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Date Posted:06/21/2004 09:07:14Copy HTML

Yesterday I went to Indian Rocks Beach for a little fishing. While sitting on my bucket a guy came strolling down the beach. As he got closer I noticed he was wearing an electric blue g string thong. He appeared to be about 40 years old, and in reasonably good shape maybe just a little heavy. He stopped for a moment and asked me about the fishing. I noticed he had his toenails painted a blue color very close to the color of his thong and he had several toe rings on. He did not strike me as being gay, not that it would matter anyway. I was impressed that he had the courage to be out walking while wearing his thong, polish and rings. I wondered if this was a new trend or just an isolated incident?
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:06/21/2004 10:32:16Copy HTML

I'd say that the nail polish was an isolated incident. There have been posts here that mentioned toe rings, so maybe a few guys are doing that.

I wear anklets on both legs, wrist chains on both arms and a neck chain. I can't explain why, but I love the feel and look of the jewelry on my body when I'm wearing a g-string. I also wear Australian glitter sun tan lotion, which prompted people to give me the nickname "sparkle" at one beach. I had never really had a nickname before so it was fun. A day at the beach offers a chance to get away from the world, and live out a few fantasies.

What other things would I do? Some colorful tattoos, some body piecings and shaving my body completely sound intriguing, but those are longer term to permanent commitments from which I could not escape when the time came to return to the "real world." Maybe some day, but not right now.

luvzbikinis #2

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/27/2004 03:12:26Copy HTML

When I am in my string bikini I am disposed to wear jewellery to the max because I find that it adds to the feeling of sensuality & sexiness . This includes toe rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings on almost every finger, ear studs or rings. All I need are a couple of tattoos to complete the ensemble but I have to decide what and where. However, I have to say that nail polish is a little beyond me.   
thongfreak #3

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/27/2004 04:16:42Copy HTML

I also wear toe rings, c*ckrings, belly chains as well as anklets. So do the girls.
Ryan Booth #4

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/27/2004 06:06:51Copy HTML

Interesting that he was wearing nail polish. Perhaps some sort of hippie trait?
wackymac #5

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/27/2004 11:54:41Copy HTML

Reply to : gulfscuba

About 2 years ago, while out on the sand dunes on the Oregon coast, I got tossed off my ATV and hurt my left shoulder and my ribs.  I couldn't bend down to cut my toenails so I told my wife that I was going to get a pedicure.  Ever since then I have been getting one every 3 weeks of so.  They feel great.  The first time I had them put a clear polish on my nails.  After that I started getting colors; red, blue, pink, green, etc.  For 4th of July they were red, white, and blue.  For Halloween they were orange and black and for Christmas they were red and green.  I wear Birkenstocks everywhere except at work, winter and summer..  I have had nothing but compliments from people who notice my nails.  I also do a whole body shave and wear short (2.5" inseam) shorts and have had several comments on how nice my legs look.


thongfreak #6

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/27/2004 12:17:58Copy HTML

Pedicures are in fact great!

also the shorter the inseam the better.

Ex_Member #7

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/28/2004 03:02:48Copy HTML

I guess I'm pretty tame compared to all of you. I wear 2 rings: wedding and one of Indian design on my right hand. I have 1 tattoo on my left ass cheek. I shave my body. That's it. I can't get into the nail polish or toe rings.
corona10 #8

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/19/2004 01:58:39Copy HTML

I wear three toe rings, it looks absolutely great. I've heard no comments, silence is approval. Have tried polish on one occation, did nothing for me at all..... Other 'sparklies' include nipple and navel rings, tounge stud. The navel piercing goes especially well with a thong i think

Anklet? why not, sounds fun.... if the thong and toe rings doesnt stir, that will im sure

Ex_Member #9

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/19/2004 06:03:34Copy HTML

I wear my gold wedding ring, a silver celtic weave pattern ring on the same finger- right hand. I've got a similar celtic weave silver solid bracelet on my right wrist, and a copper coloured wave patterned one on my left. These are on 24/7.

I am getting a silver celtic weave toe ring for summer, but I'll only wear it occasionally. I'm also seriously considering a navel piercing, wearing a small silver stud in it. My wife said hers hurt a lot to get done, but she's a self confessed softy!

