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Date Posted:06/01/2003 06:16:18Copy HTML

Hi to everyone! I'd like to inform you about some good places for male thongers (women can do it everywhere). Tuscany. the long free beach between Viareggio and Torre del Lago (located far from the centre of Viareggio, going towardsw south-east). Romagna: Lido di Classe (near Ravenna) and Riccione.One of the best it's the long beach from Torre del Lago towards Viareggio, a lot of female thongers and 2-3 guys every day. In Tuscany there's an other good beach: Rosignano's (south of Leghorn) Spiagge Bianche (= White Beaches), a lot of female thongers, sometimes 1 guy thoged. Riccione, the central beach in front of the Hotel Mediterraneo, very busy beach with young people wearing everything, 1-2 male thogners each day.
ian-r #1

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/13/2005 06:56:43Copy HTML

There are quite a few clothing optional beaches in Italy where you can wear thongs if that's your choice...  I'm not sure of the legal situation but I gather (both nudism and thongs) are tolerated, especially in those parts frequented by German, Dutch and Nordic tourists.

I guess it's not quite as liberal as Spain, Croatia, Greece or the South of France but neither is it the stereotype Southern Europe some would imagine.

Anyone know any more?

Addendum from the Bare Beaches website - According to a report in Malta Today, Italian authorities are considering legislation proposed by members of parliament from different political parties including the ruling coalition, "making it easier for official nudist beaches and camps to be created". Not that there aren't beaches and camps already...

italthonger #2

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/16/2005 06:08:30Copy HTML

In Italy a plenty of women can thonging everywhere. But there are a few male thongers too. They can thonging in Lido di Classe (Ravenna), Rimini, Riccione, Torre del Lago (south of Viareggio) and in Spiagge Bianche of Rosignano Solvay (Livorno).
ukthonger #3

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/18/2005 09:37:53Copy HTML

Anyone know whether male thonging is OK anywhere on the Amalfi coast or on Ishcia or Capri?
ian-r #4

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/19/2005 09:38:13Copy HTML

The following are (unofficial?) nudist beaches, so according to my logic of anything goes you might wish to check these out...

Capri via Krupp serarocks

Amalfi : Conca dei Marini (near Cape Conca)

Marina di Camerota (Salerno): Cyclopes beach (spiaggia ciclope)

No doubt there will be some transitional zone where you could sunbathe in thongs if you don't want to go the whole way.

ukthonger #5

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/20/2005 01:43:23Copy HTML

Thanks for the information, Ian.
Bobbill #6

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/15/2005 02:13:36Copy HTML

My wife and I are going to a resort on a farm near to Florence in Tuscany - there will be a pool - what are do and don'ts as far as thong wearing is concerned?


Ryan Booth #7

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/16/2005 12:29:32Copy HTML

What is Sorrento like for thonging?
benzthong #8

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/19/2005 04:37:59Copy HTML

Just another quick report on a recent trip (first week of July) to Sardinia in Italy.  I spent four days in the northern part of Sardinia.  I stayed at a hotel somewhere between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Palau.  During my stay, I went to quite a number of beaches--the small beach next to my hotel (which is partly public and partly occupied by my hotel), Porto Liscia, Porto Pollo, the beach at Sorso and the Lido beach at Alghero (which is two hours away from Santa Teresa di Gallura by car).  The sand at Sorso and Lido beach at Alghero was simply fantastic--very fine and extremely soft.


As far as thongs were concerned, I only saw one woman in thong at the Lido beach in Alghero.  So it was quite a disappointment.  However, it seemed that the popular swimsuits for ladies this year were those bottoms with tiny inverted triangles on the back, which left the lower part of their bottoms almost completely bare.  However, I would still not call them thongs as the top parts of the bottoms were very wide. 


