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Date Posted:03/12/2019 02:50:56Copy HTML

Please could someone fix the confusing date format? I'm posting this today, 12th March 2019, but the date appears instead as 3rd December 2019 (03/12/2019). I'm aware that a tiny minority of countries use a very unusual mm/dd/yyyy date format, but as this is an international forum, the dates should be in an internationally-understood common format - either dd/mm/yyyy (smallest-to-largest) or yyyy-mm-dd (largest-to-smallest).

Even if you're used to mm/dd/yyyy, please bear in mind those who are not. Using a format that is neither largest-to-smallest nor smallest-to-largest is like displaying the time in mm:hh:ss format - totally illogical.

Other Aimoo forums don't suffer from this error, so it must be configurable by an admin.

JM_Runs #1

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:03/12/2019 05:14:24Copy HTML

I will look into that. It may be based on your user location in your user profile. If not, it should be. Where a user is located should determine the date format, not where the moderator is located.
richardlondon #2

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:03/13/2019 01:26:22Copy HTML

The date format is not configurable in the user profile. While logged in to Aimoo, the date format varies from one forum to another. This suggests that the date format is specific to the forum and therefore configurable by the admin. It would also be more intuitive to use 24-hour time instead of 12-hour time. For example, 5pm is better understood in most countries as 17:00:00 than as 05:00:00.
richardlondon #3

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/27/2019 03:25:28Copy HTML

Can this be fixed please? It's really confusing to read 12th October 2019 as 10/12/2019, because this looks to most people like 10th December 2019.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/28/2019 02:12:27Copy HTML

I opened a ticket with Aimoo.com on this issue. Suggested control of how dates are displayed be controlled by users profile choice. Apparently they are going to fix this.
tiggerix #5

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/28/2019 11:34:33Copy HTML

@richardlondon - Americans use that format, it only causes us Brits an issue.
JayByrd #6

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/28/2019 01:25:48Copy HTML

I married a Brit and even though she's lived here in the states for 10 years, she still confuses the date format... or has to think twice about it before saying anything. When we go back to England to visit family, it's one of those things I automatically switch over to. Like driving on the left side of the road and the wrong side of the car.
ShadowT #7

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/28/2019 01:29:00Copy HTML

I feel that "most" is very subjective, given the context of this forum, and that most of us are from English speaking countries, and mostly from the US. I'd actually suggest going to YYYY/MM/DD, as anybody that sees that format will assume it is year/month/day
JM_Runs #8

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/28/2019 02:15:09Copy HTML

The key here is for Aimoo.com to code it so that the USER has the choice for how the date is displayed. Dates and times in programming languages and databases that support dates are stored in a format that is easy to compute. Then the format and display of the stored date is dependent on the programmer. Most programs, written by sane programmers, that are intended for an international use, use something like the local time and date format available from the operating system or browser to determine the correct display for that user. Where the program is in the cloud and may not have access to local regonlization information smarter programmers use a user profile for regionlization and preference.
Martylouie #9

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/29/2019 11:44:55Copy HTML

Aimoo seems to have solved the problem by eliminating dates entirely!
csnipwb #10

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/29/2019 12:15:28Copy HTML

On my today page it is business as usual but if you click on the read article then the date on the right is missing but it is in regular small font at the top of each article.

Still in good old American format but that is the way I like it.


CKWonderer #11

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/29/2019 04:09:02Copy HTML

Hey. I guess Amino programmers are smarter than they first appear!!!???? Don’t worry, they’ll take their whole site down to fix it.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/29/2019 04:26:55Copy HTML

Some programmers are not very competent. Some programmers are just clowns. Looks like they are at least working on the date problem. However I wish they would remove the HTML editor written in java, that traps the right click, and prevents your browser tools for things like spell check.
Sail-and-Beach #13

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/30/2019 05:21:46Copy HTML

Looks like time is displayed instead of date.
csnipwb #14

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:10/30/2019 05:56:01Copy HTML

Don't know. Mine is showing both the date and then the time.

