachlion #89

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:08/13/2014 03:32:18Copy HTML

 At the south side of the Pyrenean mountain there are some lakes where they built dams for electric power. With Google Earth or maps you should be able to find those lakes. But I'm afraid that those lakes could be rather cold because of the melting snow that formed the lakes.And a bikers tanline is the same as a board short tan line so you might blend in nicely back home. ;)
navythong #90

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/14/2015 10:29:11Copy HTML

Went to the Vendee region in France for a two weeks vacation this year.
Selected this part because of the nice long beaches. It was nice warm and sunny.
I did about 5 or 6 long beach-walks in my MS poser and thongbiker-XD, very nice experiences! Will post a few pics.
Due to the time of year, the beaches were not very crowded anymore and between the beach access points there is lots of beach where you hardly see any people. Perfect for thong walking. The people that saw me walking in my thong didn't seem to care. Once I saw a guy taking a picture of his wife pointing my way with his camera. I think he 'accidentally' also took a pictute of me.
Very little thongwearers; saw only one or two girls sunbathing in a thong. No other guys in a thong.
I think I will get back to the Vendee next year; great beaches.

rickvt #91

Re:thonging in France

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Not thongs, but you can swim nude in Paris.
tremendimouse #92

Re:thonging in France

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 Have been to this naked swim meet a few times when I was regularly visiting Paris several years ago.  It was well organised and the folk there are generally quite friendly, unless of course you swim in the wrong lane (as I found out after swimming too slow in a lane reserved for faster swimmers).  It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Paris and fancy getting some nude swimming in.  Wearing a thong there would definitely be frowned upon though - naturist swimming only!
navythong #93

Re:thonging in France

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Went to the Vendee region in France again for a two weeks vacation.
I had good luck again, it was nice warm and sunny.
I made a long beach-walk in my MS poser thong almost every day. There was plenty of beach - about 2 km's- available.
The beaches were rather quiet, because most vacations were over.
I saw only one other guy in a thong, which was good to see. On the most quiet parts of the beach some nude sunbathers were present.
The track through the dunes to the beach was about 500 meters long. Most of the time I walked along this path just in my thong.
It felt like a victory om myself; last year I didn't have the guts to do this. The people that came across didn't seem to bother I was just wearing a thong, or they just didn't see it, ofcourse. All in all it was a great vacation.

prodgie #94

Re:thonging in France

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 Not really a big beach/pool thonger but I did do some checking one what attire is totally appropriate at pools in France and I see speedos are perfectly normal. Just wondering if this style will still go without much fuss. I like higher cut styles but don't want to rock any boats. Thanks!
John Howard #95

Re:thonging in France

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 it looks very similar to Andreas Cahling posing suits..... they are great as an alternative when wearing a thong is not appropriate.   I've worn them plenty of times at swimming pool and they still can call plenty of attention.  And it wouldn't surprise that as Skinz has a good reputation of quality, it will last forever.
Grabeach #96

Re:thonging in France

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A Skinz suit would want to last forever, especially if you're not in the USA. As a 'special order' it's $40, then add $27 for shipping. At the current exchange rate that's $90 in Australia. I'm sure there are better value alternatives around in that style.
maozer2003 #97

Re:thonging in France

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 @navythong good to hear you enjoyed fine weather in the Vendee. I'm just back from a beach holiday at Roquebrune Cap-Martin on French Mediterranean. Excellent weather, we swam in the sea most days.  I wore a Jovanadesign thong on the beach (Plage de Buse) one day, and other days I wore micro-bikini styles (Muscleskins, Joe Snyder). I was by far the least covered male on the beach - middle-aged men tending to wear conservative speedos, and young men the baggy shorts. I saw one older man wearing a string tanga into the sea, which I was pleased to see. Women wore one-piece suits or bikinis;  the younger the woman, the briefer the bikini. Some went topless. It was a relaxed laisser-faire vibe on the beach, so I felt comfortable with my swimwear choices.
tanlines #98

Re:thonging in France

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 @John Howard - not only are speedos normal they are often compulsory at French pools.  :-)
I've worn a thong on the beaches north of Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast without a second glance, and am looking forward to a return trip there and to Agde this coming northern summer.
richvpl #99

Re:thonging in France

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My family holiday this year was in Hourtin Plage, Gironde, North-West of Bourdaux. I can confirm that this is a fantastic place to thong!

Personally I prefer very skimpy Tanga style bikinis, and I had the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours in mine on this beach.
There are life guards at the beach at the main Hourtin path, and it is very busy, but if you take the south path down to the beach and walk 50-100 metres, the beach quickly becomes nudist. So pick your comfort zone between family and nudist and wear what you like!

This is my review with photo of the Olaf Benz underwear Tanga I wore:

I actually went further along the beach than I needed to, because I ran across the sand dunes at the top and couldn't see the beach from up there. When I did run down to the beach, there were just one or two couples and a small family, all naked. I was a good 100 feet away from the nearest couple and felt very confident slipping off my cycling shorts and white mesh compression running shirt. I sat on a convenient log and sunned myself, before getting too hot and going for a swim. 

My Olaf Benz are only single layer of very thin material, but not quite sheer, even when wet. After an hour or so and a couple of swims, Tanga bikini pulled slightly up on my hips and almost thong skimpy on the rear, I strolled back along the beach until it started getting too family for my comfort, so I popped my shirt back on. Many nudists, including fishermen along the way!
teeback269 #100

Re:thonging in France

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 I will be in Britanny in July, mainly Les Sables d'Olonne and surrounding areas. Can anyone let me know about wearing g-strings on these beaches? thanks 
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