As far as men swimwear was concerned, definitely no thong.  Sadly the trend is moving towards the long board shorts.  I used to see the majority of men wearing speedos in Europe, with the rest mostly in short shorts.  However, this time almost half of the men were in shorts that went to their knees and only maybe 20-30% were in speedos.

matchingthongs #9

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/19/2005 05:16:13Copy HTML

Thanks for the report.

However, you say, "it seemed that the popular swimsuits for ladies this year were those bottoms with tiny inverted triangles on the back, which left the lower part of their bottoms almost completely bare. However, I would still not call them thongs as the top parts of the bottoms were very wide. "

To me that sounds like a thong? Can you be more specific or provide a link to an example.
benzthong #10

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/27/2005 12:04:14Copy HTML

I didn't take any pictures.

A thong is sometimes called a T-back because the two thin stirps of fabric resemble the letter T.  However, when the top part of the vertical strip of fabric is 6 or 7 inches wide, I would definitely not consider that as a thong.

matchingthongs #11

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/27/2005 11:19:59Copy HTML

Ah, I think I know what you mean now.

Definitions seem to vary, but whatever, they are definitely a sexy look in my books. Brazilian females have been into that type for a while, rather than the more string like thong. Don't know why; fashion I guess?
NoVAThonger #12

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:11/13/2006 12:38:03Copy HTML

Does anyone have experience thonging at the hot springs or spas in the Tuscany region? For example, the outdoor one near Saturnia?
NoVAThonger #13

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:03/08/2007 10:11:21Copy HTML

No responses to the Tuscany query.. what about Umbria? Any of the lakes in that area?

I will be taking my honeymoon near Lago Trasimeno and wondering about the thongability factor. I will also be staying at a small hotel in the mountain countryside which has a pool, so I may dare to bare it there as well.

For what its worth, the country hotel is http://www.montalionline.com/
wr1944 #14

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:03/08/2007 07:51:41Copy HTML

A few years ago I have been there. My ex-girlfriend is Italian so we made a lot of trips to Italy. We visited the hot sulfur springs of Saturnia and the region. We were there allways off-season and I have never seen anyone in a string, male or female. My ex abjected my string-wearing habit but off-season I could have worn my strings on the empty beaches without any problem.
As far as I know Italy is rather comservative, catholic and very macho. You may expect some girls in strings around tourist-spots and big cities but for men it is very unusual. To the Italians a man in a string is not manlike. There are even some small villages with laws against indecent clothing, that is strings and topless. The more you go South, the more conservative they are. So if you like to wear a string, check with the locals to see if it is legal and advisable. Have a nice holiday, it is a fantastic country.
7423080 #15

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/02/2007 02:41:01Copy HTML

any experiences with ROME hotel pools or if you go over by the beach.  i would think that tiny speedos would be the norm.  does any one know what kind of suits are acceptable at hotel pools in rome?
JM_Runs #16

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/27/2008 01:13:26Copy HTML

I have just returned from Sardinia and was extremely disappointed at the lack of thongs / g-strings on view. We stayed in Alghero and went to Maria Pia beach - a short bus ride from the town centre. It is a lovely beach and was extremely busy. 90% of guys wore shorts, the rest wearing briefs. 99.9% of women wore bikinis - very very few wore thong style and only 3 or 4 went topless! I think I caused a bit of a stir as a guy wearing a thong when swimming and even more wearing a g-string when sunbathing however no-one seemed upset. I prefer to be nude when swimming or sunbathing however had to restrict those activities to early morning or late evening when few people were around (but it was still sunny enough to be enjoyable).
solargod #17

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/28/2008 10:35:29Copy HTML

In my many trips to Italian beaches over the past 10 years, I don't recall seeing many thongs on guys.  wr1944 is correct in that it is considered to be not manlike or macho for an Italian man to wear a thongs or a string.  While many of the middle aged and older men will be wearing tiny bikinis, that is about as far as it will go.  The younger Italian men are adopting the American fashion of board shorts.I remember going to a quite beach on the north coast of Sicily back in 1999 and wearing a white thong.  Several boats in the water came close by and slowly cruised by obviously to take a look at the guy in the white thong.  I am sure I was a novelty.I'll be going to Lake Garda in Northern Italy this week and while I will be taking Olaf Benz thongs as my underwear of choice (many of those can be worn as swimwear, if necessary), I doubt if I will be wearing any thing other than a HOM one-inch bikini.  I probably will be the exception on the beach of board shorts.  Too bad since I have been working on my thong tanline and now am almost white butt free!
amalfi #18