richardlondon #15

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/02/2019 04:40:32Copy HTML

@tiggerix - I disagree that "Americans use that format, it only causes us Brits an issue". It is not only Brits who find MDY to be confusing and illogical. Only the US uses MDY. The rest of the world, not only Brits, use either DMY or YMD. It is extraordinary to impose one country's very unusual and confusing date format on the rest of the world in an international forum. @ShadowT - I say that 10/12/2019 "looks to most people like 10th December 2019" because the US, which uses MDY, accounts for only 4.26% of the world's population. Most of the world uses DMY or YMD, and because the year is 4 digits, 10/12/2019 looks to "most" people like 10th December 2019. Anyway I'm pleased to read above that a solution is imminent, and I see that a choice of date format is now available in one's profile, even though it is not yet effective.
ShadowT #16

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/03/2019 03:18:07Copy HTML

Again, MOST is subjective and a matter of perspective. Most of us are from the USA. Most countries are not represented here. 10/12/2019 may look like the 10th of December to most of the world, but certainly not most of the users on this forum. Frankly, I thought my suggestion was a nice compromise. Since you like statistics so much, let us not forget that this is an English speaking forum, and the USA population vastly outnumbers the UK or any other English speaking country. This place has only been around for 15 years before anybody complained. Again, if we cannot have profile specific formats, YYYY/MM/DD is the best format for something universally understandable. Period. Switching to DD/MM/YYYY, while I admit is a more logical format, is absolutely absurd when 90-95% of the user base would find it confusing.
JM_Runs #17

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/03/2019 03:24:17Copy HTML

The above post is Twaddle. There are 7.5 billion inhabitants on the earth, and about 1.5 billion speak English. Only 327 million live in the USA, with the backwards date format.
richardlondon #18

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/03/2019 10:55:55Copy HTML

@ShadowT, I agree with the comments of @JM_Runs. Instead of being US-centric and making it difficult for non-US users to read this forum, why not take a more inclusive, global and international approach? I do agree with you that YYYY-MM-DD is the most universally-understood date format, even though DD/MM/YYYY is used in most of the English-speaking world. I therefore believe that YYYY-MM-DD should be the default format in this forum.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/03/2019 01:44:59Copy HTML

I think some people missed the point......
Date should be displayed according to the language settings the website gets from the browser, AND / OR overridden by a user's choice in their profile.

A browser sends header information to the webserver, which contains language and regonization. Then scrips on a web page can query for various information, depending on browser, for language that provides a good guess at localization.   And smart websites that have logged in users allow the user to override those assumptions.

richardlondon #20

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/03/2019 04:09:12Copy HTML

I agree, but there's a difference between a default (when the user's preference is unknown) and detecting regionalisation from the browser settings. The most logical and unambiguous international formats are YYYY-MM-DD and, where English is being used, DD-MMM-YYYY. The current MM/DD/YYYY is a very odd default format.
ShadowT #21

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/04/2019 01:32:14Copy HTML

Twaddle? I expected more from you, JM_Runs. I believe my post has been misunderstood. I agree that the format displayed should be determined by region or profile setting, and a world friend format would be beneficial. I'm not disagreeing with ANY of that. I am merely referring to the current situation where we are stuck with a default setting. I simply imagine using DD-MM-YYYY would be confusing to a large number of us. Should it be changed? Absolutely, but neither MM-DD-YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY is ideal. I realize a fair number of us are from the UK, Australia, etc... YYYY-MM-DD and DD-MM-YYYY were both suggested in the original post, and I only wanted to voice my opinion, with what I perceive the regional make up of our user base to be in mind. Nothing more.
JM_Runs #22

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/04/2019 07:58:26Copy HTML

By Twaddle, I was referring to the claim that "the USA population vastly outnumbers the UK or any other English speaking country." I guess you are right when one considers the US the largest 'single' population of English speakers, but the US only weighs in with less than 20 percent of the worlds total English speakers, most of whom do not use the US date format. The problem is the current "new" version of the Aimoo code failed to carry a lot of good features over from the old version of the code. I have noticed a LOT of problems with the new code, but living in the US, and being accustom to US date formats, and expecting to see US format dates based on my language and regional settings, I did not noticed this problem. However, based on the users complaints, I opened a bug ticket with Aimoo com. This seemed to be a simple problem, and one that a company trying to operate internationally should fix. Let's give it time to see if they can.
tiggerix #23

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/05/2019 03:31:50Copy HTML

@richardlondon - US does a lot of things differently - they even have their port and starboard marker buoys the wrong way around, plus I am reliably informed they drive on an unnatural side of the road.
JM_Runs #24

