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Date Posted:09/20/2018 08:31:30Copy HTML

 As you may know online vacation rental platforms are really taking off.  Already some say there are more people in the US in short term rental properties than hotels in many states.  We've been using them for business and leisure travel for a few years. When I'm going to somewhere that will be warm I love it!  Most often we rent the whole house and have a lot of privacy if that's what we seek.  I've gotten good at researching the pools and their fences, screens and good at online scoping out if the neighbor's houses overlook the pool area.  So with this arrangement you can "wear whatever you want and do it wherever you want"

It's the "shared" facilities that can be a challenge or even more fun.  I've been a guest of people I know without compensation so I've learned to identify clues as their attitudes about swimwear- and I get invited back.   With on line places with people I don't know I've had good luck on many occasions with being able to wear minimal swimwear or less and not upset anyone.   I will rent a guesthouse or poolhouse but not a bedroom in their house- that doesn't allow any privacy.  I've been in situations where the owners interact with me while I'm out by the pool in very minimal suits and not bat an eye.  I've had owners tell me that I can "wear what you want" or "use the pool any way you want" which is nice.  One place with owners just starting to rent out their guesthouse I told them about my preferences and they said sure- then even said "whatever" and I went from less than legal coverage to totally nude without anyone saying anything.  Then- this is cool- I look back at their listing later and see they spell it out that the pool is clothing optional- let us know your preferences for privacy.  I take that to mean some people if they're out there nude don't want anyone to "see" them or come out there- then others like me don't care if they walk out there or even if they want to use the pool in or out of suits.

So what I do is first make sure the pool is well screened so the neighbors can't see.  This makes it also more likely the owners may hang out nude too.   Then I scope out how the main house can view the pool- sometimes the pool is the focus of attention out the living room windows or doors but I've been at houses where you have to look out a bathroom or bedroom window to see the pool.  Then if it seems to meet my needs I'll send messages and ask about the pool heat, features and assurance I can use it day and night. Also important is the sun exposure on the deck- not too many trees and I research the orientation- I like southern exposures best.  Check out if there are sun loungers out there- if there are then people probably use them- if not then the owners and renters probably don't care to lay out. I look also for evidence that the owners have kids which can kill the vibe.  Then I'll let them know that I'm used to wearing very small suits and hate tan lines.  

Now I haven't lately checked my "owner's reviews" on some of the platforms- which I'm not supposed to have access to- you have to be an owner and contacted by someone to see their profile- but I usually get very high ratings for treating their house with respect and care.  I know that there are a few comments on there about my swimwear or lack of it. 

Occasionally I'll get a negative response about some pool privacy issues so I'll take that as a "I wouldn't want to see that" and look elsewhere.

Most often I'll get a positive response to privacy and minimal swimwear questions, and most often I'm not disappointed with the stay.

Anyone else use rentals to wear thongs or less in the sun??

ohiothonger #1

Re:thongs at vacation rentals

Date Posted:09/22/2018 08:11:50Copy HTML

I go to the Outer Banks often and have only once stayed at a motel. At the motel which was next to the beach (and half blew away in a storm a few years ago). The motel management said "Whatever you wear on the beach is okay at the pool.". This means thongs a G-strings were okay on both sexes and women could go topless. The motel pool was visible from the highway, yet women stood and walked around topless all the time. At the dozen or so houses we have rented, only one had a pool and it was attached to that single unit. Neighbors could see it easily, and the book the owner had prepared for the guests said the pool was clothing optional, but warned that neighbors might see you and suggested that total nudity might be more appropriate at night with lights out. We never bothered with swimwear and nobody complained. Later when we went to the office to get a replacement blender for the one at the house that did not have a lid, I ask about the clothing optional status of the pool. They told me that since this house was built before others in the area, as long as the pool was not visible from a public place (like the beach or road), nudity was okay. They said the owners of the other houses needed to not put windows or decks were the pool could be seen if they found nudity objectionable. Sort of a grandfathered type situation. They said the owners were nudists and regularly used the pool that way. The book for the renters included the time daily cleaning and maintenance was done with a similar warning as the one about the neighbors. The pool girl came by each day and did her thing. The first time she came I ask her if my nudity bothered her and she said half the people with pools or hot tubs used them in the nude and that she had seen it all and not to worry. At many of the other beach houses, one or more deck are built either way up above the rest of the house or with sufficient privacy screens that there was plenty of privacy. Getting to these places might include a walk up an outside stairs and we often did this in the nude. One place had a huge deck and a bunch of loungers and was visible from by the neighbors or boats on the sound. This place had a Friday check in, so we were there enjoying the sun in the buff when the neighbors checked in. We acted otherwise normally and would ask as the people made there first walkthrough by talking to them from our deck to the one closest to us on their house if they minded our nudity. Nobody has objected, and some would ask about it and do some nude sunning too. On the sound, if you get a house with easy access to the water, you often can lay out on a boat deck associated with the house, or float on a air mattress in the buff. Again, no complaints. If you take a boat out on the sound, nudity is quite common. I also like to use the outdoor showers most houses have. These are built outside from the house and usually require some walking to get from the house level (12 feet or more for huricanes) to the ground level. We usually didn't bother covering up when going from one place to another. Two of the houses had these showers outside and with no walls or screen, and these were particularly fun to use naked. You can get away with a lot on the outer banks. This is more true from about Avon South on Highway 12. The last few years have really messed things up, and storm damage has closed many small businesses and some homeowners have simply walked away from their properties. Those that are still renting don't want to scare customers away and will bend over backwards to keep their houses rented - especially in the non-prime rental periods. People going to the Outer Banks seem to expect minimal swimwear and often nudity, and while most men would rather go nude than wear a thong, the women at some houses almost seem to have a contest to see who can get away wearing the least.
sailor250 #2