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/25/2008 02:07:39Copy HTML

In early June 2008 my wife and I stayed in Lido di Fondi south of Terracina and North of Sperlonga for a few days; I wore my thong everyday and was not uncomfortable;  I got no strange looks - just thumbs up from some German women.  However, the beach was mostly empty; Most of the men who were on the beach wore speedos including boys and most of the women wore that italian style of bikini bottom that it not quite a thong but a lot less than even half coverage which they kind of pull up to take the sun; We did not see any men wearing board shorts; Regardless throughout the four days we were there we really only saw the same group of about forty to fifty people.  Interstingly, there were no females who were topless so my wife did not go topless.  We did not see any women wearing a "classic" thong.

Later, we drove down and stayed for a few more days on the Amalfi coast; again we saw a lot of women wearing that italian style bottom which is not quite a thong but not half coverage either; there were only a couple of women wearing thongs; the beaches we went to (three different beaches - Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi) on the Amalfi coast were busy with hundreds and hundreds of people; Most of the men were in board shorts and very few men even wore a speedo.  I did not wear my thong and just wore a conservative black speedo.  There were a few women who were topless at these beaches but not many - only two or three.  My wife was not comfortable going topless.

On our last couple of days in Italy we stayed at the beach at Lido di Ostia (by Rome); it was a Saturday and Sunday and the beach was very busy;  Most men were in board shorts but a few wore speedos.  I wore a black speedo.  There was a lot of toplessness particularly compared to the other beaches on the Amalfi coast and down by Sperlonga; It was the only beach we visited where (at least at the time) topless was clearly not only acceptable but widely practiced.  There were a few women wearing true thongs but most wore the half bikini - tanga italian thing; We saw no men in thongs and honestly even less men in speedos at Lido di Ostia than in Sperlonga or Amalfi.  Maybe American culture is supplanting traditional Italian culture; Lido di Ostia was mostly young people and nearly all the young men and boys wore board shorts.
kawasaki #19

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:08/08/2008 12:56:25Copy HTML

Hi Amalfi,

I expect you have to agree that Positano and Amalfi are beautiful places?

This year I went to Northern Italy (South Tirol, Dolomites) at a village near Merano.

As a tourist, no concerns to swim in the hotelpool in a thong, no comments of other guests either.

It felt very much ok except for the youngsters (between 13 and 18) who were dork shorts with pipes to half their knees!!! I do not understand why they are not sinking! Perhaps times are coming when they will swim in a tuxedo?
Kasko #20

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:08/12/2008 05:53:50Copy HTML

We will go on holiday to Alba Adriatica.
Does anyone know we will be the only two thongers overthere or is it know as "thong area"?

Thnx in advance
sailor250 #21

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/07/2009 01:49:49Copy HTML

You've probably heard about the Italian Prime Minister Bernusconi's scandal now with his relationship with an 18 year old model.  Well he's supposed to have suppressed publication of some telephoto photos of pool parties at some villas of him, and his girlfriend, some other nearly teen girls and the ex Czech prime minister.

Seems the girls love to sun in thongs,  gstrings/thongs and topless or nude and the Czech prime minister has been photo'd nude with them.

Many of the British reports make constant mention of the "thongs and G strings" on the girls. 

I guess alot of people don't see this beach nudity for what it is rather than all sexual.The girls many are models probably wouldn't want messed up tanlines anyway so g strings and topless or nude is as much a business decision as a sunbathing preference  probably not to "turn on the old man"

He's said that these photos are a violation of privacy, and "you don't take a shower in your clothes- these girls were bathing in a jacuzzi"

Well we'll leave alone where their wives were anyway.
sailor250 #22

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/12/2010 02:16:01Copy HTML

The prime minister day dreams and doodles thongs!

