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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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stringueur #101

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/18/2018 09:06:35Copy HTML

 Les sables d'olonne is not the best place in France for thonging.On the atlantic coast, you can split french coast in 2 parts.At the north of the river "gironde" it is quite conservative.At the south, between bordeaux to biarritz, it is veryopen minded.However, even if sables d'olonne is a conservative place, you can thong without any problems but a conservative thong is better. And you will be probably the unique thonger
navythong #102

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/18/2018 03:39:11Copy HTML

I was on holiday in that region several times and am planning to go there again in august/september.Two years ago I was in Brem sur Mer (about 10-12 km's north of Les Sables D'Olonne).
I only wore thongs when on the beach, never a bikini suit.
Did also some nice long beach walks in just a thong, no problem.But don't expect to see much fellow thongers. Unfortunately thongers are in the minority.
Earlier I was in Longeville sur Mer. The same overthere. Very little thong wearers but no problems wearing one.Both Brem sur Mer and Longeville sur Mer have rather wide and long beaches; ideal for beach walks.There are crowded parts (with beach restaurants and life guards) and more quiet parts.
I think I will go to a camp-site just north of Les Sables this year.

abczyxabczyx #103

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/18/2018 04:54:11Copy HTML

 I was wearing a micro g-string at a beach in Cap d'Agde and was told to remove it because that location was a nude beach.  They handed me a flyer that said that by wearing textile to a nude beach could potentially lead to the beach to become a textile only one.
Good point.  I obliged and had a lot of fun.
navythong #104

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:52:53Copy HTML

Cap d'Agde is completely different. It is a beach where almost everything is tolerated (not allowd).I was there a couple of times also. I was at the beach which is between the family beach and the nude beach. Thong wearing was no problem over there.The closer to the nude beach the more extreme it gets. It is not a 'normal' nude beach in Cap d'Agde. You have to be rather open minded not to get offended. I can imagine not everybody likes what he or she is seeing over there.
MrFalcon #105

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:55:28Copy HTML

True, there is ongoing tension between the "pure" nudists and the swingers. There's a lot of open sexual activity on the far end of the beach the likes of which would not be tolerated anywhere else, and they have a nightclub atmosphere in the evenings catering to lifestyle folks. So it is not like anywhere else. However, the main nude beach during the day is pretty normal, similar to a Gunnison or something, though very busy and you basically never see anyone wearing clothes. The three days I spent at Cap D'Agde were some of the best I ever had.
navythong #106

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:09/03/2018 05:07:18Copy HTML

Hi all, I'm just back from another summer holiday in France. We were in the Vendee region again. Only a few miles from an earlier visit. We were at Longeville sur Mer. Our camp-site is stituated only 500 meter from the nearest beach. There is a lot to choose; there is about 10km's of beach. Both very crowded parts with beach restaurants and surf schools, but also more quiet parts. I don't like the crowded parts, so I take a 5 or 10 minutes walk before laying out. Plenty of beach for a nice long beach walk. I did a few long beach walks in just a poser thong and had two short but nice coversations with other beach visitors. I even noticed another guy in a thong! Very nice not being the only guy in a thong. Unfortunately I only saw this guy once passing by. I was hoping to meet this guy the other day and talk about thonging. All in all it was a nice holiday at a very nice and clean beach. I'm sure it wasn't my last holiday in that region!
Napoleon44 #107

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/02/2019 07:37:30Copy HTML

My favourite part of france is Normandy and it's coast . Although I haven't hit the beaches there for that sort of holiday , having mainly concentrated on the history does anyone have any advice about where is a good comfortable place to go . I am thinking of the cotentin penisular and around the Bayeux area . Thanks .
wr1944 #108

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/02/2019 07:04:06Copy HTML

Out of respect I would not dare to be in a thong on the Normandy beaches where the landings took place. I have visited the beaches more to the north, like St Valery when I was on a bike vacation. I prefer the much wider beaches of the Nord/Pas de Calais and Picardy region  My favorite beaches are between tha Canche and Somme rivers.

JM_Runs #109

Re:thonging in France

Date Posted:02/02/2019 08:19:00Copy HTML

Nobody in France is going to object to your thonging just because it was a WWII landing beach. WWII was fought all across Europe and over most of Northern and Central France. WWI was too. If you want to pay respect, don't thong in the cemeteries. People wear thongs on the beaches of Dunkirk, Italy, and Greece, where there were also landings and battles.
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