Re:thongs at vacation rentals

Date Posted:10/04/2018 09:48:57Copy HTML

When I'm at a pool which is semi private- like a guest house and I want to avoid tanlines but I can't be obviously naked I'll mix it up. I will wear a tan thru baggie and a waist, hip or over the shoulder strap or chain so I don't look nude from the back. Then if the landscape allows me to face the sun away from the house or where others might be I'll sometimes go without the baggie and they can't see, just see the strap I've been wearing. I'll sometime swim breast stroke or crawl and when they've walked by they don't know I've lost my baggie. If I have to walk back toward the house I'll wrap my waist in a towel or carry the towel in front of me for cover. Because I've usually instilled confidence in the owners that I'll take care of the place occasionally I've had them let me know they have to be away all day or longer and have asked me to do little things outside of their living quarters like skim the pool or feed the cat. That's an invitation to a suitless period of time out there. I've rented a couple of places with outdoor showers. One place looked promising with new construction shower head on the side of the guest house without an enclosure with high end mixing valve. The owner lady said "yeah go ahead and use it" but I tried it and the hot water wasn't properly connected- too cold. I told her the next day and she said that one of many things the builder and plumber screwed up. One place it was fully enclosed. Sometimes the owner has a dog- which might be fine with me walking around in the day, but one place started barking when he saw me out skinny dipping one night- I think he didn't even recognize me even thought he'd seen me without much on. Another dog was just happy to stare out the window without alerting everyone.
mrhb2008 #3

Re:thongs at vacation rentals

Date Posted:10/12/2018 02:44:06Copy HTML

We go to Sayulita every year and always rent a casita.  Usually one or two bedroom.  This past August we rented a 1 bedroom casita in a 4 unit complex.  The owners lived in the main top house with a unit just below.  There was a stand alone studio & the unit we stayed in that was stand alone as well.There was also a small pool.  Which brings me to the real story. 

My wife doesn't like me to wear G strings on the beach, but when we  got back from the beach and wanted to unwind at the pool I changed into a Stuffit G.  After I jumped in the pool the resident of the studio walked into the area.  It was the wife of a couple that were staying there long term.  I got out of the pool and she didn't bat an eye!  We got to taking and then her husband came up and had zero reaction. My girl was up shortly there after and we all sat around getting to know each other.  Everyone was relaxed and I just felt very natural.  Over the course of the week we met up with them at the pool and I was in the Stuffit each time.  It was a fine experience.

sailor250 #4

Re:thongs at vacation rentals

Date Posted:01/06/2019 07:52:56Copy HTML

Renting houses with pools is working out well for my all over tan! Had another interesting yard animal experience the other day. At this house there was squirrel that lived in a tree in the fence enclosed back yard. When anyone was out there with clothes on he'd run away and climb a tree. So I go out there nude to catch some sun and he (or maybe she?) comes down and comes right over to me- didn't seem bothered by me moving around. I'm convinced now that they see a nude human as another animal and don't have the fear they developed of clothed humans! Well someone also pointed out that maybe a nude human staying at the house before was feeding the squirrel too and it was mistaken identity??
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