That is why, I think, Berlusconi had his finger on it (no pun intended) when, at a recent summit in Brussels, he busied himself drawing women’s knickers, as his witless colleagues discussed climate change. He appropriately titled his masterpiece, which included loincloths and thongs, “Women’s Knickers through the Ages” and passed it around to his stunned colleagues.

mark_issac #23

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/19/2010 10:13:02Copy HTML

hi everyone

currently looking for some holiday ideas, been thinking south italy around puglia somewhere, or maybe sardinia or sicily.

Does anyone have any experiences of these areas?

Or, can anyone recommend anywhere in general within europe that's great for thonging, generally quiet, near the beach, and near a small village/town with a lot of character?

All ideas welcome :)

JM_Runs #24

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:01/20/2010 11:34:16Copy HTML

We have spent time in Alghero in Sardinia over the past few years. Normally we would travel at the beginning or end of the season (May/June or September/October) and during those times I was able to sunbathe and swim either in a G-string or totally nude since the beaches were almost empty. Last time we went was end of June and the beaches were vey busy and I did not se any thongs at all and in fact I only saw 1 topless girl. I still wore backess swimwear but more conservative than my very minimal g-strings and did not experience any problems. I did get to the beach early one morning when it was empty and fell asleep wearing only a tiny g-string only to awaken some time later surrounded by people because the beach had filled up. No problem then either but I did change into a thong.
We have also been to Sirolo near Ancona on the mainland - there is a nudist beach a short walk from the very picturesque village so walking / swimming / sunbathing nude or in a g-string was no problem. 
sunglasses #25

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:02/02/2010 07:34:02Copy HTML

 Hi all.

Just some general settings about Italy.

First of all, a warning. Italy is a very big country with more than 5,000 km of coasts, so it can be very different from place to place. Take this as it comes.

Law: nudism only in clothing-optional beaches, or secluded places in which nudism is tolerated. Believe me, in Italy there are A LOT of secluded places, especially if you go there in every month but August. Avoid nudism in crowded beaches. Topless and thonging are OK everywere, nobody will bother you even in family-oriented beaches.

So, the only problems wouldn't involve law but only attitude.

Male thonging: not forbidden, but Italians would usually laugh, point you and shot photos with mobile phones, unless you're in a place with a radicated and strong community of thongers (in example known gay-oriented beaches) - so, not very thong-friendly attitude. Please note that in Italy almost EVERYBODY goes on the beach in August, while in the other months you can easily find beaches with no crowd and/or only foreigners (more tolerant).

Female thonging: absolutely no problem. The number of female thongers in beaches depends only by the current fashion trends. In these last years thongs are less frequent, especially because it is widely used the "ibrid" swimsuit (something like a brazilian swimwear) described in the posts above. It is a "normal" swimsuit but can become a thong when needed, and your grandmother will say nothing if you wear it ;)
Thus, paradoxically, topless is BY FAR more frequent than thongs. However, you can always find female thongers on beaches and nobody cares.

I know best of all Sardinia (I went there for a lot of years) and that island is very very thong friendly. If you go there at any time but the central weeks of August, in any place but the touristic north (Costa Smeralda), you'll find kilometers of deserted beaches to lay nude of thonging without any worry.

