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Date Posted:12/18/2018 10:01:03Copy HTML

My friends , i am very happy to announce that thongs for men are coming back in Europe , with very good predictions....

1) see the debenhams thong collection....i am wathing this collection since 2011, because when i was in Cyrpus, Debenhams was the best source for thong underwear.They were selling Thomas Nash thongs--well just allright-- and Hom freddy string.Now they have a very big collection with different brands , colors and style....


 2) intimissimi, is a italian manufacturer, very well known in south Europe and Greece also. After many years -2010- now the offer again a man thong in grey and black.At the mall of Athens, there is the intimissimi huomo store, a store where you can find the whole range of intimissimi collection for men.From there i bought 5 new thongs, 4 in grey and 1 in black.In fact the grey one i am wearing right now, its a little tight but beyond that its very very soft and comfortable for all day underwear. i had a chat with the saleswoman--in greece in underwear store there are only and only womens- and she says : 1) that after many years intimissimi started again to produse man thongs 2) many greek clients were asking all this time for the man thong 3) it is a success, because she and her colleques sold many of them, especially for men who wants them for the gym under their tights or leggins. About the 3, i can assure it because during my first visit it was possible to buy only one thong, they were sold out and i had to order the rest of them and wait for about 4 days , until the next package with thongs and other underwear arrive from italy.



and 3) MED the most big and famous greek manufacturer, expanded the colletion of  man thongs.To be honest MED always had thongs in company's underwear collection.especially in nude colors as many greeks wear white linen pants during the summer or in the color of the sand -not blond but you can understand what i am saying- during the spring or autumn , and in any case pants or shorts  from  very thin fabric's....so the thong is the most stylish option....

but especially this winter collection has the biggest number of thongs, if we compare with the previous winter collections.....

( i am not make the comparison with the spring-summer collection's because always they have bigger variety of thongs)...


so..from this small research and according to what the intimissimi saleswoman told me.....thongs are back in Europe!!

maozer2003 #1

Re:thongs are back in Europe

Date Posted:12/18/2018 11:49:29Copy HTML

very encouraging for us in Europe, thanks for this message, Ioannis!
ioannis #2

Re:thongs are back in Europe

Date Posted:12/19/2018 06:29:05Copy HTML

thank you Maozer ! I thought exactly the same with you......i truly believe that thongs will be come back in fashion during the next years....if we consider that thongs were in fashion during the 90s  and 00s and fashion makes cycle's , well maybe its time !!

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