NCThonger #10

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/19/2004 09:36:31Copy HTML

I wear a homemade ankle braclet on my right ankle.  Daughter wears one too.  She thinks it's cool.  My golfing buddies often ask about it, I just tell them it is for good luck.


corona10 #11

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/20/2004 04:22:02Copy HTML

To Thongmad:

I know this isn't a piercing board but any way: go for it!!! No to sound macho or anything but mine seriously didn't hurt at all. My only regret is that I didn't get it done sooner Girls tend to like it, so I'm sure your wife will too

txnudist #12

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/22/2004 09:21:16Copy HTML

I find this discussion thread interesting. I am completely shaved, a tattoo on a calf, lower back and small one near pubic area. I get nothing but comments about the smoothness and tattoos. I have 4 body piercings but they only show on the nudist beaches. Only other jewelry is a  ring with a tribal pattern.
Ryan Booth #13

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/23/2004 12:47:41Copy HTML

Well the only jewellery I wear is a chain around my neck and a watch. I shave most parts of my body as most thongers do but that's about it. I'm not one for piercings or tattoo's but I do like the look of them if they are done in a stylish way.

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:08/30/2004 05:26:16Copy HTML

This is an interesting thread. Only reaffirms my love of this forum/site. I was dating a new girlfriend and she was really into all kinds of jewelry, (haven't met a woman yet who isn't). So, one day we were walking along the boardwalk at Mad Beach, (Madeira Beach for non-locals), and we stopped to look at some silver jewelry in the numerous beach shops there. I didn't have alot of cash so I only bought her a toe ring, later a beautiful butterfly bracelet. Since we were dating, I decided to try on a toe ring to wear with her. Of course size and masculine styles are hard to find but eventually found one I liked and could wear without feeling too feminine. We have since broke up, but I still wear and look for toe rings suitable for a man. The one I have now is like a heavy chain design, and solid sterling silver. I think it looks great. It is also a great conversation starter with women who are wearing toe rings on the beaches or anywhere. Someone I met through a temp service was trying to sell some silver bracelets she had for cash, so I bought one that was a little too big for my wrist. I looked into resizing it by removing links and it would be twice what I paid for it. Fortunately, it fits perfect as an anklet. I also wear a sterling silver bracelet. Wearing a thong, an anklet, and bracelet gives me the same feeling of sensuality, but sometimes sends out the wrong message to people. I don't like that. Somehow I find it strange that a straight man can pierce his ears, nipples whatever and people don't think they're gay, but wear a thong and an anklet and toe ring and some do. Soaking up the sun on Florida's west coast

nicksthong #15

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:09/06/2004 02:35:43Copy HTML

I wear two rings (neither of them wedding rings (thank god)) an earing, and depending on how long they have been there, and if they have fallen off yet, three or four bracelets and two or three anklets.  I also love to wear my toe ring, for much the same reason that I wear a thong; its one more thing that I like, and do it al the more regularly because most people don't like it.

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:05/03/2005 06:56:14Copy HTML

As with most here in this discussion I usually wear 2 ear rings, nipple rings, ankle bracelets.belly ring and a couple of toe rings. Never had any negative comments.
Satyrinathong #17

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:06/09/2005 02:35:15Copy HTML

wow i feel underdressed, only wearing a wedding ring, with diamonds in it,,,  and two earings in the left ear and a 10ga in my left nipple...      but i do have a full back and one shoulder tattoo'd.     but then again i also like the more moderate sized thongs, finding the smaller thongs or designer thongs most uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as i find boxers.. lol  

                 Satyr, found in the woods of LA.....

Beachlover492000 #18

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/06/2005 10:33:13Copy HTML

Since my first post last August, I've started to get into toe rings. They look neat; they really "dress up" my feet; and I love the feel of more jewelry on my body.

I don't think that I will be painting my toenails anytime soon, however. It's just a little over the top for me.

thonglover2005 #19

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/07/2005 11:03:08Copy HTML

My daughter got bored one night after painting her nails and asked if she could clear coat my tornails, so I let her. it wasnt bad at all. I'd never do a color, but a shiny clearcoat and a couple of toe rings are pretty cool lookin. They accent your feet nicely.
corona10 #20

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/13/2005 05:55:50Copy HTML

Cool Beachlover, welcome on the toe ring wagon. Any reactions? What does friends etc think of it?
Beachlover492000 #21

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/13/2005 09:58:40Copy HTML

I've only had a couple of people as if I was a "toeist" or something.