JM_Runs #26

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:04/09/2010 09:47:17Copy HTML

 Reviving this very old thread. I'm heading to Italy in June, specifically Cinque Terre. I'm going to be doing the trails between all the 5 villages, but I will be staying at Monteroso as my base. Just wanted to see if any one has experience with this part of Italy? I'd definitely go for the thong (muscleskins) but not as far as a g-string or anything like that. Just standard thong or capri bikini wearer here. If anyone has recent experience with the Italian Riviera, I'd love to hear it. Plus, I'll be heading to Genoa for a quick visit with a friend there.
solargod #27

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:09/17/2010 03:48:30Copy HTML

About 10 years ago, I stayed in Florence, at the Hotel Rivoli, near the train station.  It is a old 15th century monestary with a large countyard in the center with a huge 15 to 20 person hot tub.  It would be perfect for thonging, but if you are looking for a swimming pool, you'll have to go elsewhere.  This hotel, though, was very nice and charming, and really enjoyed my stay.
Rick21 #28

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:11/17/2010 08:55:52Copy HTML

Will be anybody in Tuscany at the end of this month?

As a matter of fact I'll be running the Florence Marathon...unfortunately not in a thong...


yeahh #29

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:05/31/2011 06:55:39Copy HTML

 how about wearing thong around Bari, any experiences?
lupi7 #30

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:08/29/2011 04:28:37Copy HTML

Went to Rome at Lido di Ostia a few weeks ago with my GF. She was in a normal bikini and I was wearing a Red Olaf Benz Thong.
There were plenty of girls wearing thongs but I was the only guy.
I made a walk to the bar, got no comments only some whispering from some girls right next to us.

Only at the end of the day one of the locals came to us pretending he owned the beach and told us that thongs were not allowed at this beach. We told him it was the only thing I had with me and he left. It was a bit odd since  there were plenty of girls walking around in thongs....

thongdk #31

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:09/04/2011 03:53:46Copy HTML

 I am going to Venice next sunday. Any tips on where to thong on the Lido or other beaches? - and does anyone know of a good underwear store in Venice?
Kelmu #32

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:09/05/2011 02:22:43Copy HTML

Hello thongdk,

The beaches on the mainland to the north east of the Lido are vast and seem to be thong friendly. You can get to them from the Punta Sabbioni vaparetto stop.
I don't know any underwear shops in Venice. The buildings are nice though!
Have a nice time.
thongdk #33

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:09/20/2011 01:26:38Copy HTML

 Just came back form a trip to Venice, Italy. I went thonging on the Lido beach right on the main beach part. What happened? I got TWO compliments from two different guys walking past me. They just briefly paused, said "complimenti", and walked on. Really nice. I walked up and down the beach and went in the water several times - no problems even on the quite full beach with people of all ages. I saw several girls in thongs but no guys. Quite a lot of guys in speedos though. Conclusion? Northern Italy is definitely ok with thonging and I got more secure of my self in a thong.
italyboy #34

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:12/06/2011 10:41:52Copy HTML

near Verona there's i garda lake. i wear thong usually in all the beach and no problems
tiggerix #35

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:05/14/2012 12:31:31Copy HTML

It has been more than 10 years since I went to a beach south of Bari and at that time the men wore speedo type suits and the girls bikinis of all types. 
More recently have been to NW Sardegna.  Stintino was hugely crowded even out of season - wore a JS Capri there without any problem.  Porto Ferro is supposed to be a nude beach, but think that is only the far end which seems to be only men.  Happily sat part way along in a white string with my OH. An older Italian couple sat nearby, her in full swimsuit and him in speedo type.  She seemed to take an interest in me in my string as I went in and out of the waves and came up to chat - difficult as we dont do Italian and she didn't do English but some conversation anyway. I like to think she was enjoying the view.  Porticiolo was a beautiful beach - started in the JS Capri, being fairly near two american girls, one of whom looked huffy. I think she got more so when I switched to the white string and went for a dip.  Later 3 generations of an italian family sat down near us and didn't even blink. Alghero was a bit too crowded for my liking so kept away from there. Overall most men (young and old) were in speedo type or boardshorts and girls/women in regular bikinis or full swimsuits.  Not much topless or thongs.  Overall I think that part of Sardegna is fairly relaxed and people don't take too much notice of you.  I would happily thong on the quieter beaches but would certainly be the exception.
CheekyMonkey1 #36

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/10/2012 01:18:13Copy HTML

I've just retruned from travelling around Italy on holiday and whilst in Lake Garda discovered a fantastic health spa, called the Grand Hotel in the Gardone Riviera.  Initially we booked ourselves in for a massage but after discovering the only available appointments were later in the day we were told we could use the facilities all day to relax before the appointment. 

