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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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snjfight #51

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/09/2016 02:48:13Copy HTML

 Hello...Considering a stay in Capri/Amalfi/Positano after some business in Naples with my girlfriend.
Can anyone recommend a sexy beach and/or resort in the area and one where I can wear a thong or at worst a minimal speedo?
tiggerix #52

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/12/2016 09:27:30Copy HTML

snjfight - you can wear speedo type swimwear anywhere without a problem.  Sorrento is popular with the British as tour companies run lots of package holidays there and I would probably avoid it.  There is an unofficial nude beach just south of Sorrento, which is very scenic.  Positano and Capri beaches get really busy with all nationalities - in some ways I think that makes it easier to wear a thong especially if you are with your girlfriend.  The anonymity and crowds of people often means there are fewer large groups of people who know each other.  Enjoy! 
snjfight #53

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:06/30/2016 12:00:00Copy HTML

Tiggerix.....Many thanks for your advice.   Sorry for the delay.    Regards.
thong1 #54

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:07/24/2016 04:28:53Copy HTML

 Hermesorange, thanks for that - I didn't get the chance to get onto the Lido itself, but stayed on the mainland opposite, the place I was staying at being right behind the beach, so after a bit of a fuss getting there, I wound up relaxing on the beach for a couple of hours, in my C2P denim-look g-string. I didn't see any other thongs or strings, though. There was an inscription in the sand, which I either didn't notice or had some wag scrawl whilst I was dozing or in the water. Either way, it was illegible. The campsite I was staying at had a decent boxing gym and I was all alone there, so I stripped down to my Kiniki Jazz g-string for the evening - using the bags with nothing else on went very well. I could be seen through the fence from the adjacent lots, but nobody had anything to say.
simoncello #55

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:09/23/2016 03:36:12Copy HTML

Hi guys, I strongly suggest you all to visit nanoverde beach in Riotorto (near Piombino, western tuscan coast). Once there, you'll be literally surrounded by plenty of young and extremely fit girls wearing thongs, some of them very revealing and appealing (even g-strings are quite common here). I could bet that more than half of the girls there usually wear thongs and it seems an increasing trend that started in the last couple of years. Back in 2010, for instance, thong wearers were extremely rare. I hope they will all shift to thong bottoms soon!
mark_issac #56

Re:thonging in Italy

Date Posted:04/20/2017 07:29:44Copy HTML

 Currently staying in grand hotel tremezzo in lake como. There is a beautiful spa here which is great for thonging. I will post some pics. 
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