In view of the fact that my body is shaved and I wear a Koala micro g-string with clear plastic sides, it takes people a while to get to my toes!

romo70 #22

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:07/22/2005 03:40:18Copy HTML

If you go to the beach or wear sandals or flip flops alot then a toe ring is a great accessory.  Looks sexy on women and great on men as well.  I have nothing but positive reactions so far.

As far as nail polish, I think for men it really makes a man's feet look great compared to not having polish.  I get pedicures and always have some color applied to my toes.  Either a subtle ivory that you can barely tell, to a french pedicure or my favorite a bright or dark red with white flowers painted on my toes with a rhinestone center.  Looks great with tan legs and feet.  Great for the beach

wildkid #23

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:09/14/2005 06:46:34Copy HTML

i would have to give a hats off to the guy for the cordination of color, at my highschool i am the only guy who wears toenail polish and the flipflops match the color, so does a lot of my belts and shirts. i do have one thong that matches but i can't really wear that in public wear i came from, the ppls in the bible belt seem a bit to covervitive still.
gayyslaveone #24

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:11/07/2005 07:27:33Copy HTML

I always wear one toe ring on each foot. These are solid celtic rings and I never take them off. I love them. I aslo ear nail polish as I think it makes my feet look better and I would never go back to them being naked! I am gay, but Im not into transvestism, although all the clothes I ever wear are unisex.
bajaflyer #25

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:09/24/2008 10:18:33Copy HTML

  I was scanning the posts and saw this one.  I've been painting my toes for almost ten years now. My wife wasnt really into it, but now she'll pick up a new color for me while she's out. They are always painted. I were sandles as long as the whether permits. I even wear them to and from work, then change into my work boots. Everyone at my work knows, comments sometimes. Never had a bad comment. Get lots of comment from the check out girls at stores and such. I love the contrast they add to my feet, along with my tan lines from sandles. Been wanting to wear a toe ring, but I think my wife would draw the line there, although I haven't brought it up with her.
RapidBlue #26

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/15/2014 09:37:41Copy HTML

 I wear eight braclets on my left arm, a watch on my right arm. This is daily wear both on and off the beach. I tend to not wear my rings on the beach. I don't want to loose the ruby ring or my two tone gold and diamond ring. Half of the time I will have a heavy chain around my neck. I have been looking for some thing for my ankle. To complete the set I will wear a metal c-ring. The jewelry just makes me feel happy. It does seem to attract the attention of women who often comment on my jewelry, which I enjoy.
Sweet_Cheeks #27

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:05/19/2016 12:30:25Copy HTML

 I like to wear toe rings and sometimes paint my toes usually black or dark blue. I've never worn them out in public but now I'm thinking of doing it at the beach thanks to the posts of others on here. I think it would be a lot of fun!
miamifred50 #28

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:05/19/2016 09:40:20Copy HTML

I have been wearing multiple toe rings for the past 20 years. You'll see all 15 of them in my images. I get a mani-pedi once a month, and always get the clear coat.
JM_Runs #29

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:05/20/2016 08:36:28Copy HTML

I have worn a plain silver toe ring on each foot for the last 18 years. Think it looks cool on both men and women.....as long as they look after their feet! Got to an age where I don't care what people think....Life is short and I believe do what you want if it makes you happy and doesn't harm anyone! Never worn nail polish but do have two large tattoos on each foot which adds some thing different. My wife also wears two toe rings plus an anklet which looks hot!
pikeman #30

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/05/2018 03:08:15Copy HTML

I started using one of those 4x4 polishing boards on my toenails. I've been using it on my fingernails to smooth them out and hadn't gotten them really shiny. I work with my hands a lot and even with gloves it's a task to keep them presentable. I've always thought if you anticipate fondling someone you ought to have nice hands. ?I'm also a runner, and am careful about my feet, and enjoy being barefoot. I detest grotty feet! So I stone my heels, use cuticle oil and attend to my nails. I just don't paint then since they look good naturally. And I  don't think this is the least feminine. Men should attend to these details. 
NCThonger #31