The spa was opened in 2006 and includes all the facilities you would expect, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzis, and sunloungers, and a great sauna and steam room chambers.

I couldn't see on there website in they had any clothing rules so went with a selection of skinzwear thongs, regular speedos, and square cuts.  I went into the changing room and decided to wear a blue skinzwear thong underneath a short square cut briefs to assess what the standard wear was, and walked outside where we found a couple of loungers to sit in the sun.  I took a quick look around and noticed know one was wearing a thong, however a few women were wearing rio style bottoms which had been brought into a thong.  After a 1/2 hour I decided to take the shorts off and lie out sunning my front to assess reactions, and 10 minutes after I turned over.  There was no adverse reactions and knowone noticed, staff were around and know one said anything.  I even noticed a women close to me shortly after me turning over pulled her bottoms up into a thong and rolled them down so very little material was covering.

Now I must say Lake Garda is in the north of Italy and so attracts many Germans and scandinavians who are more open with wearing more revealing clothes and nudity.  I thought after a while I would go into the steam/sauna rooms.  This is very well designed and I spent a while in there relaxing my muscles wearing just my thong, others were wearing regular swimwear or wrapping a towel around them and removing their swimwear.  I went back there a number of times during the day and felt very liberated to just walk from room to room in just a thong and for people to accept it as normal.  As the day went on more people entered, I'm unsure what the dress code is as the sign on the door to enter is in Italian but I would say beacause its for men and women swimwear or a cover is required.  However, late in the afternoon it became apparent that nudity was becoming more the norm for both males and females.  So I decided to take off my thong and use the facilities in the nude.  A few people were taken a back seeing nudity but it became more the rule than the exception.  What a great feeling.

The time came for me to go and get a massage, so feeling all liberated and free and seeing that the hotel was occupied by many open minded guests I thought the massage therapist would be more tolerant to nudity.  So I put my robe on and put my thong in the pocket and walked to the reception where I was greeted by a very lovely young female massage therapist who showed me to the room.  She didn't speak much English and I hate to say my Italian was very basic, so she showed me the paper pants to get changed into, I showed the top of my leg (indicating I have nothing on) and said ok like this, at which she said yes.  I disrobed and she asked me to lie face down on the couch.  She must have got a real eye full and noticed I had thong tan lines.  The massage was great and she used a combination of deep massage, hot oils, and accupressure, even when I turned over she held the towel up high so to get a good look (I know because I looked where her eyes were when I turned).  This was probaby the best massage I have ever had, not just because I felt free and not restricted by clothes but her massage techniques really got rid of the tightness in my muscles.

A great day and I would highly recommend this place for some good relaxing whilst thonging.
Thong Kong #37

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/21/2012 01:11:18Copy HTML

My wife and I are going to Vieste and Gargano in September and would like to know on which beaches minimal microkinis (sheer WW's or 457) would be best tolerated. I would wear a Hom micro or a thong or G-String underwear, if it's tolerated there. Any advice?
woodyone #38

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/29/2012 10:38:48Copy HTML

My wife are gooing to SANTA MARGHERITA are there any beaches for thongs and ging nude
CheBru #39

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/29/2012 07:48:59Copy HTML

I wore a thong on the beach just north of the Finale Ligure port. No problem. It was not so crowded, probably 30 people.
tiggerix #40

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:08/22/2012 04:22:15Copy HTML