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:11/05/2019 03:41:44Copy HTML

The story behind the port and starboard markers being the right shape, but the wrong colours: During the war of independence, when the navy was blockading, they rowed out and painted each the wrong colour to try and confuse the ships. This did not work. But they felt so cleaver they decided to keep the colours. Leading to two hundred years of ships running around or being wrecked by the deliberate confusion. A war originally fought, on behalf of rich new world merchants, for the right to cheat people by selling short measure. But that's a story for another day.
beachlion #25

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/12/2019 01:49:41Copy HTML

It looks like they solved the date problem. They made it invisible.
csnipwb #26

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/12/2019 09:53:31Copy HTML

beach lion, It must be personal. The date shows up over every post on my page. When I go to my profile I have a choice of six different ways to display the format. Good Luck,
beachlion #27

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/12/2019 11:03:17Copy HTML

It must be something temporary because I have the dates back on screen in DD/MM/YYYY format. I went to my profile and changed the setting and then changed the setting back to my desired format.
ParadiseRobin #28

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/14/2019 01:01:05Copy HTML

Anyone else have their dates messed up? For the last few days, mine look more like a time stamp than a date. The most recent post looks like this to me: Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe ) Date Posted: 10:35:10
jn9195 #29

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/15/2019 04:48:29Copy HTML

I'm only seeing the time of day in HH:MM:SS format. It is listed after "Date Posted" and there is no date shown at all on any post or reply.
gsj #30

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:12/15/2019 06:01:11Copy HTML

Re "I'm only seeing the time of day" Me too
richardlondon #31

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:09/20/2020 09:36:01Copy HTML

I've noticed that the time now appears incorrectly if it's any time after 12:59:59. For example 17:00:00 (5pm) appears as 05:00:00 (5am).
jn9195 #32

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:02/13/2021 08:13:10Copy HTML

I previously commented that I was only seeing the time, but that was way back in 2019. I do see the dates now. I have no trouble adapting to the date format which I see as DD/MM/YYYY although I don't agree with it or even MM/DD/YYYY as being the best. These two are the ones I'm always seeing or hearing people argue over. I have never witnessed anyone arguing for the year first, except for me. I'm not going to "argue" about it though, since most people can't be reasonable and/or don't have much common sense. :D I think it should be YYYY-MM-DD. Although the smallest segment of time, having the day first doesn't break down anything for anyone.... With just the day, you're still anywhere in time - which month? which year? It should be down to the year - ok, down to only 365 days of an infinite number. :) Then Month, break that down into 31 days or less and you know the year already... then the day. There we are. :)
briankay #33

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:04/12/2022 02:34:57Copy HTML

Regarding post 31 on the time I have nothing that indicates AM or PM and the numbers don't go into 24 hour format. I can't find anything to change it.
josht #34

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:07/10/2022 12:13:12Copy HTML

The only way to do dates is YYYY-MM-DD and 24 h time. If my fellow Americans are too stupid to figure that out, too bad. Almost half of them voted for Trump. What we should have is New Year's Day be YYYY-00-00 (and NYD, not a Monday through Sunday) then have 13 months each of 28 days (4 weeks of 7 days as currently) so every year is the same. Monday YYYY-01-01 would follow NYD, all the way through YYYY-13-28 (Sunday of the new month, Ultember). (Leap Year Day added at end as YYYY-99-99 as needed)
GuestGuest #35

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:07/10/2022 02:49:26Copy HTML

@josht - No need for political jabs when discussing date formats... it's too easy to point fingers and it promotes polarization when this board should be about thong unity regardless of identity politics...
JayByrd #36

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:07/12/2022 01:13:50Copy HTML

@joshit I'll agree with YYYY-MM-DD and 24 hour time as there's no room for confusion. In the Navy we would describe today as 12-Jul-2022 and that worked out well too. However I'm wondering about your 364 day year. It won't take too long to get out of sync with our orbit around the sun. Right now our orbital period is 365.25 days and that's why we have leap year every 4 years to put us back in sync with that quarter of a day.
7423080 #37

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:07/14/2022 11:31:44Copy HTML

How about going to the 24 hour clock? I see nothing to indicate am or pm
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