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/06/2018 05:28:41Copy HTML

 I have been wearing toe rings for about a year now. Sadly my wife doesn't approve of the look of them on me and says they are "gay" on guys. I wore them the entire weekend last summer at Sunsplash and got many compliments from the guys there. Typically I will wear one of each of my 2nd toe of each foot. Recently I have found a big toe ring that fits me well and absolutely love the look of that as well. I also wear a home made ankle bracelet on my right ankle. Funny my wife is ok with the ankle bracelet (and smooth legs) and not ok with the toe rings? I can say that I have never seen a toe ring on a guy in public so I can sorta understand her concern. I will continue to wear them when I can and remain in the closet with them.
Sweet_Cheeks #32

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/08/2018 01:56:40Copy HTML

 Good for you NCthonger! I remember your toe rings at sunsplash! They looked great and gave me more confidence to wear mine in public. I love pushing the line of expected gender roles in people's faces. Who cares? As long as you feel good about expressing yourself it shouldn't matter. 
big daddy thong #33

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/08/2018 05:12:58Copy HTML

 I have been getting regular pedicures once a month with my wife for many years.  The ladies at the nail salon always joke what color do I want my toes painted but I never gotten the nerve up to get anything else but clear coat polish. Even though my wife has encouraged to try a color nail polish  Recently at the gym I was in the sauna and I saw guy with aqua blue painted toenails that looked really good.  He had the hipster look with a big groomed beard, tattoos and a man bun.  I thought if he can be manly enough to wear nail polish on his toes, maybe I can give it a try.  I'll let you all know how it goes when I get my pedicure next week. 
XChip #34

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/08/2018 05:55:52Copy HTML

 A friend of mine whom I visited last year had gold painted toenails.  I said immediately "I want that too."  So he did mine, and I've kept it up ever since.  I am 78, professorial looking, short beard, only 2 small tats, and an all-but-bald haircut.  Not the hipster look at all.  But I like my toenails and intend to keep them that way, at least until I've used up the polish in the bottle.  Then I might think of another color, who knows.  Go for the gusto.
Sarah_Thong #35

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/09/2018 01:05:43Copy HTML

Each to their own I say. 
I've got my own jewelry and tats and also wear nail polish but my SO has never painted his nails, only jewelry he wears is his wedding ring, PA piercing and nipple ring. 
Dr S #36

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/11/2018 06:05:55Copy HTML

 I wear nail polish most of the time. I usually do my toenails in bold colours. The only people who see them away from the beach are family, staff at the waxing salon and the yoga class I attend. I partly do it because I'm a runner and it disguises the poor state of my nails to some degree, but mostly because I like it. I'm less bold with my fingernails (clear, natural shades or a light colour). It's noticeable, particularly as I let them grow longish, but not screamingly obvious. I must admit I like people to do a double-take; but then I have the same attitude about the full-body wax (particularly bare legs in shorts), waxed eyebrows, thong tan lines etc, etc. My female running buddy keeps egging me towards turning up at running club or a race with bright scarlet nails. I'm tempted just to see the reaction…
ozarkG #37

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:04/26/2018 09:42:34Copy HTML

    Ive been painting my toes for several years now, the result of a budding foot fetish. I like seeing womens pretty feet. That deveolped into me painting my toes.  Most people are shocked when the find out, both men and women. Women have been very accepting, most men too. No one has ever continued to question why, other than coworkers once in a while trying to give me a ribbing now and then, all in good fun. I have also had a few male coworkers here and there that also paint their toes.   I have never had a bad experience or confrontation when people in public see my toes painted either.
big daddy thong #38

Re:thongs, toerings and nail polish

Date Posted:12/01/2018 05:21:43Copy HTML

I have been away for awhile since the thongboard changeover. In that time I have taken the plunge to painting my toenails this past summer. I have always enjoyed getting a pedicure usually with my wife, when she goes to the nail salon. I have always gotten a clear coating but since I have had a case of nail fungus, my toes still look ugly and I was always embarrassed to wear sandal or flip flops. However, the problem with the fungus has improved recently. I felt that I was ready to paint my nails. The salons sell anti fungus nail polish in many colors, so I said what the heck. I now have worn nail since then. I enjoy picking out different colors to wear and I even got florescent orange before Halloween. ;~D I gotten many positive comments from many people in general. The only people who see my toes are my wife and the people in yoga class. The owner of the studio asked me if I like the look feet. Now I feel more confident about going barefoot with painted nails.
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