Sunglasses - post #25 above is right - avoid Italy in August! - wore a white string on Sorrentine/Amalfi coast and had a young couple look and laugh at me - I didn't mind, but it certainly proved the point - they find it strange and probably a bit odd.  Apart from that, most Italian guys of all ages were wearing speedo type swimwear.  The only long board shorts I saw were on a pale Brit - some guys wore shorter shorts.  Lot of girls wearing the low cheeky, tie side bikinis - i.e. much less material at the back than standard tie side/string bikinis.  I don't know, but think the trend is coming away from long board shorts - or maybe Italy has always held to speedo type swimwear for guys.  At this rate of progress, strings and thongs will be back in - in about 20 years.
JM_Runs #41

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/01/2013 11:36:49Copy HTML

I just got back from two weeks in Italy.Rome for a week and Umbria/Tuscany for another.The Saturnia Hot springs are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.None of the men were thonging in the cascade area, and I didn't feel like breaking the ice there.I walked downstream through the river later and managed to get some thonging in during a private stretch of the water...
Later we visited the "Pope's Spa" (Terme dei Papi) near Virterbo.I showed the older male attendant my yellow N2N thong and asked if it was 'permiso'. Got a rather ambiguous reply, basically the grimace with a hand wangle - suggesting, to me, that it was not forbidden but might offend some.Sooo... For most my hour and half stay, I basically built up my courage. Fortunately the entrance to the large pool (olympic sized) had an enclosure that keeps you mostly out of sight from the other bathers until you walk down into the shallow (3-4 foot deep) central section of the pool.The pool has a deep end of 3 meters and a shallow end of 0.5 meters... The shallow end is also close to a great little artifical waterfall with a 20 foot concrete bench to sit on under the flow - great for a nice back massage.So after floating around with a pool noodle like 99 percent of the other bathers, I waited for the waterfall bench to be clear of other bathers and then floated over to that end of the pool.  Getting out of the pool to go to the waterfall bench required a walk of about 20 feet and must have caught a few dozen people by surprise. Getting back in the pool probably made more of an impact as the front of my suit is form fitting and somewhat revealing when wet. To add to my excitement I was swimming with a very casual friend who speaks french and very little english. She's very religious and I caught her totally off guard when we got out of the pool later.It was certainly one of highlights of my trip.
Later I swam in a large fresh water (cool temperature) pool just south of Todi. This was a public pool and there was a family or two there while I was swimming from about 1-3pm two days ago. The cute young girl at the entrance desk, couldn't answer my question as to whether my thong suit was allowed and directed me to ask a pool guard. The guy I asked gave me a definite thumbs down - and a minute or so later I hear him laughing to another guard - the word 'gay' being mentioned. I can confirm the conservative attitudes as to thonging in that part of Italy...As others have stated its annoying to see women in thongs and overweight guys in speedos etc that look like heck, but not to allow men in thong suits. I suspect its partly the cut of the front of some mens thong suits that really gets most people concerned.
Thong Kong #42

