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Date Posted:06/20/2005 05:17:01Copy HTML

im a filipina and i wear thongs when i swim but only in cebu and bohol and i have no problems, nobody really seems to care... my boyfriend and i are planning to go to boracay, can i use my thong there? are there thongers in borcay?
Thong Kong #1

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:06/21/2005 12:05:55Copy HTML

I've been to Boracay once, before I started thonging, and I didn't see any women in thongs there. But I wasn't really looking. Anyway, on the popular beach, there are a lot of Americans around, and as you're a woman, you won't have anything to worry about there. There are other more secluded beaches that you can go to as well, IIRC.

Another place in the Phils that I definitely would recommend thonging at is El Nido. A little more expensive than Boracay or Cebu, but oh so romantic and WONderful. In fact, the hotel can shuttle you off to a private island where you can have sex all day long and there's no one there to care... until the boat comes back to pick you up.

When I went to El Nido, I stayed at Pangulasian resort, but I really don't know if it's even open anymore. I can't find any recent information about it on the internet. But the resort that ran Pangulasian runs the Miniloc resort, which was opened a few years before Pangulasian, and I think a third one is open now.
babyarmi #2

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:06/21/2005 11:38:13Copy HTML

great! will try out those beaches... umm... am i the only one from the philippines here?
ozthong #3

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:08/14/2005 02:02:18Copy HTML

The only place I have thonged in the Philippines was in Boracay in 1988 wearing a g-sting from international male, in 1997 wearing a conventional thong that I bought from Singapore and in  1999 wearing an HOM g-string and getting a massage right on the beach.

I will be back this month with my wife and 5 year old son and will be staying at sea wind.

babyarmi #4

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:08/18/2005 12:44:46Copy HTML

will u and ur wife be thonging?
ozthong #5

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:08/24/2005 05:10:28Copy HTML

Just came back from Boracay with my wife and son.

We flew to Boracay via Caticlan using Asian Spirit airline. The flight was smooth and took 1 hour. We stayed at the Sea Wind resort which is on the northern stretch of white beach. The staff at Sea Wind picked us up at the airport and used their resort's outrigger to reach their resort.

Day 1: All the male guests are wearing board shorts except for some Korean tourists who were in speedos. Some of the ladies are wearing bikinis and most of them are in 1-piece suits.  I wore my black Joe Snyder bikini as i was feeling the place. Swam at the beach and at the pool.

Day 2: Had more guts now so I wore my blue JS capri to sun and build sand castles with my son at the beach.

Day 3: We went island hopping with my wife and son and wore my aqua JS thong underneath my board shots. When we reached the snorkeling area, I went to the sea wearing my board shorts. After a few minutes, I was brave enough to remove my shorts and swim just wearing my thong. When we went back to the resort, I tanned in my thong as well.

Day 4: I wanted to build my thong tanline so I went back wearing my aqua JS thong and spent around half the day sunning but I didn't have the confidence to go to the beach and swim in a thong.

Day 5: Time to head home and happy with my tanline.

I have not seen any man or woman in a thong while in Boracay except for a western lady who made a wedgie of her bikini so it looks like a thong.


Thong Kong #6

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:05/30/2008 07:36:03Copy HTML

Spent my honeymoon in Boracay this past December. I wore my usual Hom micros and my wife wore her wicked weasels (see her contributions on the ww site). Even the sheer WW suits were fine. We didn't get any hassle at all, along the crowded beach, in beachside restaurants, on a hired boat...

One of the reasons I think it seems to be more liberal in Boracay these days is that there were far fewer Americans there than the last time I visited, ten years ago.

I noticed another WW contributor posting pics from Boracay shortly after our trip.

We stayed at a new Korean run resort called "Grand Vista" and my wife wore her sheer WW suits to the pool, which was otherwise nearly deserted. The staff did seem to pay us special attention, always with a smile (and CCR blasting on the radio all day long).

I did not wear any of my own thongs during this trip, but I got the feeling it would not have been too much of a problem for me either.

Highly recommended place for thonging.
kabuts #7

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:03/26/2009 04:55:08Copy HTML

Im planning to visit the place with my wife & i think its abour time that people should be well equip in the modern wear thing. Well i hope to visit el nido & other beautiful places also.
PeteSmith2003 #8

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:04/02/2009 06:38:41Copy HTML

Kabuts - 

I went to the Philippines last summer for the fourth time (I live in Taiwan, but I'm from Canada) and wore my g-string swimsuits at public pools as I've done many times before. If you're in downtown Manila,the Rizal Memorial pool allows g-strings with no hassle, and the Century Park Sheraton Hotel nearby also allowed g-strings,though they charge a fortune for non-guests to use their pool (US$10). Private clubs are not friendly to thongs.

