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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/05/2014 10:19:51Copy HTML

As summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere, thoughts turn to getting some rays on the beach.

I thought it would be good to conduct a quick survey about what people wear on a ordinary regular mainstream beach - so this excludes the far end, behind the rocks, the nude or clothing optional sections

The questions are:

A. What swim thong or string do you most often wear on a normal beach

B. What swimwear do you most often wear (if different)

C. What style would you most like to wear (i.e. planning to wear if you can summon enough courage)

Remember this is for regular beaches with a normal mix of people around

For me they are:

A. Kleim white swim string (model 47300) 

B. Kiniki Sancho Tan Through Swim Micro

C. Joe Snyder Camo bulge thong

I know we will all have variations of what we normally do - but for this survey please keep in mind a regular beach environment with other people around.
Thanks one and all!
itanng #1

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/05/2014 12:22:27Copy HTML

A. Dore G-string unless the beach is stuck up, then a Kiniki Tan Through Swim Micro.
B. Nothing (at nude beaches or in my backyard) (I seldom go to "normal" beaches).
C. See B and A

clubthongs #2

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/05/2014 01:17:23Copy HTML

A. Skinz Bravura Thong
B. Skinz Bravura Thong
C. Skinz Adjustable Micro G String or Koala Monaco Micro G String
bmicro #3

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/05/2014 09:04:30Copy HTML

 There are a wide variety of "normal" beach experiences as you describe it. That is a non-nude public beach excluding the "hiding" areas. In Florida that ranges from beaches where thongs are illegal to South Beach. I wear the "least that is appropriate" for a particular beach. I would not wear the same suits on Ft. Lauderdale beach that I wear on South Beach. When going to a new (to me) beach, I will tend toward the conservative side (if I can ever be called that) until I can get the lay of the land. 
Grabeach #4

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/05/2014 11:05:49Copy HTML

All beaches and pools, for serious swimming, Alphamoda Skyros brazil back.
All beaches and most pools, for sunning, Alphamoda Andros g-string.
The minority of pools that don't tolerate g-strings, I don't go back there!
hotbunz1969 #5

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 08:38:12Copy HTML

 Because I totally relate my swim/tanning wear to my surroundings and others within them I seldom find myself on a "regular" beach. I don't do "normal" very often!  I positively seek out beaches or good places to tan where my little suits will flow. Not only that different places around the world have different attitudes towards guys and girls in thongs. Take Ibiza, pretty much anything goes for either sex, take Rio, a guy would be laughed off the beach for wearing a thong, on a girl it's almost expected.

So in an all accepting environment in somewhere like Ibiza I would wear a one-sided suit similar to the Jovana JP4D for all 3 occasions
In a more conservative environment it would be my white, lined 1.5 inch side speedo trunks for the first two and back to that one-sided thong for the last one if I could get away with it!!! LOL.

tiggerix #6

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 09:52:11Copy HTML

I fully realise that many of us don't go where we think we may not be welcome, or local ordinances prohibit certain types of swimwear (I still find it funny how detailed some of the US local bylaws are).
@hutbunz1969 - definitely think you should try your one sided suit in Brazil...... :D

Anyway, would appreciate more feedback on what is actually worn in public.
thong_jock #7

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 01:09:35Copy HTML

 95% of the time it's 1/2" Muscleskins thongs. If it's a mixed or family beach I wear a Classic pouch if clothing optional or gay beach I wear a poser pouch. The other 5% of the time it's with my kids at a family beach I wear a speedo - either aussiebum, speedo solar or waveline bikini or sometimes a skinzwear posing bikini if we are on vacation together. I have no plans to deviate from my Muscleskins. I've tried many different types of male thong swimwear and those are what I like best. I am not interested in the micros like Koala or anything like that.
mack_back #8

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 02:53:10Copy HTML

In the past i wore AC poser bikini and skinz rio. In 1/2" sides or skinny side low rise. While at a pool AquX low rise bikini's. Also where thonging is allowed i wear muscleskins g-string classic pouch. 99% of my beach visits are to nude beaches so I haven't had the need to wear thongs at a family beach.

TennStud #9

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 04:36:45Copy HTML

 We have a great, somewhat hidden, beach in Chicago called Osterman Beach. Thongs are fine, as well as anything else you care to wear. I grabbed about 2 hours on the beach yesterday yesterday. Since it wasn't going to be too long, I grabbed my speedo .. I lowered the top and raised the bottom to get more sun. Of course I forgot the sun tan lotion. A little tender today, but I will like the tan line - eventually
matt476 #10

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:06/06/2014 05:11:02Copy HTML

 Preferably nothing. Otherwise ultra-minimal, like the little bits of fabric that only just cover your knob and that. Otherwise, if there happen to be semi-clad people about, a little see-thru pouch number will be fine. whatever lets the sun in. If speedos is the smallest u got, scrunch em up the bum and roll em down over where the pubes used to be so the the top portion of the shaft where it joins the pubes is exposed to the sun ...he he i've even sunned the top bit of my knob in speedos and nobody cared ...

gsj #11

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/15/2014 07:57:27Copy HTML

As little as possible! Jovana moderate bikini as absolute maximum. I seek out less populated beaches & "dress" accordingly. As others have said once you have donned briefer gear you never want to go back.
thong1 #12