Re:thonging in Italy

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Posted 4 months ago on the Micromnimus (Wicked Weasel) site:
A few people have asked for more details about our holiday in Vieste. We're happy to share.
Vieste is on the tip of the Gargano Peninsula in Italy's southeast (Puglia). It's easy to get to from Rome, by car about four hours or by bus for half a day. Renting a car and driving there from Rome is advisable. If you go during the off-season starting September 1, the money you spend on the car will be saved on accommodations. We paid about US$50 a day for the flat (same for the car, all-inclusive, though we chose a convertible and could have chosen a cheaper model). The suite has a kitchen, full living room, patio, WiFi and parking, and the villagio has a pool, recreation room and separate tanning area away from the pool.
Vieste is mostly known by local Italian holidaymakers. There were some European tourists, mainly German, when we were there, but mostly other Italians. It's not quite on the foreign tourist map, as there's no airport or train station, and the bus from Rome is not very convenient. All to the advantage of those of us who want to get away from all that!
The place we stayed was called "Villagio Dell'Arciprete". It's not luxurious, there is no marble floor, chandeliered lobby or business center. There's no bar service at the very modest pool, and it's 10 minutes drive or free shuttle ride from the beach or from town, but it's definitely comfortable, and a fantastic value. The best part is that you can go to the supermarket in town and stock up, tossing everything in the fridge, and bring your own refreshments to the pool, saving lots of money.
Vieste town is nice and quaint, especially at night. You'll want to spend some time in the cobblestoned old town. Watch for our forthcoming gallery with the slinky dress.
The beaches are nice, though we didn't see any thongs or minimal swimwear. The Italians are currently partial to the Rio back "half thongs" which show off the butt cheeks but otherwise have plenty of material in the back and up front. A few of the middle aged and older Italian men wear large cut Speedos, but nothing minimal, and the young men all wear mid-length board shorts.
Depending on where you stay, you will have access to a particular semi-private beach or lido. We saw some smaller, more secluded beaches up the coast that would have been more to our taste than the large lido our villagio had contracted with.
Another thing to point out is that along the beaches heading up the coast, there are fishing piers, or "Trebucci", a few of which have been converted to amazing restaurants. There are two in particular near Pescichi that are well known. There is some debate as to which one is the better, or which one is the original, but in my opinion, you can't lose with either one. If you're there at the right time of year, and the right time of day you can see dolphins at play in the sea, right from your table! But the food at the Trebucco we went to was the highlight. In fact the food in Italy, is in both our opinion, the best in the world, and aside from the pizza in Naples, the dinner at the Trabucco was the best meal of our ten day trip.
If you like nature and forested hills, Gargano is amazing as well, and it's an hour's drive to the heart of the ancient forest.
Please share your own experiences, and I hope what we have shared is of interest!Ben and Fanny
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Re:thonging in Italy

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 Hello,Where to thong near to Trieste?Any good beaches in that area?
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Re:thonging in Italy

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 Take the road that leaves Trieste in the direction of Monfalcone (after Barcola). It's the so-called "Strada Costiera SS14" ("coastal road"). Most of Trieste's best beaches can be accessed by walking or driving from that road. The Costiera is above sea level, but many small roads or paths go down from there to sea level. Many of Trieste's nude beaches are also found there.
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Re:thonging in Italy

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@Tumbao - just a suggestion, the Italians are very style conscious, so try to wear a well made thong - maybe something like one from Olaf Benz, but with less material if possible.  It seems OK to show that you have male anatomy, but not too obvious.  I have worn a white Kleim string - http://www.kleim.nl/shop/strings-tanga-s/134-string-47300.html - near Sorrento and was laughed at - obviously a step too far for the locals. 

Most of all enjoy the experience.
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Re:thonging in Italy

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 I'll be heading to Venice the weekend after next, and was wondering where might be good to thong. I'll be staying one night near the Lido, but otherwise in the mainland and on the central island.
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Re:thonging in Italy

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Hi there, last time I was in Venice was 2013, and when I went to the public beach on the Lido, not far from where the ferry drops you off from Venice, there were many men in thong and speedos.  Although the best place to go it Alberoni Beach at the end of the Lido, it is less crowded, more natural and very easy to thong. Have a great time!

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Re:thonging in Italy

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 Hi Herrmesorange!!! Wow things have changed at the Lido in Venice. When I was ther back in college in the late 80's and early 90's, I was one of two guys pulling our speedos uk and in between out glutes to tan.... Everyone other male had in speedos it shorts....
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Re:thonging in Italy

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 Hey "2xist" - yes, you're right.  Very different scene nowadays. I go to Venice often, and in the early 2000s you mostly Speedos and Bikinis, with an occasional thong (including mine) but it has changed. I guess with the prevalence of the internet, and more access and exposure, the popularity has increased.  I also recently discovered Alberoni Beach at the end of the Lido my past two visits, and it's less developed and less crowded, so it's a great destination with more thongers and a gay beach there, too. That being said, you see thongs all over the Lido. Nice to see the increase!
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Re:thonging in Italy

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 It looks like they are still installing the flood gates. Can you still enjoy the beaches?
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