I also wore g-strings and thongs (including "torpedos" on several beaches without hassle on Luzon Island as well as Mindoro and Panay. I never ventured further south than that.

empcerh #9

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:05/03/2009 01:33:16Copy HTML

ownpool #10

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:05/04/2009 01:59:19Copy HTML

Plenty of ladies wear thongs in the hotel pools in Angeles City.  I think a guy could wear one as well, though he'd get a lot a ribbing from the drunken louts in board shorts.
empcerh #11

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:06/15/2009 02:39:48Copy HTML

found on the internet, thonging in a local resort. it's okay to wear thongs for swimming these days..

Maxin #12

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:10/17/2013 10:29:08Copy HTML

 Visiting later this year, any recent info. especially in the southern islands ,welcome.
Sportytan #13

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:05/12/2014 04:02:19Copy HTML

Any thongers in manila? Will be heading there this week.
plo_koon #14

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:07/26/2014 04:12:43Copy HTML

 Any of you go to Ace Water Spa?
Maxin #15

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:07/26/2014 11:17:36Copy HTML

 Where dat?
ozthong #16

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:07/28/2014 09:21:02Copy HTML

 Its a small indoor water park/swim center in Metro Manila, lots of families, so no thongs allowed
SGInnovator #17

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:04/30/2015 03:57:01Copy HTML

 Our sister Facebook site is finally up. The Philippines Suntanners Thongers United is finally up. Abbreviated as

Ph-STU. It is a wonderful community for the Filipinos to show the region what they are made of.

Some house rules:

1. Do not send private chats to other members in the group unless you know each other personally. But you can post in the group page if you want.

2. Do not ask for any pictures from anyone in the group. It would be considered as harassing. But you can post your own pictures on the group subject to the administrator censorship.

If all the house rules are followed, then everyone will enjoy their stay here and have a great time.

lalala5678 #18

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:05/15/2015 02:52:29Copy HTML

Thonging in Balesin - the island is private so there are not many people. Plus they have plenty of beaches surrounding the island
Seam_Stress #19

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:01/17/2016 04:26:17Copy HTML

In two weeks, I will be heading to Manila for nine days of fun in the sun and warmer weather.  It's amazing how much difference a thousand kilometres makes to the weather.  I will also be nice to get away from my students for a while.

Most of my swimming and tanning at my hotel will be done wearing Skinzwear g-strings so I can get a 99% tan.  I have been to the hotel before and pretty much their only rule for swimwear is covering the genitals and nipples on women.  One of my g-strings is made with the nude mesh fabric, and nobody said anything as I swam in the pool and laid the deck chairs.

Because I'm transitioning, I also plan to swim as a woman in the evenings (not to tan).  I have a couple of neoprene bandeau bikinis and a maillot swimsuit that I will wear a neoprene bikini bottom underneath.  Neoprene is great because it's flexible enough to be comfortable but tight enough to present a feminine appearance.  It will be the first time I get to swim as a woman.  I asked the hotel in advance and they said it's absolutely no problem.  I don't have a neoprene thong, but the ones I have will do.

Date update:

Yahoo!  One week to go!  This weekend, it's time to pack and reformat my netbook computer.
Seam_Stress #20

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:02/12/2016 02:20:28Copy HTML

 I just got back from my vacation, and I'm both ecstatic and sad.  I had a great time, and I made a new friend.  We were together less than a week yet it feels like I've known her for years.  But it hurts that I had to leave and she stayed behind, where she lives.

I wore my skinzwear g-strings at the hotel pool during the day while suntanning and swimming (Century Park, in Manila).  They are loads of fun to wear and leave little to the imagination, especially the black lace g-string and nude mesh g-string, both of which are partially see-through.  Many more people noticed this time, and several kept looking directly to see if their eyes were playing tricks.  But not a single person complained, and the hotel staff didn't say a word.

In the late afternoons when the sun was less (so I wouldn't tan), I wore my women's swimsuits.  I had a monokini (actually a dance leotard) and a two-piece bikini.  The neoprene bikini bottoms did the trick, flattening the front and giving me a very feminine appearance.  With my wigs and makeup in the lesser light, nobody noticed or said a word, and they were friendly when they saw me. 

Given how successful the bikini bottoms were, I'm seriously considering getting one or two Oceanline neoprene swimsuits, the Dorado (brazilian back) and/or the Blue Hole (thong back). 


chinopride #21

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:06/20/2017 04:49:14Copy HTML

In Angeles City, there are a lot of girls swimming in thongs especially those resorts and hotels close to the so-called Walking street. Most of the ladies there are in bikinis and some are in a thong swimwear and may get as tiny as a g-string. Thonging for men in this area I think is ok. Because this is where I first tried swimming in a thong. I saw some other dudes in board shorts then and I can tell that they are very aware that another dude is swimming in a thong but I think none of them even cared and are just chatting casually. 