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/22/2014 07:08:04Copy HTML

I wear a swimthong or string wherever I feel I can, which is most places. I do have  a swimbrief and a pair of swimshorts for where I can't get away with baring my buttocks, but that's fortunately rare. Most recently I've been wearing a Debbieleather thong locally, and sometimes my Jovana swimstring. I don't go for really extreme styles, so don't feel the need to restrict myself when thonging - when I can wear the most conservative of my thongs I can wear any of my G-strings.
Thongmad #13

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/26/2014 04:22:56Copy HTML

 A. I normally wear a Skinzwear 'ThinSkinz' 1/2" Thong in Black, a Muscleskins Classic 1/2" side Thong in Royal Blue, an OZON 1/2 side Micro-Bather in Black or Blue, or a DeeJay 1/2" Thong in various colours (Black, Blue, Red, Green).

B. For laps each morning I usually wear a Waveline 1" side bikini in Royal Blue. I got a set of six recently and have been alternating between black, blue, fluro green, pumpkin orange, fluro yellow, and bright pink. Around 10% of my lap time (usually away from my local pool) would be done in a Black or Blue 1" side thong (various brands). Recently bought a Olaf Benz Thong in Black that I will be trying for this.

C. 99% of the time I wear thongs. That includes my pool, the beach, and for other water activities. If not, it's the smallest bikini I feel comfortable with. This could be one of my Waveline 1"bikinis, or a Skinzwear 1" ThinSkinz rio bikini.

At the moment I'm doing a lot of surfing - in a full steamer wetsuit! I hate winter...
John Howard #14

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:08/13/2014 03:14:08Copy HTML

 hey Thongmad, I couldn't find the original thread, but do you remember the Maxx g-string underwear line from Target here in Australia.....
I know you bought up as I did, and I'm so glad I did because they are the best underwear and unfortunately they have been discontinued for already quite a few years....
Mine are doing a great job, but I know eventually they will start to die.     I was wondering, have you found an equivalent line of g-string underwear  here in Aus,  I check out Target every now and then but it seems that the end of the 'boxers totalitarian rule' will never come.

I also checked some internet websites,  they sell some similar underwear from China, maybe you know some?     A real pity that Target doesn't manufacture Maxx g-string any more.
a_lex #15

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:08/14/2014 03:11:24Copy HTML

 A. Halcyon Blue's "Abel" thong. My first thong swimsuit, it's perfect for me and very comfortable. 
B. Halcyon Blue's "Abel" thong. Only very rarely I wear a generic swimbrief by H&M, if I can't wear a thong for whatever reason. 
C. Any kind of g-string. Maybe next summer. Skinz' M31 looks good, but I don't like the fact that it's unlined.
mack_back #16

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:08/14/2014 09:21:28Copy HTML

To be more or cooler temperatures modest unlined neon poser thong with 3/8 sides. 
Maxin #17

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:08/15/2014 05:08:34Copy HTML

Recently wore a new g-string from Jovanna, in a flimsy see through, yellow glissenette and a tiny triangle back . I have a few pics of it in profile page.
RapidBlue #18

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:08/15/2014 11:29:13Copy HTML

 It depends on the beach, where thongs are permitted I will wear a pouch enhancing thong I have several to choose from. On a beach where more coverage is required I will wear a Rio back suit or something equally as small. Rarely will I grab a square cut, usually if the area is extremely conservative. 
LoveMyThongs #19

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/14/2018 10:55:47Copy HTML

 For the past few years I wore a wide strap thong and the tan lines were amazing. This year I switched to a thin strap with a triangle back. It’s super skimpy but I get so turned on in it and get loads of looks. The tan lines are even better and I’ll stick with these for a while 
esoom #20

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/18/2018 02:56:17Copy HTML

A. Jor sunny swim thong, fit is really great!B. I always wear my Jor swim thong thong under trunks, and am getting better at not caring what others thinkC.  More Jor!
gsj #21

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:07/18/2018 08:22:48Copy HTML

 Currently a  Gemali g string. What a pity this UK source stopped trading.
NudeNArizona #22

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:09/25/2018 09:02:11Copy HTML

my preferred beachwear is Sunscreen, Sunglasses and a smile!!
njbob1949 #23

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:09/25/2018 12:43:53Copy HTML

NudeNArizona, I like wearing the same type of swimsuit that you wear to the beach. Unfortunately, the nude beaches and resorts that I go to are a bit of a distance from where I live. On a local beach, I wear speedos and sometimes a swim thong, along with the sunscreen, sunglasses, and a smile. Now that the regular beach season is over, it seems that more people are wearing thongs or going topless (which is legal in NY) than during the regular season. Unfortunately, the cooler weather has begun. I hope for one or two more thong days on the beach this year.
gsj #24

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:09/25/2018 05:51:33Copy HTML

 So far this year, & the UK sun & beach season is just about over, exclusively my Gemali  g string. I have got to that stage in life when 'what the hell'. When swimming or beach strolling I have done nothing to draw attention to myself & had no issues at all.

wackymac #25

Re:what do you wear to the beach?

Date Posted:09/27/2018 03:05:54Copy HTML

I always wear a "Speedo".  Have several different colors.


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