The first time I tried there was late in the afternoon nearly sundown, I started by asking the receptionist if it is ok to wear a thong swimwear for men to which she giggles (maybe that was the first time some dude ask her about thonging in the pool by a dude) and said she thinks it is fine. The first time I was there I am still wearing a board short with a red bikini t-back underneath from Bench Body. When I dipped into the water I started to take off my board short and put it aside in the pool. I was also wearing a short-sleeve rashguard since I am still shy about swimming in a thong.  There were some dudes near the pool exactly in my front who are casually talking. I started doing laps back and forth and they don't seem to care. The place is not that very big so I can overhear them if they were talking about me, but luckily, they don't talk about me. 

When it was night time, just near to my board shorts, there was a filipino family, (mother, daughter and the youngest boy) eating there in a dining table at the pool side. They seem to talk about me while they were eating. Then when I got out for the mean time, I wore my board shorts back and took a rest in a chair right next to them. I started talking with them and get to know them and befriended them. Then the boy who was I think 9 y/o told them that he wants to swim. Then, the mother was like mumbling something, that i can't seem to overhear. After eating, her daughter (aged 20y/o) change her clothes into a 2 piece swimwear with a boyleg bottom to my surprise. his brother just swim in his underwear. We are friends now and they said they want to swim as well to which the mother was very cool about it and even asked me to look after them. 

So when we got into the pool. Before I took off my board shorts again, I ask her if she don't mind me taking it off (even though I am getting very nervous because she will see me upfront wearing only a thong a rashguard on top to soothe my shyness) . She said it was alright with her and that I look really cool on it and since the first time she saw me swimming, both of her and her mother already saw me wearing a thong.  Her brother even said we are both only wearing an underwear to which he thinks its pretty good. 

Then we swam casually talking about anything, then she told me that she thinks its better if I also take off my rash guard and just swim in  my thong. I told her i was really shy and there are other dudes still chatting around us. she ask me to go to the kiddie pool so that it will be a bit further from the dudes in the tables in the pool side. When we got there she told me to try out. When I took off my top and board short, she said it does look good and asked me to stand up, (since it is a kiddie pool, when I stand up, I am above the water and the moment of truth of my everything will be revealed) So I shyingly did since she boost my confidence. She even asked me to turn around and she started giggling when seeing my behind. She said i look really cool.

She added that it was her 1st time to see a guy in a thong and was a plain sight. I told her it was my pleasure since it was also my first time to actually be with a person in a thong swimwear (prior to this, i already experienced swimming in thong other people around or try to hide when there are people) She also commented that guys should wear this more often since most of the ladies are the ones wearing thong swimwear and only the guys are benefiting with the sight, so should the guys wear sexy swimwear for the ladies' appreciation.

The night talking and chatting with her in the pool in a thong was an unforgettable experience. She told me that I should take a picture since it was my first time to which I agreed. But this time she suggested to do it out of the pool. During this time, there was a couple close to the kiddie pool where we are and are preparing to take a dip. The guys is a very old lad (probably in 50s) and the girl was in her 20's wearing a two-piece bikini.  To my surprise my friend took my board shorts and rash guard to our table, which leaves me with no choice but to walk around in a thong with whoever person present at that time. She got out to get my camera from our table.  I am starting to get nervous again and then I took a deep breath and got out of the pool and the girl from the couple just stared at me and i heard her said "wow".

Then me and my friend started taking a picture and of course I let her guide me and be my photographer and director and just follow her on whatever pose she likes. But she wants to take a picture of me on my behind most of the time. Her brother was also there and i think that was the first time he noticed that my swimwear reveals my behind. I jokingly told him that when he gets older, he should also wear thongs because they are very comfortable. I also jokingly told him that I have an extra new black thong and if he wants he can have it since it is not yet used. 

That was my first public thonging and after that, I frequented the resort since it was thong friendly even for men. And the staff there got to know me and the lady receptionist always go to the pool to see me in thongs whenever I swim there. 

wxyzz #22

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:06/30/2017 04:18:12Copy HTML

 Anyone has any field reports on thonging at boracay beach ? Is it common there?
thong1 #23

Re:thonging in the philippines

Date Posted:03/09/2019 02:52:47Copy HTML

When I was in-country, I wore nothing but thongs and g-strings. I was rather discreet on the dive boats, although at the Evolution resort, where I was wearing my Skinzwear Bravura clip thong, I stripped down to it before sorting out my kit on the way to my room. I wore a more conservative thong in the pool at the Lion Hostel in Manila, but threw inhibition to the wind at Anawangin Cove, where I changed into my Skinzwear g-string and remained in it until just before I had to leave, swimming, cooking, sitting by the fire - felt most liberating. I didn't see any other full thong or g-string swimwear, although an Italian lady on the boat at Panglao was wearing a rather fetching bikini brief that showed generous amounts of a pleasant rump.
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